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NSW cop leaves daughter in hot car while he went into a bar


Police officer charged after daughter left alone in car

Bankstown Sports Club

What to do on a lovely sunny day? I know, let’s head down to the local bowlo for a beer! Yeah, that’ll hit the spot! Oh wait, got my 4 year old daughter with me. Will she be allowed in with us? Better leave her in the car to be safe, it’s only one beer…

I think that this was the thought process that plagued this 35 year old NSW police officer when he decided to leave his 4 year old daughter in a stinking hot car parked in full sunshine while he enjoyed a cold beer and refreshing air con at the Bankstown Sports Club, in Sydney’s south-west. The off-duty copper only intended to be in the club for a few minutes. Those “few minutes” ended up stretching to 45 minutes! Passers-by found the little girl hanging out of a car window and appearing distressed. They notified club security who removed the little girl from the car and went off to find her father. She was cared for until the police arrived. Police charged the silly copper with leaving a child in a motor vehicle and causing emotional distress to a child. He has been granted conditional bail and will be facing Bankstown Court next month. Police management are reviewing his duty status.

The strange thing is, it would have been perfectly fine to take the little girl into the club with him! It would have been alright to sit in the bistro or the beer garden, Dad gets his beer and a glass of lemonade for his daughter and maybe share a plate of chips if they’re hungry. Some of my favourite memories growing up was sitting and having a soft drink with my Dad at the pub. Sometimes we’d get chips if I was good. I think this Dad wanted to go to the pokies or the TAB (where his little girl wasn’t allowed). Gambling does not come before your child! Go use Tom Waterhouse on the computer or on your phone if you absolutely have to put a bet on the Bunnies in tonight’s clash. Save the pokies for the boys’ night out. Don’t play them when you’re meant to be caring for your daughter.

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  1. These kinds of situations should clue one in that they have a problem. Sadly for the child, even this probably won’t convince this guy to admit he’s an alcoholic.

    1. He isn’t an alcoholic, that we know of, but he has admitted to a gambling addiction.

  2. How is anyone supposed to trust the police to maintain law and order if they can’t even be trusted to not BREAK the law??? He should be made an example of… an example of what NOT to do!

  3. UPDATE: The crooked cop pleaded guilty to leaving the little girl in the car and was only fined a measly $500. Half his weekly salary. He was a probationary constable (i.e. just out of cop school) and will most likely be sacked. When he was found in the club, he lied to security that his wife was with the little girl. Then when they busted this lie, he said he had a gambling addiction. A police spokesman said that this sort of behaviour isn’t surprising among some cops.

      1. He also ran away like a scared little bitch when the reporters interviewed him.

        1. He sure did. Obviously isn’t want the world to know what he looks like so people don’t spit on him in the street. I love how they all seem to think that an addictionis a dandy excuse for child abuse…

  4. Update: dick head dad appeared in court today. He plead guilty & was given a $500 fine. Yep, that’s all. He claimed that he had a gambling addiction & the magistrate said “oh you poor man. Don’t do it again please. $500”

    Even the other cops are pissed about this. He has been suspended & Channel 10 news reported that “it’s likely he will be sacked” but gave no reference for this statement.

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