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Children and animals removed from house in Clarence

Authorities investigate animal hoarding and child welfare case in Clarence

Amie Burkley, shown, and her husband Matthew were issued tickets to appear in Clarence Town Court after their animals were seized and children removed.

Amie Burkley hides away

The only thing on this planet that is worse than child abuse is animal abuse. I say that because at least children have cognizance of what’s happening to them and have some ability to fight back (if you’ve ever been kicked by a toddler or had your hair pulled, they’re pretty bloody strong!) These breeders of Clarence, Buffalo NY not only allowed their four children to live in filth and be neglected, but they also hoarded animals that they knew damn well they couldn’t care for!

The property of Matthew (37) and Amie Burkley (36) was raided after receiving a tip that four horses had died a few weeks ago. Animal control officers described the home as something out of a horror story. The house absolutely honked of animal shit and piss. Officers found a small pig, six dogs, numerous cats, prairie dogs and guinea pigs inside. More than two dozen other animals and livestock were found existing in a tumbledown metal barn outside, sick and starving. That’s a whole lotta caca being produced!

Two of the four children were home at the time of the investigation and they helped officers identify and round up the critters. The kids weren’t sick but they were underdressed for the chilly weather and were outside with no shoes and socks on. Still, living in a house full of animal shit and possibly mentally ill parents is not in the best interests of kids. The four kids are aged from 15 years down to 7 years. They’re now in the care of their relatives.

3 dogs had to be euthnanised and some horses may also had to be put down. The couple have been in trouble before for keeping more animals than they could provide for. It was found that there was only half a bale of hay that was supposed to feed all the live stock. To give you an idea of how inadequate that is: my sister used to have a pet rabbit. We’d give her half a bale of hay per fortnight and she’d devour half of it and poo on the rest of it. That would only feed a rabbit for two weeks, not various llamas, horses, goats, chickens and geese. Geese shit stinks by the way.

The breeders have expressed remorse over the events and did have good intentions for the animals. But as the old saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. They allowed animals to die from malnutrition and lack of veterinary care, and their children were forced to live in a home full of animal crap. Animal hoarding is a mental illness and often the animals are neglected, along with any children living in the home with the hoarders. Often hoarding stems from feelings of loneliness, but the breeders have four children to keep them company. Hoarders are also a danger to their children as they will often lash out if the child has the sense to throw anything away (or in this case sell or give the animals away).

Luckily no dead children and most of the animals were saved. The breeders been charged with least 5 charges of animal cruelty and four counts of endangering the welfare of a minor. They will appear in Clarence Town court at a later date. The town is working with other agencies to help rehome the animals and a sign has been placed on the Burkley’s door saying “Unfit for Human Habitation”.

I used to have quite a little menagerie of animals. We had a cat, a rat and a rabbit. Unfortunately the rabbit died a few months ago, but our animals were always healthy, had plenty of food and lots of exercise. We even took the rat to the vet after we found a lump on her (unfortunately it’s malignant) but we cared about our animals enough to get them vet care when they needed it. Animals, like children need care and attention. Neither the children nor the animals in this story got that.

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  1. The place was so bad it was condemned? Damn! Poor kids and animals! I hope the kids don’t grow up like the parents.

  2. There is also a very strong link between childhood sexual abuse and animal hoarding. It’s so sad. These stories make me so mad, but then I have to think about what these people (mostly women) must have endured as kids that this somehow seems OK?

  3. only a fucking retard believes animal abuse is worse than human abuse. Yes, Aussie, you are a fucking retard.

    1. No. Only a fucking retard would regard their own species to be more superior than any other species on this planet. Go away, troll.

      1. I didn’t leave the original comment in this thread but I also find it very strange that you’d consider animal abuse more heinous than child abuse. You say that children have ” cognizance of what’s happening to them and have some ability to fight back”? Which has a better likelihood of survival – a two year old with a dozen cracked ribs or a 60 pound dog? Strange way of thinking, really.

        1. If both had cracked ribs, neither have a chance of surviving without help. I don’t have children, I have animals which I consider to be my children. Having compassion for species other than my own isn’t “strange” nor is it a “strange way of thinking”, it’s merely basic compassion and empathy for other living things, no matter what species.

          1. I’m not saying that having compassion for animals is strange whatsoever; I’d like to think most people prefer to NOT see an animal suffering. I am saying I find it odd (maybe even rather sad) that you’d be more bothered by the image of a dog being kicked than a small child.

          2. There you go again, comparing apples to oranges. And making crap up just to annoy others. Do you really have nothing better to do than to criticise other people’s beliefs? When the story at hand was about children and animals being forced to live in filth? I don’t really know why you even bother, because I don’t care what some internet troll thinks of me.

    2. An animal abuser will also abuse children. So suck it, bitch.

  4. Animal abuse by hoarding IS child abuse. Making children live in shit and piss is horrible. Lets for a minute ignore all the diseases and health problems that can result. Can you imagine living in that? Once animals develop bad toilet habits, they’ll go anywhere. Which means they were shitting and pissing where these kids eat and sleep. I don’t know about you, but if the litterbox is a few days over due for a change it makes me nuts. If the dog drops a good one on the lawn and the window is open I can’t stand it. But living in that? The amonia burning your eyes. Never ever being able to get away from the smell. And it will be in everything. The beds. Every scrap of clothing. The kids’ hair. Which means THEY stink. They have to go to school stinking of shit and piss. Kids are merciless with stuff like that – their parents have made them targets. Making a child unlikable, an outcast, a pariah, is worse than smacking them around. At least bruises heal.

    1. I agree. Any “parent” who harms animals either passively or actively will do the same to their child. They lack the skills for caring for other living things and they have no empathy for other living creatures. The two go hand in hand. When my animals make a mess, the smell drives me insane too. I clean the rat’s cage every few days because the smell gets everywhere. Same with the litter trays (2 for 1 cat lol) I don’t understand how people can live in filth and be fine with it. Or be impervious to the suffering of other living beings.

  5. This Physcho bitch used to live across the street from me in West Seneca. So happy to hear her kids were taken away. I called CPS on her many times. Those kds did not deserve to live the way they did. She would lock them out of the house during the summer and they would pee in the yard. She is absolutely disgusting. I feel for the kids and the animals but they deserve better, Hope Mrs. Burkleys mother doesn’t get them because she is nuts too. It runs in the family. I hope her and her husband do some jail time for this, There is no excuse

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