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I thought during the Australia Day long weekend that there’d be something going on involving kids and alcohol. Aussies tend to get drunk and crazy on Aus day. But no, it’s been quiet. Shame the same can’t be said for our cousins across the ditch! Here is a tale of two Kiwis who were caught boozing it up while driving.

An Auckland grandbreeder has been charged with allowing his 7 year old grandson to drive, as well as a few drink driving charges and child neglect charges. Tehere Maihi Maaka (49) was charged with dangerous driving, driving with excess breath alcohol and allowing his grandson to drive on a public road. Even though the boy was behind the wheel of the car, Maaka was still charged with reckless driving and drink-driving because it was presumed that he had driven the car at some stage in the day. They were pulled over by police around lunchtime (!!!) just 500m from Maaka’s house and when they breathalysed him, they found him to be nearly three times the legal NZ limit. At lunchtime!!! So if he was drunk, what was he doing driving and why was he looking after the boy while drunk??? Well, Mr. Maaka’s son has denied that his Daddy dearest has done anything wrong! He denies that the boy was driving and that his dad is hurting and going through a bad time at the moment. So, did the cops just make up lies about who they saw driving? I don’t think so. This might explain why the boy was allowed to be supervised by a drunk, because his DNA donor doesn’t give a shit! Maaka has been remanded on bail without plea and will re-appear in court next month.

Our second sloshed story involves an egg-warmer by the name of Georgina Sheila Walters (30). She was busted with an open can of bourbon and coke beside the driver’s seat with her 9 and 11 year old daughters in the car with her. Hmmm I wonder if that drink belonged to the kiddies? Probably not, because bourbon is one of the most vile things I’ve ever drunk. It’s not even nice with coke. The cops clocked her at twice the legal limit and she told them that she’d drunk a bottle of wine and two beers before driving home. Is she insane? That would have me feeling very dizzy, let alone being able to drive. And where did she get the booze from? Did she go to the pub and down them in front of her daughters? Or did she get them from the bottlo and guzzle them out of a paper bag like the classy bitch she is? She managed to dodge the slammer and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and disqualified from driving indefinitely. This is her THIRD drink-driving offence, that should mean jail time because she obviously didn’t learn the first two times! Sadly, her daughters remain in her “care” and family members have expressed concern for their safety and wellbeing as long as they remain with her because Ms. Walters has had ongoing problems with the grog. I hope that should anything happen, that the family will be willing to care for the girls and give them the safety and stability they deserve.

Both matters have been reported to Child, Youth and Family services.

I got into an argument about welfare sanctioning with some lefty socialist greenies the other day. I suggested that Australia/New Zealand should adopt the US model of food stamps and EBT cards to prevent benefits from being wasted on booze and drugs. They told me that people should be allowed to “self-medicate” and then called me a racist because I said that people should work and be resourceful in times of adversity, like our ancestors did. I basically told them to go chain themselves to a coal loader and get squished between the gears, because this kind of thinking is dangerous and produces the welfare entitled drug and alcohol addicts that think the world should lift them up and wipe their arses for them. Drug and alcohol problems don’t just hurt the addict, they hurt those around them. No more enabling. No more excuses.

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  1. Why did they call you racist? Misuse of the word (again) or did you only suggest that certain races be subjected to food stamps…I’m guessing option #1

    I agree. I have been on unemployment here in Australia (back when it WAS The Dole) & although it was a struggle it is definitely manageable…I lived 45 minute drive from our nearest large town so petrol was a major expense & I had rent, food & utilities to pay for but I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, I don’t gamble & my alcohol intake would probably stretch to a bottle of wine every few months! That is the difference I think. If I was a smoker, gambler, big drinker or filthy junkie there’s no way I could have lived on the dole! I wouldn’t have minded food stamps but I think, as I was already mortified that I was out of work, I would have been quite embarrassed! Thankfully it was only for 3 months until I found work again!

    1. They called me racist because I suggested that instead of whingeing about the amount of money the government gives you for next to nothing, that you become resourceful and work hard just like they did in the Great Depression. They called me racist because apparently there were too many white people back then. So yeah, misuse of the word.
      I’m still fighting to get Centrelink AWAY from me because I work two jobs and they still want me to go to “work for the dole” (where people just sit around staring into space for 6 hours). So I keep telling them I’m at work lol. The dole is alright to exist on, and it’s not meant as a long term thing. Drug addicts, alcoholics and the perpetually lazy can’t understand that, they prefer not to work and feel that the world owes them a living.

      1. I don’t disagree with you at all! Centrelink are genuinely retarded! I had to argue with them about a meeting…they scheduled a meeting with me. I was all ready to go until the night before when a PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYER rang me & asked me to come in for an interview…yay! Anyway, I called Centrelink as soon as they opened from the waiting room of this guy’s business & they told me I HAD TO ATTEND THE MEETING…I asked the woman why I would walk out of a JOB INTERVIEW so I could go to Centrelink to have a meeting about how to get a job interview…she laughed & said “well when you put it like that…I tell you what, I’ll fax a form through to the interviewer for them to sign so you can prove that you attended an interview.”…needless to say, after all the fucking around the guy was less than impressed by Centrelink & sent them a scathing letter (with the form) criticising them about their ineptitude! Unfortunately I didn’t get the job but he did send my resume to a friend of his who DID employ me as a receptionist & saved me from Centrelink!

        1. It’s about who you know, not what you know in this job market. I work one job that I just transferred departments when mine folded and the other I just sent emails asking if there was work going. All it takes is just thinking outside the square a bit. It’s just not something that drug and booze-addled bludgers are prepared to do.

          1. Huh,we have a CenterLink here in Ohio that sounds a lot like what your describing! And the whole food stamp card idea doesn’t work. People just sell them. Just go to a not so good area and ask people to buy them, get an offer, and walk into the store with them and they do their shopping. Usually 50 cents on the food stamp dollar.

          2. I think if they set up the account and asked for ID it might work better. They had a voluntary program in some of the dodgy areas but only the people who actually wanted to manage their money used it.

          3. I had the same thought. Its too easy to scam the system. I could never understand selling food stamps and WIC coupons. Those are there so people can feed their children. But apparently they care more about alcohol, drugs and getting their hair done to care about feeding their children.

          4. My last reply was foy Aussie Sabbath, not myself!

          5. We have the same problem here. Schools having to provide breakfast because mum and dad are sleeping off last night’s bender. People refusing to work because they think it’s their god-given right to bludge off welfare. It has to stop.

          6. Seriously… I had some random guy ask me if I would give him the cash I was going to use to pay for food at the local grocery store in return for using his food stamp card. I didn’t know him. I couldn’t believe his audacity! Umm.. no. I don’t care if I would be saving a few dollars. You need cash, go work for the shit and stop spending all your kids food money on other things you tw*t! Lol.

          7. Happens all the time! I once told some lady that my tax dollars are their to by food for her kids. She called me a bitch. I laughed my ass off. It reminded me of that movie ice cube was in and he was a drug dealer that yelled at that crack head to “Go take care of your babies! Crack head bitch !” LOL!

  2. Bunch of damn idiots! None of them deserve to be around children! Mom driving around drunk with the kids, grandpa having the 7 yr old drive. But the part that really gets me is the son defending his father! Dumb ass! He could have killed your son! Really, I just want to punch the guy.

  3. I know a guy (who is now 35) who was taught to drive at a very young age (about 6 I think) by his Dad…this came in handy when, at age 8 he had to drive his comatose mother to hospital.

    She was diabetic & had kidney failure (almost exactly like Shelby in Steel Magnolias) & one Saturday while Dad was in town (an hour away) getting groceries she collapsed. Chris & his little brother dragged her to the car & drive her an hour into town. She lived.

    No point calling an ambulance as it has to come from two Hours away…the joys of rural remote living!

    But not the same situation.

    1. Yep I knew a few kids who could drive at 7+ We had a holiday home in the Southern Highlands and it was at least an hour to the nearest town. The kids could drive as it was private property and we used to not wear seatbelts either. A lot of rural kids can do this, it’s useful round the farm and stuff.

      1. I could drive the tractor as a kid. Not that I did much because I wasn’t all that keen on it…too noisy & stinky!

        1. An old boyfriend of mine used drive his parents’ tractor when he was little. He was too scared to learn how to drive a car though!

  4. While its true that EBT food cards can be mishandled to acquire vice cash, the whole having to work around a system, the work of exploitation, at least discourages some percent of the population. It’s also much riskier as far as getting caught; that guy who’ll give you $50 for $100 worth of food off the card could be undercover. Piss off an ex lover who was in on the scam or at least aware of it? Yeah, they’ll get their rocks off on getting you nailed, some will go so far as testify in court to ruin your life as much as possible; jail time, permanent ineligibility for assistance in the future, paying restitution to the system, etc.. Even though its not perfect by far, I’m glad the foodstamp system is set p the way it is here… I can’t imagine what would happen if that assistance were a raw liquid asset with no predetermined designation…. Make it a lot more convenient to use for substance abuse…. And an even more disturbing possibility: the amount of benefits you get is based on the size of the household. Junkies could turn out baby after baby with their eye on nothing but expanding their drug funds.

  5. Strangely enough, here in the US drug use is actually lowest among the poor, especially those poor enough to be on welfare. Makes sense, because they’ve got so little money for drugs and alcohol.

    1. Can you show me a citation so I can use it in debates?

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