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Parenting so bad, it's criminal

Burnout Breeders boast buds with blow-ups of baby

‘Crazy Grandma’ Beth Hensley. (Take in the scenery.)

Toddlers photographed with pot:

Mother arrested after baby, child photographed with drugs:

Deputies: Ky. family had photos printed of toddlers with pot:

Let me set the scene for you. In Leslie County, Kentucky police arrested 53-year-old grandmother Beth Hensley and her daughter Tracey Hensley. The younger Hensley is mother to five children ranging in ages from 1 to 7. Allegedly someone in the Hensley ‘household’ thought it would be funny to take pictures of the kids with decent sized buds of weed and some joints. Police were notified when someone at the local drug store noticed the pictures on the film that was developed at their store.

After police went to the domicile they say they confiscated 24 marijuana plants and a baggie of weed. Grandma Hensley was charged with drug trafficking while the younger Hensley was charged with child endangerment. Now before I go on my rant here’s one of the pictures in question.

Grandma Hensley says that the joints in some of the pictures, including one where an ‘adult’ appears to be trying to light it, were really just Prince Albert tobacco. Like that makes it better? She also says that the reason that she took the pictures was “It was just some to show them later on in a picture album how crazy their grandma was.” She must have had one hell of a scrapbook planned. Here’s the picture from when the meth lab blew up and killed your brother.

The only way this story could be any more trailerific if pit bulls were somehow involved. Who still uses film anyway?

So it was Prince Albert huh? I bet she wishes someone was letting her out of the can.

Thanks to Baroness and Jaime for the tips.

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  1. Do you hate pit-bulls

  2. Oh puh-lease, even Pat Robertson could tell the difference between a big ol’ bud and Prince Albert in a can. Who are they fooling?

    1. I guess they think everyone is as stupid as the are.

  3. I hate that pit-bulls get such a bad rap because of terrible owners… My pit bull would do anything for my kids and saved my son just a few weeks ago from another dog that had gotten out of a neighbors house.

  4. Why does it always have to be Pitbulls? I love your site and love reading your stories…..I have a 8 week old Pit I just got and before that, we had one for 15 years. She was great with my kids and we have always had pitbulls. Their great family dogs. Sorry but your story just made me like this site a little less and I’m sure lots of others will agee.

    1. I think we all agree that the breed is favored by the less than favorable people we feature here. I know the dogs aren’t bad. Sadly, bad people usually want to own them because it makes them seem more bad ass. Don’t take it personally. We know that there are some good dogs and good dog owners.

    2. While you may be the one of the exceptions to the rule I personally find that pit bulls are mostly owned by trailer dwellers.

      1. And GANGSTAS!! The pound in San Pedro is riddled with them. All the thugs have to give them up when they get kicked out of their low rent apartments. It’s kinda sad.

      2. And just curious, what do trailer dwellers have to do with anything? Does the type of someone’s house make them any more different than someone else? Personally I know of people that lived in really nice brick homes that were more crooked than any “trailer dweller” I have ever met….. As far as pits go – it’s more about the breeding/raising than the breed. Any dog can be a bad dog if it is not breed/raised properly. I have friends that have pits that are very well socialized with family & friends form puppyhood that don’t have a single mean bone in their bodies. I also know people that have vicious chihuahuas…. Or in my case, I own the 10th most dangerous breed & he doesn’t have any desire to do anything more than smile at people & kiss them.

  5. Someone needs to just punch these damn idiots right in the neck.

  6. Omg, this makes me angry. Leave the kids out of your addictions assholes. Better yet, don’t breed! Gad!

  7. The point of the pitbull comment is clearly to show that these are the same type of irresponsible idiots who would own one and have a child accidentally harmed by it. I own a pitbull myself and I also have a 4 year old son. I never let them play alone, my son knows not to disturb him while he eats, and to never put his face in the dogs face. This is not because he is a pitbull it is because he is an animal capable of killing a person if he so chose to… just like a lab, golden retriever, rottie, or numerous other breeds. These people are also the type who would own a snake and the snake eats/suffocates their baby!!
    And what ever happened to being spoiled by grandma, making cookies with grandma, and going to lunch with grandma? Why the hell does a child want to remember how “crazy” their grandma was…??

    1. Hey – You never want a child in the face of ANY dog or messing with them when they eat. Not just pitbulls. Truth be known, those little yapping fuckers are almost more dangerous. Sadly, thugs and white trash don’t favor Shitzsus.

      1. yeah that’s what i said. “this is not because he is a pitbull it is because he is an animal capable
        of killing a person if he so chose to… just like a lab, golden
        retriever, rottie, or numerous other breeds.” I won’t even take my dog to a dog park.. because its the little dogs that are aggressive and then their owners freak out because their little mean ass dog is biting and growling at a pit. All my pit does is 1)ignore them or 2) try to play.

        1. My dad had a pitbull. She was the sweetest dog I’ve ever seen. Esp when it cam to kids. I still am not a huge fan of the breed. Only because of the thug element.

        2. Chihuahuas are the worst for little dog syndrome. they think anything that comes near them is going to eat them and they snap. My grandparents used to have a terrier that would deliberately rile up dogs 10x its size lol

      2. Amen to that! And small dog bites are normally not reported, as they are normally not as bad.

  8. Any one ever see the movie “The Tall Man”? The picture accompanying this article looks straight out of that movie.

  9. But hey, if we legalize weed this wouldn’t happen! Right?

    There’s nothing sadder than someone in their 50s still involved with pot. At least get hooked on heroin so you have an excuse for being a degenerate.

  10. This story made Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live tonight.

  11. Holy crap, a baby was inches from eating pot and everyone is worried about pit bulls? OK! Anyway, most grandmas are crazy, they don’t have to shove weed in a baby’s face to prove it, wtf.

  12. We know that there are responsible pit owners. Glad you are one of them. Again, sadly they are the breed favored by pieces of shit too. And those are the ones who stand out.

    I wish you lived in CA. I see lots of them in the pound here.

    1. Thanks April. I see my comment was cut short. Bummer.
      There are a lot of them in the pounds here in Az too. I wish I could do more. Im happy to see ya’ll are back up and posting again. I missed it here.
      Sent from my Verizon Wireless Smartphone

      —– Reply message —–

      1. Your comment was marked as spam for some reason. Sorry about that. I think we fixed it. I’m glad we are back to.

        1. That’s weird. Thanks for fixing it for me. 🙂

  13. Pot never hurt anyone! Isn’t that what all the dopers say? So why are they all indignant when one of their own brain dead dope addled burnout fucknozzles gives a kid dope? I thought it never hurt anyone. Fuck you dopers. Keep legalizing that pot, lefty states, and attract all the losers to move there. Can’t wait to see all the Cheech and Chong types who move to Colorado to live off their welfare and smoke legal dope.

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