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Indonesian incubator kills son for the most disturbing reason ever

Mother Kills 9-Year-Old Son For Having Small Penis In Indonesia

Here’s a new excuse for killing a child…

An Indonesian incubator drowned her 9 year old son in the bathtub, dressed him and laid him in his bed. Then she calmly went and turned herself in at the cop shop. Why? Because she was worried about his penis size! Reports say that the mother was worried about the size of his willy and decided to “take action” after it appeared to shrink after he had to be circumcised for a medical condition. So she filled up a bathtub with water and drowned her son. Then she dressed him and laid him out on his bed, and went to confess at her local police station. She was worried that his small penis would affect his prospects for the future…

First of all, the extent that this woman was obsessed with her son’s junk is very disturbing. I don’t think mothers of sons are into measuring their penis or obsessing over it. At least I hope not, that’s kind of disturbing. And to kill her son because his penis was too small? He was 9 years old, as in not hit puberty yet! If she’d waited a few years and was still worried about his size, she could have taken him to the doctor instead of killing him! I wonder what she did to her sexual partners when she found out that they, ahem, “failed to measure up”? Did she kill them too for disappointing her?

An Indonesian police spokesperson told the Australian Federal Police that the woman was fully conscious of what she did and had shown premeditation and forethought, but will still undergo psychiatric testing. Please, please let her just be stupid and malicious and not “insane”! That way, she’ll get the maximum time!

On a lighter note: I think I speak for all women and gay guys when I say that size doesn’t matter – it’s how you use it!

Rest in peace little boy. Sorry that your incubator was a shallow bitch.

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  1. Let me preface my comment by saying a small weiner is NO EXCUSE for murder. And like you said, the kid hadnt even hit puberty.
    Do you know who came up with that saying “its not the size, its how you use it”? A man with a small weiner.

    1. I have a few boyfriends I could have murdered for um…. that.

      1. Had two boys that once I saw what was offered, I decided it wasn’t worth it. One was a very large mushroom cap, just the cap though, no stem, the other, was your standard #2 pencil. Not that I have had a lot to compare it to, there have only been four that actually made it into the vault… but they were nice enough that murder didn’t enter my head, just escaping the uncomfortable situation. 😉

        1. I saw one once that made me giggle. I left. he told all of my friends that I was a c*** but never told them why. Then I dated a dude I humored all for the sake of he was a nice guy. Sadly, I did end up having to get a side dish. Then he caught on. Luckily, my husband isn’t lacking. WIN! No murder needed. In fact, that’s what keeps me from it.

          Sad that this c*** didn’t give the little guys a chance to grow. I’m thinking there was a world of batshit crazy going on in the old noggin. Unhinged much?

          1. Yes – thankfully Sniper Boyfriend is not only well hung, but can go & go & go… it does tend to keep the stress level at a minimum doesn’t it? 😉

            My Mom was always very proud of the size of my brothers’ members though. I guess she heard FREQUENTLY from babysitters and pre-school teachers and aides that her two boys had the biggest willies most of these ladies had ever seen on such little boys!

          2. I had a sitter tell me that once. I thought it was funny. If I didn’t know her like I did, I would have punched her

        2. Were they soft or hard? Some are showers, some are growers. I feel sorry for those guys if that was them hard 🙁

          1. hard… sad isn’t it?

          2. Oh dear…I’ve been lucky that I don’t attract that sort of crowd haha.

    2. In my opinion, a short fat one is better than a long skinny one. I haven’t yet had the misfortune of being lied to about the size though, although I have a feeling that some of the idiots who bragged about theirs were probably stretching it literally.

      1. Yeah, I’m with you on the girth being more important than length! Short & fat trumps long & skinny!

  2. Uh, my son is 10…..I stopped looking at his “weiner” when he was old enough to clean it. I respect his privacy and I don’t wanna see that ish…..ewwww.

    1. As a nurse I think parents should occasionally “check in” to make sure their young men are cleaning everything properly as they can have a tendency to get a bit lazy. It’s probably a good chat for Dad to have with him though! Also, don’t ever let your son hear you refer to his penis as “ewwwww” – you’ll give him a complex! But yeah, I get your point…what was she doing obsessing over a nine year olds penis?

      1. Thanks for the lecture on how to raise my child. I’m not an idiot. I come from a long line of people in the medical field on my mother’s side. My husband has the male checks covered. I say “ewwwwww” here because I think its fucking sick for a grown ass woman to be that concerned with a little boys junk. Thanks for irritating me before I have coffee.

        1. Hey, come on, play nicely ladies. Save the sniping for the ‘tard defenders.

          1. I was cool man, till she chimed in to talk shit about my abilities as a parent. I have worked damned hard to give my 3 kids 2 of which are special needs everything they need. Someone telling me that I’m wrong and going to give him a complex, are you fucking shitting me? This woman doesn’t know me, my life nor my kids.

            The comment that set me off was this “don’t ever let your son hear you refer to his penis as “ewwwww” – you’ll give him a complex!” first off I’m highly in tune with my son’s mental health because he is mentally disabled and I have busted my ass making she he is happy and healthy mentally. Sorry it pissed me off because this chick doesn’t know me or how I run my life. Telling me how to raise my kid not knowing the dynamics of the situation is wrong.

            This isn’t the first dumbass thing said by this woman. She was also the one judging teen parents saying all of them should be forced to give up their children. I would block her if I could so I don’t seem like an OS asshole, but I can’t however if I see something wrong I will take a stand against it, like I have the last couple of times she’s said something utterly stupid.

          2. It’s just a shame that Internet forums don’t have tone of voice or you would have realised I wasn’t lecturing. But go ahead & get all butthurt & agro like a petulant child, it makes no difference to me how you choose to take or respond to my comment.

          3. She’s a rational person. I can see you are both on the same page. A simple misunderstanding. Huggles.

          4. Regardless of your tone your mannerisms are condescending every time you respond to someone. At least I can admit getting oversensitive (which is what OS means, just to clarify) whereas you blame your condescending tone on being drunk on the internet. Way to set an example there sweet cheeks.

      2. Both of you have equally good and valid points. But your way of doing things, while it’s good, may not necessarily apply to Shellee’s kids. And vice-versa.

        1. Here, here. I love them both. Can they just kiss and make up?

  3. In my personal opinion, this lady’s brain is to small, it will hinder her future and she should never face that humiliation. I say we put her out of her misery at once!

    1. They have the death penalty in Indonesia, if you can get killed for smuggling drugs, murder probably means being tortured, killed and then having her remains fed to wild dogs.

      1. I’m down for that,lets take that route!

  4. Omfg do you shallow ass ‘ladies’ hear yourselves. Yall might be a little bats@$t crazy.Quit being gross and talking about o.p.privates specially kids.sheesh

    1. Not everyone is a prude like you. Go and get laid, it sounds like a long time since you’ve seen another person’s privates. It might loosen up your uptight arse.

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