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Aussie army private accused of dating ex’s 17 year old daughter

Mum devastated as ex dates daughter, 17

The Australian Army are investigating a soldier accused of dating his ex-partner’s teenage daughter. Hollie Burns’ mother (the ex-partner) made a complaint to the Australian Defence Force about her 17 year old daughter’s relationship with 45 year old Private Scott Murphy. The ADF investigated Murphy’s relationship with the girl, along with his nudist lifestyle. A senior army officer said that “the behviour was unbecoming of the 9 army values and for conservative members of the Military this would not be supported”. “The ADF does not support this kind of behaviour and you should question your relationship and living conditions with Hollie” he added. The ADF, however, are not taking disciplinary action because Murphy told them they weren’t having sex. Um, do you think that he may be lying?? Unfortunately, there’s no way to prove it, unless the girl falls pregnant to the creep. Or if they find evidence of sexual activity such as condoms.

The mother said her ex was triple her daughter’s age and had children who were older than Hollie. So why doesn’t Hollie just date this guy’s kids instead of her mother’s sloppy seconds? When A Current Affair rocked up, Murphy denied that he was dating her, but his lies were uncovered when Facebook messages popped up of him referring to Hollie as his girlfriend *yuck*. He also covered his head and ran away like a chickenshit little bitch when confronted by reporters. A member of the nudist colony that Murphy attends also said that they presented as a couple and that it was quite off-putting. So he knows it’s wrong to take advantage of a young girl, hence the lies and the running away.

This is clearly a case of a bad boyfriend taking advantage of his (ex) girlfriend’s child. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d started showing an interest in her while he was dating her mum. Or that he only dated her mum to get to her daughter. Either way, this is incredibly poor form and illegal if it turns out that they are having sex (couldn’t imagine that they’re not). The age of consent in Australia is 16, but only if the older person is no more than 2 years older than the younger. Otherwise it’s 18. Considering that this girl is 17 and this guy is 45, this is a predator preying on a young and vulnerable victim.

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  1. There is just so much wrong with this picture it’s tough to know where to start.

  2. Oh ew. Can you imagine being this guy’s kids?
    “Um… Hollie?”
    “I told you, call me MOM!”
    “But I used to babysit you…”

  3. Oh FFS! This is just disgusting… He groomed her, I’m just certain of it… Reminds me of Woody Allen/Mia Farrow/Soon-Yi Previn and how gross all of that was at the time…

  4. Ewwww…what 17 year old WANTS to be in a relationship with a 45 year old? I’m closer to 45 than I am 17 (thank god) but I remember 17 & I remember thinking that my BFF’s 25 year old fella was old!!!!!

  5. knowtomanybadthings

    I’m not sure why most of you would be so surprised by this. Happens more than you think. I find it gross and just wrong. But it reminds me of a case my Mom had years and years ago. She had a case where a man had hacked up his wife. But the wife had once been his step-daughter. I saw the pics of how he hacked her. They were very gruesome. Never forgotten those pics.

    1. I think the gross part is the fact he dated Mom first… I am in no position to judge the age gap part, I’m the youngest of my Mom’s four kids, but my Dad’s seven kids. Mom was 27 when I was born, Dad was a month shy of 52… Every time I say that it makes me giggle because I think to myself “Go Dad!” Sorry if that seems wrong, but Mom was/is gorgeous and was a ballerina for 13 years so she had a smokin’ body when they met too!

      1. I can’t say anything because my spouse is 13 years older than I am. I always make fun and say when you were entering the Army I was entering kindergarten lol.

        1. Too funny! Dad’s oldest child (my half-brother Rick) is eight months younger than my Mom! Can you imagine having a step-son that is the same age as you are? Must have been even rougher in 1964 than it would be today.

          1. I’m having a Bill and Ted moment here. “Missy? I mean, Mom?”
            Seriously though, being of legal age (and, you know, not taking sloppy seconds from your MOM) makes all the difference, I’m sure!

          2. Damn it’s a good thing I’m alone in the office at the moment. I just about fell out of my chair laughing at this – great job ratcheting up the “ick” factor with the sloppy seconds comment!!! 😉

          3. Lol nope, Thankfully my step son is further in age from me than my spouse lol.

        2. Mine completely forgets how young I am, I forget How old he is also. We will listen to music or something and he will say how it was a favorite in high school. Then I will say how I enjoyed it also, in kindergarten lol I never dated guys my own age.

          When I was 17 I was dating a 21 year old and my parents freaked. They thought the college kid must be using me, when it was the other was around. Not my greatest moment, but I cheated on him and told him about it. He cried and wanted to stay with me because he “loved” me but I liked the new guy. Some guys are predators but sometimes it really is innocent.

      2. Same thing, my partner and I have been together 4 years and started dating just before my 20th bday. He was just turning 32. I agree the age difference isn’t the really gross part, its the mom situation. Who someone chooses to be with consensually is their prerogative.

        1. Exactly! 😉

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