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Menstruating “mother” holds knife to daughter’s throat

Lufkin woman accused of taking photos of daughter with knife at throat

Casey Olford (Source: Angelina County Jail)

Casey Olford has a serious case of PMS

Oh dear, it looks like we have another attention-seeking whore who will do anything to their child to get attention. It seems that Casey Danielle Olford (20) has been taking lessons from Kelly Park on how to get your baby daddy’s attention. She sent photos of her daughter with a knife held to her throat to her baby daddy. That’ll get his attention, for sure. Unfortunately for Casey, it got the attention of the po-po too.

Officers were on the way to Casey’s home in Sayers street, Lufkin, TX for a welfare call made by one of the relatives. On the way, the baby daddy called to say he just received a threatening text message. In the text message was a picture of his daughter with a knife held to her throat and smeared with what looked like blood. The accompanying text read ” It’s n tha trash u too. Hope yall have enough money for Kaylee funeral. Bye.” My uneducated yokel isn’t very good so I don’t know what she was trying to say with the first part of the text. But judging by the second part, it’s supposed to be a poor attempt at an ominous threat. When the police arrived, Casey denied sending any text messages or taking any photos. The children in the house seemed fine, and she allowed the cops to look at her phone where they didn’t find any messages of a threatening nature.

Investigators began investigating, as investigators will, and the police took the egg-donor into custody. On the way to the cop-shop, Casey confessed that she did send the pictures to the baby daddy and the grandma the day before! And that the stuff what looked like blood that was smeared on the kid was indeed blood. Wanna guess where the blood came from? If you’re eating something or have a weak stomach, skip this part: It was fucking PERIOD BLOOD! Yes, she smeared her filthy disgusting rotting uterine lining on her own child to get attention!! What a slovenly slore! Filthy disgusting bitch! I guess you can say they caught her “red-handed”…

The bleeding axe-wound explained that she sent the photos and the texts because she felt lonely and depressed! Well, no wonder you’re lonely – no one will come near you because you like to finger-paint with your monthly mess. I heard that’s a sign that something is seriously wrong, playing with your own bodily fluids. The foul bitch has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault and posted $10,000 bail on Monday. In marked bills. Don’t worry, officers, that “red dye” on the notes isn’t from when she robbed a bank. But you might want to wash your hands after touching it.

There has already been one ‘tard-defender in the Facebook comments on this article “Ppl have a lot to say but really u hoes ain’t sayin shit stop judging her and pray for u but if all else fails we her family got her #family” Oh puh-leeze, like we haven’t heard that before, Ebone’ Mott. Come here and say that. I’ve been warming up on nonsensical name-callers and useless trolls and I’m ready for another ‘tard bashing. So bring it, bitch.


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  1. That has to be the most disgusting thing I have ever heard in my life. I have been lonely in my day, but never have I thought to play Rembrandt with my crotch. I’m sure her comfort with body fluids is what lead to her having a child, but she has to realize that other people aren’t so fond of other people’s excretions. I feel so bad for that child. I really hope she is too young to understand what happened to her. This woman needs to be thrown in an asylum because what she did is freaking nuts ….

    1. Weeeel, I’ve gotta say, if that’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever read, don’t delve any deeper on the Internet or this site for that matter!

      Having said that, ew…who puts menstrual fluid on their kid? Seriously? I mean, I’ve seen some impressive (but gross) works of art made with all kinds of bodily fluids but none of those were featured on the bare skin of an innocent child!

  2. Just off topic slightly, & to inject a little mirth into your day…my sister & I were just discussing the benefits of menstrual blood as a source of sustenance for vampires (if they existed) who don’t like the idea of killing…anyway, we’re trying to work out how many tampons the average vamp would need in order to sustain his/her existence…

    1. I think they would need a lot, because out of the whole flow it’s only about a tablespoon of actual blood that’s in there. The rest is mucus and the lining stuff needed for zygote to implant. If they can find someone who has endometriosis or something that causes a heavy flow or a non-stop flow, it might be sustaining. You’d definitely need more than one menstruating woman, though.

      1. That was my guess too…I suggested a US sorority house or a high school girls boarding school.

        1. One where they have all their cycles in sync lol

          1. Move over synchronized swimmers…

      2. I just threw up in my mouth a whole lot.

      3. Indeed! Tampons would be more akin to chewing gum than a full entree.

    2. Ewww. I hope this was an alcohol induced session.

  3. I have neither the time nor the patience to try to decipher ghetto speak. People, come on, speak like a human being. We are not animals, oh wait never mind…

    I hope she goes to jail and the other inmates rub period blood on her every month during her sentence. I’m sure they will when they find out she threatened a defenseless child.

  4. Oh my gosh… Another Casey and Kaylee. At least this Kaylee isn’t dead.

  5. As yothe writer of this piece of crap editorial, you are sicker than her. You must be desperate for attention yourself.

    1. Don’t like it, you don’t have to read it. I hate hot dogs. You don’t see me picking any up at the Dodger games….. Just saying.

    2. As opposed to you and your random comment designed to elicit a response?

  6. My only wish is that developmentally disabled people (used to be known as retards) would stop being thrown in with thrash like this. The two are mutually exclusive: disgusting, foul creatures and their defenders and then the developmentally disabled. Two wholly different groups!

    1. I’m not sure what thi is in response to buy if it’s the use of the word retard, it’s been a long time since that word has been used as a descriptor for people with a developmental delay. It’s like the word GAY…it just has a new meaning. Anyone who would call a person with development delay a retard probably has a lot of problems themself!

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