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Stepdad gets all stabby with wife and stepson

Investigators: Man who stabbed wife more than 100 times says he ‘just lost it’

What a smug looking bastard. It’s supposed to be a mug shot, not a “smug shot”!

Lawrence Clinton Chambers, 40, has been charged with murder and injury to a child after he stabbed his wife to death and beat his stepson with a frying pan.

Jemal Chambers, 43, and her 13 year old son were found covered in blood at their home in Tidewater, a suburb of Houston TX . Mrs. Chambers’ 14 year old daughter was staying at her grandma’s that weekend and escaped the attack. She became worried when she didn’t hear from her mum, and when she arrived home she didn’t see her mum’s car in the driveway. When she went inside, she discovered her mum’s body in the bedroom and ran to the neighbour’s for help. Jemal was pronounced dead at the scene by the police and her son was rushed to Texas Children’s hospital in a serious condition. He suffered blunt force trauma to the head, cuts from the knife used to kill his mum, and disfigurement to the face. Apparently his step-penis hit him so hard with the frying pan, that it shattered. So that’s a pretty hard blow!

The perp was absent from the scene but turned himself in the next day. He reckons that his wife came at him with a knife and he “lost it”. He also claims he doesn’t remember what he did to his stepson. So you blame your wife for her death, when she can’t come to her defence, and you mysteriously “forget” what you did to your stepson? Sounds like the son got a few whacks in on the step-penis, since he might be suffering from a convenient case of amnesia. Jemal had tried to lock herself in the bedroom to get away from Lawrence, but he managed to force his way inside by breaking the door frame. He stabbed her 119 times, with most of the stab wounds on the back of her head. That doesn’t sound like a man who “lost it”. It sounds like a determined murderer making sure his victim was dead!

The knife and the frying pan were both recovered at the scene. The step-penis is being held without bond and an order of protection has been issued on behalf of the boy. This isn’t the first time Lawrence has been arrested. He has a criminal past and had already served 10 years in prison for a prior conviction. Nice one, mum. Bring a jailbird around your kids. A criminal check costs $50 to do. It’s the best $50 you’ll ever spend if you decide to move a partner in with your kids. Peace of mind if they’re clean, huge sigh of relief when you kick them to the curb.

I hope these kids recover and live life to the fullest. It’s the best revenge they can get on this monster and the best way they can honour their mum.

Rest in Peace, Jemal Chambers.


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  1. That kind of behavior is deplorable and should never be excepted by society or family members. One never really knows another person completely there always seems to be skeletons in the closed so to speak. Criminal Record checks are not $50.00! in Australia they cost $250.00 some companies can do it for cheaper but it still exceeds the $50.00 mark by far..which I believe could be beyond a lot of peoples reach. Although I must say having worked within the Community Sector that just because one has a criminal record dosent always suggest a person is capable of murder,

    1. Any mother worth her salt will spend that much and more to protect her babies. A criminal is just not the sort of person that should be around children. Crime is a dealbreaker for me. I’ll overlook traffic violations, but not theft or assault. Murder, rape and animal abuse is right out. Since this guy killed someone, it’s probably not the first time he’s put his hands on someone else. Would you let someone who had an assault charge go near your kids?

      1. You’re so right! You go Aussie! Wishing more would think like you and less would take their chances

    2. Just had a look on the National Criminal Check website for Australia. They start at $47 for an employment check. This will pick up things like assault, drugs and theft. A Working with Children check picks up things like child abuse, sexual abuse, child murder etc.

  2. Most mothers dont do a criminal check on potential boyfriends.. I wouldnt suggest a mothers not worth her weight in gold because she didnt do this. You are not a mum ,by choice I know, but you possibly couldnt understand what itis like to be a parent.
    I in NO way agree or except this kind of behavior. But one must understand its not only criminals who conduct them selves in this way, normal law abiding citizen have also been known to snap.. Once caught they will have a criminal record. But they have to be caught first! Many people are out there among society who have committed crimes that haven’t been caught..Therefore are a risk to others but no one knows this. I paid $250 for an employment check through a private agency.I guess I should have looked around for one cheaper one.. As a writer you need to make stories and opions sounds good but theres never any need to insult mothers out there in general just the ones that are involved in the crime..
    I like reading your articles although it saddens me. But crime is a part of life within society..

    1. I didn’t say potential boyfriends. I meant the partners that will be moved in with the children. It’s the kids’ home first and foremost, and they have every right to be safe. It’s just like doing a criminal check on a new employee. Or more relevant, conducting a working with children check on a new teacher or day care worker. That crim check will pay for itself, knowing you didn’t move a sex offender or druggie in with your kids.

  3. I’m married to my “baby daddy” but if we were to split up or something awful like him passing on, I really don’t think I could bring another man (or men) into our lives while the girls are still children. There are just too many sad or horrible stories. I have an awesome step-Dad who has been in my life since I was 5 years old but I think I may just be really lucky!

  4. In the US background checks can cost less than $50, though, unfortunately, even comprehensive checks will not be able to disclose sealed records. Cases of abuse against children are often sealed to “protect” the victim’s identity but really only serve to conceal the offenders true nature to unsuspecting citizens they interact with in the future. Sad sad sad…

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