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Unsupervised toddler unconscious after drinking mystery liquid

Liquid in soft drink bottle leaves boy unconscious

As you all know, I don’t have children. I have no interest in having children (I had an Implanon put in last year to prevent that). But I know poor parenting when I see it. And if it’s painfully obvious to the child-free, it should stick out like Uluru in the middle of Sydney to the authorities.

A 3 year old boy is unconscious after drinking from a soft drink bottle he found in the street outside his home. According to authorities, the boy was playing with his brother outside a block of flats in Melbourne’s CBD about 8pm yesterday when he found the discarded bottle. Being three years old, and possibly not knowing any better, he thought it was a yummy drink and took a swig. His parents called 000 after he became seriously ill from drinking the random liquid, and when the ambos arrived minutes later, he was unconscious. The ambos managed to stabilise him at the scene and took him to the Royal Children’s hospital where he was in a serious condition.

Authorities are performing tests on the liquid and the boy to determine what was in the liquid. They suspect it may be GHB – a date rape drug. However, police are not investigating the matter.

This story is like a “Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?” So let’s play… Firstly the boys were unsupervised out on the street. The brother is obviously too young to be adequately supervising a younger sibling, since the little boy managed to drink out of a random bottle. Secondly it was 8pm. Shouldn’t the boys have had dinner, had a shower and be in bed by then? Big Dog comes on at 7:30 to tell the boys and girls to go to bed. Thirdly and most importantly, where the fuck were the parents? They did seek help for the little boy, but why did they let them play out on the street unsupervised just after sunset? All of this could’ve been prevented if the parents had routine and supervision for their children. It’s unbelievable that the cops aren’t investigating, when this was a clear case of child endangerment and neglect.

Hopefully DoCS or DHS or whatever the fuck it’s called now will stop by and help these breeders fly straight. GHB could’ve easily killed the little boy. It could’ve been piss, alcohol or acid and the outcome could’ve been devastating. All because some dopes wouldn’t supervise their kids. Judging by “block of flats” it may well be a public housing lot. Would explain a few things, unsupervised kids, drugs, apathetic parents. Would love for a ‘tard-defender to come here and try to “explain” this gross act of idiocy.

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  1. It does you ZERO services to try and make salacious stories that simply aren’t so. The best parents have accidents happen. You know, things you don’t account for? Vilifying them only serves to make yourself feel better for your own short comings.

    Frankly, this could have happened to any kids playing outside in a neighborhood where someoe was dumb enough to discard a hazardaous liquid in a drink-type bottle.

    Kids play outside. And sometimes, the unforseen happens. There shouldn’t have been GHB in that bottle. The rest? Irrelevant What you do here, with this article, is fucking ridiculous.

    1. Whatever dipshit 3 year olds are BABIES not big kids that should be outside by themselves. Where was mom/dad to say don’t touch that nasty shit? Obviously not watching their kids, what should always come first. You think it makes her feel better about herself to vilify them? Fuck yeah she is a responsible adult who wouldn’t leave a 3 yr old outside with out a grown up. You deserve it….. You’re a fucktard. (And yes I feel better for calling you that)

    2. Nooooo…this could not have “happened to any kids playing outside.” The child was THREE years old. He shouldn’t have even BEEN outside unsupervised. The parents are idiots, at best. An accident is when a child is running across the yard and trips over a branch or something and gets hurt. Letting your three year old wander around unsupervised is not an accident, it is neglect.

    3. “The best parents have accidents happen”. But, you see, tacotime, these weren’t the best parents. And it wasn’t an accident. They let their young children play outside their block of flats, unsupervised, at 8pm (so just after sunset). They didn’t bother to teach their child not to pick up random objects off the street. What if that had been a needle with heroin or HIV in it? You can’t say “well there shouldn’t have been drugs in there”, that’s not how the world works. There will still be other hazards, which the little boy needed his parents to guide him away from. These people were neglectful and stupid, and their child got sick because of it. End of story.

    4. A three year old child is too young to know not to put a strange bottle in his mouth, or run into the road, or pet a strange dog, or go with a stranger. This is why they shouldn’t be allowed out alone. They can’t keep themselves safe at this age, so you have to do that for them. So while the parents may not be in the same league of evil suck as the baby-killers and baby-rapers on here, they are negligent at the very least.

      I can’t even imagine sending a three year old outside without supervision. Who does that??

    5. I see you made similar comments on more than one of these stories. Is defending those who rape, abuse, or neglect children your hobby? Have you considered the many and varied benefits of fucking yourself?

      Here’s another pro tip: you can tell the “best parents” because their children don’t end up comatose or DEAD from NEGLECT.

    6. It won’t happen to my 3 year old…you know why? Because I don’t let her play in the fucking street at 8pm while I am god knows where doing god knows what!

  2. I guess you’re going to call me a tard* defender, but as someone with full-time employment, two small children, and still in need of government services (AllKids which is basically Medicaid and a very small allotment of food stamps I shall soon loose due to a raise) I can assure you I would never let my 2 & 4 year olds wander about the neighborhood unsupervised.

    At first I was concerned that a 3 year old is still randomly putting everything into their mouth, but taking into account the lack of supervision maybe they somehow haven’t been taught better yet.

    I just can’t imagine my daughter ever trying to basically eat or drink garbage. She’s the 4 year old. So that’s the confusion.

    I hope that 3 year old recovers with no damage. Whoever left that liquid out is an idiot, or a malicious shit bag.

    *I am not defending the “tards” in this article. I just don’t agree with the ” poor = apathetic idiot neglectful parent” angle.

    1. I think I’ve seen you around here well enough to know you aren’t a tard defender. ♥

    2. I know you’re not a tard-defender, Takurospirit. In Australia, public housing is like a ghetto. It’s only meant for short-term stay until you can rent or buy a place. But you often see people misusing it, staying in there for 30+ years. Those areas breed drug use and criminals. I have a major one in my city that I had to run through to get to work once. It’s not a dig at poor people, it’s a dig at people who choose to live drug addicted, (which I’m starting to think this is why the kids were out at 8pm alone) Drugs or not, this is a piss poor example of parenting.

      1. Oh oh, wait, where? Windale? Bolton Point? I spent every second weekend as a kid in Fennell Bay at my Dad’s place & my brothers had mates up at Bolton Point…they were some strange kids & their parents always smelled funny (as an adult I now know it was weed)…thankfully the kids spent more time at our house & our visits to them we’re usually just for collecting their kids for the day!

        1. I was thinking more Hamilton South. There’s blocks and blocks of houso flats. It’s a complete ghetto. I used to work at the jockey club and had to run through there to get to work one morning. Luckily there wasn’t a soul around, as all the druggies were sleeping off their high.
          A friend of mine’s mum used to live in a houso townhouse in Waratah and one morning I heard the neighbour’s young kid tell the dog to “fuck off”, which was just lovely. The kids would still be playing at 11pm while the adults sat around drinking. If you complained about the noise, the female would harass you relentlessly. I don’t know why people would want to live in an area like that for 30+ years.

          1. Me either. When I was at Uni I shared a house with a bunch of girls & we inadvertently rented a house (it was cheap) that was bang in the middle of a commission area. It really took the pressure off to keep the lawn tidy but that was the only positive part of the experience!

    3. Piss poor parenting & struggling financially have nothing to do with each other unless the reason you’re struggling financially is because you spend everything you get on drugs/booze/gambling!

      Your financial situation has fuck all to do with your abilities as a parent & none of what you said suggests you’re defending the slime features on the site.

  3. Three year olds shouldn’t be playing outside unsupervised period. It should be common sense. *sigh*

  4. Real question is who wasted perfectly good GHB by throwing it out on the street..?

    Just kidding. There was just nothing really to defend, parents we’re tards and I’m really curious as to how some random bottle of GHB ended up in the street.

  5. This is more common than you’d think. I am the only parent on my block that goes outside when the kids play outside and there is a two year old boy who roams around with his 8 year old sister and a 2 year old girl who has a 6 year old sister that “watches” her. And my kids always complain and whine that they have to come in the house at 7 when all the other kids stay out later.

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