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Toddler found wandering in Perth

The young boy was found on Belgravia Street in Belmont at midday on Friday 8th February.

Unidentified child found wandering alone


A three year old boy has been found wandering the suburban streets of Perth WA more than a day ago. He hasn’t been able to tell police who his parents are or where he lives. The boy was found around noon on Friday, and no one has come to claim him. How sad for this little kid, his parents or guardian isn’t even worried he’s missing!

He’s currently being cared for by the Department for Child Protection and neither the police nor the DCP have received any reports of a missing child. Authorities raised the alarm after 24 hours of him being missing, since no one else bothered to. Police have now identified his family, but why haven’t they come to claim him yet??? Are they too drug addled to go collect their child? Is that why he was missing in the first place, because his parents were sleeping off the booze/drugs? The boy remains in the care of the DCP while a full investigation is being carried out.

The poor little boy has limited speech and wasn’t able to tell the police his own name or that of his guardians/parents. I don’t know whether he has autism, he’s just shy or that he’s been neglected so he hasn’t developed language skills. Three year olds aren’t really aware that their parents have names other than “Mum” or “Dad” and that all they know is they live in a blue or yellow house with flowers.

It just makes me shudder to think of the things that could’ve happened to this little boy while he was wandering. He could have been hit by a car. A dog could have eaten him. A pedophile could have taken him. He could have fallen and hurt himself. There’s still coverage on the news about the James Bulger case and all those awful things that those little monsters did to him 20 years ago. Poor Denise Bulger-Fergus locked her other kids away from the world because of what happened to James. Why someone would just leave their kid ripe for the picking is beyond me.


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  1. Update 2 hours ago: The little boy has been put into foster care while welfare agencies investigate his family. Obviously they’re not fit to care for him because a) he wandered away from them and b) he hasn’t been returned to them.

    1. And they didn’t look for him in all that time. Makes me want to cry

  2. Would really like to know what the heck is wrong or right with his parents!!!!! SHOKING

  3. I was wondering if you’d spotted this one. It’s pretty awful that no one came looking for him.

  4. Oh, little sweetheart! I’m so thankful that he was safe in his wanderings…I have one the same age and I just can’t imagine the horror of finding him missing. So sad to know the parents simply don’t care…please, please let the government totally remove this child from the custody of his parents and send him to a good home where people will CARE whether he’s wandered off or not!

  5. I have an 11-year-old son who’s a bit autistic…but he at least knows his name, my name, my husband’s name, and my phone number. I was always scared that something like this could happen, so I drilled him as soon as possible when he was in kindergarten or first grade, had him repeat back his address and the like.
    I only trust relatives to watch him if necessary because they know how he is.
    I can’t imagine anyone not watching a child that young, especially if they have a developmental delay!

  6. Ok, the parents not looking for this kid pisses me off.

    BUT, not all parents of kids who wander are bad parents. Let me get that off my chest. Kids with AUTISM can and do wander, they can go through great lengths just to get out, yes, dragging a chair over to a door to unbolt it, smashing a window whatever, getting out and wandering. This happened to Ayn Van Dyk. She climbed her dad’s 6 foot high privacy fence, and wandered away. She was apprehended by MFCD after her dad called 911 to report her missing (5 minutes after he couldn’t find her) It’s been almost 2 years and he’s not yet gotten her back. She eloped from foster care as well, one time during a BATH, yup, 9 year old barely verbal Autistic girl wandering naked outside…

    So yeah…don’t accuse parents of being “Bad” because their kids escape. You don’t know if it’s autism or not. Accuse parents for being shits for not caring enough about their eloped kids to call 911

    1. Kids with autism tend to be pretty smart. I know my own son, while he oftentimes may not express what he knows…he watches, he learns, he absorbs information…and oftentimes he’ll suprise you with what he does know.

      I just feel fortunate that you can tell him that if he does this, then that can happen…and he gets it.

      1. Yup but sometimes the compulsion is just so strong, they do it anyway. My daughter has Autism, she’s not Ayn btw…but the compulsion to go to the neighbors pool, was so strong in Ayn, that she just went, even though she was told over and over again to not leave the yard. the CPS/MFCD has her now..and has had her for almost 2 years. Even though her dad called 911 when he noticed her gone. Google the story of Ayn Van Dyk. Not all parents who’s kids escape are bad….just the ones who don’t care enough to call 911 when they find out the kid’s gone.

  7. this is crap..the mother called the police at 6:30 in the morning as soon as she woke to find him missing and he was found by police before that…please read the ottawa citizen…the real story is there!

  8. srry thought this was the posting for perth ON…not perth WA

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