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Baby sitting pit bull

0712_irvine_spA Florida man has been accused of leaving a pit bull to babysit a 10-month-old so he could drink at a local bar

Pit bull left to “babysit” 10-month-old child, Fla. man arrested


James Irvine, 41, of Palm Coast Flori-duh, thought it was cool to let his pit bull baby sit a 10 month old while he went to drink it up at his local bar.  We know where his priorities lie!


From what I can gather, mom had to work so she left the 10 month old in the care of this douche bag pictured above, who happens to be the boyfriend!  Mom called to check on her baby, 11 times, before douche bag decided to answer the phone.  Clearly she was irritating the shit out of him because when he finally answered, he “told her he was watching the game,” and then hung up on her!!   When she arrived at home, douche was trying to get in the house via the garage door all while pissing himself.  Douche had informed mom that he had been “having a few drinks” but he had not left the baby alone because….wait for it…..”the pit bull was watching the baby!” Yep, you read that right!!  Mom, thank God, called the cops, the baby was found inside a bedroom crying and soaked from soiled diapers.  The door was shut and the pit bull was sitting outside the door.  Now, tell me, how can the dog be watching the baby from outside the door and what the hell is a dog doing watching a baby anyway??  The bartender stated he had served James around 9:30 and he had drunk 6 beers.  James was arrested and charged with child neglect but was later released on a $1500 bail.


This idiot gets the “stupid award” in my book.  The silver lining is…mom did not take up for him!!



Thanks for the tip go to Marge.

Thanks for the write up go to Leslie.


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  1. Dude kinda looks like a pitbull.

  2. Wastintime, no need to insult the dogs here. Haha. The sad thing is, the dog had better parenting skills than Doofy McDoofus up there. At least the dog was sitting by the door where the baby was.

    1. wheres the insult? all I see is a perfectly logical comment/expression of concern, all factors considered.

  3. At least there was not the horrible ending with the pitbull harming the baby. Probably a good thing the dog was left outside the door.

    1. I agree! That baby is DAMN lucky the dog was not in the room. Any pit nutters here–go read up on some facts and hard evidence before spewing your typical ‘owner/deed-breed’ cop-outs. other pitbull news blogs–Dangerous by Default, Craven Desires, Sudden, Random, Unprovoked, Violent. News. Statistics. Reports. Research. Evidence. Science. Hard numbers. No much how much someone wants to deny the danger of ideopathic aggression, it’s not going to change the reality of hundreds of people being mauled to death every.year. by happy family never-bit-anyone-before-wiggle-butts. Spin and denial is no comfort to the families of those who’ve been sadistically torn apart and dismembered for no reason at all–typically infants, toddlers, and the elderly.

      Pitbulls and Bad Breeders. Match made in hell. Perfect for each other. Both boil my blood.

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