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Psycho bitch murders her 4 year old daughter

Mother charged with murder appears in court

Jaime Gardner Morris, who is charged with killing daughter, had lost custody of child

36-year-old Jaime Gardner Morris was charged with first-degree murder and intentional child abuse inflicting serious bodily injury of her daughter Bella on Monday Nov. 5.  According to court documents, this c*** had a history of domestic violence. She’s had her ass beat, she stabbed her x-husband with a knife, and she was accused of stalking her own 4 year old daughter…..WTH? I don’t feel sorry for her having her ass beat, butIi bet her attorney brings that shit up as an excuse for murdering Bella!  She made her first appearance on Tuesday, November 6th, and she cried while the judge read her the charges.  We all know she was crying for her loss of freedom, not the death of her beautiful daughter.  Of course, during the investigation, the c*** was transported to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for attempting suicide.  What a shame she was unsuccessful. She was released to the Cumberland County Jail on Monday afternoon.

Get this shit – Morris and the child’s father NEVER had custody of Bella. The grandparents accused Morris of child neglect, endangerment, and stalking.  Morris had come to the grandparents home demanding to see Bella on a few occasions, one of which 911 was called because Morris refused to leave.  Morris had ahold of Bellas arm and would not release her to the grandparents. Bella lived with her grandparents, who had custody, and was visiting her birth organism when the murder took place.  Bella’s grandfather arrived to pick her up and found her “completely unresponsive” in the living room. The grandfather called 911 and requested an ambulance.

Morris’s next court date is December 4th and is being held without bond.  It would be cheaper and easier to just hang the bitch!!!

**Special thanks to Leslie for thew write up.

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  1. I have been a huge fan of this website for a couple of months now. I found it after having been a long time fan of another, similar website. This is my first time commenting. I love you guys and think you are excellent writers, not to mention so very brave for being able to tell these angels’ stories. Even if their asshole breeders did not care about them, they deserve to have their stories told. They deserve to have someone cry for them and remember them. Bravo to all of you for doing such wonderful work in honoring these babies. I just love you!! This gorgeous angel breaks my heart to pieces. My Chloe is 4 years old. I cannot imagine causing her any sort of pain. She is the light of my life. I would die for her. When I think about what these c***s do to their beautiful children, I sometimes can’t sleep at night. I can’t even contain my tears if my daughter somehow gets disappointed or gets her feelings hurt. I just cannot understand how in fuck’s name anyone could ever hurt a child. Thank you so much for this site. For not letting these angels ever be forgotten. I seriously think that reading these stories makes me a better mommy. They make me kinder, gentler, more patient, and more understanding. Sometimes, after reading a story, I have to get up and give my baby a huge hug and kiss and tell her how much I love her. Thank you for everything you do. You are so appreciated! And sorry for the long post. 🙂

    1. Well, thank you! And welcome!

  2. She didn’t even have custody! Just goes to show what a vile creature this bitch is. She should have had a restraining order against her after the incident of her refusing to leave the grandparents house, tugging on Bella’s arm. Selfish c***. Couldn’t just let this angel live with her grandparents in peace and have a happy childhood.. and now she wants cry about it. Save the fucking tears, you pathetic bitch. Deal with the consequences from the choices that you made and suck it up. No one feels sorry for your child-murdering ass.

    My heart goes out to grandpa.. for being the one to find Bella in that state, and to grandma as well… They knew what a treasure this sweetheart was. You can tell by looking at her picture and seeing that twinkle in her eye along with her cheeky grin. I’m so sorry that you were hurt Bella and I hope that you are looking down on us all with that adorable little smile on your face. RIP honey. <3

    1. Tennie Paulette Gardner

      ↑ Yes!!!

  3. RIP sweet baby girl. I will never forget that beautiful smile.

  4. I actually know this crazy bitch. I can’t believe anyone would leave ber alone with a child. I’m not blaming the grandparents for her horrible act, but this should’ve been avoided. I knew she was crazy after the first 10 minutes I met her. She really does have serious mental problems.

    1. See, so we weren’t far off in our consensus. I concur that she should not have been left alone with the child anyone who has a history of abuse (abusing the child that is) should not be left alone with the victim.

      1. Tennie Paulette Gardner

        Excuse me. Jaime was NEVER a victim. I grew up with her and she has been violent since the age of 12. She previously abandoned 2 other children. Loving and caring do NOT mesh with this creature

    2. Thank you

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