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Elisa Baker sentenced on drug charges

Elisa Baker

10 more years: With the Zahra sentence, Elisa Baker will serve 26 years:

Yesterday in US Federal Court Elisa Baker was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison on charges of illegally distributing prescription drugs. Baker is the woman responsible for the death and dismemberment of 10-year-old Zahra Baker. If any good news can be taken from yesterday’s verdict it’s that this new sentence will be served after she completes her current 18 year state sentence for Zahra’s death. Currently it stands that it will be 26 years before Baker can be released from prison.

Elisa Baker was no penny-ante drug dealer either. She was dealing in massive amounts of illegal prescription drugs…

According to court documents, Baker obtained the prescription drugs through multiple prescriptions from physicians and from other unidentified sources in Catawba County. She conspired with others to distribute and possess with intent to distribute the controlled substances oxycodone, hydrocodone and alprazolam. She possessed about 12,000 units of oxycodone, 10,000 units of hydrocodone, and 29,000 units of alprazolam.

Hospital pharmacies don’t carry that much on hand. During the sentencing hearing the prosecution made it known that Baker was dealing the drugs out of Zahra’s bedroom and that she brought drug addicts into the home where Zahra was living at the time in Hickory, North Carolina.

Her defense blamed her getting into the drug trade because she became a drug addict while suffering from fibromyalgia. I know that’s going to piss a lot of people off who read this site. For those of you who may not know my wife suffers horribly from fibro and has been given horrible treatment by certain doctors who believe she is only drug seeking. Yet my wife is far from being a drug addict and has definitely never sold drugs out of the home that we shared with our children.

In my opinion Elisa Baker is nothing more than a grifter and a con artist and I still contend that Zahra’s death was part of some kind of money scheme. Her alleged defense is just another con in a long line of cons.

It’s unfortunate that the evidence in Zahra’s death couldn’t support the death penalty because if anyone deserved it it’s this conniving trailer trash slag.

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  1. No gurantee this POS will survive will live to see the end of her sentence once she getts in with general population People in prison HATE AND DESPISE people who harm children. She will get her due punishment once the other inmates find out why she’s there/

    1. This is jacki. Stop hate, rather reach for justice.

  2. wow that’s alot of pills, i suffer from fibromyalgia also which comes with over 60 different other diseases that are common with fibro, planters facia, ibs, chronic fatigue…so many issues for one person to have…so sad that people like this make it difficult for people like me who are not drug sellers or addicts to get the proper meds to help us…i finally did find a doctor that i get vicodin from and am on wellbutrin for the depression that also comes with fibro…and it just takes the edge off the pain, very low doses…but it was hell for yrs because of people like this…poor Zahra..i almost wish her skull would have shown severe fractures or something so they could have charged her with murder

  3. oh riiiiight. Chalk up another fibro sufferer who isn’t even close to buying the “oh it’s not my fault I’m a drug dealing worthless child killer because I’m in pain, pity meeeeee” crap. Rot in jail

  4. This “thing” is just as bad if not worse that women who make false rape claims and make the real victims harder to believe. Scum like this make it harder for the real sufferers to get their meds without pharmacists thinking they’re going to sell them.

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