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Texas child has hand severely burned by violent stove top

Be careful of these potential child abusers in your house. Given the chance they will burn all of your children.

Be careful of these potential child abusers in your house. Given the chance they will burn all of your children.

Sheriff: Mom burned child’s hands on stove:

Weslaco mom accused of putting her son’s hand on a hot stove:

In Hidalgo County, Texas an oven was arrested after it intentionally and unprovoked burned the hand of a 2-year-old boy. Wait, that’s not true at all. The person that was arrested was 26-year-old Claudia Ponce. She’s been charged with allegedly holding her 2-year-old son’s hand on the stove top after he wouldn’t stop crying. Because nothing stops a kid from crying more than second or third degree burns. (Sarcasm by the way.)

Ponce, who is illegally in The States and working as a prostitute, told police that her son accidentally burned his hand on some soup. For that to be true considering the extent of the injury the kid would have had to have kept his hand in the soup for a good 5 minutes while it was still on the stove. Either way doesn’t look good for her.

Claudia Ponce

Claudia Ponce

According to police Ponce has 5 other kids all under the age of 7 who she would routinely discipline them by beating them with a stick. All the children have been placed with social services except for the boy with the burns. He’s been placed with a foster family that deals with burn victims.

Again the reason that we post these stories about people trying to blame inanimate objects to cover up child abuse is to let them know that they are not smarter than police or doctors. They will get to the underlying cause of the injuries and they will still arrest you and you will go to prison so how about not abusing your kids in the first place huh?

If you encounter a child with severe burns here are some tips on what to do until emergency help arrives.

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  1. Stupid fucking piece of shit! Scumbags like that should NOT have children!

  2. This woman needs to be deported. Her children were obviously born here so they’re US citizens but this woman was an illegal who committed a heinous crime. Send her back to where she came from with the order that that country jail her.

    1. Unfortunately, because the kids are under age they are “anchor babies” & she is probably entitled to stay.

  3. Name & shame! What brand of stove was it? I’ll never own one again! Lol…

    Is it bad that I laughed at the opening of this story? I guess after you read so many of these stories you find humour in little things to stop the horror from penetrating too deep.

    1. One time my Nan’s stove exploded. That was rather violent. They replaced it with a non-violent cooktop though. I hope they don’t sell these aggressive kitchen appliances at Bunnings!

      1. OMG! I used to nanny for a family who had one of those gas stoves with a glass drop down cover for extra bench space when the stove isn’t being used. One day the dad decided to cook & lit a burner but didn’t raise the cover…nek minnit BANG! The cover exploded & tiny pieces of tempered glass rained down on the kitchen…it was both spectacular & terrifying!

  4. I would pay to spend an afternoon with slutty mcpig aka Claudia and our wood stove. I really hope they send her back to where ever she came from and leave the kids here. Wtf is wrong with this poor excuse for a mother?

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