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Burnout Breeder tries to get daughter high for the ‘experience’.

John B. Pierce

JPD: Dad wanted young daughter to “experience” marijuana:

38-year-old John B. Pierce of Jonesboro, Arkansas was recently arrested for allegedly trying to get his daughter high. I wasn’t able to find out the daughter’s actual age but the article called her ‘young’ so take that as you will.

Police were called to the home on a report that Pierce was trying to get his daughter high. While police were questioning Pierce not only did he pull out a bag containing multiple boxes of rolling papers but police say they found two pill bottles filled with weed in his pockets. Hiding weed in pill bottles? That’s brilliant. No one has ever thought of that before. Oh wait, except for every stoner ever. I bet he hides his joints in cigarette packs too.

Speaking of joints police say that Pierce’s daughter, the one he was trying to get high, turned over two joints to police.

In his defense Pierce said “I was trying to experience my daughter.” There’s no way that sentence can be uttered that makes everything ok. I think this low life was just looking for smoking buddy and his daughter was the nearest person available. If by experience he meant he wanted his daughter to experience how most drug addicts get started then it was almost mission accomplished. It’s a good thing that this girl had a much better head on her shoulders than her uni-brain celled Breeder.

With the recent resolutions passed in Oregon and Colorado I expect to see a lot more of these types of stories.

Thanks to Susan for the tip.

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  1. Marijuana is NOT a gateway to drugs because its not a drug, its gods gift.

    1. Spoken like a brainless stoner.

      1. Brainless? How so.

        1. If weed is a gift from God, so are alcohol, meth, coke, and STD’s.

          1. Genesis 1:29. The New American Standard Translation. Then God said, “Behold, I have given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; it shall be food for you.” Genesis 1:29. The Authorized Version. And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. If you believe in God then you will understand where im coming from. He made this for us. Meth,alcohol coke are unnatural and stds there is no reason why they are around.

          2. Get stoned. I don’t give two fucks. But it IS a drug. Like it or not. And I have yet to meet a smart stoner.

          3. Just mad because you lack any common knowledge. Typical female. Smfh

          4. Mad? I’m not mad. I actually don’t give a fuck about weed or you, for that matter. You want to spout off “God” shit. Well then, It’s on His shoulders that we have meth, beer, herpes and child molesters, right?

            Smoke some more weed. It’s God’s gift an all….

          5. just another brainless female. You should have been an abortion. It would have saved the world another high almighty trick

          6. Oh, clever. Did you come up with that witty comeback in a haze of smoke?

          7. You sure seem to have a hard on for women and that is what is sad you egotistical, sexist moron. Guaranteed April or I have more brain cells in one quarter of our mid brain than you have in your entire brain. You should not be defending some jackass that could have ruined his kid’s life yet instead you are which makes you lose any type of credibility, period. With that being said, you are the load that your mother should have swallowed.

          8. And you are the typical liberal burnout.

          9. You people I’m speaking to trench and this April person think you are the most self righteous and people able to judge. I understand why there is a no Facebook rule because you wouldn’t want people to see what you look like and who you are. Please oh please all I want for Christmas is to see who the fuck you douche bags are. Wow and before you say anything about iq or whatever mine is probably higher than both of yours combined.. Well almost, I assume you each can get a 75 right?

          10. You want my fucking Facebook link? I don’t give a fuck if you know what I look like. I;ll just add you to the growing list of jealous losers who aren’t even worthy of walking in my shadow.

          11. You don’t know what self-righteous means, do you?

          12. Yet you reply to me….Hmmm, interesting. You’re new here aren’t you?

          13. God also made pointy fish that swim up your dick. Do you want those too?

            This kid has to be a troll. I find it hard that someone could literally be that stupid.

          14. Oh, but trolls make the world go ’round.

          15. Nope no troll just a man putting you birches on blast for think you know shit. Both y’all probably have multiple baby daddies and live off the state

          16. Birches? So we’re trees now?

            Anyway if I had any baby daddies I’d be one rich motherfucker.

          17. Birches. One of God’s many gifts.

          18. Trench, you have a baby daddy? Who’d a thunk?

          19. Or are you my baby daddy? Or are you a birch? I’m confused.

            I know…. Blonde…..

          20. Sheesh for someone spouting off the word of the Lord you are sure quick to insult those who do not agree with you. Spoken like a true hypocrite. You can add that to your resume along with the IQ less than your shoe size. Weed, pot, cannabis or whatever you want to call it IS A DRUG! It is not a gift it is another substance which idiots can abuse (speaking of your rantings, I think you should lay off the pipe bro) and do with no regard to the law. I think you should acquaint yourself with the law and stop being a troll.

          21. I have one child with my husband. God made the fruit of the trees for you to eat, not the seed or anything else for you to smoke & get high on. If you are going to quote the bible at least learn what it means before using your twisted brain to make the bible fit your life!!!

          22. Alcohol is made from plants moron – you know, grains and the like. As a matter of fact almost all chemicals are created by taking something natural – usually a plant – and altering it or processing it. Coke is made from a plant, Herion is made from a plant and even LSD and Meth aren’t summoned forth from the planes of oblivion. Stop reading NORML propaganda and grow up.

          23. Upping this just for the Elder Scrolls reference. 😀

          24. FUS RO DA!!!!!!

          25. If only it worked in real life.

  2. Lovely, another troll who thinks its okay to make other people smoke weed too. Even kids. I don’t think weed is the worst drug ever, but it smells too awful to possibly be a gift from a loving deity. At any rate, if someone doesnt want what you’re smoking, you leave them the fuck alone, and stop trying to convert them to the stoner lifestyle. And Christianity at the same time! It’s a toker twofer.

    1. I NEVER said it is alright for KIDS to smoke weed…. Please learn how to read!!! And you don’t have to smoke it either…

      1. Yet you are here defending a drug….but the story is written about a piece of shit who endangered his kid. 0.0 Confused much? Like I said earlier, put down the pipe it helps clear the fog in your brain.

        1. Defending a PLANT…. Stupid much???

          1. This coming from a pot-head idiot….You have stricken me in the heart I do not have.

          2. And they will argue about how great pot is. Much like the Pedro’s argue about how natural child love is. I’ll go bang my head against the wall now. It’s more productive than arguing with these fools.

          3. As stated in my wry comment. People like this make me lose my faith in humanity daily. I don’t care if they smoke pot, drink etc. What I care about is the fact that some jackass endangered his kid. Fuck the excuse he gave, bottom line he though his high was more important.

          4. But but but…..Pot is NOT a drug!!!!

          5. I know….its a fucking plant. NOT A drug because animals that eat it don’t get high right?!?!?! Right?! Yeah, fucking idiots.

            **In case your sarcasm font sensor is broken, the first 2 lines are facetious**

      2. If you looked at the timestamps you’d see that I was talking about andrewwhatshisface, not you. Step off, attention whore troll. I posted that long before you came around. But every time, EVERY SINGLE TIME, there’s a story about asshole breeders giving weed to their kids, we get an army of stoners trying to defend marijuana. We’re not even personally anti-weed, but we’re definitely against giving it to kids, because believe it or not, not all of its effects are that great. Oh by the way, that shit does not cure cancer. Otherwise, a family friend who is like an uncle to me wouldn’t be losing his hair or having his throat fried to hell by chemo, all the doctors would have to do is give him a baggie or two of weed and a lighter. It *helps* lessen the effects of cancer. It does not actually kill off cancer cells, and does in fact contain carcinogens (which CAUSE cancer, in case your weed-fried brain forgot what that meant from your high school health classes). I swear, it’s like you people just Google “weed” and then swarm every site that could possibly make any stoner look bad. Get the fuck over yourselves, you are not helping your cause.

        1. I posted the link above about it curing cancer soooo you’d have to read it…. And again I wasn’t defending a moron who gave his kid weed I was just trying to inform…. Carcinogens come from smoking the weed and you don’t have to smoke it…. Carcinogens also come from BBQ so no more of that either lol….

  3. Trolling is so much fun, I love you all hahaha.

  4. Although I partake myself every now and then I would never, ever, ever smoke out my child..

    1. See, now – A “responsible” stoner I can respect. A dimwitted trolltard stoner, not so much. Welcome.

  5. From the comments below it sounds like you guys need to do some research…. don’t read all the BS propaganda… PS it cures CANCER!!!!

    1. Cures cancer? My mother had breast cancer and I live in a medical marijuana state. They gave her the shit for nausea, not as a cure for the cancer. So all of her chemo and surgery….. Hundreds of thousands of dollars later…… You’re saying I should sue the docs because all she needed to do was spark one?

      1. Not exactly spark one but yes and they have known for years…

    2. It isn’t propaganda. Its shit I lived through. My mother was a piece of shit burn out because of her actions do you think she suffered? Um, no, I fucking did, so STFU and have a nice day!

      1. And just because your Mom was pos burn out doesn’t change the FACT that it DOES cure cancer…. So you can SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. I’ll give anyone who can show me a living person who has been CURED of cancer just by getting high (smoking a carcinogen) $10,000. But if you take the challenge and are proved wrong you have to let me put you out on the stroll which is where people who get high all day belong.

        2. My balls it cures cancer. If that is so true why hasn’t it been fielded yet? Maybe because one joint has the tar equivalent of 4 packs of cigarettes….and we all know breathing in tar cures cancer *rolls eyes*, yeah you sure showed me. I won’t shut the fuck up because this is the internet. You mad bro? If you are I find this heeeeelarious because you’re getting pissed at pixels. Having a hard time deciphering reality? Put down the pipe….it helps, so I hear.

    3. He links to a site called Marijuana Planet then says don’t believe the propaganda. I think the Irony Police have an APB out for you.

      1. And my other link was to the US National Library of MedicineNational Institutes of Health sooooo yeah and PS Not a he….

  6. I also smoke the weed now and then, and I have a glass of wine most nights. I will never give either to my children. Personally, I think the way most addicts get started is probably good old cigarettes. Also, weed is no more an addictive substance than gummi bears or alcohol. But some people become 500 pounds and can’t leave their houses and others destroy their livers (among other things). Just saying, legalization will change very little on the psychological addiction front.

    1. I am not a pot smoker, but I agree. Legalize it and tax the shit. End of story. But still…. keep it away from fuck headed parents with no sense. How can that be done?

      1. Actually I think we should decriminalize (the states should decide) and not tax it because t gives the government an incentive to get you high. Maybe just fine people who do it in public – like beer. But of course we’ll all have to pay more taxes for lazy stoners but we already pay for them – decriminalize and allow drug testing for welfare. Sounds like a good compromise to me.

        1. They’ve already legalized it in Colorado and Washington….Yet in WA they are upping the taxes.

  7. I see no problem in the *legal* consumption of marijuana. I believe if used responsibly there I no difference in smoking a joint than any other adult activity. But would I ever in a million years dream of allowing, or in this case forcing any child to partake in such activities, absolutely not. Sadly, dumbasses like this guy are the reason society views marijuana in such an awful light.

  8. The daughter was described as a ‘young’ child,so she was probably of preschool age or younger.In any case,she deserves a better dad.Anywhere where was the girl’s mom?Why didn’t she care about her husband’s drug use and how it would affect her daughter? I just don’t understand.

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