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Girl left tied up outside betting agency:

A video has emerged over here in the UK of an unidentified woman (who I hope doesn’t remain unidentified for much longer)
trapping her young daughter’s rein underneath the door of a betting shop, leaving the girl trapped outside, while Miss Priorities went inside the building to, I presume, place a bet. A man who was working in the office building opposite the shop caught the whole thing on camera. You can view the video via the link posted above.

Ya see, the girl wouldn’t have been allowed inside the shop because she’s clearly under 18, so instead of, you know, NOT going in, her breeder decided it would be perfectly rational to trap her daughter’s leash under the door of the shop and then go in and do whatever the Hell her selfish, obviously small mind decided was more important than her daughter’s safety. What a stupid cow. As far as I know, the girl wasn’t hurt, but that’s not the point. She was scared.

In the video you can clearly see the girl trying to free herself. She was left trapped under the door for around 3 minutes before her breeder released her. I sure hope the police are following this thing up. We can get into a huge debate about whether kids should even be on leashes or not, but ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

I think every normal, loving parent (the kind who puts the safety of their child first), regardless of whether they use leashes or not, would know that trapping their child’s leash UNDER A DOOR while they went inside is NOT the smartest thing you can do. Either this breeder is supremely stupid or doesn’t give two hoots about her kid. Probably both.

Thanks go to Marge for the tip.

***Written by Cobalt Rose***

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  1. my girlfriend used a leash on her 3 yr old in Disney World. It totally makes sense but we just never needed one with our son, even in Disney. I still gave her a hard time about it! But under no circumstances would the above be acceptable.

    1. My 3 year old has autism and I do have a harness that has a leash for him when we go to the store(it’s a stuffed puppy backpack style w a fuzzy leash)or even walk down to the park. It’s a matter of personal safety because he’s the type of kid who’ll let go of my hand and take off- and he has in a parking lot terrifying me. My son is safe for, cars and getting lost, I also have piece of mind because no one can snatch him and run.

      That said I have NEVER nor would I ever even consider tying him somewhere and walking away. I or my husband hold the harness at all times. The point of the harness is to keep in close and in our visual range at all times by let him walk on his “own”.

      Regardless of your feelings on a leash it’s not ok to leave a child tied out like a dog! Lets hope the betting parlor can turn over her identity based on the tine of the video and time she bet!

      1. My son is autistic as well, and we had a backpack like yours when he was that age(but a monkey). It was very necessary for places like the airport, where you’re juggling bags, and can’t really carry a screaming/squirming, incredibly strong child very easily. It’s either the leash, or using the back of his overalls to carry him like a screaming suitcase that you can’t put down (so glad he grew out of all of that!).

        Really, for as many people that refuse to supervise their children in public AT ALL, I wish more people used leashes.

        1. I rather see a child on a safety tether than running in front of a car. Or lost at the zoo. Some kids are runners /wonderers. I never thought there was anything wrong with using one and being a responsible parent or caretaker.

          1. Like all things it’s a double edged sword and can be used irresponsibly. I think of my son’s harness as a safety device-NOT as a way to be lazy and safe myself from work. If anything it’s a little bit more but it’s worth it for the peice mind it provides.

          2. I completely agree, if used properly, its a wonderful thing. I have never needed to use one,yet,my oldest is 20 yrs and my youngest is 10 months. But if he turns out to be the kind that wonders off,or if I decide that he needs one for his own safety, I would use one. And I think you are a responsible parent for using one for your child’s safety.

      2. I have a son with Autism who, at the time of my considering a leash (for his brother) was 5, his brother was 2, and we had a newborn in a stroller, so the 2 year old couldn’t be in the stroller and wasn’t tall enough to hold my hand while I pushed it, as his big brother was. Being a single mom with 3 little ones, a leash seemed like a reasonable option to keep them all safe since I don’t have eyes everywhere and extra arms.

    2. My parents should have had a leash for me, even I’ll admit that. It’s not appropriate in all circumstances, but I’d rather have someone scream at me for having my child on a leash than risk something happening to my child.

  2. My husband is from a small village in the southern part of the Czech Republic. It is very common there for women to leave their sleeping infants in a pram outside of stores. I couldn’t do it while visiting, but I see several babies alone in the streets downtown every time I visit.

    1. Eek. The thought makes me sick.

    2. I think prams and strollers should be banned from small shops and cafes that have no clearance for such cumbersome things. Not only would there be less chance of shoplifting, but there would be happier customers, not to mention no entitled mothers using prams to push people out of the way. Perhaps provide racks outside the shops/cafe where parents can simply chain the prams with bike locks and carry the baby in.

  3. I hope they do find this “mother”. What she did was sooooo fucking wrong. I have never been to the UK, but couldn’t she get someone else to place her bet for her if it was so damn important? Or can you not do that?

  4. Makes me wish pillories and stocks hadnt gone extinct so we could put this useless sack of shit in one. She would be trapped in one spot for a certain amount of time, unable to escape the jeering from the public.

  5. A child left out for sickos like a goat staked out for a lion.

    The “mother” should apply that leash to her own neck and pull. The blood and oxygen to her brain are obviously not helping anyway.

  6. You can place bets online or via phone apps these days. Tom Waterhouse, bets 365, TAB, tattsports, etc. all have phone apps and are accessible online too.

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