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Korrie-Lynn Kinnear likes to beat on toddlers

Korrie-Lynn Kinnear

Retarded bitch

Mother imprisoned for violent toddler beatings

Sarnia, ON mother sentenced to 3 years for beating toddlers

Is that an infected arsehole on the egg-donor’s face? Oh wait, it’s a pathetic attempt at looking “sexy”.

Korrie-Lynn Kinnear (23), of Sarnia, Ontario, likes to beat on her toddlers. Her two very young kids suffered extensive injuries including fractured ribs and severe bruising from their egg-donors attempts at “discipline”. Here’s a tip, bitch. If you’re leaving marks and causing long-term damage, that’s not “discipline” – that’s abuse! Punching and kicking your kids is not the same as a smack on the bum. I’m child-free and even I know that! The “discipline” started off as slaps and backhand punches, as the birth vessel became more and more frustrated at her children. She would scream obscenities at them and tell them they were useless. Wow, what a wonderful thing to teach your young, impressionable children to say!

One of the children had 13 rib fractures and the other had 2 rib fractures. Both the kids were under two when the beatings occurred. FUCK!! A smack on the hand/backside is okay for punishment, but a full-on beating? On a little toddler? What the fuck is wrong with you?! The doc who examined the kids had to compose himself, he was so overcome with emotion because he hadn’t seen such extensive bruising on a small child like that. Of course, the axe wound never sought medical help for her kids and never beat them about the face. Of course not. She had the forethought to know it was wrong to beat her kids so she tried to hide it. So it wasn’t punishment at all, she just liked to punch up toddlers, under the guise of discipline.

The answer to the question of “what the fuck is wrong with her?!”: She has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I’m not making it up. She was a sufferer of child abuse herself, too. So she knew damn well what it was like to be abused by her parents, yet she chose to inflict that horror and pain on her own offspring. I couldn’t give two fucks whether some enabler says “But that’s all she knows!!” She knew how it felt to be abused, so she knew better than to do it to her own kids! She also drank heavily and abused oxycodone. No surprises there, it was available to her in utero and she probably felt she couldn’t live without it. But I don’t care how fucking hard her life was. There is no excuse to abuse your children, none whatsoever.

The gaping gash was sentenced to only 3 years prison! What the fuck is up with that? She fricking abused her kids, you idiot! Sounds like the judge has brain damage too! But apparently, that’s a harsher penalty than usual for bad breeders. And she cried like the stupid bitch she is, because she got caught bashing her kids. I hope those three years are long and torturous for her, and may her fellow inmates have no patience for a child abuser. She is not allowed to contact her kids and she is banned from owning weapons (I thought that would be obvious since she has a mental deficiency) This egg donor should never have been allowed to breed, considering her IQ and the drug and alcohol problems. I thought that sort of thing would cause damage to the reproductive parts? Evidently not. Anyhoo, the kiddos are now away from this damaged DNA and are reportedly doing well. Hopefully they can break the cycle and go on to be productive members of society.

I did some research and found the egg donor’s Facebook page. Here’s some pearls of wisdom from her mutated mind: “I am who I am my mouth says it all you don’t like my words tune me out” Yeah it’s pretty hard to tune out abuse. Let’s hope you can tune out the taunts and jeers (plus all the beatings) from your fellow inmates. Here’s another little gem “Everyone has their own opinions and everyone is entitled to voice them. But make sure your back yard is clean before you judge your neighbour’s” Well, I will judge the fuck out of you because you’re a brain-damaged, oxygen-thieving child abuser. And your backyard ain’t clean, it’s full of dog shit. Our tipster also tells us that you stole from your employers and can’t hold down a job because you have sticky fingers. Maybe you can put those fingers to use, and try to steal from Big Bertha or any of the other head bitches in the pen. See how well theft goes down there. 

Luckily there are no dead kids, and that they’ve gotten away from that mutant monster. I don’t know what the fate of her “engaged” relationship status will be, but if her c***-plug is willing to marry a known child abuser, he’s a desperate dick.

Thanks to the Anon tipster for the tip. Should anyone object to my use of “retarded” to describe this bitch, especially because she has FAS, tough titties. Her actions were dimwitted and lacking in intelligence. She is slow and deficient – which is the original meaning of “retard/ed”



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  1. Although I am an avid reader of this site,and appreciate your recent contributions Aussie Sabbath, I think you need to reconisder your choice of labeling here. The difference in calling this sad excuse of a ‘mother’ a ‘retard’ is that individuals who have a mental handicap, or as you prefer,’retarded’, is that mentally challenged people do not have the mental capacity (most not all) to control their actions, and/or understand right from wrong, or that their actions might be harmful to others. To classify this woman as a ‘retard’ is an insult to mentally handicapped persons everywhere. So please, do BB readers a favor and refer to this subject matter as ‘bitch’, ‘birth vessel’, ‘c***-plug’, and any other expletive word choices you can conjure up, but do not classify her under the same category as individuals who are challenged mentally and who would probably never hurt a child, animal or anyone intentionally.
    Thank you.

    1. Sadly, her mentality is probably less than that of any person with a medical condition. We have had the retard discussion here before. It really isn’t meant to offend, and sorry if you feel that way. You have to know that none of us see people with diminished IQ’s or learning disabilities as “retarded” as much as we do these fucks hat hurt kids.

  2. My younger sister is mentally retarded (in a medical diagnosis sense) and has more common sense than this sorry excuse for a “mother.” She would never hurt anyone, especially not a child. I don’t think she abused her kids due to mental impairment. I think she was just being a selfish, mean, evil bitch. She’s a morally bankrupt person if she’s going to steal and beat children. That’s not “retarded” – that’s evil. Morality is a choice that has nothing to do with mental capacity.

    As for her background, it’s just a flimsy excuse looking to justify her actions. They want us to pity her like she didn’t know better. The heck she didn’t. Who cares if she had FAS? Having learning problems doesn’t make you a bad person. Doing bad things does. Anyone who sympathizes with her because she has FAS and was abused is stupid. If she knew well enough to hide what she was doing, then she obviously knows what she was doing. Therefore she should face the same consequences as any other person who commits such a crime.

    Stories like this really makes me think that putting restrictions on who can breed is a very, very good idea ..

  3. She’s about as “sexy” as a six foot hole… which would be an excellent place to put her.

  4. I agree. As the mother of a child on the Autism spectrum, I’d like to see the word “retard” become as taboo as the N word. I do not consider my son to be retarded, though some ignorant people do, and I don’t like the idea of anyone putting my son on the same level as this child abuser, even if it’s just the same derogatory word.

    1. I am very sorry that your son has been called that. People are ignorant, like you said. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot that can be done about people using the word retarded. While it’s hurtful to those who have been affected by that word, we are the minority. The word has become so socially accepted that it’s probably not going to change any time soon.

    2. Nope, your kid has ASD, not retarded. The new meaning is deserved for people like this…it’s become a term that means you’re just not using the smarts you were given or are just criminally stupid.

    3. My son is autistic too…..I have yet to have him heard referred to as retarded. Even in a derogatory manner…..Just sayin’.

      P.S. The N word is still used in great frequency by African Americans to refer to their brethren. Also, just sayin’

  5. Anyone who uses the word retard to describe someone with mental or developmental delay is fucked & needs a punch in the mouth…

    Anyone who thinks that calling someone who has a normal IQ but clearly doesn’t use it a retard is politically incorrect can shove their opinion up their arse! This woman is clearly deserving of the label!

  6. So easy for people to read a newspaper clip and they are experts on a person. Although I agree she deserves the 3 years she is given, Her background has nothing to do with excuses to justify actions, in fact they are a result of. What you do not know is she spent her entire life in Foster care being moved from one home to another. She was abused by her Paternal mother and was treated the same way as she inevitably treated her own. A child in foster care who is moved about and abused never recovers from it. It is unfortunate that the pain she suffered as a child she then put onto her own. It is a form of coping with their own pain not realizing the pain they are then causing their own children. There is no condoning what she did, however This cycle is repeated in all generations. If you are abused you will then abuse, if parents abuse drugs so will their children and so on. It is a proven fact of life. Considering the Children’s Aid Society who raised her, knew she was abused, should have taken steps to ensure she did not become the abuser. This happens in most of their cases. Children’s Aid wants it this way though, As long as there is a child in need they can have a job. Unfortunately the kids that need help do not get it and the ones who are safe and secure are stolen from their homes. As for the verbal diarrhea tossed around this site, It is very easy for the prince’s and princess’s who have never been yelled at, told they were useless or abused in anyway to judge a persons actions. I guarantee if you were personally subjected to the life she lived, you would without a doubt turn out the exact same way and do the exact same things, it is a proven fact.

    1. ” I guarantee if you were personally subjected to the life she lived, you would without a doubt turn out the exact same way and do the exact same things, it is a proven fact.”

      Really? A proven fact, huh? Would you care to put money down on that? Maybe back that statement up with a citation or two? Or would you rather just admit that you pulled that “proven fact” out of your ass and go ahead and apologise to the millions of abused children who grow up to be fine, law abiding adults and loving, nurturing parents.

      While childhood abuse is a contributing factor for an adult abuser, only 30% – 33% of abused children go on to abuse their own children. A third. That is nowhere near even half, and makes your “proven fact” an outright lie. Unlike you, I’ll back up my claim with evidence: “Studies show that some 30 percent of abused children become abusife parents.” “Studies also now indicate that about one-third of people who are abused in childhood will become abusers themselves.” “About 30% of abused and neglected children will later abuse their own children”

      And on behalf of several dear friends of mine who grew up in a hell that would make this little sweetheart’s upbringing look like a Disney vacation, and ended up the kindest, most loving of parents and people in general, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you to stuff it.

    2. Your “facts” are complete bullshit. I don’t know how you can be so morally deficient as to justify child abuse because the abuser was abused. There are people who read and write for this blog who have been abused in all ways possible, yet would never lay a hand on their own children. Do you know why? Because they knew how much pain they went through and would never subject another living thing to that sort of degradation. This mentally deficient bitch didn’t care how her kids felt. She knew what abuse felt like, yet subjected her kids to it. Because she’s a sadistic slutbag that gets off on beating children. Now go away and stop defending baby bashers.

    3. First off – FUCK YOU!!! This statement is complete bullshit:

      “It is unfortunate that the pain she suffered as a child she then put onto her own. It is a form of coping with their own pain not realizing the pain they are then causing their own children. There is no condoning what she did, however This cycle is repeated in all generations. If you are abused you will then abuse, if parents abuse drugs so will their children and so on. It is a proven fact of life.”

      As a former foster parent, I can tell you the cycle only repeats because the abuser chooses to repeat it. “Coping with their own pain” my ass. They are stuck in their selfish pity party and justify abusing their children because they are too busy feeling sorry for themselves. WAH WAH WAH cry me a fucking river. They need to get off the pity pot and step up and be a better parent then their parents were to them.

      There are many readers on this site that were abused by their parents (and others), who were in foster care, and not one of them use the excuse that they were abused to abuse their children.

      Furthermore, my entire family (paternal and maternal) were alcoholics and drug abusers and I have never been either one. That is an alcoholics/drug abusers excuse for why they use drugs. They choose to do drugs or drink. It is a choice and a very selfish one.

      Finally, I will acknowledge she had a rough childhood but this piece of shit choose to have children and at that point she should have choose to be a better parent then her’s were. She is selfish and lazy. PERIOD!

  7. Well, masshole72, I think that mentally challenged people who do such BAD things should be labeled as “retarded” just as homosexuals doing BAD things should be labeled as “fags”. I see nothing wrong with that. It is an insult towards her, and it meant to be for HER, not for all the mentally challenged people. Now, I would say I will not try to defend her, but just to clarify something. If she was abused as a child and had an alcoholic mother, then I am not surprised she is an alcoholic and a drug addict herself. I am also not surprised that she had the URGES to hurt her toddlers (acting upon her urges is a different story), BUT knowing about her own childhood and her own temper, she should have used whatever little common sense she had and NOT GET PREGNANT, or gotten an abortion when she was still early in her pregnancies. Or better yet, her mum should have gotten an abortion.

  8. Dear Boone, please fuck off. You’re so full of shit it isn’t funny. Please read the book “A Child Called It.” The author David Pelzer had the shit beat out of him beyond your brain’s ability to comprehend and yet he doesn’t beat his kid(s). Also on a personal note my aunt said she had to sleep with a knife under her pillow while living with her biodad because he abused her somehow (she told my Grandma, Grandma told me and I never got the full story, because Grandma was always drinking when she brought up.)

  9. Her husband to be is abuser himself and is the biggest piece of shit I know….he right now has custody of their daughter they just had together…..they both do plan on having a happy life together with their little baby girl….I think she should of gotten sentenced to more time, not just 3 yrs do to the fact that these 2 precious children have to live with the knowledge that their mother who is suppose to have unconditional love for them , beat them instead……what bothers me the most is the fact that she will have access to her 3rd child born once released… my opinion she should be banned from ever being around children in general……I also do know all of these facts do to I know korrie and her husband to be personally and can’t stand neither one of them.

  10. Ever consider asking how old she was when she lost her first job instead of assuming you people think you know everything bunch of ignorants this is ignorance do you even know her talk is tough when your behind a screen though right this is not 100% factual

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