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Girl eats LSD, druggie mother convicted

Girl chews mum’s LSD sugar

Tot, 3, ate mother’s LSD sugar

Whoa man, was that a dragon in the kitchen? Look at all the pretty colours! Sounds like your average drug trip? Until the trip turns nasty because of a bad batch of LSD, shrooms or whatever you’re into. Or if you’re 3 years old and found some tasty “sugar” in your mum’s handbag.

Which is precisely what happened to a 3 year old girl from Coombabah, on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The little girl was rushed to hospital after hallucinating, suffering anxiety and convulsions in November 2011. She was telling Mum that she felt “big and small” but later on at the hospital she was heard saying “Mummy I’m hot. I’m on fire. Help me, mummy, I’m going to die.” The toddler was sedated and later made a full recovery.

A police search of the house revealed empty zip-lock bags with a crystal powdery residue. So this was the mystery substance that caused the little girl to hallucinate!

Yesterday, 25 year old Mum was convicted of child cruelty in Southport District Court. She pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to a 9 month intensive corrections order to be served in the community i.e. “parenting classes” and “community service”. The prosecutor said that leaving drugs in the reach of children was a criminally negligent act. Well duh. Mum’s barrister said that Mum felt guilty about what happened and that she was only allowed an hour of supervised visitation a fortnight (2 weeks). Well, maybe she should have thought out the consequences of leaving drugs out around her kid. And no, she doesn’t feel guilty, she feels resentful of her daughter because she ate her drugs! Junkies never think of the consequences of their actions or about anyone except themselves. That’s why they become junkies.



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  1. This woman is a neglectful,drug-abusing sorry excuse of a mother.She’s lucky that her daughter didn’t die from ingesting LSD.

  2. The press protects the woman by not divulging her name. It’s a shame she didn’t protect her daughter as much by not having a junkie for a mother in the first place. Poor kid-it must have been so scary for her what she went through. I just want to give her a hug.

    1. It’s not the press protecting the mother! The media would LOVE to be able to plaster her name & photo all over the place but the government has legislation in place to prevent the naming of perpetrators who harm kids to protect the child.

      1. I know but the press is still not divulging her name. I was just making a point.

        1. A few years ago, a radio host was jailed for revealing a pedophile’s name on air. The host’s name was Derryn Hinch. I think that frightened a lot of media outlets into compliance with these laws, and as much as they’d love to name and shame pedophiles and child abusers, their hands are tied. Not only was Mr Hinch jailed, but the radio station was fined too.

        2. Really? So they should risk gaol & potentially losing their licence so you have someone to hate on?

          1. You misunderstood my point. It was that the mother should have protected the child.
            My heart goes out to this child and what she went through and not understanding why, must have been the worst part IMO.

        3. When information like that isn’t revealed it’s usually because it is not an open and shut case therefore they have to build it. Thus divulging a name can hinder the prosecution’s work as false witnesses can come out of the woodwork potentially hindering conviction. You want a perfect example of this? Sorry, Trench please don’t ban me, I know you said never to mention this slunt but I have to in order to make a point.

          Casey Anthony. Her case was so publicized that she got off in every conceivable manner. She admitting to drugging her daughter with nyquil and leaving her home passed out so she could go party….that should have been grounds to get her ass for neglect but no, she wasn’t even convicted of that. Why? Because the media circus cast such doubt in the minds of the jurors they found her not guilty and her daughter will never receive justice. This child will never receive justice because media whores like Nancy dis-Grace soiled what the purpose of the trial was.

          1. We haven’t heard a lot about CA in Australia so I never knew that part of the reason she walked was because of the excessive media coverage & speculation. I can see how it could prejudice a jury & thus make it easy for defence to claim it is impossible for a fair trial.

            I know Hinch (mentioned by Aussie Sabbath) named a CONVICTED paedophile & was imprisoned for it. The law in that case was supposedly to protect the victims & the innocent family of the criminal but in most cases it only helps the perv slither back into unsuspecting communities & reoffend after release.

          2. See that shit is wrong. I know in most cases here, in America, once they have been convicted then they release names unless it is an open and shut case like most then they throw the name out there immediately.

  3. Actually, saying junkies don’t care isn’t true…sometimes the guilt of your addiction is so much that you want to die, and still are unable to make the changes you should. I am glad baby made a full recovery and hopefully that mom is going to get her head out of her ass and learn to be a mother to her.

    1. As a former addict I think that is a load of shit. Once I had kids, THEY were the reason I got my shit together. I wish parents would stop being so fucking selfish. I mean think about it. Women and men who find their fuck buddies more important that their child or idiots like this that find their next high more important. I am speaking as one person who is a former addict however many of the people who were in my group therapies were there because they did not want their loved ones to suffer any more. When people have kids they need to realize that their needs and wants come second to the child’s needs and wants. When society starts living that way, there will be a lot less hurt and murdered children.

  4. This poor baby girl. When I was 18 my friend wanted me to try acid and I refused.( I am 43 years old and have never taken any type of drugs,alcohol and I have never even smoked before.) she slipped me acid in an h’ouer de overs. In a few minutes I started having a deadly reaction to it and started having a seizure and my airway started to close,luckily there was an ambulance only a couple of minutes away. I spent a week in the hospital sedated,having seizures and was brought back after flatlining twice. I had a very rare reaction and the doctors thought I may end up with brain damage from the severity of my reaction,luckily I was ok about two weeks later I was back to normal. They said with the brain monitoring that my “acid trip” lasted almost the entire time I was in the hospital. I could also be affected at another time later in life because of it. I can’t imagine how a poor babies body would react and what type of damage she could have sustained. I am so sorry that she had to go through that,at the age of 18 I didn’t really understand what was happening to me,at three years old she must have been scared to death and it was caused by her sorry excuse for a mother’s negligence. So sad.

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