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Slovenly sow and her ghastly gal-pal torture teen son

Two women arrested for taping up teen before pouring hot sauce in eyes

Robin Rumsey

Let’s clean that silly smirk off your face, Robin. With hot sauce!

Hot Sauce Abuse

The foul friend, Krista Miller

Now I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a grade-A stumblebum. I’ve broken my fair share of plates, cups and glasses. One time I accidentally broke a plate belonging to my great grandma. Mum wasn’t very pleased about that and yelled at me. What she didn’t do was tie me up and torture me.

Robin Willette “I know what she was guzzling” Rumsey (38) and her scissor sister Krista Jean Miller (33) from Utah, apparently can’t afford to replace glass dishes. Or have an over-attachment to the everyday, garden variety casserole dish. They felt that a fitting method for punishing Rumsey’s 14 year old son for breaking a glass dish was to tie him up and rub Tabasco sauce in his fucking EYES!! The only situation where I think it’s appropriate to put Tabasco sauce in someone’s eyes is if they’re trying to rape or mug you (I make home-made mace because our sissy NSW laws don’t allow women to carry mace for the purpose of self defence. The key ingredient is Tabasco sauce or ammonia)

Not surprisingly, this wasn’t the first time the poor boy had been abused by these penis ogres. On other occasions, the pudgy pigs forced him to smoke pot, poured alcohol all over his face and held him in the basement. I bet it wasn’t even nice alcohol, it was probably gin they poured on him. The useless bullfrog bitches could do with less alcohol, look at all those broken blood vessels and blotchy complexions!

The skanktards had been living in a house owned by Miller’s foster mother, who evicted them because they weren’t paying rent. So not only are they child abusers, they’re also deadbeat sponges! Nice… The foster mother doesn’t believe that her precious offspring could be an abusive tw*t, and says that the story was concocted by the boy’s dad because of a custody battle. Well, guess what Ma? The police are investigating, and found that there is no custody dispute going on! Seems like your daughter rubbed Tabasco sauce in her eyes too, because she’s blind to the fact that her daughter is a nasty whore who likes to abuse children.

The scissor sisters have been arrested and charged with felony child abuse and child endangerment. They could be facing more charges as the investigation continues. The boy has been returned to his father’s custody. I can’t understand why he would’ve left that bloated blob-monster /sarcasm.

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  1. Why do these two look exactly like they walked out of The Mall of America or some other Midwestern fair or mall. Like the typical stripper you picture is bleach blonde, big boobs, etc. this is what I picture as “typical”.

    1. Before anyone should talk there shot maybe you should know the whole story but I guess you c*** faces out there just believe every fucking thing you hear and the story that was wrote well who ever wrote better go check there facts cause you was not even fucking close so fuck you and you think getting on here talking your shit well keep it going it is pretty entertaining

      1. OH NOES TEH NEWES LYEDDDD!!! Yawn, heard it all before. Look at the links, dumbarse.
        As for you being entertained by the torture of a kid whose only crime was to break a $3 Pyrex dish: you, sir, need fucking help.

      2. Will you be fucking yourself now? Or later?

        Feel free to tell us more how not guilty they are.

      3. Yeah… um. How about you give us a way to “check [our] facts” and learn English, and we’ll do as you say. Give us a link, and we’ll stop “talking our shit. Deal? I’ll even help you learn English! click here—>

        1. I think you talking your shit on here is pretty funny you want me to give you away to check your facts bitch please do it yourself you are the one that can talk shit and know nothing about what is going on if that keeps you entertained then keep doing it cause everything you write makes you look stupider then you really are

          1. No, no, no, you’re doing it wrong. If you’re telling us that we’re wrong and that we need to check our facts, you need to provide us with a way to do so. I gave you a link to help you learn proper English (which you obviously haven’t clicked on), you need to step up and tell me where to find these facts you speak of.

  2. Oh FFS! These two are just foul in every sense of the word. Nasty, disgusting fatfucks that have such abyssmal self-esteem they have to destroy a child? A child one these hog-beasts actually birthed? I think we should release them into the wild and play a rousing round of kill the wild boar-bitches… just after we’ve doused them in some habanero sauce and cheap liquor. (Well hell, why wast the top shelf on them?)

  3. Shadyhellyeah here…just so I don’t get any flack from any of the mods, I’m a former commenter here…just haven’t commented in a while, because I was using my phone and it’s a whore, but that’s a different story….now, on to the situation at hand. WTF! WTF WTF WTF! How come the foster mother isn’t being charged? By lying about the custody issue and defending the fat sow and her piggy side-kick, she is pretty much enabling their abusive behavior! People nowdays, MORONS, I swear!

  4. I will now use the word stumblebum, I like it! And on to my comment on the story. These bitches need to be c*** punted across a street! Tabasco sauce to the eyes for breaking a dish? What the fuck! People drop things, that’s life, just clean it up, or at this kids age, have him clean it up and move the hell on. Its a dish! You can get another one anyplace! Even at the dollar store. Stupid bitches!

  5. A couple of things, as someone who tend to use various chili peppers in several of my favorite recipes I can attest to any of them being less than pleasant when I get some in my eyes for whatever reason. That said I would not, under most circumstances, consider that a punishment for someone, and never for a child. Personally I think we should rub the juice from a few Tortuga scorpion chili peppers(the hottest pepper in the world by the way) into there eyes.

    Now for Aussie, and digressing from the topic, I recommend mixing flour and cayenne (about a 1.5 to 1 mix) and funneling the mixture into empty eggshells. It’s a bit of work, but the flour will cake up in the eyes of your assailant and keep the cayenne in place while you escape. Of course you can use powdered ghost chili assuming you can get it.

    1. That’s a good idea, Steve. We got this really fiery chilli/garlic sauce from Chinatown that mixes well with vinegar (acid burns the eyes and face too). I hope to never use it, but it’s handy to be prepared.
      I love chillis too and I’ve had my fair share of chilli in the eyes. It burns like a motherfucker. Just don’t scratch your balls after chopping chillis either (it burns down there too!)

  6. Oh, dear God…my eyes. These two are freaking hideous. Looks like someone left a gate open and these bovine bitches got loose. Rot in hell you ugly, nasty scum.

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