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2 14-month-old children found with duct tape over their mouth, hands bound

After writing about baby-beating boyfriends and penis-protecting mummies, I have to admit this article made me giggle. As a child-free young woman, the thought has popped into my head from time to time to do this to annoying children. But there is a big difference between thinking that something would be funny and actually doing it. And duct tape hurts like hell when you tear it off bare skin.

Jose Picazo and Sorida Carabantes of Bakersfield, CA were arrested last week. Jose was accused of duct taping two 14-month-old’s mouths and hands together. Now why would he do a strange thing like that? The answer is simple and completely logical:  because they were fighting! Yes, Jose duct-taped their mouths to stop them from yelling and crying, and he duct-taped their hands behind their backs to keep them from hitting each other! I know duct tape is a very useful tool and it can be used to fix just about anything, but I didn’t know you can use it to “fix” angry fighting children. Or maybe not.

Now I’m trying not to laugh. I know it’s not funny and that it’s child abuse, hence why it’s on this blog. But it seems so logical, despite the fact that it’s child abuse. It’s like when Mr. Bean decides to repaint his flat so he wraps everything up in newspaper, sticks a firework in a can of paint and leaves. It’s stupid and it’s disastrous (especially when Mr. Bean’s friend ends up wearing paint because he comes by to get his hat) but it’s just so logical. This is a totally Mr. Bean thing to do.

Mr. Bean  Picazo and Mrs. Bean  Ms. Carabantes have been charged with felony child endangerment. Sorida’s in the poo because she knew Jose duct-taped the kids together and didn’t do a thing about it. There were other kids in the house that weren’t “fixed” with duct tape (perhaps they were “fixed” ages ago) and all of the children in the house have been taken into protective custody.

Thanks go to Chelcie for the tip (and the laugh). Please don’t think I’m a monster for laughing at this, but it reminded me of Mr. Bean and after all the darkness of dead children, I needed a laugh.

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  1. WAIT!! Hold the fuck up!! 14 month olds? As in just started walking/talking/maybe doing 1 or 2 somewhere besides their pants 14 month olds?! WTF was this…..NM I say we leave him out in the sun all day with duck tape on various tender parts of his anatomy AFTER he apologizes to the tree that is somewhere in the Amazon working it’s ass off so he can have oxygen to waste.

  2. I know I’ve entertained the thought of ductaping my two TOGETHER so they could learn to co-operate..but then that would end badly in some way shape or form. And yes, my daughter has Autism and the screaming fits that are like daggers through my ears…yup I thought about ductape then too…then I just went and found my husband’s ear defenders from when he worked on the flight line…put those on…helps tremendously.

    1. When my sister and I were little our Mom used to tape our mouths closed when we fought or back-talked her. But she used the pink “Goody” hair tape, the stuff used when people get perms and stuff. Totally harmless and never, ever hurts when you pull it off. It was the “I look like a jackass” factor that got us to stop doing what we were doing. Actually, it was funny even then, because we knew we could pull it off and whisper fight until we heard her coming back to “end the punishment!” But DUCT TAPE? On BABIES? Insane. And I speak from a knowledgeable viewpoint here, I work for a specialty tape company. Duct tape on a babies soft, sensitive skin is just beyond cruel! I hope someone peels the skin off of this fucktard very, very slowly…

    2. I’ve seen a few photos on the internet where parents have put their kids into oversized “getting-along” shirts when they fight. That would be more gentle than duct tape. Masking tape doesn’t feel like a waxing session.

  3. How man new admins are on here? And what happened to the originals?? I miss them. The new admins suck.

    1. It’s the same admins, just different writers. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.

  4. What a wonderful idea, take two babies who have just learned to walk and duct tape their little arms behind their backs so their sense of balance is completely impaired and they are in danger of seriously injuring themselves when they fall. If you are lucky you will probably really hurt their little arms when you try to make them meet behind their backs, what with their proportions being off. Well at least they have their mouths taped shut so you can’t hear them crying!

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