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Myrtle Beach Breeder arrested for choking son

Amanda Faith Kuzmin

Amanda Faith Kuzmin

Myrtle Beach woman arrested for alleged child abuse:

Myrtle Beach mom arrested for beating, choking teen son:

38-year-old Amanda Faith Kuzmin of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina was recently arrested for choking and beating her 13-year-old son. Police say that Kuzmin came into the room where the boy was sitting and began assaulting him while yelling things at him like “no one cares about you!” and “run away, I don’t care!”

The boy ran up a tree for safety until neighbors could get him away and police were called. No word yet on what provoked the alleged attack.

I’ll have to be honest here. The main reason I picked this story to do is because her mugshot reminds me of this…



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  1. Reminds me of Dennis Leary for some reason.

    1. and that’s a little insulting to Denis Leary.

  2. that’s a little insulting to Anna Morgan, now isn’t it?

  3. Well, one thing for sure she’ll have plenty of time to realize how pointless her actions had cause to her own son…

  4. My guess is DRUGS provoked the attack. Second guess is mental illness. Either way, until she gets her shit sorted she is unfit to have custody of her child(ren).

  5. What a skankified bitch!

  6. you people should get the whole story first. she just got that boy from his father. she is doing the best she can

    1. Choking and beating her child is the best she can do? He definitely shouldn’t be in her custody then!

    2. THAT’S the best she can do? Really? That’s your defence of her? Choking & beating her child is the BEST she can do? If that’s the case then she should give him back to Dad & stick with house plants.

    3. Oh goody, a dumbass troll who says we should get the “whole story” without so much as telling us the “whole story,” let alone providing a goddamn link. Let me guess, you’re a friend or relative of hers and give exactly as many fucks about this child as she does. What was this poor boy doing with his Dad the whole time if mothers are so often automatically given custody? If this is really the best she can do, maybe the kid should have stayed with his dad.

  7. I have a creepy feeling that if I would’ve remembered my childhood a little more clearly, my mother might have ended up on bb.

  8. I have a creepy feeling that if I would have gotten a chance to do something during my childhood, my mother might have ended up on bb.

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