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Duct tape is not a toy

Tiffany Ennis charged with covering two kids’ heads with duct-tape

What to do on a rainy afternoon? Craft projects, bake some cupcakes, duct tape the children…

Tiffany Ennis

Tiffany Ennis. I can practically hear the banjo music…

Tiffany Ennis, duct tape

Ennis’ son

Tiffany Ennis and her friend, of Sandusky OH were having a nice Kaffeeklatsch when they decided it would be funny to put duct tape over Ennis’ 8 year old son’s eyes and mouth. Tiffany then took a photo and sent it to her son’s father Rudy Yado, who then called the police. Tiff also put duct tape on her friend’s 11 year old daughter.

When the po-po arrived, Tiff told them that the kids weren’t hurt and that they were joking around. Uh huh, sure. The duct tape wasn’t meant to hurt when it was removed from the kids’ eyelids or lips or hair! If one of the kids vomited randomly, as kids are prone to do, they didn’t mean for the child to choke on their own vomit!

Of course, our sticky simpleton still doesn’t believe she’s done anything wrong! She pleaded not guilty to two charges of child abuse. She will reappear in court on May 30. The police don’t know whether the boy will remain with the taping tw*t.


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  1. Sometimes people do something stupid which seems like a hilarious thing to do at the time. Unfortunately, once you’re a parent you kinda have to knock that shit off & act like a grown up because if you don’t you might end up hurting one of your kids!

    1. The link mentioned that this woman was 31 years old.How hard can it be to grow up,I mean,seriously? On the positive side,I am glad that there were no dead or injured kids in this story.

  2. A woman was talking about this at work Thursday she thought it was hilarious and she too said they were just playing; you could tell he was smiling. I asked her how she would feel to have duck tape pulled out of her hair and she quit laughing as much. It just shows you when parents think of their child as their possession (maybe) things like this happy. I feel bad for her to be on this website; she doesn’t belong with baby beaters and neglecters maybe just in the hall of shame. I hope they don’t take her kids I think that would be hard on them. Having charges filed against her hopefully is lesson enough

    1. I’ve listed it under bad parent sightings – I think that’s the category for less than stellar parenting moments. There should be some sort of modifier for these things, because the boy wasn’t abused, it was just a prank that got out of hand. The dad wigged out and called the cops, that’s how she got charged. Usually it’s the other way around, dad plays the pranks and mum freaks out!

  3. My son tightly wrapped his face with both duct and masking tape when he was abt 12, being silly.

  4. Is it just me or does she look like she could be a bit, um, slow? Maybe she thought this would be hilarious because she’s not all there? Not that it’s an excuse that washes with me (anyone who has read my comments knows my opinion of mentally retarded people being allowed to breed) but it could be an explanation?

  5. I bet it’d be fun to have the hair on her head ripped out by tape..

  6. There are days, when my kids are being especially loud/annoying/rude/ramunctious and just down right frustrating, that I’ve wanted to ductape them. Never did…Just put them in their rooms to settle down while I had a cup of coffee and a few rounds of Mech Warrior Online.

  7. You, Aussie, are my favorite writer. “I can practically hear the banjo music”…Priceless!

  8. Well, that was just stupid but waay less horrible than what other parents did to their kids. Not that I am defending that woman, but I think that if she takes good care of the kids otherwise, she should be able to keep them after taking some parenting classes (or are there “common-sense” classes?)

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