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Drunk Florida Breeder did 120+ mph with kids in car

Robert Rioseco

Deputies: Drunken man clocked at 127 mph on Overseas Highway — with 3 small kids in the car:

Police in the Florida Keys pulled over 46-year-old Robert Rioseco after he was allegedly clocked doing 87 mph (140 kmh) and then doing 127 mph (204 kmh) down the Overseas Highway. Police say that when he got out of the car he reeked of booze and that three of his young children were in the car with him. Rioseco refused to submit to any sobriety tests at the time of his arrest. The kids were turned over to their mother and were relatively unharmed.

Now some may think that this is a funny story since no one was hurt but I beg to differ. My dad was a drunk and he used to drive us around drunk all the time. This was during the 1970s before DUIs were seen as the reprehensible crime that they are now. Just him driving us to the local mini mart while drunk was terrifying enough for me. I can’t imagine how terrifying it must have been for these kids going over 120 mph on a bridge that is mostly just surrounded by water. One careless mistake and we could have been talking about how much of senseless tragedy this was after they fished the kids out of the Atlantic Ocean.

Not surprisingly this was Rioseco’s 9th arrest in the area.

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  1. How are sobriety tests done in the US? Do they still make you stand on one leg, walk a straight line, say the alphabet etc?

    1. Yes, plus the Breathalyzer test or blood sample.

      1. We get breathalyser and/or lick a stick drug testing, depending on how the police feel. I was pulled over for a random breath test last weekend (my first one LOL). Instead of blowing into the machine, you talk into it and it picks up alcohol on the breath. Tested my Mum too, she was supervising me because I’m still learning to drive and can’t drive unsupervised. My partner failed a talking test because he had drunk people in his car and the machine picked up the alcohol from them. So they gave him the old straw one. NSW police only do blood tests if you fail the initial breath test/ lick a stick.

        1. Do the Australian States have different levels of inebriation or are all the BAC limits uniform?

          1. nope.
            0.05 to 0.79 is low range PCA.
            0.08 to 0.149 is mid range PCA.
            0.150 & over is high range PCA.
            If you are a learner your PCA is 0.00
            I believe that a mid or high range is an immediate licence suspension until court but I’m not certain.
            The thing you talk into just detects alcohol on your breath. If it comes back positive then you need to blow into the tube machine. If its negative then they don’t bother with the tube one.

          2. The roadside ones aren’t valid as police evidence in court though because they’re not calibrated regularly. If they pull a reading on the roadside they have to take the driver to either the cop shop for a specialised machine test, or a hospital for a drug test.

          3. I can’t speak for all the states but I can tell you about NSW. We have low range and high range drink driving, depending on how over the limit the driver is. I think the limits are fairly uniform across the nation – 0.05 for fully licensed drivers; 0.02 for heavy vehicle drivers; 0.00 for P platers, learner drivers and supervising drivers.

  2. How do you get away with refusing a sobriety test? If you refuse the breath test here it’s an automatic high range charge.

    1. Yeah that’s rather strange. I suppose technically you have the right to refuse one because you’re not under arrest but I imagine they would arrest you then.

    2. It depends on the state you are in and what their individual laws are. Here in Oregon you can refuse to take one, but they’ll just haul you in and take a blood sample instead. It’s called implied consent, if you are licensed to drive here you automatically imply that you consent to a BAC test. I’m hoping Flori-duh has a similar law and that soon his BAC will be revealed.

      1. I believe that most states including Florida have this law on the books.

  3. Rioseco doesn’t deserve any more chances. Those children will probably be traumatized for this. Chances are astronomical that his lack of impulse control & boundaries as well as his alcoholic episodes are historic and ongoing occurrences. He should at least lose his driver licence if not his children.

  4. Australia’s drink driving regulations are incredibly tough as Aussie has stated. They cut no slack and are looking to drop the limit to .02 which will effectively make it impossible to even have one drink. Especially if you are a woman as a standard drink is based on a male physique.

    May Icask what has happened to all the other contributors on BB? Where are Deena and April? Not that I am not happy with Trench and Aussie. 🙂

    1. April is busy behind the scenes and Deena is no longer with the site.

      1. Thanks Trench, I lov everyone’s input and have missed them. That being said, Aussie is a wonderful addition to the team.

    2. I already have a personal policy of zero alcoholic drinks if I am driving. It’s just safer that way, especially with my kids in the car. Most people I know are the same for similar reasons or because their job depends on their ability to drive so can’t afford to have a DUI charge.

  5. I hope that the kids are not going to learn from their daddy that it is okay to drive around at incredible speeds :/ Glad they are alright, they must have some strong guardian angels

    1. No kiddin’! A little physics lesson made me understand just how dangerous vehicles can be… The force of impact traveling at 25mph is equivalent to the force of impact falling from 2-3 stories high. This mans speed…. *shudder*, their collision would have outdone Porsche girl’s

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