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9 year old gives birth – egg-donor sees nothing wrong with it

EXCLUSIVE: Nine-year-old girl who gave birth in Mexico will never have another child after doctors sterilize her against her mother’s wishes Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Nine-year-old gives birth in Mexico

Mexican ‘nine-year-old mother’ vanishes

'Abuse': Stepfather, Abundio, (left) has been accused of sleeping in the same bed and beating the nine-year-old mother as her own mother, Gloria, (right) failed to stop it. They are pictured with another relative and his baby

Step-penis Abundio on the left, egg-donor Gloria on the right.


'Sex worker': Gloria, pictured in her younger years, has been accused by neighbours of working as a prostitute

Whorish Gloria = Whoria



Oyyayaya! Where to start on this one?!

A young Mexican girl, 9, has given birth to a baby named Maria de Los Angeles.

Young Dafne didn’t know she was pregnant until 7 months into the pregnancy. At such a young age, it wouldn’t really be expected to know what pregnancy feels like! The father was originally thought to be a 17 year old boy, but now suspicions have turned to Dafne’s step-penis, Abundio, who has been abusing her as well as his own offspring. The step-penis would often beat Dafne and share a bath and a bed with her. Gross!! Of course, the egg donor, Gloria, knew this was going on and was covering for the penis. She probably also knew about the pregnancy from the get-go and knew who the real father was too! According to authorities, Dafne’s egg-donor didn’t think it was a crime for someone so young to have sex, until she turned up at the hospital. Neighbours would often hear Dafne being beaten and would see her running out onto the street, with step-penis in pursuit. Well, did it ever occur to you to DO SOMETHING?! Like knock the step-penis out? Call the police? Don’t you just love it when neighbours report they heard this or saw that but never do anything?

According to neighbours, the birth vessel worked as a prostitute and was trying to get Dafne to do the same. Ahh, so that’s why Dafne was forced to take a bath and share a bed with the step-penis. Birth vessel was probably trying to get her “accustomed” to seeing men naked. They were grooming her!!

Dafne never went to school. Neighbours only saw her when she went to the shops. She spent all of her time cooking, cleaning and taking care of her family. I know times are tough. But it’s up to the adults to cook and clean, as well as work to provide for the family. Never a child. Dafne should have been at school, learning how to read and write. Not being beaten and raped, and being treated like a slave.

A relative of the family has told the newspaper “What he has done has shamed our family. ‘I don’t know why the girl’s mother lets him carry on the way he has. They’re both liars and I think it’s terrible what has happened.’Dafne is a child. She’s just a child. The girl’s mother is in love with him so she protects him, and this is what happens’

The family of 14 have since packed up and moved out of their breezeblock flat in Zapopan, Jalisco state. Authorities are trying to track them down. There are fears that Dafne contracted HIV/AIDS from her whoring egg-donor and may have passed the virus onto her child. There are also concerns for Dafne’s health because of hormonal imbalances from giving birth so young, and from an Implanon that doctors installed into her young body without consent.

The event has been referred to the Human Rights commission, as it is child rape, deprivation of freedom and medical procedures done without consent. Sadly Dafne’s situation isn’t an isolated event. Many girls in Third World countries are denied schooling and education, and are forced to clean, cook and take care of their families – because according to their culture, that’s what females do.

Let’s hope the authorities can find Dafne and the baby and get them into loving homes. The step-penis and egg donor are as good as dead, when vigilantes get a hold of them. Let’s hope a drug cartel gets them.

Thanks to Malevolent April for the tip!

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  1. Same day she had a baby a 12 year old had twins. What the hell is wrong with this planet? Stop the ride I want off!

  2. I’m from a third world country and I’m telling you this isn’t a common thing as you list…ignorant and selfish parents exist all around the world not just third world countries… poverty has nothing to do with good parenting, my maid has 3 kids..they are poor but still she works and 2 of her kids are in college and the 3 of them are in school it has happened numerous times in the US as well according to some of your posts..just saying hope they find the stepfather and as you know he will be shring “his love” with the general population in jail so he wouldn’t have a good stay and the mom pays for it as well!!!

    1. Absolutely no one who has read the posts on this site would think that piss poor parenting is confined to third world countries. The majority of the stories we read are about filthy junkies living in our own backyards & the horrors they visit upon their children. Granted, many seem to be in a lower socioeconomic demographic, but I think this has more to do with their propensity to spend any money they get on drugs, alcohol or gambling (or a combination of the three).

  3. Mexican prisons…..By his logic, I see nothing wrong with what they’ll do to him.

  4. Take this with a grain of salt, but there is now some debate as to whether the girl is actually nine, or is in fact much older.

    Why would the family lie and say that she’s nine, when really she could be in her late teens? Well, apparently nine year old prostitutes make more money than 15 year old prositiutes. I am skeptical of this claim, though, because 15 is conveniently above the age of consent, thus keeping the stepfather (or whichever sperm donor is responsible for this) from facing charges.

    However old she is, I think we can all agree that there is not any part of this story that is not completely sick and wrong. She was screwed from her first breath, as is her baby.

    1. The step-penis would still be charged with rape because I don’t think any girl would willingly have sex with her stepdad. Also he did beat her, so that’s child abuse. It’s such a horrible story.

  5. There are news articles saying the girl is actually 15, not that this makes the story much better. The reason they give has to do with registering the birth, apparently she may not have been registered until a number of years after her birth.

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