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Another Epic CPS Fail Claims the Life of an Innocent Baby Boy

Authorities called weeks before 2-month-old baby was found dead

Mother ‘starved two-month-old son to death until he was mere skin and bones and living in a house unfit for human habitation’


Police arrested Bambi Glazebrook, 29,  a serial neglecter out of Indiana earlier this month after police found her 2 month old son, Phillip Robey dead in a dresser drawer. The house, not surprisingly, was deemed “deplorable” and “unfit for human habitation”.


Family members are taking Phillip’s death especially hard because they notified CPS (Child Protective Services) that the baby was being neglected weeks before he died.


Glazebrook’s cousin Martha Robinson is quoted as saying “I called CPS three times and I called the police twice to come out here and try to do something… I told them every time that it was a life and death situation… that if they did not do something that the child was going to die.”


Glazebrook is not a stranger to CPS. “She’s had CPS (Child Protective Services) in her life for seven years now,” said Amanda Robertson, another cousin to Glazebrook. Glazebrook has given birth to five children, three of which were removed from her home and adopted out. I don’t understand how this woman was allowed to keep this child? Was CPS not watching her? I would think that they would be keeping an extra careful eye given her past parenting fails.


Stephanie McFarland, spokesperson for DCS (Department of Child Services which looks over CPS) confirmed that a recent complaint was reported involving Glazebrook, but was not able to confirm any specific details of the case.  She is quoted as saying “DCS did receive a report recently and was working to locate the family so we could assess the child’s situation,”


Family members feel that Phillip was failed by the system. CPS was notified of the severity of his situation. The police were also notified, but aside from knocking on the door, nothing was done and now its too late.


Phillip was reported to be about 5 pounds at his time of death. His body was emaciated, he had sunken in cheeks and eyes. Martha Robertson said it was clear that the baby was not being taken care of and even urged Glazebrook to take the child to the hospital.


Bambi has been arrested and charged with murder and Neglect Resulting in Death. She has plead not guilty.


I want to thank Martha and Amanda Robertson for trying to save Phillip. There need to be more people like you.


Thanks go to everyone who sent this in.


***Speical thanks to Amanda for the write up.

R.I.P. Phillip

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  1. This hits

  2. This hits really close to home…this woman doesn’t live far from me. At all. I’ve seen her house, but I’ve never seen anyone outside of the house. It kills me knowing that while my kids were loved and fed, this innocent baby was wasting away in the worst way possible…another innocent child failed by the system. Makes me absolutely SICK!!! I do know from experiences friends have had that instead of helping the children who NEED help, they are instead bullying parents and harassing families who don’t need them. PHILLIP NEEDED YOU!!! Where were you??!!

  3. I’m sorry but that guy must have been drugged….

    1. HA!!! I totally agree. Drugged and had to put a bag over her head. That is one scary woman. However, that baby had the sweetest face.

  4. That poor sweet little baby! Bitch needs to have her vagina super glued shut! I hope she gets the death penalty, and if that’s not available, I hope she rots in prison. Not that it would bother this bitch.

    1. I agree with your post.I am disgusted by the fact that the baby never had the chance to live the life that should have been his,all because of his pathetic excuse of a mother.

  5. That poor baby, he looks like he was born afraid. 🙁 In these cases, I always wonder, what would’ve happened if the concerned parties had just taken the baby and taken him into hospital or to a social worker. I hate to think that people wouldn’t risk getting in trouble to save someone’s life. I mean, I’m not saying I’d do any better but I hope I would. I hope that if I saw a little tiny baby wasting away in a corner that I’d quietly sneak him out. </3

    1. I think the same. I was like “I probably would have just kidnapped that baby.” If it was in such a severe state I’m sure they’d attend to it in an ER regardless of who brought it in. Or I’d hope. I was at my doctor’s once (Family Practice, but mostly children). While I was waiting to see her a man with a 10 year old girl was going through all kinds of hassle trying to get her in. He was an uncle or family friend or something. They kept trying to call mom, then when they finally got her she had to fax them written permission that the man could take her kid in.

  6. Look at that little face. All you want to do is cuddle and protect him. I see mum has enough food to be sucking on a lolly in her mug shot.

  7. I have a little boy, 2 months old and if I am even one second late making his bottle he lets me know! How can someone starve a baby? After reading this story and my first comment I looked at my baby, took in his thirteen pound, 23 inch long form…and cried for Phillip…my arms ached to hold Phillip and love him and feed him and sing to him like I do Layne…it’s my opinion that if you lose a child due to negligence, you should be sterilized. Had Phillip been born to a loving mother…he would still be alive….God rest, sweet little one…may you be happier playing among the Angels in Heaven, because now you are in a much better place. <3

  8. This poor baby looks like he entered the world hungry. His precious little face is so small. It seems to me this horrible woman was abusing this child from the moment he was conceived. He didn’t stand a chance. I never post on these things… But this just broke my heart.

  9. I worked with a lady who’s daughter let her child starve to death. I believe he was 6 months old.. She then threw the baby in the trash dumpster in her apartments and called the baby in as missing. When they found the baby it was obvious what had happened. She only ever got probation and went on to have twins.. SMDH

  10. CPS was trying to find out where she lived? Her own relatives called CPS on her, they probably all told CPS exactly where to find the skank. This wasn’t like some stranger saw her smack the baby in Walmart, and didn’t have a clue where she lived. CPS epic failure.

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