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She threw up on her bed, so she was thrown against a wall

Pregnant mum threw tot against brick wall, court hears

Bashed child to have lifelong disabilities


This case happened back in 2011, but it’s only been now that the birth vessel and the sperm donor have been sentenced.

Melissa Ngati (25) of Deer Park VIC, threw her toddler daughter against a brick wall over and over again. Why? Because she threw up in her bed! Kids often randomly throw up and they sometimes don’t get enough warning from their tummies to make it to the toilet in time. Just the other week, a kid in my mum’s class threw up on his spelling book. Mum didn’t yell at him, she just threw away the spelling book and sent the kid to the sick bay. Then she cleaned up the spew and went back to teaching the class. While vomiting is disgusting, it’s still a normal bodily function. Just grit your teeth and clean it up.

What makes matters worse (not that it could get much worse) is that the egg donor was 36 weeks pregnant at the time! Given that babies seem to be living milk fountains, what was she going to do when the baby pukes? Throw it against a wall too? How could she even summon up the energy to beat on her own child? The bitch got gestational diabetes as punishment for being such an abusive tw*t. I hope that the diabetes caused her baby to grow so big that it ripped her snatch in half as it came out!

The 2 and a half year old girl suffered a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain and extensive bruising. Her birth incubator had thrown her against the wall more than 3 times, then kicked and punched her as she lay on the ground. Just imagine that, a tiny body being brutally bashed by the person who gave birth to her and should have been caring for her. The walking birth canal didn’t seek help for the child she viciously attacked, and then when she did, she told medical staff that the girl fell off the trampoline. Okay folks, tick that one off of your BB abuser excuse bingo card. Fell off the trampoline. Got a nice diagonal happening here. The medical staff saw through that dirty lie, and the birth vessel admitted to hurting the girl.

The bad birth vessel admitted she threw her toddler because she “snapped”. Like we haven’t heard that one before. Snapping is slapping your child once then regretting it. This was a long and sustained attack. It wasn’t snapping, it was meant to kill. She also admitted that she never loved her daughter like she did her other children, aged 3.5 and 6. Christ, this bitch has MORE kids?? She said she never felt a bond between her and her daughter. What a nasty, nasty piece of work. She probably tried to kill her daughter to make room for the one she was about to shit out.

Due to her birthing unit’s actions, and her sperm donor’s apathy, this little girl will be disabled for life. She will always walk with a limp, she struggles to use her left hand, she has moderate hearing loss and can’t see out of her left eye. She is paralysed on her right side. All because of her disgusting and foul incubator.

The incubator has been charged and pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury. Both she and the sperm dispenser also pleaded guilty to reckless conduct endangering a person, because they couldn’t be bothered taking their child to the hospital in time. The court psychologist said that the birthing unit was deeply remorseful. Yeah, I’ll bet. Abusers know just how to act to get a lighter sentence. The magistrate said there is a high chance of reoffending and the barrister was trying to get a low non-parole period for the birth vessel, saying that she would have support networks and classes to attend when she got out. Well maybe if she attended those parenting classes when she felt out of control, she wouldn’t be in the dock?

At least there are no dead babies here, but that’s the only small consolation here.



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  1. what a disgusting piece of work! my God, how can someone be so heartless? vomiting itself can be really scary experience for a child – and then to be bashed to within an inch of your life for it???? bloody hell.

  2. The girl’s dad didn’t seek help for the toddler because the egg donor convinced him not to. He also knew the egg donor would go to jail and he didn’t want the other kids to be without their “mother”. They’d be better off without that dumb bitch, she could’ve thrown them too.

  3. I still can never understand how someone can be so heartless and to their own child. I hope they never get the children back

  4. I’m REALLY glad I don’t have enough money to fly Sniper Boyfriend and myself to Australia at the moment… with 7+ years in Special Ops, bet he knows a way or two to eliminate these two without anyone ever finding out…

  5. Yet another shining example of why some people should be forcibly sterilised. (And in her case, drawn and quartered as well.)

  6. Crazy bitch should never get to be around any kids alone ever. Fucking slob I hope she fucking chokes on her nasty tears what the fuck goes wrong with someone that they do this? And a big fuck you to you too “dad” for not helping your baby. Scum. I feel so sorry for her other kids what a fucking loser.

  7. First of all, I’M NOT PROTECTING OR CONDONING THIS, just offering some hope – my brother in law has something called arthrogryposis. It’s a congenital birth defect that affects him in many ways but one of these things is limited to no use of his right arm & leg. He is an adult now & has his drivers licence (modified controls), a full time job, a busy social life & he lives in his own home. He has overcome many physical challenges (more than the arm & leg) quite successfully so I hope that this story has a happy ending…all she needs is love & the right disability support services to commit to working their arses off for her!

    1. We are lucky to live in developed countries where they can help people who have suffered injuries that may seem to make life hard. They make life different, that’s for sure. I’ve heard of mod control cars, with the accelerator and brakes on the steering wheel. There’s places for people with a disability to work, such as sorting recycling, shredding office documents, even sorting mail depending on literacy levels. Blind people can work in switchboards and call centres. She will survive (no thanks to her crazy-bitch incubator and her useless crapwad of a sperm donor)

      1. My BIL is lucky that his disabilities are only physical, no learning difficulties or mental health issues, so he has had it a bit easier than this girl will but I can see that there is hope for a great future for her if she’s given the right support immediately!

  8. This is so inhuman. A parent should always have patience to their kids. I hope this will serve a lesson to everyone. Also please check out this site, this may give you a lighter feeling on issues like this, its about escorts tamworth Hope you like it!

    1. Oy fuck off with your idiotic spam shit, we’re not interested. And I’ve tried all the escort services in Tamworth and they’re terrible.

  9. Okay, this story is awful, it really is. But what bugs me the most about this story is in its delivery.

    diabetes can be a major problem. Saying that she got it as an act of
    karma is very distasteful. I realize that this isn’t the place to go for
    tasteful ranting, but I’d like to make this point.

    expectant mothers, who do everything right, and will be nothing but kind
    and loving to their children develop gestational diabetes. In this
    article, it’s like saying only bad or abusive mothers [or bad women in
    general, if you’d like to make that leap] develop gestational diabetes.

    hoping that the child grows/grew large enough to cause major damage to
    her during birth is to likely wish many future health problems upon that

    Again, I realize this isn’t the place to go for tasteful
    ranting. However, I DO wish some people would think more about what the
    consequences of their wishes would be and implications made while
    they’re ranting.

    1. Except that they are only wishes… without the power to harm, unless someone out there takes it the wrong way. How can a mere wish have a consequence?

      1. I simply don’t think any child should come into this world with anyone wishing something about them that could negatively affect them. Every child should come into this world with a blank slate, that’s all. I realize we don’t live in that kind of world, but I can hope.

        1. Except that Aussie obviously gets passionate when reading and writing about this shit so while I agree sometimes people get word vomit you can’t honestly think that Aussie would ever wish harm on a baby. So she gets defensive when you imply such and insult her efforts you must realize why you’d get such a response

          1. And what bug me the most is the disgust I feel for someone hateful selfish and enough of a narcissist to throw a baby against a wall like the sweet child is an inanimate object. And I like Aussie she’s not beating up little kids.

        2. But they she didn’t really wish ill on the child. It was for the carrier. She would never wish ill on a child. If she did, why would she be so involved in a website aimed at waking people up to the epidemic of child abuse? I know you mean well, I just think you didn’t interpret her statements in the vein that they were intended. I wasn’t trying to be argumentative, I was just hoping you might re-read the article with a different mindset and then you’d see that the ill will was for the breeder only.

        3. The only way a big baby is negatively affected is if it gets stuck in the vag. Then it has to come out by caesarean.

          1. My niece is small, her last baby girl I guess they did not think was that big, she ended up with her collarbone broken because she was wedged in the birth canal, c sections don’t always happen.

    2. Hahahaha you crack me up, Guest. If all the wishing that went on in this blog actually came true, all the abusers would be mutilated and tortured and all the children would be in safe homes. Now prepare to be bugged by the delivery of my foot up your arse!

      1. You know, that’s a very immature response. Again, I realize that Bad Breeders isn’t a place to look for class, but that was very unnecessary. I was simply voicing an opinion. I didn’t threaten you, jokingly or otherwise.

        While I appreciate how much more Bad Breeders updates since your arrival, I have to say, more and more, I find myself putting off coming around because your posts seem to dominate the front page these days. Your posts don’t feel as informative. I get a much more aggressive vibe from you, and I don’t like it.

        I simply find you more immature than the other posters. And that completely unfacilitated threat just proves it.

        I don’t like you. I don’t like the way you write. However, unlike you, I don’t see the point in inserting a quip about doing something to you because I don’t like you.

        I guess if I want to read something informative, I’ll have to stick with Trench’s site. I don’t think I’ll be coming back here again.

        1. Good. We won’t miss you.

  10. The last time my 2.5 year old threw up was on the bed, and then on me. She started to throw up while on the bed and the second I saw that she was sick I picked her up and held her. Yes, there was vomit on my shirt and the bed but who f’ing cares?

    Poor baby.

  11. Fucking disgusting…
    I was alone fot the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy with my 19 month old daughter, and then for the first 3 months of my newborns life… It was stressing, I admit I raised my voice too often, and cried and felt like shit after, but this is just vomitive… My little girl had nose bleeds at night when the weather was hot, just randomly wake up and her nose was pouring, and we coslept, so I had to change the sheets, keeping calm not to scare her (because seeing your child’s blood is scary, at least for me), and then get her back to sleep.
    I would never even imagine to do what that sick bitch did…
    That poor poor little girl.

  12. I want this little girl. I’d take her in if I could. We are kindred spirits, in a way. I could not only help her deal with her experience and some of her injuries, but feel them along with her.

    My ex kept me locked down around his abusive episodes, so no one would see the damage, hence, I had no treatment either. During one attempted escape, he tackled me down, sat on my chest, knees on my upper arms, and grabbed my head like a basketball. He struck my head into the floor repeatedly, like a monkey trying to crack a coconut.

    I have since developed generalized neuropathy, reynaud’s
    Phenomenon, night blindness, and mild but permanent hearing loss in both ears. I’m now studying neuroscience and keeping myself abreast of new developments in the field, and a few recent ones have the promise of reversing acquired neural dysfunction within a few decades. (Possibly less!).

    And I would have that girl know that, when my (then) 3yo. projectile vomited not just on the bed but the wall, window, and blinds… It never crossed my mind to do anything but run her a bath and clean up the mess.

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