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Suspicious death of toddler in Queensland

Family in dark over death of Kyhesha-Lee Joughin, 3, at Petrie

A toddler has been found dead in her home at Petrie, QLD and no one knows how she got like that.

Killara Place

Matthew Williamson

Little Kyhesha-Lee Joughin (3) was found lifeless in her bedroom over the Easter long weekend. Her father, Matthew Williamson, attempted CPR to no avail. Police searched their Petrie flat, dusting for fingerprints on the windowsill, fossicking for clues as to who was in their home and how the little girl died.

Dad is naturally devastated. He had sole custody of Kyhesha-Lee and had her name tattooed on his left arm. Her first words were “Dad”, according to her uncle Jarrod Williamson. So, a loving devoted Dad who would never in a million years harm his baby girl. But some bits of the story don’t quite add up…

Uncle told the Australian that his brother fell asleep on the lounge, but someone was looking after Kyhesha-Lee. “Someone”, huh? Not Nan or Uncle or Aunty? Just “someone”? Secondly, the family didn’t know who else was in the flat that night. Um, say what? How can you not know who else is in your home? Especially when you have a young child? This sounds like (and I could be wrong here) that Dad was having a party and had invited a few mates around. Nothing wrong with that. Except when you have a small child that needs to be looked after. Alcohol does not even begin to enter the equation until your child is secured with a sober babysitter, preferably away from the party venue. So, back to my theory. Dad has had enough tinnies of beer or Woodstock or whatever and crashes on the lounge, assuming that one of his mates will look after his daughter. This is where it can get hairy, because an autopsy hasn’t been performed yet to determine cause of death. One of Dad’s mates (maybe) got sick of Kyhesha crying or whatever and hit her. Kyhesha (maybe) wasn’t supervised and climbed onto something and fell, or stuck something in a power point or ate something poisonous. Or she died of natural causes (late SIDS, undetected heart defect etc.) Those are just theories based on the facts. Maybe they’re all wrong, but we won’t know until an autopsy is done.

Last night, Petrie detectives travelled to Grafton, northern NSW, to question a man who was present that night and may have been able to help with the investigation. He wasn’t able to help, but he was charged with unrelated traffic offences including driving an unregistered and uninsured* car, and driving while disqualified. Not a murderer, but also not someone you would want around your child either. No extradition orders have been placed on this fellow.

Meanwhile the investigation is continuing. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death, and police spent the long weekend sweeping the flat for clues and questioning neighbours. If it comes out that Kyhesha did indeed die from natural causes, I am more than happy to pull the post. But for now, it’s looking very suspicious. Dad definitely didn’t kill her, but his lack of supervision and/or choice of mates may have contributed to her death. More details soon.

Kyhesha-Lee Joughin

Rest in Peace little Kyhesha-Lee Joughin. I wish you could tell us what happened to you.


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  1. This article is just ludicrous, dont write stuff you know nothing about, you should be ashamed of your self

    1. Your comment is just ludicrous, don’t write stuff you don’t know how to spell nor punctuate, you should be ashamed of YOURSELF.

    2. Hey Rhodes Scholar – you’ve spelled your own tag wrong. It should read “you’re a liar” not “your a liar”. And you wonder why not one person on this site will take you seriously? No need to wonder anymore, you are clearly too incompetent to breathe, let alone thinking…

      1. What ever mate, a little girl has died, bullshit articles like this, that obviously know nothing about what happened are just causing more pain for the family, get your facts right

        1. Article says that the little girl died under suspicious circumstances. Those are the facts according to the media. Can’t help but speculate, which is what the whole of QLD is probably doing. All of these defensive dickheads seem to know stuff that the police don’t, perhaps you should speak to the cops if you know more than the media does?

          1. Yes suspicious circumstances, that I understand, but who are you to speculate that the father was drinking and, or had a party and passed out drunk on the couch, if you dont know the facts and your just speculating you should not be writing such rubbish!! Let the family be without having to read such nonsense

          2. This is a blog. Not a news site. If I didn’t speculate, someone else will in the comments. It was a reasonable theory, given the facts – dad sleeping on lounge, no one knowing who was in the flat at that given time. A blog is a mixture of opinion and fact. If you want pure facts, stick to reading the news sites. Blogs are just outside of your comprehension levels, methinks.

        2. Point out what is bullshit here? Speculation based on experience and knowledge is a natural consequence of exposure to horrific circumstances. It’s sort of wrapped up in that whole survival of the fittest thing… And seriously, “Mate” if this website causes so much grief and pain for the family, why are they on here? If I knew for a true fact that my family member was innocent and that people were out there saying vicious things about my family member I would avoid that blog/website/cafe/city park or whatever so as NOT to cause myself additional grief. It’s not complicated. The vocal majority on here have personal experience with abuse or neglect of various fashions from our own childhoods. We speak from a place of knowledge. You should keep that in mind when you call us out for not knowing what we’re talking about. Very, very rarely are we off base with our speculations…

      2. Oh my word you two are pathetic.

        “Grammar Nazis Can Suck It”

        1. And you’re STOOOPID – I am the furthest thing from a grammar nazi, idiot, so kinda funny that you include me in your dumbass assertation. Want to know the truth, in High School I failed Grammar Comp 1 TWICE! I aced the rest of them, but basic grammar eludes me. But back to the point of why I said what I said, if some dickwad wants to get on here and be a ‘tard defender of people that hurt kids, and they take the Oh So Superior tag of “your a liar” don’t you think they should at least spell it correctly? I may suck at grammar, but even I know the difference between there, their and they’re and your and you’re… which by the way, every now and again, you use the wrong “there” in your haste to make your pertinent statements.

          1. “I am the furthest thing from a grammar nazi”

            My mistake… “Grammar Soviet.” KGB maybe? “Kooky Grammar Bitch?”

            “which by the way, every now and again, you use the wrong “there” in your haste to make your pertinent statements.”

            Okay, KGB. It’s quite possible that I did, but if you’re going to make a claim like that, you should provide a link to the post(s) in question to back it up. Otherwise, you’re once again just talking out of your ass.

          2. Your grasp of wit underwhelms me constantly… I’m not required to provide a link. I made an observation that you are a just a little less than the perfect being you seem to see yourself as. Get over it. If you are worried about it, go over all the bullshit you’ve posted in the past 72 hours, you’ll find a case where you should have used “their” instead of “there”, this way you can go and edit it so that nobody else sees your error. That’s the best you’re getting from me. If you need more proof that you fuck up every now and again, here’s an idea, go look in the mirror. That should be proof enough…

          3. Ahahahaha… soooooooo pathetic.

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            NoLeftOrRight: “Prove it.”
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            Just keep on talkin’ out your ass. Better pop a lozenge in there though, it’s gonna go hoarse eventually.

            “this way you can go and edit it so that nobody else sees your error”

            Newsflash, twit (again): I’m not a registered user. I can neither downvote or edit. But you were pretty quick with the suggestion… perhaps because attempting to edit away your mistakes is a habit of your own?

            And really? At the end was that basically a poorly executed “your face” joke? “Duh-her… looked in the mirror lately? Yuk yuk!”

            And my wit underwhelms *you*? Mama mia.

          4. So because YOU issue some retarded “challenge” to prove you wrong, I’m supposed to ask you “how high?” when you say jump???


            AS IF! You aren’t that important you silly fucking child! I am not required to prove one fucking thing to you. Also – here’s a newsflash for you Fucktard, I’ve never skulked around on a site like this for days on end. I wouldn’t know what presumptuous, arrogant, weak minded fools that don’t have the gumption to actually own what they say do. I didn’t know that you couldn’t edit, nor did I know you couldn’t downvote. So, keeping that in mind, isn’t it time for you to go play in traffic now?

          5. You’re the dumb bitch that states as fact that I’m making typos, yet you can’t seem to point to one. Empty accusations with nothing to back them up. Big surprise around here.

            Remember that one post where you said “please forgive me… I’m just a dumb, bitter bitch that hates families.” Don’t you remember? It’s there, I swear. I don’t have to prove it, though. Just go look it up.

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            Is that what I was “portraying” when I said this:
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          24. Why thanks! I think so too! Do you think I should start a new career? I’m leaning towards yes myself, I’ll bet you could be a big help to me in this endevour too… you’re such a swell guy and all…

  2. The man who was involved had fled the flat to try and put distance between himself and what had happened. He denied any involvement with the girl’s death. Dodgy man to be letting around your kid. He’s been sent to jail for a year because of his traffic offences.

  3. This article does seem a little premature. My family doesn’t know who is in my house on a daily basis because I’m a grown up. The man in the photo looks like a loving and caring father. I hope this is the case.

    1. This comment confuses me. How would you not know who is in your house?

      In the pictures the girl looks clean, well dressed, healthy, happy, and the house is in good clean condition. He seems like he took good care of her. I’m sorry for his loss.

      1. I just noticed I must have been hacked. My “tag” isn’t something I put there. I feel so special.

  4. Hm. It definitely strikes me as a foul play type of inside job. Some questions answered in a vague way and fuzzy facts, as if someone were trying to hide something, but we don’t have much to go on just yet. Just theorizing…

  5. Take this down NOW!!. Yous know nothing about this…

    1. And who are you? This piece claims nothing other then that a baby died and no one seems to know why.. why so defensive?

    2. Wes knows yous is an idiot… Wes don’t needs more… so STFU already!

    3. You tell em tammy 🙂 this article has no facts, nor do they have any of the facts correct xxoo

      1. So we don’t have any facts but the facts aren’t correct? Which is it? All the article says is that a baby is dead and no one knows why. Why are you so defensive? Hiding something?

  6. They took the man arrested for the driving offenses to a hospital for “forensics testing,” which I can only assume is the Aussie equivalent of a DNA swab. I hope they find out what happened to this beautiful little angel.

    1. Yeah forensics testing is exactly that. They don’t do it for traffic offences. It means they’ve found someone’s DNA on her body. Please don’t let it be semen *gag*

      1. Hopefully it’s a hair sample.

        1. Or she might have scratched her attacker.

  7. they are looking at the DNA from one guy…ugh please don’t tell me sexual assault

    1. It might be scrapings from under her fingernails that they’re trying to match. I hope it’s not sexual assault.

  8. Can you please pull this post. I know this guy and he is a loving father and you are jumping to conclusions before you even know the true story. How dare you! You sicken me!

    1. I put this up because at the moment, it’s suspicious. Not saying that Dad did it (he is a loving father) but either one of his mates or lack of supervision could have caused this girl’s death. Something or someone that should not have been in the house may have caused this girl’s death. We will hang out for more info and if it’s natural causes, we will pull it.

    2. Disgusted with rumours

      Matthew (Kyhesha’s dad) is my friends cousin. I love how everyone just jumps to conclusions and make up their own versions of what did and didn’t happen. The media are just as bad with making up their own stories too. I hope the family get some answers soon and i hope Matthew is ok

  9. All of you bogans who seem to know more than what the media does (and therefore know more than what we know), go speak to the QLD police who are investigating. They need your wisdom and knowledge of the “facts”.

  10. That baby that died is my niece!!. So how about you don’t all jump to conclusion ai!!. Fucken Hell.. Let our family grieve over the lose of such a precious girl.. :'(

    1. Go speak to the police and help them with their investigation. Go clear your brother’s name. But please try to learn some English, mmkay? Not everyone speaks fluent Bogan.

      1. You don’t need to be worrying about that side of things okay!. Why don’t you all stay out of it!!..

        1. Because she doesn’t really care about the families or the children… she’s just interested in condemning “breeders.”

          1. You don’t seem to be able to keep your nose out of other people’s conversations do you? Why are you here? You don’t seem to care about anything other than arguing your insipid little nuggets of bullshit. This site is about abuse, and the fuckers that commit/allow it, and basically from the point of view of the abused. If you don’t like it – go the fuck elsewhere. Nope- you’d rather create dumbass arguements to bolster your ego and assumed superiority over others. You fail on all counts NLOR. Epically…

          2. “Wah wah wah! People are disagreeing with things I post on the WORLD WIDE WEB! Why must people have an opinion on the private conversation that I’m posting on the WORLD WIDE WEB?!”

          3. Why must you be such a fucking twit? I’m glad you entertain yourself on the WORLD WIDE WEB, because GOD KNOWS, your presence in person can’t possiblye be tolerable!

  11. Are you fucking serious! Do you not think that we hav done that already!!. If you were smart you would not listen to the media cause they don’t know shit. If they can’t get a story they make the shit up!. And we HAVEN’T spoken to them. Just thought maybe you could of had a little bit of a heart and take this down. I understand that you are allowed your own opinion but honestly keep it to yourself. Because at the end of the day REMEMBER this is someone’s family (happens to b mine)

    1. They don’t care. They don’t really care about families or children, they just care about feeling clever and superior.

      My condolences for your loss.

      1. Thanks very much it is a very difficult time at the moment for our family. Hopefully we get some news soon!!

      2. As if you give two shits you lair! The only thing you feel about this is the false sense of superiority you get from thinkng you’ve shot people down. Good God get the fuck over yourself!

  12. How can I find out who you people are that know my brother? :'(

  13. I know Matt and he was a loving Father who loved and cared about his Daughter and would have never let anything like you are assuming happen to her.

  14. why would you have a party with a toddler in the house?

    1. There was NO party.. Why do people assume shit!. Don’t all you people know that when you assume it makes an ass out of u and me!.

    2. Actually, There’s nothing wrong with having a party with a toddler in the house as long as there’s one sober sitter, and the kid is in bed. and people are kept away from the kids room by said sober sitter. Informal get togethers are cool and the whole community thing and get the idea…

  15. ‘Dad definitely didn’t kill her’

    Unfortunately you got that wrong. Let’s hope Justice is served in this case. Nothing worse than an innocent child having their life taken away from them, especially by the ones they trust the most.

  16. Oh my god, I was hoping that I was right in saying Dad didn’t kill her. He was charged with manslaughter and cruelty to a child. The bastard made bail too. There’s not much there, but I’m presuming that Kyhesha hurt herself and Dad didn’t do a thing about it.

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