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Maldives girl not just a victim of her stepfather, but her government too!

Maldives girl to get 100 lashes for pre-marital sex

Alleged Maldives rape victim to be flogged



Rape is never a victim’s fault. It doesn’t matter how much they drank, what they were wearing, whether they were walking alone at night in a bad part of town (although that’s not a good idea for many reasons other than the possibility of rape) or whether they were flirting or being a “tease”. Blame belongs squarely on the rapist, and never on the victim.

A 15 year old girl is being punished for pre-marital sex after it was found that she was repeatedly raped by her stepfather, and that she’d had sex with someone else. Police were probing into allegations that the step penis had raped her repeatedly, fathering a baby in the process and then killing the baby shortly after it was born. The baby’s remains were found buried on the island of Feydhoo, in Shaviyani Atoll in the northern part of the Maldives. During the investigation, it was found that the poor girl had sex with someone and she’s now facing a punishment of 100 lashes for having premarital sex! The poor girl was probably so traumatised by being raped and then having her baby killed, that she thought that having sex with an older man would somehow make her feel better, or that it’s the only way to express love!

The Maldives is predominantly a Sunni Islam nation which practises Sharia law alongside common English law. Anyone who dares to break the law is sentenced to lashings or stoning to death. What’s interesting is that Sunni is supposed to be one of the more liberal sects of Islam because it deals with Islam mysticism. The sentence will be carried out once the girl turns 18 and it’s not known whether the man involved will also be facing a premarital sex charge. He probably won’t, given the disgusting treatment of women in Sharia law. The Maldivian president called for the girl to be treated as a victim rather than a perpetrator. Well abolish these stupid laws then! Take back control of your country and kick the extremists out of power! Amnesty International and the United Nations have condemned the charges and called for the government to drop the practice of flogging, calling it “cruel, inhumane and degrading”.

Prosecutors vehemently deny that the charges were related to the rape, but in another case last month, a girl had been sexually abused and then charged with premarital sex. So it probably is related to the rape, along with the other incident! I absolutely abhor those who use the law to push their own agendas. Religion and government should never be mixed!

The rapist step-penis is facing up to 25 years in prison for the rapes and killing the baby and has yet to face trial. The girl’s birth vessel also faces charges for failing to report the abuse to authorities. The girl is currently under house arrest at a children’s home for eight months. At least she’s away from the foul raping step penis and the enabling birthing unit. Amnesty International, the UN and many other human rights organisations will definitely be on her case to get this practice abolished.

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  1. Sharia law doesn’t treat women disgustingly, where did you get that information from, Fox News? If REAL Islam was applied here, the rapist would be getting KILLED, but not before getting 100 lashes and probably additional punishment for murder of the baby. The poor girl would be financially provided for as compensation and given much care as support. Unfortunately, real Sharia law is not found ANYWHERE on Earth, which is why so much injustice is found. Open your eyes, sharia law doesn’t exist in any country on the face of this Earth at this time.

    1. Oh is that so? In Sydney, a man was flogged by other Muslim men for drinking alcohol. They were acting out what they thought was right under Sharia law. In Saudi Arabia, women are punished if they have to audacity to appear in public without a male chaperone, drive a car or not cover their heads. What do you make of that? Is that not Sharia law? I got my information from legit news sources (which you’ll find in the links). How about you live under Sharia law for a while, I’ll bet you’d be changing your tune pretty quickly when they treat you like dirt because you’re female.

      1. i have lived in a Muslim country, I am a Muslim. Saudi doesn’t implement sharia, they implement their own backward desert laws and call it sharia – big difference.

        as well as being a Muslim, having lived in a Muslim country, having studied Sharia law with Muslim scholar and now studying it at a univeristy level, I can VERY confidently say that neither the Maldives (where this shocking story occured), nor Saudi, nor Iran or any other so called “Muslim” country claiming to implement Sharia law actually implement it – they take bits and pieces they deem suitable, and meshed with ignorance and barbarism, with devastating results, as exemplified in this case. they implement punishments without following due process, and that is a disguting injustice. the stepfather here would have been sentetnced to death for the murder of the child and the rape, for each of which the punishment is death, sentenced to 100 lashes for violating the bodily integrity of another human being without right and something (im not sure the exact punishment) for committing incest.

        1. furthermore, I’m aware of the incident of the flogging, i’ve heard there is more to the story than is being revealed in the media.

          in any case, those men had ZERO right to flog that man, and under sharia law would themselves have had the same pain inflicted on them (Islam follows eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, its in the Quran) for what they did to the victim.

      2. in addition (apologies for the numerous replies), all this crap Saudi does to woman isnt sanctioned by an Islamic source, they make it up themselves.

      3. sorry for all the typos!

      4. I think Kate G is trying to say that what people are calling Sharia Law is actually a bastardisation of actual Sharia Law, twisted to suit their own agenda. I would agree that the original teachings of the Quaran has been twisted by evil men in order to push forward mysoginistic agendas & it is up to the governments of non-Muslim countries to ensure that these infidels (as they have strayed from the original teachings they fit the definition of infidel perfectly) to knock it off with their Sharia crap & either adhere to the laws we already have or fuck off to a country that allows this shit!

        BTW, I love living in such a great multicultural country. Australia has so much to offer immigrants & I welcome anyone who wants to share our amazing country. I love being able to taste new food & hear new music & learn new languages & customs but the LAW must not be allowed to be circumvented by ANYONE regardless of race, religion or any other defining factor!

  2. That poor girl! I hope her punishment is dismissed. She has suffered enough.

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