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Nasty bitch ties up, beats and starves her 4 year old

Police: 4-Year-Old Girl Starved, Beaten, Tied to Bed

Laketha Moore, 36

Yeah I beat my child, whatcha gonna do about it?

This smirking slut up there is Laketha Moore (36) of North Las Vegas is nasty and foul. She regularly tied up and starved her 4 year old daughter, as well as beating her with a belt.

The abuse was discovered during a routine maintenance check on the birth vessel’s flat, at Loma Vista Apartments. A maintenance worker found a belt connecting the bedroom and bathroom doors. This was obviously not part of the design of the apartment, so the worker decided to investigate further. When they opened the bedroom door, they discovered the 4 year old girl tied to a bed, surrounded by filth. She was starving.

According to police reports, the birth vessel had been leaving her daughter tied to a bed in her bedroom, 10 to 12 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week. She’d also been beaten with a belt until she fell unconscious. The little girl complained that she was hungry because “Mommy ties me up all the time”. How heartbreaking 🙁 Apart from starvation, her injuries included a black eye, cuts on her nose, a bruised ribcage, back, ankles and matted hair. The birth vessel placed a bin next to the bed so that the little girl could go to the toilet. Hang on, isn’t she tied up? How would she be able to use the bucket if she were tied up?

The birth vessel’s excuses for this abhorrent treatment was that the little girl often ransacked their apartment, and that the little girl wouldn’t eat any food. I’m pretty sure that for a kid to eat food, you actually have to GIVE them some! Not surprisingly, the fridge was full of a wide variety of foods, so the birth vessel wasn’t starving. As for ransacking the apartment, that’s what kids do. You can punish them and tell them not to, but somehow there’s always toys everywhere. If you don’t want to clean up every two seconds, don’t have kids. Works for me!

The bitchy birth vessel has been charged with 31 counts of child abuse, each count standing for each day she left her child tied up and home alone. Counsellors say that the little girl will have difficulty erasing the memories of the abuse inflicted on her by her birthing unit. The little girl has been placed in child protective custody until she can be placed with a relative or a foster family. Please, let her relatives abhor this whore’s actions and step up to the plate.

Cheers to Steve for the tip!

To readers in the Las Vegas area, there is a march being held on April 22 – Million March Against Child Abuse. More information and Facebook page here.





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  1. You forgot to mention that she was leaving her tied up and starving to attend church. Gotta wonder what the sermons were about…

    1. That’s true too. Wonder what sort of church it was.

    2. I am a member of the church she attended. We had NO clue she was doing this!!! She told us the baby was in Cali with her grandmother. My pastor delivers great messages; it is up to the person to receive the word. She will get what she deserves because God has the best punishment and we pray for healing for the baby.

      1. That’s true. It’s up to the person to translate those messages for themselves. Take Islam for example. The Qu’ran basic message is peace, but extremists believe that anyone who doesn’t follow should be killed. The first couple of books of the bible, Qu’ran and the torah are basically all the same, they split off after genesis.

      2. Where was “God” when the baby was tied down and starved? Attending to those sparrows?

      3. LindsayFitzgerald

        Wow guys, I can’t believe this. This is old, and I still HAVE to reply. I wish to God this ****could be tied up day and night unable to go to the toilet or eat. Feed her just enough to keep her alive, which is what it seems she did to her little girl. Obviously a sick ****- I doubt what was said in church would have any influence on an evil person like this – she was hearing plenty of things in her own head and probably was convinced what she was doing was right. Wow. Tie her up and lock the room and throw away the key. What’s going on with this now, anyone know about it?? And people, don’t blame God because sick people do these things – people decided a long time ago to live without God and he’s merely waiting till it’s his time to take care of nasties like this. Then all of the children will get their reward forever. Conversely, people are quick to blame God for letting things happen but somehow when the tiniest little good thing happens to them they say Oh thank God. I once heard a woman say ‘the Lord wanted me to go in that store today so I could find that sale.’ Really? God feels for every one of these little sweeties that suffer, but it is not yet his time to act. When he does, all will be revealed.

    3. Don’t paint an entire religion as crap or disrespect the sermons because one individual was a tool. That’s like saying an entire race, culture, occupation, etc are bad just because one is an asshole. Stupid people are everywhere, just sayin’

  2. WTF? I have a 4 year old. My house always looks like there was an explosion at Toys R Us…if visitors don’t like it they’re more than welcome to clean up. I must admit, her eating habits give me concern as he doesn’t eat enough (in my opinion) but that’s not for lack of options!

    1. The whole thing about the girl being “picky” was bullshit, kids will not starve themselves and they’ll eat when they’re hungry. They won’t let themselves get malnourished, it goes against instincts.

      1. “Picky eater” is always the defense for the breeders who starve their kids, and it never works. When they are in the hospital or in a decent foster home, the picky eating seems to disappear, and these kids plump right up to a healthy weight in no time. It’s funny what offering them regular meals of good food and healthy snacks will do!
        I should add, there are RARE children that young with eating issues severe enough to cause malnutrition. But this child is not one of them. If that were the case, the girl would have been under a doctor’s care and would have been constantly monitored. And she wouldn’t have been locked up.

        1. those rare cases are usually in kids with disabilities & it’s something generally picke up by a paediatrician & dealt with so you’re right, no excuse!

      2. Yeah, the paediatrician said that too! “it would be evolutionary suicide for it to be possible for a child to starve himself willingly”…I agree that the picky eater excuse is pretty lame. You just keep offering food until they eat something…how hard is it to make a snack plate? Strawbs, grapes, some cheese, a couple of crackers, some carrot & celery sticks & some hummus…it’s our stand by when the kids turn their noses up at everything else!!!!

    2. My kid is on medications that cause him to not want to eat so I have gotten essure or slimfast and have him drink it to maintain his weight. Occasionally, as per doctor’s recommendations and when we run out of the nutritional shakes, I have him eat a tablespoon of peanut butter. My point is there is NEVER any reason for a child to be malnourished, never. There is always something that can be done to ensure a child maintains a healthy weight.

      1. Slimfast makes a great alternative to eating breakie, I don’t have much of an appetite until later in the morning but I still need to eat, so I usually go for Up N Go or the Celebrity Slim shakes. Lost my appetite for Celebrity Slim after forgetting to rinse out the shaker before going to work one morning. Man that was foul!

        1. I mix it with milk so it doesn’t taste so bad lol. I use half the can and mix it with milk and use the rest the next day. Cause face it that shit is expensive.

      2. My sister’s LO had weight gain issues so her paediatrician said to give him a cup of baby formula morning & night…worked a treat!

  3. poor child probably ransacked the house looking for food. I always worry about placing abused children with family. You never know if they are abusive too or if they will allow the abuser access to the child to further abuse them.

  4. “Mommy ties me up all the time” – Now I’m just done in for the day, thanks…

  5. What a selfish shit stain she is. I don’t trust many people I know who are avid church goers. Makes me wonder if there is something they’re trying to make up for.

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