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Bad babysitter/boyfriend beats 5 year old girl to death

SC Man Accused of Beating 5-Year-old Girl to Death

The mugshot source

Family mourns Lancaster 5-year-old, boyfriend charged in death

Phillip Bryan Gleason (Source: WBTV/Lancaster Co. Sheriff's Office)

Dead eyes, no soul. The face of evil.

This scratched-up sorry looking bastard is Phillip Bryan Gleason, aged 27 from Lancaster SC. He’s been charged with homicide by child abuse, after he beat his girlfriend’s 5 year old daughter to death when he was supposed to be babysitting her. Soren Victoria Chilson was supposedly being “cared” for by the sex toy when she was found unresponsive on Tuesday morning by paramedics, in the Craigs Farm Rd home that the mother, April Snipes shared with the monster. Paramedics found sweet Soren soaking wet, with the monster telling them that she’d been throwing up so he splashed water on her. But paramedics and police aren’t stupid, and they saw cuts and bruises all over Soren’s arms from where she tried to fend off her mother’s sex toy. You can also see that the sex toy has scratches all over his fugly face and has had those hideous spacers ripped out of his vile ears. It’s obvious that little Soren was desperately fighting and struggling for her life.

Unfortunately sweet Soren died in Lancaster hospital. Her autopsy showed that she died from blunt force trauma, namely a blow to the head. Her family and the Lancaster community are understandably outraged and devastated. One neighbour said “They ought to take him out there and burn him a little bit, hurting a child like that”. A little bit? I think they meant a lot. Douse him in petrol and set him alight. Give him an iron bar and maybe he can beat his own head in. After all, if he was willing to do it to a small girl, he’d be more than happy to do it to himself.

The sex toy had only been dating the mother for all of 6 months, and had been living with them for 3 of those months! When will these women learn? Boyfriend =/= babysitter. And slow the fuck down with the whole moving in thing, especially with kids. It’s their home first and foremost, and they don’t have a choice of who you move in with them or who you leave them with. Your sex toy is not a babysitter. The sex toy in question has no previous convictions apart from traffic offences in New York. He was a political science student at Winthrop University, and when they heard of his douchebaggery, they immediately suspended him and barred him from campus. The dickbag was also awarded a Purple Heart when he served in Iraq. Pity he wasn’t killed over there, but hopefully the military will strip him of all awards once they get wind of this.

Soren’s funeral will be held on Friday at the Antioch Baptist Church in Lancaster and there are some very touching obituaries online. Thank G*d they don’t mention the sex toy or the cause of death. Although word gets out fairly quickly, and her extended family probably have some idea that her mother couldn’t wait to get to know her sex toy better and just shuffled him into her daughter’s home because he made her naughty bits feel good. Unfamiliar male + small defenceless offspring = well, you know the rest…

Soren’s real dad Jeremy Chilson, had died shortly before Christmas, dealing a devastating blow to the extended family. Now they have to bury his daughter. Jeremy had separated from April because he disagreed with her decision to work a third job. Shortly after that, she picked up with the latest sex toy. Oh, so if you disagree with with your partner, you just drop him and pick up with some loser drip-dick you found hanging around the local uni? And then allow him to invade your child’s home?

The sex toy is currently sitting in jail denied bond. The holes where his spacers were ripped out will give Bubba two more orifices to stick his dick into. I’m hoping it was either Soren or her mother who ripped those out, and the mother had better not be supporting her sex toy. Otherwise she just might find herself set alight by those fire-wielding neighbours.


Rest in Peace, sweet Soren


Soren and her real dad Jeremy Chilson. Re-united in heaven.


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  1. It’s sad you pieces of shit will talk down upon Bryan. I’ve known him for years! I served with him in the army. I’ve watched as he’s cared for his own kids! Bryan was a good man. Now there is no excuse for abuse to a child but you don’t have the right to say these things as well! You don’t know what happened just like the rest if us. You’re reporting news to scare and scar people on Bryan’s image. It’s sad people lie to get noticed. Now yes if Bryan did purposely hurt this little girl he deserves to be punished but let his story be told let the police do their jobs. Stop running your mouth trying to disgrace a man who has been nothing but honest his entire life. As a fellow soldier of his I can tell you up front he will not be stripped of any awards because this took place after he was released so don’t disgrace his army time you poor bastards! He served for your right to report this shit. As for him and the girlfriend there was never problems he loved her. Who the hell knows what happened. Do your self a favor take your pen computer recorder or whatever you used for your shitty story and shove it straight up your c*ck sucker! Bryan Gleason is a good man and his family and him will get through all this despite the outcome!

    1. Just because you served with him in the Army doesn’t make him less of a douchebag. I deployed with many people who I did not think had the ability to pull dumb and horrific stuff like this and I have been proven wrong. I know that you are wanting to preserve a memory of a squared away comrade however the evidence states that he committed this crime.

      The truth will prevail. Call me a traitor if you wish but if I saw one of the people I served in the Army with on these pages because of hurting a child I would be pissed and no, I would not defend them especially when the evidence strongly suggests guilt. Coming here talking all this shit won’t help anything and makes you look like an ass. Lastly, FYI we did not disgrace his military career, he did by becoming this vile baby murdering piece of shit.

      And no, I served for my right (and the rights of my fellow writers on this site) to write and report this shit, so suck it. No I did not write this story, but I do write for this site.

      1. Gets your facts straight before reporting false accusations about shit you know nothing about

        1. What facts does she need to get straight? Is he NOT sitting in a jail cell right now accused of this viscious crime? What does she have wrong and where is your proof of that?

          1. The “facts” are probably things that ol boy told him. Another stretch of heresay.

          2. IKR??? I’m really trying to be nice to the kid, but he’s making it hard. I’ve been in his shoes, I’ve had to learn that someone I loved, trusted and thought the world of was in fact a child molesting fucktard. It’s hard to face and accept so I was trying to be nice but I guess he can’t see anything beyond “defend friend” right now…

          3. I’ve been there too but it was with my own mother. I felt compelled to cover for her when she was abusing me as a kid simply because she was my blood. I loved her and honestly believed she was the only person that cared about me so I fought tooth and nail when she died covering up what she did. Until I realized how wrong the shit she did was I defended her. Now that I have seen past all of that shit I hate her for being a piece of shit. I realize now how wrong her actions were and I maybe called a traitor and all of my friends know this about me. I will stick by them no matter what UNLESS its some sick bullshit like this.

          4. As it should be! Looks like you pulled yourself out of a serious mess – way to go! πŸ˜‰

          5. I had no choice but to. If not my children would be suffering the way I did and I vowed after leaving that they would never, ever feel the pain I did.

          6. Yeah – for a few years I had a kiddie-touching step-dick, just touching thank God, but still, it does it’s damage. He also liked to terrorize us mentally and was amazingly good at it as my Mom was actually on the lookout for it and never caught him. He’d tell us scary bullshit lies when Mom wasn’t around about her. Like when she had ti go back into the hospital after having a hysterectomy because there were some complications, this ass-hat told us she wasn’t handling the hysterectomy well and was actually on the mental ward. She wasn’t, they had stitched something in there to something it shouldn’t have been stitched to and it was causing her intense pain. Who does that to 11, 12, 14 & 15 year old kids that are already scared because Mom’s sick in the hospital? He is the reason I am extremely picky when it comes to men. Which works out well for me as I have an amazing man now! πŸ˜‰

          7. I concur. When I didn’t know better I married my first ex….total tool but he left me when I joined the Army (no huge loss there) after that I made sure I never got with another ass and ended up like my mother. Some of my friends were pissed that I didn’t try to get back with him but I have no problem getting rid of the dead weight in my life. My husband now is the most amazingly perfect man ever. He loves and takes care of my kids like they are his own. I scared the hell out of him when we were dating though. I told him if he ever hurt one of my kids he needn’t worry about the law because they wouldn’t be able to find his body. He thought I was kidding…

          8. Bet he knows better now huh? πŸ˜‰

          9. Yep, lol but he knows.

          10. Deliverer of Truth

            Okay, you two were fucked up because the people who were supposed to care for you fucked you up-fine. But that doesn’t give you the right to go around accusing people YOU DON’T KNOW. Did you know that the girl was with her sperm donor’s druggie alcoholic family earlier that day? Bet not. Since you’re so prone to think family is abusive, why not suspect them? Oh, yeah, because you idiots don’t FACT check you just assume.

          11. Yeah, I’m so fucked up…..Which is why I protect the fuck out of my kids and will give a voice to children like this. o.O What?! lol

            If he did nothing, why was his skin under her nails? Why is his face all scratched up? I did check the facts, you can argue with people but you cannot argue with what’s in the court documents which, YOU IDIOT, would know that they are public record. Simple Google search turns up such documents lol.

            Also, did you want to be the pot or the kettle on this one? Because all you know about me is a few short paragraphs about my childhood, you do not know shit about me now. I’m not in the tabloids for doing something utterly fucked up….however your buddy is. Things that make you go huh. So thanks for attempting to judge me….lol Also please stop being captain save your penis and carry on dipshit.

          12. truthistruthistruth

            Hey you piece of shit. How would you like a libel charge? FYI: That’s not a sperm donor, that’s Soren’s real father,and his family had not seen this precious murder victim since November 2012. So before you open your libelous mouth again, CHRISTOPHER AUSTIN or AMANDA GLEASON, know this, they weren’t there but your boy, dickless wonder Bryan WAS. So “bet not” is another fucking lie out of your fucking worthless mouth.
            For damn sure her walking vagina mother didn’t protect her or even care much about her DID SHE?
            So you fact check before you post again. The family of her father doesn’t even LIVE near her. Some are in PA, some in NC and the only ones is SC are in Columbia, not Lancaster.
            Say that shit in court so someone can take your fucking head off when you leave. I dare you! Go ahead!

          13. truthistruthistruth

            Oh and something else deliverer of stupid lies: the alcoholic druggie family is the mother’s. Mama Vagina’s sister is a drug user and drug dealer. Mama Vagina imbibes in alcohol and Mama Vagina’s wasted crack ho looking mother puts away some booze.

            The real dad’s family does NONE of that. FACT CHECK that you fucking worthless Gleason loser.

          14. ummm your wrong jeremy died if n overdose and was an unmedicated bilpolar

          15. Prove it Dumbass or just go ahead and STFU! You Bry-bry defenders come on here and spread malicious shit to attempt to muddy the waters. It DOES NOT WORK, no matter how hard you keep trying.

          16. truthistruthistruth

            Jeremy wasn’t that at all. But egg donor’s sister is a known drug dealer. Egg donor drinks. Egg donor’s mom is a drunk. Suck it piece of shit

          17. Everyone in Lancaster knows that shit bout that fam but thanks for saying it Obvs you must live in LA 2. Sissy haz sold some drugs, mamma April Vickie likes to booze and granny clampett can put some cans away. They think they own everything n everyone of us here in the county cause they own a scrap yard. not hardely. they dont have near as many buds as they think. which they dont realize yet obvs

        2. And, let me guess you know all about this? If he is proven innocent we will remove the articles we are humble enough to admit if and when we make mistakes. However unless you have concrete proof that he’s not a baby murdering piece of shit, my opinion still stands.

          Boys that kill innocent children need to suck start a 9mil and get the fuck off my planet. Sorry about your bromance with a douche. I hope you can see past your friendship with him and stop defending his sick actions which resulted in robbing a sweet 5 year old little girl of her life.

          1. “If he is proven innocent we will remove the articles we are humble enough to admit if and when we make mistakes.”

            What happened in those cases? A massive bed or bathtub recall from the manufacturer?

          2. Um, no there was one case where it was proven to be another family member who killed the child as opposed to the parent as previously reported by the news. People can make mistakes too.

        3. truthistruthistruth

          You’re the fucking moron who doesn’t know shit.

        4. truthistruthistruth

          By the way Chrisie poo…your boy will be after you next. You don’t know shit about shit!

    2. “Good” men don’t beat little girls to death. And how are you going to feel when he uses the time he served in the military as some shitty PTSD-type defense? Before you get your c*ckles up, my man has a bona fide case of PTSD from the time he served as a Ranger and with other Special Ops teams. I’m NOT saying anything negative about people that honestly suffer from it, it live it everyday. I am saying that this baby-beating coward is just the type to fake PTSD to try and avoid being held responsible for his despicable actions. He may have served for my right to say this shit as you say, but so has every man in my family for 9 generations and counting, so he didn’t do it for me, my family has me covered there. I don’t WANT anything from a dicksack POS that beats tiny children because he is otherwise such an impotent waste of oxygen. Imagine, this friend of yours took all of his rage and frustration at this world out on that beautiful five year old baby pictured up there… Imagine the terror and pain this innocent angel left this world in. Can you imagine it? Can you? If you can, how can you defend Bryan? If you heard this story and you didn’t know Bryan, wouldn’t YOU want to take this fucktard out behind the woodshed and make it sure he never returns?

      Your instinct to defend a friend is admirable, it’s what good soldiers do. You’re a good soldier. Turns out your friend was a fraud when he was a soldier. If you want to defend your friend, you should probably start a facebook page or something and spare yourself the outrage and hurt you’ll feel by visiting blogs like this…

      1. I won’t feel pain from people who judge not knowing what really happened. As I said if he did it he will be punished but as someone who knows him very well I don’t see him ever doing this. Bryan was arrested on the fact GE was the only person present that’s not stating he did it. Everyone here needs to actually read what the police say not the news reporters who obviously don’t know shit. As for doing or not I don’t know. If he did well damn but if he didn’t a lot of you should feel miserable for even saying half the rude shit that’s been said. I have kids and I could only imagine how I’d feel over this but so did he. Bryan was a good father this story doesn’t add up at all

        1. At the moment the facts are this:

          1.) A precious five year old child has been beaten to death.

          2.) The boyfriend of the child’s mother has been charged with the crime.

          3.) At this time no one else has been charged with the crime.

          4.) The defendant was the ONLY one at home with the child at the time of her death.

          Sadly in cases such as this, with just these four facts, it’s really easy to predict the outcome.

          I don’t feel miserable for saying anything I have said, nor will I. In fact, the only things I said directly about your buddy was that HE wasn’t the one that fought for MY rights, my family did that for me and then I asked you to imagine what this poor child suffered and to try and picture that coupled with the concept that your friend was the cause. I did call the person responsible some unflattering things, but then again, aren’t I right? Whoever did this IS the bastard I called them out for being aren’t they?

          I even complimented you on defending your friend, which isn’t something people do much on here and yet you downvote me? OK – kind of makes it look like you don’t approve of someone paying you a compliment but whatever. I tried to be as kind as I could with a circumstance that has my blood boiling. I know you’ve heard by now why we here do and say the things we do. The majority of us have suffered this kind of shit at the hands of adults that were supposed to love us and protect us, not damage us and abuse us. This is actually a very healthy form of therapy for people like us. It’s venting, it’s not intended to fix the problem, I don’t think any of us have the power to resurrect anyone.

          Christopher – have you considered that something changed in Bryan’s life and that maybe, at this stage in his life, he IS capable of this? Is it possible he got into meth or something? Maybe the news and sites like this are right and that your once stellar friend has degraded into a beast? Maybe you should check around, see if the guy you knew changed recently and became someone else. I think we’d all love to see proof that Bryan is innocent. That would at least mean that someone that cared for Soren wasn’t the monster that ended her little life. Give us something else to go on, please. We’ll run that fucker into the ground instead and I will personally apologize to the man.

          1. 5) His face is covered in fresh scratches, which unless he was trying to perform oral on the family cat, look suspiciously little fingernail sized.

            6) Her arms were injured, like would happen when you hold a struggling person down.

            7) She was soaking wet. He admitted causing this.

          2. Oh you are more than correct – I was just trying to point out that if you take the first 4, that aren’t too case specific and compare those to just about every other “baby beaten to death by Mommy’s boyfriend” scenario almost always in the end it IS in fact the boyfriend that killed the baby. I was trying to get him to see it from our, sadly, more knowledgeable point of view…

          3. True, so true. Unfortunately he is wrapped up in the magical thinking of “when the truth comes out…” He has fought so strongly in defense of his friend, he’s not going to be able to acknowledge his guilt ever. He has reached the point where he is unable to be wrong despite the evidence. His ego won’t allow it. He’s holding out for the mystical “truth” that when revealed will prove how right he’s been about his friend this whole time. And when the guilty verdict does come down, he will create a scenario in which his friend was framed or wrongly convicted. It’s the only way he’ll be able to live with himself.

          4. Sadly I think you’ve hit the nail on the head… It’s sort of like those crazy-ass chicks that marry the serial killer on death row that they didn’t know before his incarceration yet they wail and weep about his innocence and how the poor buggar was framed. I can’t stand that shit! πŸ˜‰

          5. Bwa ha ha ha ha…oral on the family cat…

        2. You must suck at maths then, because I can’t count past 20 and this story adds up just fine.

          1. Deliverer of Truth

            You guys are so immature, as I’ve stated in other posts, Bryan was NOT the only one with the girl that day. Her sperm donors druggie alcoholic family had her earlier in the day. Now, druggie alcoholics vs war vet hero and amazing dad…..hmmmm….adds up to me that Bryan is innocent. Guess you dumbasses need to go back to algebra.

          2. You know, I’ve noticed something about this blog – it moves on rather quickly. So little time, so many horrible stories. Usually a few days is all the attention the blog has for any individual case. That is, until some “friend” makes his way in here and stirs the pot. Then look, the story is front and center once again. Do yourself a favor and google “The Stresand Effect.” Go ahead, I’ll wait…

            Interesting, huh? You see, there’s a fascinating contradiction about the internet: it has the attention span of a hyperactive fruit fly, and the memory of an African elephant. It never, ever forgets, but, being constantly flooded with new input, it is easily distracted and moves at light speed onto the next shiny thing.

            So congrats, Skippy. YOU have done more to tarnish your dear friend’s public image today than all the rest of the commenters here combined. The blog had moved on to rickets, vitamin D, the importance of early intervention for autism outcomes, kids in pubs, etc. You dragged your friend back in front of the crowd. Everyone who pops in here today is going to be thinking of Bryan with the scratched up face, and wondering just how he got all those little tiny scratches. Everyone is going to be reading this story, and trying to imagine how someone who is “a great dad and a war hero” could possibly think it a good idea to throw large amounts of water on an unconcious and vomiting child until she is soaked through or to try to shake a small child with unknown injuries in an attempt to revive her. It’s a good thing Bryan has friends to pop in to a sleepy old thread and wake it up in order to defend him. With friends like you, who needs enemies?

          3. Love, love, love this comment!

          4. Really? We hadn’t been allowed to see her except for 11/11 of last year. I take it you don’t know shit.

          5. It appears you are a member of this sweet angel’s family on her father’s side, I’m guessing (correct me if I am wrong). However, on this assumption I would like to say I am so sorry for your loss. This whole situation is wrong, tragic, and inexplicable. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours as I shed tears and hug my own children a little tighter.

          6. truthistruthistruth

            There you go again with your libel. I dare you to take that to the police because they will laugh your crazy ass out of there. You’re either that piece of shit Bryan’s crazy ass family member or one of his equally crazy friends. The only druggie is Vagina Mama’s sister. And Vagina Mama likes the booze like her crack ho looking mama does too. They are family of white trash with a little money and none of us in Lancaster can tolerate them.

            The real father died in December and it was before that HIS family got to see the little girl for the last time.
            So run and tell that “homeboy”. You don’t know shit, you dickless turd.

          7. Says the poster with the name “Deliverer of Truth” How lame. Go back to playing World of Warcraft in your mum’s basement.

          8. Add up “defensive scratches on face” + “Soren left alone with this dumb shit”. You’re an idiot.

          9. Also, for the record. I am a proud mother in my own right of four wonderful, happy children. Am I an alcoholic or a druggie? No. I have a full time job that I am successful at and very happy children. They are all honor roll students and well rounded individuals who are by far more knowledgeable than you present yourself to be. I feel nothing but pity for you. When you are so blinded by your short comings that you make false truths, that’s a cry for help.

          10. Are you especially retarded or is it the generic, run of the mill variety?

          11. Bullshit! Provide proof or shut the fuck up you brain-dead maggot!

          12. truthistruthistruth

            Well that’s a fucking lie because none of them even live anywhere near that piece of shit egg donor.

        3. btw, there was skin under Soren’s nails. Guess who’s that is?

          1. truthistruthistruth

            Um…it was BRYAN’s right! Yep…

        4. truthistruthistruth

          Christopher Austin we’ve all seen your pathetic facebook page. You look like as big of a scumbag wanker as your boy Bryan. You’re both a disgrace to the military. They should take you both out and shoot your tiny dicks off and let you whine about how you can’t pull each other’s puds anymore. Got it?

    3. Shut the hell up! Who wants to hear this scum of the earth douche talk? Certainly not I. There is NOTHING more to say. I hope This c*** gets raped and beat Everyday and every cop looks the other way. That’s justice.

      1. Say what you want I know him very well and he was not a person to do this he took great care of his kids! With that being said I hope you get hit by a truck

        1. Of course he treated “HIS” kids right… does other monsters who kill other people’s offsprings. Grow a pair!!!!

          1. Me a grow a pair? Ok I’m the one defending a friend for who he was against the world. I’m pretty sure my pair are big enough. Until proven guilty he is innocent in my eyes! End of story you know nothing more than I do so stop being a disrespectful bitch

          2. Yours was the very first comment on this story, and you started it off by being an insulting, disrespectful bitch. And in each additional post, you’ve been nothing but an insulting, disrespectful bitch. Only now you are a hypocritical insulting, disrespectful bitch. Little hint here, friend. If you want people to speak to you in a courteous manner, try not being such an epic douche yourself.

          3. Call me what you want if it was your friend or family you’d stand by them tell proven guilty too

          4. Actually no I would not.

          5. If any friend of mine beat a 5 year old to death I would NOT be defending them! I doubt I would even admit to knowing them!

          6. Your boyfriend was a disrespectful bitch. He killed a child. He’s innocent in your eyes? You need to wipe his cum from your eyes then, because innocent people don’t have defensive scratches on their face. Innocent people don’t make up lame excuses for injuries.

          7. Be it that GE may have done it doesn’t give you or anyone the right to spread rumors when no real evidence has been released on the case! Point is if GE did it his wrong but until proven I a fellow soldier and friend to him will support him and until such proof is released by the authorities you can all suck a dick! As stated in my first post Bryan is a good man but you guck yards wouldn’t know that because you don’t know him. Thus meaning you have no idea what he was thinking or what may have caused him to snap or anything. It’s not about PTSD did you ever think maybe she was abused by another person before hand and maybe when she was passed out she got marks on her arms from him shaking her trying to get her conscious? Just like why he says he threw the water on her? There are many sides to the story but you cry baby fools won’t let the truth come out you just report to spread more drama. Get my point? If did something I do believe he deserves to be charged but again until proof from the police states exactly he did it I will stand by his side as a friend and a fellow soldier should. Imagine if it was your family member going through all this… Wouldn’t you want to know?

          8. Shaking someone doesn’t cause cuts and bruises, unless he was “shaking” her with an iron bar. We really don’t give a shit whether he ‘snapped’ or not, he killed an innocent child. If my family or friends were convicted of child abuse and the evidence was overwhelmingly against their favour (like it is for your butt-buddy) I would desperately hope it wasn’t them who did it, but eventually I would accept the truth no matter how painful. You’d better do so too, because simply stating he’s innocent is not evidence that he didn’t do it.

          9. truthistruthistruth

            So who the fuck abused her when the only people allowed to see her for MONTHS was dickless Bryan, Bryan’s family and the Walking Vagina and her parents? Hmmm? And don’t say the real father’s family, they weren’t allowed to see her since 2012.

          10. truthistruthistruth

            Guess you’re choking on your fucking lies after the detectives revealed a bit more after yesterday’s bond hearing huh?
            She was covered in bruises head to toe, front and back. Lead detective said you couldn’t put your hand on her without touching a bruised. Even her lips and right eye and feet. The death blow as the blunt force trauma to the head. And the bruises some were recent, some not. Broken collarbone in the healing stages. And for months and months the only people around were walking Vagina, Walking Vagina’s scum shit mama, Bryan tiny dick child killer Gleason, and his clueless family.

          11. truthistruthistruth

            You rock, again!

          12. And when they find him guilty will you wrap your elbows around your knees and kiss your own ass?

          13. truthistruthistruth

            You were in the army with him years ago. You don’t know him. Hell what could the dumbfuck do while in the army? It’s since this tool got out that’s horrible. The fact you still waaahh wahhh over this shows what a dumbass piece of shit you are too.

        2. We’ve heard it all before. “Oh he would NEVER do that.” And Soren wasn’t “his” kid. She had a real dad, and he wasn’t the piece of shit vaginal parasite that invaded her home and killed her. You sound like a real nasty piece of work. “I hope you get hit by a truck”? No. I hope your fisting buddy gets raped to death in prison. They don’t take kindly to child killers in there.

          1. truthistruthistruth

            LOVE this comment!

    4. I appreciate you sticking up for your friend and I appreciate his service to me as a us citizen who enjoys my freedom regardless of what he did or didn’t do afterword but I must say he loses his right to be called a good man if in fact he hurt this baby. I’m sure you agree and I hope for you and your friends family he didn’t but someone did and the BLOGGERS are fair if the news said he did it to talk about it He fought for them to be able to. Ps thanks to you for your service too! I love my freedom and its because of you I have it so again THANKS

      1. truthistruthistruth

        Don’t thank this piece of shit for his “service”. He enlisted as a damn grunt because he needed the dollars.

    5. It’s a blog arsehole, not a news site. As such, personal opinions are welcome, although people who protect & make excuses for child abusers do get their worthless comments removed from time to time.

    6. Hey mr. Austin It would be great if you would shut up me a her dad were close and it kinda pisses me off that you would defend him when he probably killed an insistence child not to even bring up the fact of how she was killed and ya he may have been a “good” guy on the surface but I’m gonna guess based apon the fact that he didn’t call ambulance and instead called the police he thought he would get away with whatever he did please kindly shut i you mouth there two sides to every story

      1. Thank you whoever you are. I probably know you, but thanks for sticking up for Jeremy.

      2. truthistruthistruth

        This worthless piece of shit got scared after he beat the little girl to death and walking vagina mama came over to try to help. Too bad walking vagina mama didn’t give a shit about her little girl, just her walking tiny dicked boy toy.

        1. Like I have said before, if this had been my daughter I’d be on trial for fucking killing him myself. This poor baby.

        2. You know, the fact that she was soaking wet has bothered me since I first read this story. It simply doesn’t make sense that a parent would throw large amounts of water on a child who is vomiting and losing consciousness. No one does this. What does make sense though is trying to wash away evidence, say, blood and skin under her little fingernails. I’m very glad it didn’t work. And it gives me some comfort that she was a fighter, and was able to mark her killer so the police would know who was responsible for her death.

          1. Someone who is a caring parent wouldn’t do this….however someone trying to cover shit up would. Just sayin’.

          2. This raised a big question mark with me too. Unless she was on fire or got chemicals on her, there was no need for the water. Luckily the asswipe wasn’t too bright and didn’t think to clean under her fingernails (not that the police wouldn’t notice that either).

    7. If you know him so well, let me ask you this. Is that why his exwife FLED to Illinois after trying to press charges? Oh yeah. I know his history too.
      By the way, Do you kiss your mother with that mouth. If any of my children grow up to say such horrible things, I’d simply be ashamed.

      1. truthistruthistruth

        Christopher Austin is a fucking worthless cowardly wimp. Bet he is a butt hole buddy of Bryan dickless Gleason.

    8. Even good people can act horribly when put in positions of absolute power (like caregiver to a child). As proof I submit the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment. My point is even psychologists (folks who spend their whole career studying human behavior) cannot predict how a person will act when put in a situation of absolute power. So please tell me how you are able to predict your friend’s behavior in this situation? I too would be shocked to see any of my friends charged with child abuse, however I don’t believe I could stand in defense of their behavior. You are a much better friend than I, and I hope Bryan appreciates your support.

    9. I guess next you’ll be telling us he got those facial wounds while defending himself from a vicious and unprovoked attack of a small 5 year old?

      He was alone with her, she is now dead, has he said someone else did it? No, no explanation at all. Little girl dead, he’s marrying the vagina, and neither have to worry about raising a child they didn’t want.

      I read the tw*ts begging site. Not once does she say anything about her dead daughter,

      What love…

  2. your coward piece of shit army buddy turned out to be a baby killer. There won’t be any purple heart for what they do to him in prison.

    1. I can’t love this comment enough. β™₯

      1. Deliverer of Truth

        You can’t love this comment enough? That’s only because you’re an idiot.

        1. truthistruthistruth

          Deliverer of LIES: your “boy” is a child killer, Plain and Simple. He was the one with that little girl that day. She died from blunt force trauma to the head but that was just the death blow. She was covered, according to medical personnel and law enforcement, head to toe, front to back in bruises and had a broken collarbone. Stop lying. It was in the news and all the reports. She didn’t do it to herself.

  3. Dear Mr. Austin,

    You have my condolences that this man’s actions has tainted good memories that you have of him. Just don’t let them make you look/sound like an ass. Here is my two cents.

    1. The writers and readers of this blog are parents, relatives, people who have lived through abuse (in my case I’m a godmother). They are also human. When we read a story about a child getting hurt or murdered, we get angry. Angry at these lower than scum who injure or kill a child. To deal with this anger in a constructive way (and also to attempt to stay out of jail) and to remember these precious angels that are no longer able to speak for themselves, we write, read and comment on these stories. If you don’t like the way we do those things, GTFO. No one forcing you to read. If you comment like you did (or anyone defending a baby raper or baby killer) be prepared to be schooled by everyone else here. Fair warning.

    2. Don’t care if he was/is a soldier. His actions have disgraced the uniform he wore. I come from a long line of military men (in my family males go into the military, females marry into the military). I have heard the stories of service from my grandfathers, dad, uncles, and cousins. They were/are glad that they served their nation and after they were honorably discharged continued to strive to live up to the standards they learned while in the military. They would be the first to shoot or turn their backs on anyone arrested for the extremely heinous crime of a child’s murder even if they were comrades, friends or even family (Family members accused of this type of crime probably wouldn’t make it to the cops). What this creature did was extremely heinous and should be stripped of every award and medal that he has disgraced. I wouldn’t even acknowledge that I know/knew the sob. I would be too embarrassed to be known as a friend/family member/acquaintance of him.


    1. What the accusations are against him are wrong. And if guilty he will be punished. As a soldier what they say he has done has nothing to do with his background thus meaning he WILL NOT BE STRIPPED of any award he received. If you don’t believe that go look it up the army has already reported that.

      1. Where’s your evidence that the accusations are wrong? Apart from your bitching and whining “Ohhh but he’sss INNNOOCCEEENTTT!!!” Seriously you sound like a whiny little bitch. Put a cork in it.

        1. How about you suck my dick so that you shut your bitch mouth up since you don’t shit about the case

          1. You might as well find someone else to suck your dick when your butt-buddy Bryan goes to jail for MURDER. Bet you’re going to miss sucking his tiny pecker too.

          2. Deliverer of Truth

            I’m with Christopher. You dumbasses don’t fucking know him so shut the fuck up because all the mouth that you can’t stop running is good for is sucking dick.

          3. Just because you knew him doesn’t make him a stellar person. You coming here trying to bash us for this shows you’re an idiot too.

          4. truthistruthistruth

            There you go again you dickless piece of shit. Bot you and that dick sucking Christopher “bout to get his ass beat” Austin need to keep being butt fucking buddies because your boy toy, cowardly piece of shit child killer Bryan “I look like a fucking rat” Gleason won’t be getting out for a long, long time once he’s rightfully convicted. Hopefully someone will shank his skinny ugly ass in prison.

          5. I actually hope he gets shanked too for taking such a wonderful little girl’s life.

          6. Hey don’t insult rats by comparing this vile maggot to them. Rats are cute.

          7. Hmm the news knows him enough. The police know him enough to put him in jail without bond. I guess they know him better than what you do.

          8. Offer up some verifiable proof or go pound sand you useless piece of excrement… Go ahead and defend this garbage called Bryan Gleason, everytime you do you look like an even bigger asshole than you did the time before. When this fucktard gets convicted and sent up the river are you going to come back here and apologize to those of us that have the story right? Probably not – you don’t have the balls to do anything more than whinge about your fuck-buddy being innocent. Explain how he’s being held with no bond if he’s so damn innocent? Conspiracy on all parts except for poor Bry-bry? I think not you useless, oxygen wasting maggot. Get your priorities straight. The ONLY thing that matters here is that beautiful baby girl that was beaten to death. NOT your dick-sucking little pal…

          9. How original. Can’t say any facts just name call. *yawn* You are pathetic.

      2. I keep hearing that the Gleasons are arguing with the autopsy findings. What about this baby’s numerous bruises and broken collarbone? Did they just magically appear? It has nothing to do with his past. It has nothing to do with his military history. One of my brother’s is a Purple Heart recipient as well. That doesn’t make him a baby killer.

        1. Of course they would. It couldn’t POSSIBLY be the dickweed who killed her. Those injuries must’ve been caused by herself. Someone should just dump the whole family into a volcano.
          I’m so sorry that darling Soren was taken from you by this disgusting foul walking dick known as Bryan Gleason. She looked like such as beautiful and vibrant little girl. He had no fucking right whatsoever to be in her home.

          1. truthistruthistruth

            You are 100% correct Aussie. Thanks for supporting the REAL family of Soren- her late father’s side.

          2. It’s the right thing to do. The wrong thing to do is to support the little girl’s killer.

          3. Her mother is her only family not her fathers side they are trash and shit they left and never tried to see her

          4. Her “mother” is not her only family. Her “mother” is defending her vaginal parasite, the dog turd dildo who killed Soren. That is not her family.

          5. truthistruthistruth

            And her birth vessel just got engaged to this dog turd dildo who killed her own daughter.

          6. I find it sadly hilarious how hard Bryan’s “people” are trying to poison the pool against Soren’s paternal family. I hope you fools realize that the only thing you succeed in doing is making it blatantly obvious who the guilty party is. Philip Bryan Gleason. END OF STORY IDIOTS! Keep trying, seriously, keep it up, it only makes it worse for “your” side and helps the side of truth and justice for Soren.

  4. “Boyfriend =/= babysitter” hits the nail right on the head. Why do so many single mothers with young children leave their kid with someone they just met?

    1. The way I look at it, if a boyfriend really loves the kids, he wouldn’t call it babysitting but just parenting.

      1. Deliverer of Truth

        They didn’t just meet stupid. And it’s not any worse than leaving them with an actual hired babysitter that applied for the job-which a mom would not have known. Stop being idiotic and use your brain….if you even have one mike.

        1. truthistruthistruth

          Deliverer of lies: you are so fucking moronic you make my head hurt. They only knew each other a few months. But mommy dearest cared more about her vagina being filled with shithead’s tiny dick than she did her child. So shithead tiny dick killed the child because she looked like her real daddy, who NEVER hurt her. Capiche, shithead number 2?

  5. Not to dissapoint you, but I believe earring holes grow back.

    1. Not after Bubba’s used them as glory holes.

    2. Nope. I had just regular ear piercings…not spacers. I had them done when I was 10. I stopped wearing earrings when I started nursing at 21. I’m now 35 & still have holes where earrings could go if I owned any.

    3. Really? I have two regular tiny ear piercings and they have not grown back. I also had a belly button ring and haven’t used it in years and when I tried to put a ring in a few weeks ago it went in no problem.

      So you believe wrong.

      1. It can depend on how quickly your body can repair itself. My best friend had a stud in the top of her ear that closed up and she had to have it redone. My aunt had her belly button redone after she had my cousin. But her ears she can leave for years and they still go in. It’s very strange.

        1. Yeah, six months after I got my belly button done my ring broke while sleeping over a friends. I only had it out for six hours and it already closed. I got it repeirced that day but eventually stopped wearing it after two years (pregnancy, baby weight, etc) but it never closed back up.

      2. These ones definitely won’t close up, they had spacers in them. They give you Buddha ears.

  6. I as well as Christopher Austin know this man personally and know that he is no monster. he is a man that fought side by side with my brother and helped my brother Christopher through more hard times than u can count no this doesn’t excuse what has happened but for those of you that believe he is a monster or piece of shit need to realize this man has been through more shit than your sorry asses will ever know

    1. You can’t POSSIBLY know what we’ve been through Gonz. It’s very presumptuous of you to assume that you do. Did you grow up physically, verbally and sexually abused? Have you ever been raped? Ever been attacked in a parking garage in the middle of the day with security guards around so that you thought you were safe? Ever been sick and dying in an ambulance in a foreign country where people were throwing molotov c*cktails at your ambulance because they didn’t know you were minutes away from death as a 12 year old, all that they knew was that you were white?

      As for this case? We have media accounts, statements from the judicial system and I’ve not yet heard from any source that he even denies the allegation. It’s great that he helped your brother, it’s what the brotherhood of the Army is all about. That doesn’t make him a saint, somehow above the power to be a damaged mortal…

      1. You don’t have any real statements as they haven’t be released you fucks!

        1. We have news articles. Obviously you haven’t read them, otherwise you’d be changing your tune. All you have is your pathetic bitch whining that your boyfriend’s innocent. Obviously you’ve sucked his dick for far too long.

          1. How about you suck my dick you pathetic bitch the only scum here is you whores reporting false rumors you heard from down the street. Get hard evidence from the officer in charge of the investigation oh wait you can’t because he said on national tv there is nothing to report other than Bryan was watching her alone and she had a blow to her head. Nothing has been charged or has been admitted to this meaning your thought on what’s real is false. Be my guest call Lancaster police department lol I’m done you bitches are stupid goodbye

          2. Good, go defend your boyfriend in court. You’ll be laughed right out onto the street. Now I see why Bryan’s the only one willing to suck your dick (and vice versa) since you think all women are bitches and whores.

          3. So, Genius, you really think someone with the tag “Aussie Sabbath” is hearing false shit from down the street??? Do you KNOW what “Aussie” means you fucking idiotard?

            According to an article published 03/06/2013 by

            “Wednesday morning, bond was denied for a Lancaster County man accused of beating and killing his girlfriend’s five-year-old daughter.”

            It’s hard to deny bond if there are no charges you mental midget! Get off of your soap-box, he’s going down for this, and then going down (on every Bubba there) while he’s in the big house to try and earn a little protection from the anal beating he’s going to be getting.

            I tried to be sympathetic to you, and all of you’ve done is throw that in my face, so kindly go fuck off. I’m starting to believe you don’t know this baby-murdering monster at all. I think you’re trolling just to be an abusive fucktard.

            Go away little boy – you’ve had your fun now…

          4. truthistruthistruth

            Don’t you look pretty fucking stupid now!!

        2. Deep Christopher, really deep… You’re still going to have to face the fact that your “buddy” fucked up and killed a baby. Get help, you’ll need it!

      2. Y don’t u take the advice of your own statement he’s a human he’s family he’s a father he’s a friend he’s a brother he lives he breaths he cries he loves now if u consider this human a monster than wats that saying that u have the right to change that? and yes for your information these tragedies u speak of have happened to me and our family you think that you are the only ones going through stuff how presumptuous of you you arrogant prick and you think she was raped because this fashist fool used the words sex toy a thousand times o and remember he’s human he’s got a name or do u think all this stuff that this cow stated above are true because u saw it on this internet page cause everything on the net is true. we’re not trying to say he’s a saint we’re trying to say that even though this happened he deserves a little decency I mean he is human. and have u even seen anything saying he admitted to wat these so called articles say or wats he says happened didn’t think so all you have is pissed off parents and so on that don’t know the entire story

        1. I don’t care what he had been through. He killed a child. He deserves to be raped repeatedly in prison every day for the rest of his life.

          1. When I was 6 I was guest of honor at a gang-bang. True statement. The abuse started when I was 2 & ended when I was 12. When I was 5, my father shot my dog in front of me & said that’s what I’d get if I told.

            I have NEVER hit a child. Ever. Not once. Nor have I ever said words that hurt a child. Ever. Not once.

            I’m no saint & when I’d get angry enough to pound walls, I’d leave the room until I was calm again.

            If I can do that, why could a man TRAINED in controlling his violence not keep his hands off a little person?

            Pond scum is more valuable than he is. So is hagfish slime.

          2. I’m SO sorry for what you suffered as a child. And kudos for not continuing the cycle. Thank you for chiming in and reminding the scumbag defenders of this POS that there is never, EVER an excuse for child abuse or for losing your temper so badly that you can’t control your rage and a child dies at your hand. I hope your story has some impact on them because so far they don’t seem to get it…

          3. Thank you for answering, Buffettgirl.
            I just wanted to point out that the military aren’t only trained to be violent, they are trained to control that violence… and trained by professionals. All I had was a drive to do the opposite of everything my father did. If I can control myself, why couldn’t he? He’d have been better off going outside & running his head into a wall before he touched that baby.
            Funny story – When I started teaching, I had the little guys, K-3. If I got angry, I’d say, “I’m too angry to discuss it now. I’ll come back when I’m calm.” One day I told a 1st grader that he couldn’t do…whatever. Out went the lip, his fists balled up, he was breathing hard and then he just stopped. His head went up & he said, “I’m too mad to ‘scuss it now. Go away & come back later.”
            I kept a solemn face, said something about it being good of him to let me know he was angry & I went away. Inside, I was laughing hysterically. It was like looking at a mirror. Later, I asked him if he wanted to talk & he said, “About what?” End of story.
            People can not only break the cycle for themselves, they can break it for lots of others, too. All we have to do is try.

          4. Actually, my Boyfriend is a former Army Ranger, sniper qualified and after he left the 2nd Ranger Battalion he ended up teaching weapons, hand to hand and land nav. He NEVER uses violence to solve his problems either. Your point about them being trained to control the violence they are taught is well made! I love the story about the little one taking your example to heart and making a good decision instead of a not so good one. (Kids are amazing with the way they process information aren’t they?) In my life, I could have become the nasty piece of work my former Step-Dick was (a molester, but just touching, never anything worse), or maybe come out of things being the occassional screaming banshee my Mom can still be at times (well, four kids in four years could probably do that to anyone, right? ;D) or even the perma-victim my Aunt always was/is. But why? What purpose did uncontrolled or disguised anger ever serve? And WHAT could this beeautiful 5 year old girl have EVER done to “justify” her death? My neices and nephews drive me around the bend sometimes, like when my then 8 year old niece and her 3 pals put a log in the back seat of my car. No biggie right? Except I have a convertable Saab, with leather seats… and the log was COVERED in sap. To say the least it did the leather no favors and took about 6 hard hours of scrubbing to get it out. I could have flipped my lid, but why? They’re just kids, learning where the boundaries are. Instead, I laughed with them, it was just a prank gone wrong after all, showed them the damage and set them to work for the entire time it took me to clean the leather. The house got cleaner, the weeds got pulled and we all laughed and had a good time. Eight years later, they still LAUGH about their “punishement.” Kids aren’t that complicated! Whatever this jerk’s excuse is, it’s never going to explain what the hell happened that day. And all of his asshole defenders are going to look really stupid when it finally comes to light that he is, in fact, the baby killer he’s being accused of being. His choice…

          5. You are soooooo right! And, I loved how your boyfriend turns his training to good and his own manly maturity to conscientious living.
            I also loved hearing about the tree sap. You are awesome!

          6. Well Thank you! You’re coming across as pretty awesome yourself! πŸ˜‰ As long as right-minded folks stick together maybe we have a chance at saving some of these kids from the maggots that abuse and kill them. I wish the concept of shame were still prevalent today… as in “you will not embarrass your family name with your misdeeds.” I can still hear (and feel!) my Mom hissing in my ear when I was VERY small and thinking about throwing a fit in the grocery “You will NOT embarrass me!” She was right! It wasn’t worth the spanking I would have gotten if I had pitched a fit. Now this was about 1974, so spanking wasn’t so forbidden then… makes me wish it was still more acceptable today. I think a spank on a padded diaper-butt is no big deal. I don’t advocate beating by any means, but a spank is just a sharp reminder of what’s naughty and what isn’t in my book. A little more of that and a little less excusing Little Johnny for his every breath and the world might just be a better place!

        2. First of all – I did NOT refer to anyone being raped but ME! So fuck the right off for attacking me on that when you clearly can’t read, or write in anything but non-sensical text speak. For your information genius, I read SEVERAL articles about this case, I have an IQ of 167, I’m quite capable of investigating situations on my own and coming to my own conclusion. The events I listed above are all things that have happened to ME. So when, I’d like to know was anyone in your family in an ambulance with molotov c*cktails being thrown at it as a 12 yr old girl minutes away from death? I can back my shit up, can you? What I do know, as of 3 days ago, before I went out of town for the weekend is that I found nothing where he DENIES these charges. I never once said I am the only one going through anything, I said it was presumptuous of YOU to state that Bryan has gone through more than any of us. You are the one that is making Bryan out to be the greatest tragedy on the planet. He’s not, babies that died due to provable abuse, THEY are the tragedy. Get your shit figured out. Maybe when you grow up you’ll be able to see the things that should be priorities in life…

          1. I am new to this site…have been reading it for a few days now. This story is like a damn broken record!
            I have NO sympathy for baby molesters, rapers, or killers…Which unfortunately usually turns out to be the boyfriend. Fuck them.
            I also have NO sympathy for the birth (so called) “mothers” that move these assholes in and leave their children with them. Fuck them.
            Also a big FUCK YOU to the people that write in here defending these c***s. Your bullshit falls on deaf ears.
            This POS here needs to rot in prison for the rest of his days or he just needs to be eliminated. He shouldn’t breathe the same air as the rest of civilized society.

          2. Oh and Buffettgirl I wasn’t replying to your post (which I totally agree with) I am just learning how to work the comments πŸ™‚

          3. No worries! I didn’t take it that you were aiming that at me. Welcome aboard! πŸ˜‰

          4. truthistruthistruth

            Love your comment PA!

          5. Thanks! The fact that this POS was denied bond says a lot. I am sure his defenders have an “explanation” for that though ::rolls eyes::

          6. Oh he did get bond? I need to read the new’s reports on his bond hearing.

          7. BRAVO!!!!!

        3. truthistruthistruth

          He’s not a human he’s worthless piece of cow shit. And you’re an asshole for defending him. More evidence was in the bond hearing. She didn’t beat herself to death.
          And THAT’s the story, asswipe.

        4. Soren was human, and she suffered horribly. Most folks prefer to side with the small, defenseless girl who died rather than the man accused of killing her. Bryan has a lawyer to protect him during due process, a voice to defend himself with, and a life to defend. Soren has none of that.

        5. truthistruthistruth

          You fucking don’t know the entire story unless you are BRYAN or his dumbtw*t sister or that sorry ass c***icle Vickie!

          1. truthistruthistruth

            And even sissy doesn’t know.

    2. He killed a child. That makes him a monster, a piece of shit, a vile maggot. Don’t make excuses for him, because that would make you just as bad as him.

    3. As I stated previously, just because you knew him and served with him doesn’t mean he isn’t capable. You will know what I mean when I say this, he is now a shitbag. You know one of those soldiers that used to be high-speed then started acting fucking stupid. This guy is a shitbag, I know how it is to want to preserve the memory of the tight-knit camaraderie that you had with him however he killed a child and you should be ashamed that you are coming here defending this vile piece of shit in lieu of defending the innocent helpless child.

      Traces of his skin were found under this angel’s nails which means she fought him off and he has the marks to correlate with that. Usually I refrain from talking shit to my fellow veterans but you have brought this on yourself. Just because you probably had one of the lowest ASVAB scores which landed you and your buddy as hooah hooah 11 bang bangs just know that strong arm bullshit doesn’t work with me and I fucking hope he burns in hell.

      Also, buddy boy, I could sit here and go through my shitty upbringing that was chock-full of drug abuse, child abuse in every conceivable manner, tell you how I’ve looked down the barrel of gun on more than one occasion with a parent on the other end because of mental instability or how I was thrown out of a moving vehicle by my incubator’s vag filler, I could detail how each scar I have holds a memory of abuse I suffered from my assholes for 14 years, but would it matter? No, it wouldn’t I don’t give a fuck what he’s been through NOTHING he’s been through is an excuse for this shit.

      1. AMEN!!!

    4. truthistruthistruth

      Your brain is “gonz”. Yes your butt buddy Bryan is a piece of shit monster and it’s now known after his joke of a bond hearing. More evidence was presented but his lawyer convinced the dumb judge he wasn’t a flight risk so he got a bond. NOT because there was no evidence. His ass is still charged and we all are waiting to see what other charges come about.

      I don’t give a shit if he was in the military he has disgraced the army by abusing and killing a CHILD. Repeated abuse too.

    5. truthistruthistruth

      You don’t know who has been through what. This dickweed got his leg hurt. Big fucking deal. Then he beat a 5 year old little girl to death. He needs a high voltage cattle prod shoved up his ass while standing in a tub of water. And so does the fucking egg donor.

  7. he is scum! the scratches on his face are defense wounds from that precious baby girl! his skin was found under her nails! thats a fact not a rumor! how can you say he is a good man???? he is a disgrace to the US Army!

    1. truthistruthistruth

      Well April Victoria Snipes, the evil bitch who birthed Soren, just got engaged to that piece of shit evil punk who killer her child. Homicide by child abuse- are the charges SO FAR. And I hope and pray that VIckie Snipes aka gash gets charged with something because there’s no chance in hell she didn’t know her little girl was being brutally abused or WORSE.

      1. WOW! I wonder, is it because she just “loves” him so much or if it’s a defense attorney move so that she doesn’t have to testify against her spouse at the trial?

        1. Probably. Because it couldn’t be that she actually “loves” this piece of shit and is so desperate for dick that she would stay with the dog turd that killed her baby. She’s been lying for him since the get go, and if the marriage goes through, she can legally lie for him. God, she wouldn’t get away with such a stupid move here in Oz.

          1. I can’t imagine EVER taking up for the monster that brutally murdered my baby, but then again, I’m normal! These two asshats make my brain hurt!

          2. truthistruthistruth

            I don’t think either of them are as “Safe” as they believe they are! Not by a long shot.

        2. I am not a lawyer, but I believe spousal privilege does not apply if the crime was committed before the marriage, to prevent exactly this thing. Let’s hope so. In CA at least, it also does not apply in child abuse cases. I don’t know if other states differ.

  8. Thanks for the welcomes! I have shook my head in amazement and sorrow, over the past few days, reading this site.
    The baby killers, and rapist are bad enough, but reading about these damn women that move them in REALLY chaps my ass. I have a 12 year old son. I separated from his father when he was 8 months old. Guess how many men my son has been exposed to….zero, zilch, nada. Fucking selfish bitches, when you have a child it’s not about you anymore! Buy a damn vibrator.

    1. You ROCK!!! That’s the way it should be. If you do meet a good man that’s going to go the long haul, you have all of the time in the world to introduce him to your son!

      1. Deliverer of Truth

        Don’t hate on women trying to move on with their lives and provide good dads for their kids when the sperm donors don’t stick around just because you can’t get another man.

        1. Your comment is so ridiculous I don’t even know where to start

        2. Jeremy (her real Dad) split with April (Vickie) in April of this year. He went to PA to take care of his DYING mother. He came home to SC in October. He was allowed to see Soren ONCE! He called every night only to have Bryan or Vickie tell him he could not talk to her. DO NOt call my brother a sperm donor you idiot. You weren’t there. I was. Take your head out of your ass and don’t assume you know anything about my brother.

          1. Good for you Sarah! And I’m so sorry for what you are going through, I can’t imagine the grief, but it appears you’re one tough chick – keep it up!

        3. truthistruthistruth

          The “Sperm donor” was her real FATHER and he split from the mother after being with her crazy, abusive ass for about 5 years. He tried to keep constant contact with his beloved daughter but crazy ass Snipes and her psycho boy toy Gleason tried to prevent it. They were usually successful. When the little girl was brutally beaten to DEATH by this psycho cowardly piece of shit baby killer, she was still asking where her daddy was because bitchtress mom and baby killing dick didn’t tell her he had died. So you can take this and shove this up your ass along with Bryan’s weak little dick. M’kay?

        4. Hey Redardiot – I wasn’t doing anything more than congratulating P.A. for raising her child right and putting the child first. I wasn’t hating on anyone – so piss off for calling me a hater. The truth you think you deliver is as muddled as your thinking… time to put the crack away and join the real world now… Fucktard. Oh – and I have a man, a real man, not a child-murdering asshole, but a man that fought in special forces as an Army Ranger. So again, PISS OFF!!!

        5. Soren’s real dad died, you shithead. That’s hardly “not sticking around”. And I believe it was Soren’s birth vessel who left, not the other way around.

          1. Actually he left and died of an overdose because he was a drug addict

          2. You’re a nasty dumb shit. Don’t you think they would have reported that? Go away you nasty little troll.

          3. truthistruthistruth

            Soren’s real dad died in December and it’s still under investigation for you idiots bashing him. See Vickiebitch’s mom superbitch told him to go because he and Vickiebitch were fighting- over her never paying attention to little Soren. So he went to another state and took care of his dying mom for months but called every day to talk to Soren. IF Vickiebitch let him talk. Once she met Bryan punk it was hard for him to talk to his own daughter. Then when his mom died, he moved back to the same state as his little girl (staying with his sister) thinking he’d get to see Soren. But Soren’s birth vessel Vickie and her punk ass boy toy Bryan wouldn’t allow it. He got to see her one time. Punk Bryan threatened him repeatedly. So Soren’s real dad was heartbroken and he left to go back to live with another relative in that other state. He called Soren every day, they said so. His death is still being looked into because his “friends” might have shot him up with something when he was drunk. He was drinking out of despair over losing his daughter, but big deal. Birth vessel drinks, childkilling Bryan drinks. Hell birth vessel’s sister is a drug dealer and birth vessels mom drinks too. They are all a bunch of worthless drunks and druggies.

            As far as sister Sarah being banned from the services, Vickiebitch did that because Sarah dared to say something TRUE about Bryan AFTER he was arrested and charged with HOMICIDE by CHILD ABUSE.
            And that’s the truth as MANY people know it. And birthvessel knows it too. So you Bryan lovers can shove it.

        6. It sounds like you don’t know a damn thing about her real father. How can you look at that beautiful child and take up for either one of those pieces of shit (MOM and penis). I’m not sure if you are talking to me or Buffettgirl…but fuck you either way.
          I went on dates (very few) while my son was growing up….what I didn’t do was bring them around my son and certainly didn’t move some man in! @ Sarah Chilson-Cole….I am so sorry that your family is having to go through this, my heart goes out to you.

          1. sarah chilson cole is a damn fool and a put on a coward bitch that was banned from the services for soren because of her false hoods to the media

          2. truthistruthistruth

            You’re a fucking lying tool. Vickiebitch the egg donor banned her for speaking the truth. We hope more arrests will be made. Too bad they don’t ask for the death penalty for this dickless turd Bryan AND anyone else involved.

        7. Good dads? Are you fucking kidding me? Good men don’t kill children. Go away you asshole. It’s better to be alone for the right reasons than to be with a guy for his dick. Gad, you are an ass.

        8. No one is hating! But when you put a DICK before a child something is really wrong with the bitch .. Your children should always come first and if you are a selfish bitch like this so called mother is then maybe just maybe she shouldn’t have any kids…

    2. Preach!!!

  9. What a dirty piece of shit.

    On a side note, Soren in the first picture looks like a tiny version of the actress who plays Prue on Charmed. It is such a hard thing to see these pictures of happy little kids and know some piece of shit killed them.

    1. She also reminds me of a younger version of the girl who played Rory on Gilmore Girls. I’m always going to try to put up more photos of the kids than the filthy scum that abused/killed them, because it’s the kids that need to be remembered not the dog turds that killed them.

      1. Alexis Bledel that’s her name.

      2. I wish people got the death penalty for these killings. Take them out back and shoot them.

  10. hey fyi guys….the monsters family and Soren’s mother and her family have a website for donations to help his legal defense!!!!!!

    1. Oh my god, you’ve gotta be shitting me…after what the shitbag has been accused of…they should’ve started a fund for disposing of the putrid penis in the most torturous ways possible!

      1. $700 in 3 days. Bryan’s voice pffft….what about Soren’s voice?

        1. Exactly. You lose your voice once you kill a child.

          1. truthistruthistruth

            This piece of shit made his bond and he out in early April. And now he’s engaged to Soren’s mom.

          2. Seriously??? He had something to do with the death of her little girl and she still wants to be with him? Some skanks are just desperate for any dick.

          3. truthistruthistruth

            That and hopefully she’ll be charged. That abuse didn’t just happen that one night. It was too much.

          4. The DICK is what she wants and has ever wanted. from what I have read she never cared about the child ..

        2. I wonder why they chose a happy smiling picture of him and not the mugshot where he has little scratches on his face from where Soren fought for life against him?

          1. That might paint this POS in a bad light! Now they are up to $305. Fools. Let this asshole be stuck with a public defender.

          2. They’ve disabled the comment box and have pleaded for people not to leave nasty comments. Like anyone would actually publicly support a child killer. The whole town’s baying for his blood.

          3. Except for the names assholes that donated… Fuck – this shit has me enraged. Where is the support and love for this gash’s DAUGHTER???

          4. A fool and his money are soon parted.

          5. Still at $305 over a month later – but he’s so INNOCENT… uh huh, riiiiight! These defenders crack me up!

          6. What will $305 get them? An intern?

          7. Not even, I might have paid for the copyroom girl to make copies and organize the case file for about an hour. Of course she’ll only get paid $25/hr or so, but it’ll get billed out for about $300.00…

          8. Sheesh? Really? You wouldn’t want anything near the TRUTH to be a part of this would you??? πŸ˜‰

        3. Someone must’ve taken their “donation” back, they’re down to $280 lol

        4. I just had to click the link didn’t I? I so HATE these people and the fucking retards donating that I can’t see straight right now!

    2. Do you have links to it? I wanna see the lame excuses of “Oh, he’s innocent, she hit herself etc”

    3. How disgusting. If this were my baby he wouldn’t need to worry about the law……Just sayin’

    4. Oh HELL! I missed this – I think I’m going to go and be ill now…

    5. Sorens mother does not get that shit right

      1. Hey, Inbred, Can you clarify what this dumbass statement is supposed to mean???

        1. I think it means exactly that – “Sorens mother does not get that shit right” As in Soren’s mother has the inability or doesn’t have the desire to “get that shit right”.

          1. I was a little hesitant to take it at face value considering “thetruth” is one of the POS defenders of the baby killer and the the birth vessel…

          2. Yeah I don’t think there is any other way to take it. Apart from with a grain of salt.

  11. This poor excuse of a man should not have ever been aloud to be around her .. Her mother should have protected her.. It’s not like her amazing daddy can anymore even when he was around he didn’t like him. Soren should have never been aloud to be hurt ever no child should. Personally If I was a single mom I would be sceptical of anyone I let around my child

    1. truthistruthistruth

      She cared more about her vagina being filled than protecting her child.

  12. Monster! praying this cold dead eyed douche bag has his day in prison …EVERY DAY!!! what beautiful little girl, such a tragedy. May little Soren rest in peace in the arms of the angels with her loving earthly father and her Heavenly Father, may they both rest in peace. Shame on her mother, my own mother after my father died brought a monster into our home, my older brother and I served as his punching bag. I understand that fear, that pain, and not knowing why my mom didnt stop it, until i was older did i realize she too was being abused. That was in the 70’s women felt trapped, today there is so much help out there. Soren’s mother could have reached out for help, but didn’t. That is the saddest part of all. Now her precious baby girl is gone along with her baby’s daddy. The guilt my friends will possibly kill her. My prayers are for Soren and her family.

    1. truthistruthistruth

      Don’t pray for the mom’s family they sat with the killer’s family at his bond hearing. They must be in on this. Pray for the real daddy’s family instead.

      1. the moms family is the only family to pray for the chilsons and coles took themselves out of her life

        1. Liar, liar… when a child is removed/prevented from seeing half of her family it doesn’t equate to that part of the family “taking themselves out of her life” Stupid, no matter how many times you say it does…

        2. truthistruthistruth

          You’re a fucking idiot. The more you post the dumber you look. They didn’t take themselves out of her life. Egg Donor wouldn’t talk to anyone anymore. Now everyone knows why.

  13. Deliverer of Truth

    You guys are fucking stupid. Do you know him? NO you don’t. I do. Do you know the girl or her mom? NO. You don’t. For your information the baby dad killed himself and his family has a drug and alcohol problem. The little girl had just gotten back from their house that day. Bryan is an AMAZING father and only tried to help the girl. Even the girl’s mom and everyone who actually KNOWS him know he’s innocent. All your doing by posting stupid childish shit like this acting like immature middle schoolers is putting this already in pain mom in more pain. So shut the fuck up, do the world a favor and kill yourselves. Oh, and the amount of time a woman dates someone is not relevent to how fast they move in together. For all you know they knew each other for years. And a person you’ve known for years is just as likely to possibly do something bad as someone you’ve known only days.

    1. truthistruthistruth

      For your information Deliverer of lies the real father didn’t kill himself. FACT. And his family does not have a drug and alcohol problem, that would be the walking vagina mama’s family. FACT. Back that charge up fucking turd because you can’t.

      This little girl was at NO ONE’s house that day. Her real father’s family isn’t even there. Some members live in Pennsylvania, 14 hours away, some in North Carolina, 2 hours or so away, and only 1 is in South Carolina but that’s over an hour away. So back that charge up you fucking piece of shit, you can’t do that either.

      You’re going to be sued for libel with that stupid shit, or your head will receive what Soren’s did. Capiche?
      And the walking vagina just met the dickless turd a few months prior. Shows how much you know. And YES it does have a bearing that Walking Vagina cared more about her sex life than her child.

    2. straight lies above!!!!!! the egg donor wouldnt let her fathers family see her since she took up with this monster!!!!! she was not with them the day she was killed!

    3. So what your saying is the child beat herself to death. what an IDIOT!!!

  14. Okk let me set this record straight fuck you the childs mother had nothing to do with this jeremy sorens real father was a drug addict that died of an over dose and they seperated because he was a drug addict that sliced her tires on her birthday! Bash bryan all u want but don’t you dare make it look like this is the mothers fault sorens dads family are full of shit and we know they are feeeding you this garbage do your fucking research and btw she worked one job and jeremy none

    1. Oh WOW! It all makes sense now… FUCKING MORON! All you have done is make Bryan look even more guilty than he already appears and you’ve made yourself look equally bad by your poor grammar and syntax… You aren’t SMART enough to set any one of us “straight”” idiot! Okk???

    2. She let her boyfriend “babysit”. ‘Nuff said. She didn’t even bother to get to know the parasite that would be invading her daughter’s home, all she cared about was her naughty bits. You set out to set us straight, huh? Yep, you’ve only managed to set us as straight as a banana…

      1. You mean all she cared about was his DICK and how she was going to get fucked .. DICK came before her child ..

        1. Yes, all she cared about was her dick of the week and how he made her naughty bits feels. What a vile whore.

    3. Not to mention the fact that Soren’s birth vessel is supporting the piece of shit that killed her little girl. That speaks volumes about how much the egg donor had to do with Soren’s death…

    4. Really? Are you aware that the death certificates of people are public record? Do you know that the person here threatening to sue you asshats coming here for liable actually have a case? Just because your buddy tells you one thing doesn’t mean you have to believe it. All of this shit is public record. So, next time before you look like a total idiot do a simple Google search with allintext: preceding it, and voila, court records, jackass. You pathetic fucking pieces of shit are advocating for someone who killed a child. How fucked up are you? Go suck start a 9 mil and get the fuck off my planet. If you want to stick up for someone stick up for the baby who got murdered by this c*cksmoking piece of shit.

      1. truthistruthistruth

        Amen Rochell!

    5. truthistruthistruth

      Jeremy did have a job. He worked as a cook, then he worked for bitch’s dad. He left to go to his mom and looked for work there, then came back to the state and worked at a store. Do your fucking research you piece of shit.
      As far as the rest, Soren’s mom’s sister is a drug dealer. Soren’s mom herself drinks. Soren’s mother’s mother drinks. You friends and family of Soren’s birth vessel and Bryan are all stupid pieces of shit who are in for the shock of your lives pretty damn soon. You don’t do your own research and BTW Soren’s mom never worked a fucking day of her life until just before she and Jeremy split. Not one fucking day. AND she’s not working right now.

      1. truthistruthistruth

        Oh and BRYAN Gleason hasn’t worked since his long ago army days!

    6. truthistruthistruth

      You don’t know shit. You are pathetic fucking liar and your BOY murdered a five year old child while the c*** who birthed her allowed it to happen. Hope they all fry.

  15. Her mother was wrong of letting him with her daughter, Yes. But you people are focusing on her more than him. He deserves to be castrated and someone needs to take down that fucking site tryinf to get money for him.

    1. The egg donor is standing by her sex toy. She is just as bad as him now. No real mother would stand by a piece of shit who killed her baby. Hang them both.

  16. He won’t be put into general population for his protection. Inmates don’t like child killers. Why can’t they all just be executed?

    1. truthistruthistruth

      We all wish don’t we! Egg donor is now engaged. There’s a facebook page called Justice for Soren Chilson and egg donor and her friends are trying to get it removed. Bunch of losers!

  17. truthistruthistruth

    Well well well, I found out that Soren’s momster April Victoria “Vickie” Snipes just got engaged to the piece of shit Bryan Gleason who killed her baby! How fucked up is this? And more evidence is coming all the time. Damn that is one evil bitch to go with an evil punk.

    1. Hopefully he’ll be sentenced to life in prison. It’s not much fun being married to a jailbird, she’ll cheat on him soon enough. Actions speak louder than words, she was definitely in on Soren’s murder. How disgusting that she stands by the piece of shit that killed her baby. She probably was in on it for a “fresh start” since Soren belonged to Jeremy and not the vaginal parasite.

      1. truthistruthistruth

        She never wanted kids to begin with. I guess Soren was in the way of her perfect love story with this abusive son of a bitch coward. She was beaten more than just the night she died. God know what hell that little girl endured.

    2. What a stupid c***cicle. I hope she gets permanently sterilized before this happens to another baby.

      1. truthistruthistruth

        Her and her friends are working hard to get a Justice for Soren Chilson facebook page taken down.One of her friends says Soren doesn’t need justice, the egg donor does because all these meanies are saying shit about her! WTF is wrong with people?

        1. Are you fucking kidding me? Please tell me you are joking. This tw*twaffle should be thanking her lucky stars she isn’t sitting once cell over from her bronzed dong. Both of them need to die slowly and painfully…if only murder was legal.

  18. truthistruthistruth

    There is now a page on facebook called Justice for Soren Chilson. I have no idea who started it but egg donor April “Vickie” and her disgusting friends (I’ll just call them all DFPs which is disgusting fat pigs) are trying to shut it down!! You can find it by just typing in those words up there Justice for Soren Chilson. One of egg donor’s friends (Lauren) posted on there and says Soren doesn’t need justice! To let her rest in peace! WTF??? And then she says that egg donor “Vickie” needs justice! And of course all these DFPs think justice is needed for egg donor and that God will get everyone else! They are throwing around God a lot, saying God will punish all those who are against Bryan or April “Vickie” ? WTF? I don’t think God thinks too highly of child killers and the mothers of dead children who let this abuse go on until their child is brutally murdered. And in this case, DFP egg donor got engaged to the son of a bitch child killer. At least a few posters on that page are sticking up for Soren. One just wrote me about the page, that’s how I saw it.

    1. I’ll look it up when I get home.

  19. Here’s the support page for Soren. Everyone should like it.

  20. There is not a day that goes by that I do not advocate for a child, if I see a situation that could cause harm to a child I speak up for that child, I do not care whom I might make mad cause I care only about that child. There will always be people who will chose to treat their children like things and not like people, and that my FRIENDS is where I step in. We are all soldiers on the front line a…nd it is time for all of us to step up and push forward and report any kind of abuse . I do it for CHILDREN on a wall of tears that is to sad to even began to list, I also do it for my CHILDREN whom are not victims and NEVER will be cause I will not allow them to be. WE are parents, We are protectors, and WE are all some of these kids have. STOP and REPORT CHILD ABUSE!!

  21. Something is very wrong with our society if people can justify forgetting their own flesh and blood, no matter what the reason. Parents exist for a reason. To protect their offspring until they come of age. Good parenting is a function of INSTINCT, a gift from nature. A perfect brain has very little to do with instinct. Here’s the truth, the natural instinct that comes with becoming a parent, is slowly being phased out in many people. What this means is that people should seriously consider whether or not they will make good parents. This is especially true for people considering embarking on single parenthood.

    1. truthistruthistruth

      Today Vickie Snipes MARRIED Bryan Gleason, the piece of shit who murdered her little girl. Soren Chilson turned 5 Jan 31 2013 and on March 5 Bryan Gleason beat her head in. She was covered in bruises head to toe, front to back, some not recent. She had a broken collarbone in the healing stages. He was charged with Homicide by Child abuse that same day! He was under $150,000 bond and someone paid it so he spent less than 1 month in jail. And Vickie Snipes married this bastard!

      1. Jesus, fuck…why? Karma please I implore you to fuck over Vickie and her child murdering boy toy.

  22. truthistruthistruth

    Today, May 25, 2013, Vickie Snipes of Lancaster SC MARRIED her daughter Soren Chilson’s killer, Bryan Gleason. Soren was murdered March 5 2013 and she’d just turned 5 Jan. 31st. So less than 3 months after her boyfriend not only murdered her little girl and was charged with Homicide by Child abuse, this piece of shit sorry ass female marries the evil bastard. He spent less than 1 month in jail under just $150,000 bond and “someone” paid it.

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