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Man batters month old baby nearly to death, baby suffered 26 broken ribs, punctured lungs

Nathan Rawling

Nathan Rawling

Electrician, 36, battered month-old baby in ‘frenzied’ attack leaving him with 26 fractured ribs, two broken collarbones, a broken arm and two punctured lungs:

The gorgeous fella you see above is 36 year old Nathan Rawling. In December 2011, Nathan brought a 31 day old baby boy to a hospital in Kent, England, after the baby’s heart stopped. Doctors soon uncovered a horrific catalogue of injuries which included: 26 broken ribs, two broken collarbones, a broken arm, punctures to BOTH lungs and a ‘shocking’ injury to the baby’s genitalia! Sick bastard!

Rawling, who is believed to be, surprise surprise, the boyfriend of the baby’s mother, initially tried to explain away the injuries. According to Rawling, the baby stopped breathing and turned blue at home (this part is true, but the baby only turned blue and stopped breathing because Rawling had beaten the shit out of him!) so he leapt into action and tried to perform CPR but must have ‘pressed down too hard’, breaking poor baby’s ribs. The broken arm? Must of happened when he grabbed him. The injuries to his genitalia? Oh, sorry, he must have ‘accidentally’ knelt on baby’s privates. What a load of bull.

Thankfully, police and doctors shared my sentiments and presented medical evidence which showed that the injuries could NOT of occurred accidentally and that baby was in fact victim to a “frenzied, brutal and repeated assault”. At that point, Rawling changed his story, claiming that the injuries were inflicted by the baby’s mother! What a coward. Firstly, he brutally assaults a tiny baby barely a month old and THEN tries to blame others! Allegedly, police had to step in after a 100 strong mob gathered outside Rawling’s home and tried to break in after hearing about the horrific crime he had committed. I personally would have let them have him but, unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that.

Rawling was arrested and found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent. Today he was sentenced to 10 measly years behind bars. What a joke.

Many feared that the baby would not survive, and he was on the brink of death, not breathing and with no pulse when he arrived at hospital, but miraculously, he survived and is now said to be doing well. I hope he is blessed with a long and happy life. He suffered horrific injuries which could have and almost did kill him, inflicted by a slab of human excrement who should spend the rest of his life behind bars, but will be out in less than a dozen. What a complete and utter joke. I’m just thankful the baby will have no memories of the horrors he was subjected to so early in life. Bless you, baby boy.

***Thanks to our UK blogger Cobalt Rose for the write up***

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  1. My baby turns 8months old tomorrow and I look at him and just ache for this child and all those who are hurt and killed. I don’t get it. I just. Don’

    My sons are so beautiful, just the air in my lungs. I don’t know how someone-anyone could hurt a baby. It guts me. I have a child with autism and he needs a lot of extra care, and while I’m tired and I hurt at the end of the day I’m happy to know my children have the been loved and cared for all day and every day of their lives. My kids don’t know what pain it. Right now my infant’s worst experience in life was the day he got 4 vaccinations and mommy held him and let him get needles. My older child, his worst day?

    1. When I didn’t ride the bus with him to go to his special school program. I’ve cried when my kids cried because it guts me to know they could suffer for even a moment..

      I’m happy to hear this little guy survived and I sincerely hope he’s got as normal a life as possible…I also hope the fucker above has been castrated with a can opener, but hey that’s just me..this world is so sad and scary sometimes I wish I could out my kids in bubble wrap to keep them safe.

  2. How long do you think it took the egg donor to take up with a new c***-plug after the baby was born? She must’ve still been under the influence of the morphine if she thought THAT was an acceptable bed mate. He looks so greasy and slimy. Disgusting. He’s going to have his arse handed to him in prison for sure. And if he gets out, he’ll never be able to walk the streets again.

    1. IKR? Wouldn’t you just go all celebate for life if that “thing” up there even approached you for carnal relations? Gack!!!

      1. If this mutant even looked at me suggestively, I think my c*** would just seal itself up.

  3. Dont worry, he will get servred a harsh lesson in the big house and hv mr stuff stuck up his a-hole than he can stand and likey l he wont even make it out alive! When my brother was in prison they all ganged up and beat an inmate to death that abused a teenager and guards sat and watched and did nothing to stop it bc they are disgusted with child.abuserz too so when fhey say ppl who hurt kids.will get coming to them in the.big house, they are right, makss me feel lil btr! Lol! Thanks guys for thinning the heard of six twizted fk ups like this guy!

  4. I think the only thing that would be fair is to let some big ass dude break 26 ribs, two collar bones, puncture his ribs, nail his dick to the ground with a rusty jagged nail and leave him there so suffer a long fucking painful death!!!!!! 10 years?!?!?! I’ll never understand the way judges think. How is that even a somewhat reasonable sentence?? That wasn’t abuse, that was attempted murder. It was only by luck that beautiful baby survived. Fucking all hell, I’m going to go and smother my little baby’s face in kisses and try and not think of these sick, putrid, vile, disgusting, creatures disguised as humans.

  5. I wish they wouldn’t give the baby back to mom. I can’t believe that someone does something like this with no warning so in my opinion you left your baby with a dangerous person and you knew it.

  6. The baby WILL have subconscious memories of what happened!!! I won’t be surprised if he suffers from psychological problems later in life, especially at the sight of long haired men with glasses (but I hope he doesn’t of course).

  7. if the world was lawless, I would hunt this thing down and castrate it with my chainsaw and then hang it on a meatthook and wait a day before continuing the fun. a righteous death is a righteous act.

  8. Still…I’m sure plenty of others would get in first…But I wouldn’t pass on leftovers…ahahahaaa! if this guy things he’s bad…he hasn’t seen anything yet.

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