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Sign of the times

How sad is it that this sign is needed in today’s society?

I’ve actually seen this sign at my local Wal-Mart.

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  1. Wow! It’s official! The dumbing down of society has worked… I’m horrified that people are so damn STOOOPID that this is even needed. I’m going to go sit quietly in a corner now and cry…

  2. Is it just me or does the adult stick person look really sketchy? There are some cases of people accidentally leaving their baby behind, especially if their routine has been disrupted. This might not be a bad sign to have in car parks.

    It should also include “Do not leave animals in hot cars” too. A man got busted outside of my local Bunnings leaving his dog outside, and when people tried to rescue the dog, he was screaming at them “Mind your own fucking business”. There’s loads of tradies who come to Bunnings who have dogs and leave them tied up on the back of utes.

  3. Well, if it will help severely absent minded people and mainly take away the excuse of “duh i forgot, i’m sorry”, then i’m all for these signs. No EXCUSES!!

  4. After last weeks grocery haul as I was exiting Walmart with my 9 year, 6 year and 6 week old sons the 9 year old pointed this sign out to me. He chuckled and said something about how stupid and lazy some people are. And didn’t they think about their kids getting too hot or cold or perverts finding them. Sad that my 4th grader is smarter than many adults.

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