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UK toddler dies after drinking mother’s methadone

Riley Pettipierre

Riley Pettipierre

Toddler ‘died after drinking methadone from child’s beaker left in bedroom shared with his father and drug addict mother’:

The adorable face you see above is that of two-year old Riley Pettipierre, who lived in Derbyshire, England. Last March, Riley’s ‘mother’ Sally Dent awoke to find her son unresponsive in bed. His lips were blue and he wasn’t breathing. He was rushed to hospital but sadly, died shortly after arrival. An autopsy later revealed that Riley had consumed between 10 and 20ml of Methadone. Turns out, Sally Dent had a ‘history of drug use going back many years’ and had been prescribed Methadone to help her kick a heroin habit. Yesterday, Sally and Riley’s father, Shaun Binfield, were both found guilty of manslaughter and cruelty to a child. Turns out, these mouth breathers thought it would be perfectly safe to leave a CHILD’S BEAKER full of Methadone on top of a chest of drawers in their toddler sons bedroom. Why? So it could be in ‘easy reach’ of Sally. Yeah, it was in easy reach of their son, too. That just makes a terrible situation even more outrageous. They KNEW the cup was there and yet they didn’t move it and still allowed Riley into the room unsupervised. Riley did what any toddler would do. He probably drank from the cup thinking it was juice, not something that could, and did, take his tragically short life. The judge has adjourned sentencing until the 19th of February. Personally, I hope they throw away the key, as it was entirely their fault Riley died, but I know it’s a futile hope.

Shaun Binfield

Shaun Binfield

Sally Dent

Sally Dent

What class acts. I’d just love it if someone would wipe that stupidly smug look off her face.

R.I.P Riley.

***Thanks to UK correspondent Cobalt Rose for the write up***

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  1. Oh dear Sally looks like SJP after a bender…In Australia, methadone clinics give the stuff out by one shot at a time and supervise the addict while they take the stuff. How bloody stupid do you have to be to leave it lying around for the toddler to get? I’m betting that they did it accidentally on purpose, so that Riley would be quiet or go to sleep 🙁

  2. Sadly I think your right. They only wanted the lil darlin to sleep in so they wouldn’t be bothered! How the HELL can you live with yourself, and yet they start blaming each other so they won’t get in trouble for killing their son! Here in the states the clinics work the same way. So how did they have a dose on hand to drug their baby?

    1. It looks like more than one dose that she had, it was in a sippy cup. You’d think that when dealing with junkies that have no self-control, you would monitor methadone use very carefully. If you give a drug addict an inch, they take a mile.

  3. What a handsome lad. Makes me sick, knowing this sweet lil fella was being fed this shit. Seriously.. someone had to be giving him the methadone. It was in a sippy cup! How frigging dense can you be? Of course the boy is going to go after a sippy cup! Which makes me wonder same as you Aussie and Suzy, if he was given the stuff so his selfish breeders could go on about their selfishness. Accidently on purpose. I hope they enjoy their quiet time and that Riley’s sweet face haunts them for the rest of their days.

    RIP Riley. Sending you lots of love and hugs! Fly high angel. <3

  4. Why the fuck is she smiling???? I’ve never lost a child but I can’t imagine ever smiling again if one of my babies died!

    1. Yeah what a crazy bitch. She should’ve overdosed instead.

    2. I think she was the penis-warmer. She’s probably glad the kid died so she doesn’t have to look after him anymore.

  5. I take pain medication for nerve pain ( I was ejected from my car on the highway when a drunk driver hit me) and I hide my medication on the top of a bookcase and in a safe. I even have to get on a chair to reach it.

    Who the hell leaves a two year old unsupervised anyway? If I turn my head for a second my daughter gets into things and puts them in her mouth right away (like any toddler). They should be sterilized so neither has any children again. Sadly, we know people these days will take in any vag filler to satisfy their own wants while ignoring their children’s needs.

  6. Are you all fucking stupid?? Smiling the Lady is talking and accidents happen she loved this little boy and so did shaun your all so quick to judge because of THE PAPOROTZI’S are fucking minipulating tw*ts thats only bring out half the story she didnt leave it in his cup she didnt give it him, he got it and it took his life they loved riley as u can see he was a well looked after lad so stop judging and live your own fucking lifes cause when something like this hits u in the face u will know how all the people feel that you slate

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