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Another infant dead because he was “possessed”

Judge: Mom accused of killing infant son claims she killed the devil

Another day, another crazy bitch kills an innocent child and claims that devil possessed the sweet baby.  Talae Akei Thomas was denied bond in Plant City, FL after being brought before a judge.  It’s “alleged” that Talae went a little batshit crazy and killed her five week old baby Chase James Urijan Harrison.  Apparently Talae seems to think that her baby died five weeksd ago in the hospital at birth and the baby she brought home was actually the “devil”.  On Thursday November 15,2012 police responded to a strange call that led them to Ms. Thomas laying in the median of the road claiming she needed to be taken to a hospital because she had lost her baby.  Police made the sad discovery when searching her home.

Based upon Thomas’s coversations with police she has been charged with Child Abuse and First Degree Murder.  So sad.  I know my state has mandatory post partum screenings, but I’m starting to think that they are in the minority..  If someone had been on the ball this poor baby might still be alive.

Thanks go to Chelsea for the tip.

***Special thanks to Jackie for the write up.

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  1. This shows a picture of that adorable little boy, may he rest in peace:

    1. Thank you for the link. I feel so sad when I see their faces.

  2. You can tell by her FB she’s batshit crazy, but she didn’t seem to think he was the devil a couple weeks ago. I hate people who kill their children. So so much.

  3. I don’t think she is possessed by the devil.Rather,she probably has some mental disease

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