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Kuna mother accused of sex with teens to remain jailed on $250k bond 

Mom, 35, ‘had sex with four underage boys she met through her son, aged TEN’ 

There is so much “what the fuck” going on with Courtney Sue Reschke, but before the “what the fuck” I thought I’d touch on the “ha-ha”.  No pun intended.  First of all, this trout pout skank is from Kuna (sounds like tuna), Idaho…. I Da Hoe.  How perfect for a common gutter slut who fucks under aged children.

35-year-old Reschke has been arrested for handing out more than cookies to her 10-year-old son’s friends.  She is accused of plying four 15-year-olds with booze and then giving up the nappy dugout.  Reschke’s youngest child attempted to enter the bedroom during one of her romps.  Not that he won’t already need therapy for life, but can you imagine if he had caught his whore mother getting it on with the kid?  Jeebus.  According to the source article, she ignored her own child and continued “tending” to someone else’s child.  *gag*

This was not an isolated incident.  There have been several sexual encounters between her and the boys.  While I have no doubt the sex was consensual, she is a predator nonetheless.  She is an adult and should have never encouraged this behavior.  If she needed to get laid, why didn’t she go to a bar and get laid by some drunk who’s legal to bed?  This was rape.  Plain and simple.

The slut is being charged with two counts each of felony injury to a child and felony lewd conduct with a child under 16 and is being held on $250,000 bond.    The public defender has asked that she be allowed to leave jail without posting bond because (get this shit) she’s worried that she might lose her job and not be able to take care of her kids.  Boo fucking hoo.  Where was the concern for kids while you were fucking someone else’s children, c***?   If she does post bond, she has been ordered to stay away from children under the age of 18, including her own children.  Yay! for the judge.

Thanks go to Pixie for the title and Dodia Fae for keeping me fired up enough to write this.

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  1. FIRST!!

    Now that is out of the way seriously WTF? She not only gave 15 year old kids alcohol, but she also slept with them? 4 of them? In the same night? Not only that WTF was a group of 15 year old boys doing hanging out with a 10 year old? I mean besides sleeping with the poor kid’s mom? Seriously, she probably could have any single or unfaithful legal age man in the city, yet she slept with a bunch of 15 year old kids?

    1. I was thinking the same thing – how was her ten year old son friends with 15-year-olds?

      1. My son is in sixth grade and can’t get eight graders to pal around with him. My guess is the boys only wanted to hang out to tap that ass. And vice versa.

    2. Right! Those lips look like a place any legal aged male would rest his pecker, so why prey on kiddies? Ewwwww. Just… Ick!

  2. Well, if the judge has told her to stay away from kids under eighteen, including her own, then there goes her reason for getting out of jail without posting bond. She won’t BE taking care of her kids – so she doesn’t need a job. Screw her! People like this make me sick…

    1. Sounds like envy to me. Tell the truth now, didn’t you imagine even a little bit what it would be like? I bet you did, you nasty little Angel.

      1. I think we have a troll here. Seriously my man you need to get a life if you have nothing better to do then to troll a blog. What she did was wrong. As a man I am saying this, and while yes I did fantasize about older women as an adolescent I never once had any of them make me an offer. She knew better, and she did it anyway, and my opinion would be the same if it were a 35 year old man with a 15 year old girl. Like I already said I am sure that somewhere in the town she live she could have found an 18 year old (who’s hormones would have still been raging) or 2 who would have been more then happy to oblige her.

  3. Sex between an adult and a minor can NEVER be consensual, as children are too young to give consent! It’s so irksome when people attempt to say sex with a teenage boy must have been consensual. That completely minimizes the fact that this was a sexual assault – plain and simple. Please, if you even remotely care about children as you claim, do not say acts such as these must have been a consensual experience, even if you are lambasting her in your next breath.

    1. A 15 year old boy cannot legally consent, but I don’t see one turning down the skank either.

    2. I understand where you’re coming from, but there IS a difference between being forced/coerced into sex and willingly having sex with someone and then later looking back and saying “wtf I was way too young for that scumbag”.

    3. Why do you want to hurt some beautiful woman for making some 15 year old boys happy. I am a guy and envy the guys. Sheesh. You act like something wrong happened here in the first place. The law can be FLAT WRONG. Oooh the law is wrong. Ha. There I said it. Call me a troll, I don’t care. Zero harm here. Period. The guys enjoyed it for a fact, I would have done it at fifteen and told her not to tell anyone or get caught so I could do it again.

      The ugly and elderly women commenting on here probably just wish they weren’t fat or old. In fact, the more sexually liberal states, the blue states, have lower obesity rates anyway. So to hell with all the anti-sexual people on here. I say to the 15 year olds – tap that hard, cause life is short!

      1. I am not ugly, fat or elderly. Therefore, I have no reason (or desire) to fuck children. You’re a moron.

      2. That’s just a load of pure stupid… To be so mentally challenged that the best you could come up with is “ugly and ederly” is really pretty sad. It has nothing to do with being anti-sexual moron. It has to do with the disgusting beyond belief factor involved. No sane woman wants a 15 year old fumbling around their bodies. Believe it or not, we aren’t in it for a 23 second roll. We’re in it for the hours at a time grown men can give us… Well, all except apparently you that is…

      3. Everybody is allowed to have sex. No one is saying they’re not. But if you can’t accept that it’s wrong to have sex with children, animals or anyone who is unwilling (I’m betting that’s every female you’ve ever propositioned) please report to the nearest hospital to have your naughty bits removed and promptly get the fuck off this planet.

        1. Were they unwilling?


          2. No but they were children. Do you support pedophilia too?

          3. It isn’t pedophilia. Pedophilia is the attraction to children (i.e. not biologically adults).

            When one can reproduce then one is an adult of the species.

          4. Really, so a girl is an adult when she gets her period at 11 (or 10 or 9, or even as young as 7)? Hmm that’s funny, because I wasn’t allowed to vote or drink alcohol as soon as I got my period. You know why? Because I wasn’t an adult at 11! So when you rape someone who is under the age of consent, are you going to tell the judge that you thought a 15 year old girl was an “adult” just because she had her period? Stop making excuses for raping minors. I don’t even know why you think you should be allowed to rape minors or why you think this freak is awesome. I’m just not that perverted to think the way you do.

          5. I know how sick bastards like you think – ” if they are old enough to bleed…..”. Please go shoot you vile fucking asshole. You are beyond saving.

          6. Please got shoot yourself you vile fucking asshole!

          7. I think the public should be warned about “Paul’s” way of thinking. He thinks he should be allowed to rape minors “because they’re old enough to reproduce”. He’s like those vile pieces of shit you see featured on Law and Order: SVU but in real life. Paul is a vile, sick and twisted piece of shit.

          8. This sick fuck needs an Elliot, Olivia, and Finn beat down. (Law & order SVU).

          9. Especially an Elliot beat down. He doesn’t tolerate filthy perverts such as the likes of Paul.

          10. I got my period when I was 8, I was therefore able to reproduce. Did that make me fair game for sicko fucktarded freaks like you?

          11. Where is Dodia??? Why isn’t she all over this pro-pedo shit? This is her favorite fight to fight!

          12. They were drugged, which seems to be getting lost in this thread.

      4. WAH! I got called ugly and elderly. Hmmmm 30 must be the new old lmao.

        As I stated previously, I wonder how you would view this if it were YOUR 15 year old kid….Probably wouldn’t sit too well with you if you were a good parent.

        1. Who’s to say he wouldn’t be the perpetrator?

          1. Ugh, you totally have a point. That in itself makes me sad.

          2. Didn’t mean to ruin the day but this one’s a sicko! I loved his dumbass comment about blue states and lower obesity rates? Really, I live in Oregon, shit don’t get bluer than this state (sadly for me) and ALL I see are obese people or incredibly fit people with very little in between and it’s MOSTLY obese people! He’s not just a sicko, but a retarded one at that! 😉

          3. I must’ve missed the blue states comment the first time around. Lol at “sexually liberated” blue states not having a problem with the rape of children. The lowest age of consent in any state in the country is 16/Adult. In each and every state, 15 will get you jail time. And even the bluest of states consider drug facilitated sexual assault (providing alchohol for the purpose of engaging in sexual contact) to be rape, so even if these kids were of legal age to consent she’d still be a rapist. But this thread seems to be full of little man-boys who never grew out of their Weird Science fantasies, and there is just no rationalizing with that kind of stupid.

          4. God you just made my day with the Weird Science crack! I know, I should quit trying to get them to see the LOGIC here, but sometimes it’s just fun to ruffle their feathers a bit! 😉

          5. Yeah, I missed the states comment to….You killed what little faith I had in humanity!

          6. Sorry! It was going to happen eventually… 😉

    4. Just because a person cannot LEGALLY consent doesn’t mean the sex wasn’t consensual. Say the legal age of consent is 16 years old; if two 15 year olds have sex with each other is that not consensual, were both parties not only sexually assaulted but also committed sexual assault against their partner all because they weren’t of age to give LEGAL consent? Sounds ridiculous when you put it that way doesn’t it?

      The bitch is nasty for wanting to screw teenage boys but she did not sexually assault them. She did not rape them. They were willing partners. She committed statuatory rape and should be duly punished for doing so but I don’t think the charges she got are accurate.

      1. I’m not even sure why she should be punished – maybe with a big belt over her butt.

        1. Or how about a lifetime on the sex offenders’ register, where she’ll never be allowed to see her own children again, not be allowed to live anywhere near a school or playground and have to register with police everytime she moves? I think that’s a more fitting punishment for a kiddy-diddler.

      2. These kids are only 2 years from military service. At 15 I wouldn’t a needed this lady to get alchohal. 15 year old boys are having sex. Plan and simple. Welcome to america. Oh wow tho its a crime because she’s older. You know not even a 100 years ago 15 years olds where fighting in wars and having familys wile caring for farmsteds. Would you rather they was havin sex with yer 15 year old daughters? This being prosicuted is retarded and sayin anyone using logic to defend her is like when you call anyone who don’t support obama a racist. If I had the money id bail her out.her atractivness has nothin ta do with it.

        1. What happened 100 years ago isn’t happening now. The world has moved on. This was an adult taking advantage of a child. Two 15 year olds having sex, while they don’t have the maturity for it, would be better than an adult having sex with a child. Why? Two teenagers the same age are on equal footing with near equal life experience. An adult is an authority figure, she is already a parent and she took advantage of someone’s kid. That’s it, really. You can’t use logic to defend her actions because they’re illogical and wrong.

          1. Not to mention she needed to get them drunk in order to have sex with them. She needed to use aclhohol to remove what little judgement fifteen year old boys have.

        2. The average age for marriage one hundred years ago was 25.9 for men and 22 for women. The average age for the birth of the first child was 22.

        3. Um, you can only go to BCT at 17, you can’t actually enter service until 18 years of age or given consent of a guardian, there bud. Been there done that.

          Have you never pondered WHY kids aren’t considered adults until 18 years of age? Uh, hellur, it’s because they are incompetent in making sound choices. Skank wad up there is an adult and should have ensured that the kid made a better choice however she contributed to the delinquency of a minor. Stripping one of the few choices he could have made on his own away from him.

        4. So – breaking the law is OK as long as you personally think it’s cool? What happens if someone breaks a law and you don’t think it’s OK? Should they only be punished then? You make excuses for her breaking the law based on your own dumbass high school fantasies and you don’t stop to consider the reason WHY it’s against the law. This isn’t a story about what 15 year olds are capable of doing or not doing (by the way math genius, 15 + 2 = 17, they’re 3 years from military service) the story is about the woman, and her proclivity for having sex with underaged boys. Think about it, what kind of 15 year old boy is going to be any freakin’ good in bed? What is HER damage that all she wants is a 23 second roll in the hay times 4? Wow! 92 whole seconds of… what??? She has issues and you fail to see that because you are focused on the “Hey, they all got some and no one got hurt! Attaboys! Wish something this cool had happened to me in high school!” aspect of it. Grow up!

  4. What a pig. Her poor kids are probably mortified and embarrassed of her perverted actions. Instead of being home with her kids and setting a good example she is behind bars where she belongs. I guess she thought she was hot because a bunch of horny, drunk teenaged wanted to get off. I hope her and her horse face stays in jail forever.

  5. Her facebook page is still active, too. Amazing how mundane it seems. My favorite post so far is this one: “I’m taking my son to the movies today and he wants to see Marmaduke..I wan’t to see Prince of Persia…Thank goodnesswe missed the times for Marmaduke and so Prince of Persia it is…Bad mom aren’t is just not a movie I want to see.”

  6. Nice tits and some c*ck sucking lips….why couldn’t this ever happen to ME?????

    1. Why couldn’t you be the victim of a child molesting slag? Who knows….

    2. No kidding – and fine looking ass too.

    3. I know. Like I had older women try ta get at me. But none that looked like her

      1. Do you trolls have absolutely nothing better to do? You are as pathetic as that bitch.

        1. They were circle-jerking for a while, but they must’ve gotten sick of lasting for 30 seconds. Or one of their mums chased them out of the basement.

    4. No kidding.

  7. Nasty! I’m 20 and would never look that way at a 15 year old! They’re short, stinky, greasy, and awkward, not to mention immature as hell! It just makes her more predatory, really, pretending to stroke those kids’ egos while getting her kicks. Good on the judge for not letting her around anyone under 18!

  8. I honestly don’t see the problem here. I do notice that most who object are women and I’m convinced that there is a bit of jealousy going on here. She is quite attractive and looks like a gal who would be very fun to be around, especially for a young man with raging hormones. She sacrificed herself for the good of the young boys in the community and should be admired, not criticized. God bless her.

    1. Are you retarded???

    2. Attractive? She looks like someone put Casey Anthony and Mr. Ed in the Brundlefly machine.

    3. My older foster brother and my little sister was sexually abused and physically. Before going to my dad’s house and he says your fricking sick i agree with him anyone touchig kids deserve to. Be beaten everyday and imprisoned. And really your sick -neneka a old woman and her siblings.

    4. Attractive? Are you blind bro? The fact that this ho bag preyed on kids just proves she’s fugly as hell.

    5. Hey, Retardiot… just because women view this as wrong doesn’t by default make them jealous. To be frank, I didn’t want a 15 year old boy fumbling around my body when I was 15, let along at any other age… its weird I know, but when I get nekkie with somone I’d like for it to last longer than 23 seconds. Why would you want to throw this deviant bitch a parade? Even if its in your mind only. Really, admired? Would you be saying the same thing if it were an adult male and a 15 year old girl? I guess you already gave your mental capabilities away by suggesting that she is attractive when in fact she looks just like the rode hard, put away wet, easy lay that she apparently is. Actually. I’d say she looks dumber than a bag of rocks, and guess what? She proved me right…

      1. Wait a min. So yer sayin you slept with older men when you was 15? Hipocrit

        1. Where did she say that? Your comprehension skills must be as bad as your spelling.

        2. If you must know Jackass, I was 20 yrs and 15 days old when I lost my virginity to a man that was 22. Feel better now Fool? Where in that am I a hypocrite? (p.s. Fucktard, this is how you spell the word)

    6. I’m not sure what the problem is either. Look at all the people getting their panties in a knot over nothing.

    7. First of all, I wrote this. I promise I’m not jealous. There are people here that can voucher I look better than this whore. As an adult woman, I don’t want dick attach to an owner who doesn’t know exactly how to use it. Never mind that I don’t find children terribly attractive. Then there’s that whole illegal thing.

      Let’s face it, if this whore was so hot and worthy of my jealousy, she’d be fucking grown men. Lots of them. Not kids.

  9. Sick. Wrong. End of story. Any little trolls attempting ‘big boy’ humor here have failed badly in my eyes. There is NO humor here. This is a skanky bitch preying on very young boys for her sexual pleasure. Where the hell is the chuckles in that or where the fuck do you two below think it’s somehow awesome!? Seek help. Srsly.

    1. The worst part is she talks on her fb of doing it again.

      1. O.o … sick woman … just disgusting!!! I cannot believe she is being allowed to keep posting that on FB, I’m tempted to go find her on there just to report her as a pedophile and sexual predator. As a matter of fact … ohhhh lookie I opened a new tab >.>

  10. people like this should be rounded up and dropped off in the middle east for punishment. let their brand of justice deal with her as ours is obviously too lenient. as a mother, i am appalled at her behavior and hope that the parents of these boys seek civil action and break that bitch to the core.

  11. Man I’d do her like there was no tomorrow – even if I was 15 I’d be like “hells yeah”

    People are so outraged over such benign things nowadays.

    1. Yeah, lets see how benign it would be if it were YOUR 15 year old child.

      1. Rochelle, I think Oceanliner IS a fifteen year old. Or has the imagination of one…

        1. Or only possesses the mental capability of one…

    2. Oh man. The pro-pedos are high fiving each other again. Giddyup.

    3. Here’s what you don’t seem to get: 15 year old boys are awkward, hormonal, immature, weird, smelly, lack judgement, and have poor hygiene. In other words, they’re icky. Universally. It’s not their fault. It’s the age. They’re not sexy. They’re not cool. They’re not even a little bit attractive. They’re not suave. They’re not skilled in the sack. They have no moves. And, and listen up because this is the critical point here, NO SANE ADULT WOMAN WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM. Ick. Ack. Nasty. Just threw up in my mouth a lot. Even the thought makes me want a shower. With bleach. Ew.

      So, and again this is the crucial point, any adult female who chooses fifteen year old boys as sexual parters is, by definition, a fucking psycho. Nuts. Crackers. Crazier than a shithouse rat.

      So, even if we ignore the age of consent here and pretend they had all just turned 16 in a state where 16 is legal, these boys, and you also by the way, are demonstrating that they (you too) are woefully unprepared for sex (and need to keep pants on for at least a few more years) by violating the Prime Directive of Sexual Activity right out of the gate:

      Never. Ever. EVER. Stick. Your. Dick. In. Crazy.

      1. Most women are crazier than shit. Your point?

        Don’t tell me if you saw this woman in a bar and she invited you for sex you wouldn’t screw her – if you saw the other photos posted online she’s actually quite the looker – thin body, big breasts (the kind that would make you cream just humping them), nice butt (again, another nice place to release your tensions).

        See the problem is unless someone is caught you never know if the guy you meet next or the woman you meet next for a date has these kinds of secrets.

        People feigning outrage over this are only outraged because she was caught. You don’t know if the neighbor is into this any more than you know if the teacher, den mother, or your nurse does these things.

        Big deal, a bunch of noise over nothing – the equivalent of calling a fire truck to hose your lawn off because the neighbor’s dog crapped on it.

        The very biological definition of “adult” in any species is defined by the ability to reproduce – it is human beings who come up with the concept that someone who is old enough to drive somehow can’t possibly consent to having sex.

        Really no different that someone being old enough to take a bullet for the country yet can’t legally buy a beer.

        1. A large part of being an adult human is learning to think with the brain in your head and not the little one you keep in your pants. But thanks for comming back in here to demonstrate why being old enough for sexual activity involves more than being physically able to stick tab A in slot B. An adult is able to exercise good judgement when choosing sexual partners, so that the couple can avoid the negatives of irresponsible sexual activity, such as pregnancy, STDs, the sex offender registry, etc. If you see what you consider an attractive woman in a bar (or your ten year old bff’s mom’s house) and cannot help but stick your dick in her without any thought for anything other than physical appearance or how her breasts would cause you to ejaculate prematurely (another sign of sexual immaturity, btw) you clearly are not ready to be having sex. That, coupled with the fact that you seem to still think misogyny is cute, is proof positive that whatever your physical age, until you grow up emotionally enough to exercise some control over your raging little boy hormones, you should stick to choosing your sexual partners from the contents of your sock drawer.

        2. Are you serious? If someone saw this woman in a bar, that would mean they were older than fifteen frickin’ years old. She didn’t find them in bars – she molested her kid’s friends. Who are you? Pepe Pedophile??? Any adult woman who would have sex with an underage kid (whether they ‘consent’ or not) is a freakin’ pedo. That is the definition of the word!

          1. Actually pedos are attracted to boys and girls who aren’t at puberty yet – get your facts straight.

            Once the teenager has achieved the ability to reproduce it is no longer pedophilia.

            The word you are looking for is ”


          2. Gee – so what you’re saying is that it’s wrong enought to have it’s own name, but you still find nothing wrong with it… that doesn’t say much about you pal… or maybe it says it all?

          3. Just because it has a name doesn’t make it wrong.

          4. Well, here’s the definition I found “A sexual attraction to a teenaged girl or boy who is not at the legal age of consent.” See – it’s that whole age of consent thing that keeps tripping you up here. Are you next going to tell us that it’s perfectly OK for a 45 year old man to have been with my niece when she was 10 because she went through puberty early? That’s sick shit there. If a man is 19 and his girlfriend is 16 I could care less. The chick in the story is 35, the boys were 15 and clearly not too mature as they were hanging out with her TEN year old son. You honestly can’t win this one. Even if your goal is to have the world accept this idea of “ephebophilia.” Honestly you are starting to come across as an advocate Paul….

          5. I have to say Paul is right here. A pedophile likes them *really* young.
            Still, there’s a such thing as age of consent. If it’s illegal for someone 18 or over to have sex with someone under 18…you don’t do it.

          6. Again, when I was 8 I got my period – would you have raped me & thought it was OK because I was old enough?

          7. My guess is Paul would rape an 8 year old. Sad but true. It would probably give his hand a much needed break…. but I digress. He’s a sick fuck and would be doing the world a justice by eating the business end of a gun.

        3. What you fail to recognize is that it doesn’t MATTER what the neighbors or my boss or the priest at the church down the street are into. It matters that it’s ILLEGAL and IMMORAL. You have the typical male attitude of “Attaboy!” going on here. You need to leap on into the 21st century now and come to terms with the fact that this IS harmful behavior. There is NOTHING normal about a grown woman risking everything for an “adventure” with a bunch of 15 year olds! And your theory of an adult being someone that is mearly old enough to procreate? That’s just rhetoric for a prehistoric viewpoint. What kind of parent would you have been at 12 or 13? It takes more than biology to be an adult.

          1. How is it harmful?

            See you have no idea how many people you pass on a daily basis who are into “immoral” things – it’s only when they are caught that you find out about it.

          2. And as I said, it doesn’t MATTER what they’re into. I honestly could give less than a fuck what they are into. Don’t be into it with kids that are not biologically mature enough to make an informed decision about concent. You think it’s cool. Which makes me think you are very young. What we are looking at, as adults here, is the fact that this woman is clearly off balance if this is the sort of recreation she pursues. 15 year old boys are not hot, they are not sexy and they are not the “go to lay” for 35 year old women. This is a sick (as in mentally ill sick) ego at play here, or a damaged psyche. It’s not harmless. In the end, even if you find it to be an epic conquest for those boys, it’s going to be hell for her to come to terms with when she goes through all of the counseling that will be required of her. You should consider the entire picture here, it’s much larger than you are taking into account…

          3. If you are a girl how could you possible know what appeals to 15 year old males?

            Good grief.

            If it was a 15 year old female we wouldn’t be having this discussion…but because she’s 35 it matters?

            Is it wrong for a 55 year old female to prefer 35 year old males?

            There’s no difference here – only the abstraction of a number.

            I fail to see how anyone was traumatized here.

          4. And you addressed nothing I said… Stop advocating for your preferred “condition” for a minute here Paul. First of all, in reality, May/Dec shit rarely works out. I know this because Mom was 27 when I born, Dad was a month shy of 52. Secondly, I dated a man that 19 years older than me for a time, that too didn’t work due to the age gap and having trouble relating to each other’s experiences. So in your instance of 55 year old women and 35 year old men, the attraction may be there, the ability to maintain anything lasting with a generation between them, not so much in the end. Did you stop to consider what I said about how this is going to affect HER? Nope, all you care about seemingly is the “Whoo Hoo” factor of a bunch of teenaged boys getting their rocks off. And where did I claim to know what appeals to 15 year old boys Paul? I stated that they are an unappealing sexual choice for just about every WOMAN. You have a very narrow focus here and clearly an agenda too…

            By the way, before you go and claim that my Dad was some sort of “ephebophile” don’t even start. He was married to a woman his age before he met my mother, and after Mom and Dad divorced he married a woman his age. The situation with my Mom and Dad had more to do with Mom being sexually abused as a child and Dad being married first to a woman that ended up having a very serious mental issue. Their relationship started as comfort between two people that were suffering serious shit and it developed from there. So please, do NOT insult my late father with a term or title that does not apply…

        4. Aww now I see what’s wrong with this limp dick. He’s a 2 minute noodle. Can’t satisfy a woman because no woman likes a premature Pete. So he turns to pedophilia. Ha, limp dick. Bet it’s tiny too.

          1. Aww the limp dicked pedo and his circle jerk buddies voted me down. Oh no, how will I live with myself, knowing that the pin dick pedos hate me?

          2. Ohh look another one. The soft c*cks must have stopped sucking each other off long enough to give me another downvote. Sorry, did I interrupt your fantasising about raping minors?

          3. I fucking love you! You are me…. only with an accent. Or do I have the accent? either way….

      2. LOVE. THIS. POST!!!!!!

        1. Thanks : )

      3. You seem to know a lot about havin sex with 15 year old kids

        1. Sorry to disappoint you, little boy, but you’ve got nothing any grown woman wants. Stick with your left hand and some Jergens until the chest hair grows in a bit.

  12. And to think when I was 15 I had it all wrong (it took me almost a year to get laid by my government teacher – fortunately when she moved in to the new house next door it made it much easier).

    Kids are so much luckier nowadays.

    1. You’re disgusting. You belong on a sex offenders’ registry if you advocate the rape of minors by adults in a position of power. Go eat a dick.

    2. Troll. I can smell one a mile away. You’re still a virgin, aren’t you?

      1. What will really shock you is she got promoted several times from teaching government to being an assistant principal to principal of a different high school. She still looks damned good for being over 60.

        See that’s one advantage women have over men – they can sleep they way to the top.

        The lesson here: guess you just don’t know who to trust concerning who is in charge of the kids.

        1. No. I trust NO ONE with my son. But the fact that you think this behavior is okay is disgusting.

    3. Did she have a nice rack and butt like this one? You ought to Google this one – really hot – no way any normal guy would turn this one down if given the chance.

      See that is what is getting lost here – it doesn’t seem like that the boys DIDN’T want to have sex with her.

      If she had tied them down in a dark basement and then fondled them all against totally against their will then I would see this in a different light – obviously that is wrong.

      But if everyone is willing – who is to say it is wrong? Usually it is just the really ugly 400 pound skanky used up hos like the ones here who likely have their hair up in rollers smoking a cigarette with one hand and drinking some Bud with the other that get upset at stories like this.

      Jealousy, nothing more.

      1. I’m not even half that, not rollers and not a skank. I def look better than this whore (many readers can attest to that). Maybe the fact that I look better is why I don’t need to resort to fucking children.

        1. Amen April. Tell me do I look 400lbs? Does this pic make me look fat?

          1. Well I suppose when your entire sex life is limited to getting barely pubescent children drunk enough to rape, any female who has reached adulthood is bound to seem huge.

          2. Which is why I love our readers.

          3. We love you, too!

          4. lol awesome. lol

          5. No. I think you are smaller than me.

          6. Honey please you are way smaller than I am lol.

          7. Mama needs to switch up her workout. It’s stuck.

          8. Yeah, I need some motivation. You need to text me and stuff I need some Aprilisms and I won’t be on Facebook much. :/

          9. text me now. I need to make sure you are in my address book!

  13. It’s funny how all the pro-pedo/rape freaks have downvoted all the sensible comments. Like that’s going to make a difference. This isn’t Dreamin’ Demon, where every downvote counts. I bet it’s Paul and his butt-buddy Oceanliner doing the downvoting, because the sensible comments hurt their freakish fuckwit fantasies of exploiting minors. Keep them coming boys, at least you’re not out raping minors if you’re on here downvoting those who are against rape and sexual exploitation.

    1. Pussies downvote comments when they run out of stupid shit to say.

  14. She looks like a confused baboon.

  15. HAWT!

    1. You seem to have a thing for this desperate horse-faced skank. Maybe you should contact her directly instead of inflicting your unsavory tastes on the rest of us.

      1. Thank you for this! I cannot fathom what his obsession is with this defective, immoral whore but it scares me. He’s getting stalkerish, coming here every so often just to tell us how much he wants to do naughty things to her. He did it again today… it’s DISTURBING! 😉

  16. Yummy! I’d do her doggy style and leave her a nice deep creampie!

  17. I wonder if she shaves?

  18. Imagine her wearing some white cotton panties sitting on my face. The musty smell of that ass and cooch – I’m delirious. Woot! What a fine lookin ass.

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