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Father allegedly punches newborn son in face, infant dies

Pop Quiz, Kiddies! North Carolina style…Only two questions on this one, so you better be on your best game today. And speaking of games, the sperm spitter (AKA murderer) of this baby was gaming all night, which may have contributed to his loss temper. Nah, I’m gonna go with he was just a selfish, immature prick, myself.

On to the pop quiz I promised you. Question #1 is:

What is the best response to a crying baby?
a. Pick him up and cuddle him, rock him or sing to him
b. Grab him by the throat
c. Punch him in the face as hard as you possibly can
d. (b & c)
e. scream at him

OK. Did any of you guess anything other than (a)? If you did, you have already failed this quiz. Go directly to your doctor’s office and ask for a permanent sterilization procedure, because you are too stupid (and mean) to be trusted with children.

On to the second question:

What is the best way to cover up the murder of your one month old child?
a. Say the child was kidnapped
b. Say he fell off a bed, dresser, table or flying unicorn? (I added the last one because it fit in – they are all imaginary scenarios)
c. Get the babymama to help you brainstorm for other suggestions
d. Dispose of the body
e. None of the above – you shouldn’t kill a baby, and therefore should never need to worry about having to cover it up.

On this question, if you answered anything other than (e), follow instructions posted concerning incorrect answer for previous question.

Jeez, people. How difficult is it to take care of a month old baby? They sleep most of the time anyway, and when they wake, if you give them a clean bottom and a bottle, they usually stay happy enough. I ought to know – I have a half dozen of them myself.

Unfortunately, Stefany Renee Ash, 20, and her FDIC (Favorite Dick in Cunt) Brian Jack Frazier, also 20, thought otherwise. This story pisses me off on so many levels, I can’t even begin to cover them all. Allegedly, nobrain Brian played video games all night and when little Kahn started crying, the sperm donor grabbed him by the neck and punched him in the face as hard as he could. The only thing I could come up with to console myself is that little Kahn likely died instantly, and did not have to suffer. I hope Brian gets treated to a punching contest in jail that goes on for DAYS!!! With his face as the only target. Well, maybe his willie, too. Yeah, he definitely needs a couple of nut punches.

What did the mother do after big man killed her baby? She sat down with him and attempted to come up with likely scenarios for the baby’s condition. What a GREAT mom! No, not really. If that had been one of my babies, I’d be trying to come up with a plausible scenario for my man’s willy being separated from his torso, and for why (and how) his head became disengaged from his neck and ended up inside his rectum. But, I guess that’s just me. I’m a bitch that way when it comes to the safety of my kids.

Penis has been charged with first degree murder, and tw*t has been charged with accessory after the fact. I think a murder charge should have been applied to both of them. Capital murder. They are both too stupid to live. RIP, baby Kahn.

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  1. It truly turns my stomach to hear shit like this! All I can think is wtf was going through their minds,but then I realise nothing not one damn thing. Well except how to save their own asses. I have two kids and they have blessed us with 6 soon to be 7grandkids between them. I can’t imagine either of my daughters EVER doing such a thing to their kids or allowing any swinging dick to do so either! You say they have an older kid as well? There had to be some sort of heads up with that one as well. Monsters don’t just pop up fully formed. I think there’s a WHOLE LOT more to this story.

  2. Another stupid tw*twaffle choosing her cum dispenser over her precious baby boy. I am so sorry baby Kahn that you had such worthless parents.

    PS. FDIC – loved this acro. Made me snort pop up my nose.

    1. Glad you liked it. Since the original acronym Federal Deposit Insurance…. is also another worthless organization, I thought this fit right in – two worthless things with the same acronym.

      1. I totally agree about both FDICs being worthless. We need to come up with one for these bitches that chose a penis. I know “c***” (can’t understand normal thinking) fits but this is more vile than just a normal “c***” label.

  3. I’m guessing the fucktard thought he could just hit the fucking “paly again” button? Kill them both, slowly and painfully…

  4. Where do they find each other? I mean, where does a man who would punch an infant find a woman who would help him cover it up? Is there an online dating service that caters for these fucktards?

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