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It’s just lovely how the Australian government likes to protect criminals. There is no name for monster who killed his girlfriend’s 4 year old son, nor a name for the indifferent egg donor who let her sex toy kill her child. Not even mugshots or a photo of the little boy for us to mourn. I’ll just have to make up some names then.

Today, the little boy’s grandmother gave her victim impact statement at a Sydney court on behalf of her beloved grandson, who was killed by his birth vessel’s 24 year old tw*t tickler on the 1st April, 2011. The tw*t tickler beat the little boy in the head as he was bathing him. This gives me quite a yucky feeling. The tw*t tickler had no business being in the bathroom with a child that wasn’t his…this disturbs me on such a deep level. Grandmother described her anguish at not being able to save her mischievous and bright little grandson who had an infectious laugh. The court was shown a blown up photo of the little boy and I hope it haunts the tw*t tickler and the indifferent egg donor for the rest of their pathetic and miserable days.

Weeks before the tw*t tickler killed the little boy, the little boy told his grandma that the tw*t tickler was hurting him. The little boy told her “He hurts me Nanny” and “He holds me down in the bath”. Oh, that just breaks my heart. His Nanny rang DoCS and the police to tell them what her grandson said. DoCS and police, of course, did sweet F-A about it.

Within that month, Nanna’s worst nightmare came true. The little boy was killed by the tw*t tickler. Nanna had told her daughter (the egg donor) what the little boy said about the tw*t tickler and that he wasn’t safe in the house with the tw*t tickler living there, and the indifferent egg donor turned around and insisted the little boy was fine. There are none so blind as those who will not see. The indifferent egg donor was more concerned with having her c*** plugged than what her tw*t tickler was doing to her little boy. Her fractured thought process probably went something like this “Oh to hell with that little brat, I’m getting some!”.

Nanna condemned her daughter in court, saying that she can never forgive her for not fulfilling her role in protecting her family. She went on to say that the family has been fractured by her daughter’s lack of action and that her daughter has no place within the family. Go Nanna! The indifferent egg donor sat apart from her family and wept as Nanna gave her statement. She did not cry for her little boy, she cried for the fact that her tw*t tickler is going to jail and that she can never put him above the safety of her child again.

The tw*t tickler pleaded guilty to manslaughter. Manslaughter. I’m pretty sure coming into the bathroom while the little boy was having a bath and beating him around the head is NOT accidental. The tw*t tickler went into the bathroom with the intent of doing the little boy some harm. The sentence hearing will continue. Please let the tw*t tickler be put into general population. And just before they put him in there, hand out flyers with the tw*t ticklers photo and details of the crime he committed. Then hand out some objects that can be made into shivs. And a reward for who can kill him in the messiest manner.

Rest in peace, little boy. Sorry that you had a selfish tw*t for a mother who put fucking before your wellbeing and safety.

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  1. I’ve come up with a THEORY about these indifferent egg donors who let their human dildos kill their kids:

    The egg donor originally had the intent of killing the kid, but they were too chicken shit to go through with the plan. So, they decided to hire a killer. But, instead of paying them in money, they pay them in sex.

    1. I think it’s more along the lines that they are selfish mother fuckers and they don’t care as long as their needs are met. Although, you may be on to something here because if my spouse hurt my kid, I’d be on trial for their murder….just sayin.

      1. if someone hit my child- I hit them – be for aggravet assault!

  2. “There are none so blind as those who will not see” I like that. And I’m sure mom couldn’t be bothered to bathe her own kid if she couldn’t even bother to protect him from getting beat to death. Fuck. How can you watch you’re kid get beat up? Doesn’t instinct kick in? Surely she saw, she knew. How cold you must be.

    1. She’s ot even an animal – a lion, zebra,Cow dog bitch will protect her young – so she not even in the animal class!

  3. This story makes me so sick. As I bathed my little daughter tonight, all I could think of was this little boy, probably enjoying himself until his fear and the presence of the devil himself walked in and took all away from him. With no protection, nothing.
    My heart aches for what he had to endure and even the simple fact that a stranger was allowed in during his private time is beyond me.
    For the Grandmother, I can only imagine the endless pain you are going through. Nothing anyone says can make you feel better. I know that. The only thing I know is that he knew you loved him and stood up for him.
    I cry for each of these innocent souls I read about here and this story will forever be with me.

    1. Mate – Jack wants to do his own bath _ still have to wash his hair) but him at 7yrs old – chills me how easly you can kill a child. Even 7-8yrs so easy – makes me sick. A 4yr….

    2. bailey was scared of him, from when he put him in the bath! He told his Granny he was scared of him. My son used to play with him – so heartbreaking.

  4. I hate this vile,disgusting piece-of-trash woman and her sex toy.The woman(whose age is not mentioned)is a selfish rotten excuse of a mother,who only cared about her boy-toy and not for her toddler son.Anyway,I am so proud of the Nanna,for she was able to see her adult daughter for the worthless garbage that she is.

  5. I really feel for Nanna. That poor woman is never going to forgive herself. She will always feel like she should have done more. Legally she did what she could but I’m sure in her mind she thinks she should have taken him far away. It’s such a sad situation. Hopefully Nanna has supportive family & friends who can make her see that the fault lies 100% with her own daughter & her dildo.

    1. Poor Karen -doing so much for others – but despite her best efforts, not save her own Grandson – Prayers and LOVE to her.

    2. The sad reality is, if she took Bailey far away – and caught, he would still be sent back to his mother, and Nana in jail for kidnapping – so wrong!

  6. Seriously, how many times do you have to use the term “tw*t tickler”? Journalism 101

    1. We’re not journalists and never claimed to be.

    2. Twat tickler is his name. Journalism 101.

    3. As many times as we want dingleberry….fuck off level 1101.

    4. I apologize, I know you all are not journalists. I’ve always enjoyed this blog, since 2009 and was especially pleased when Aussie Sabbath started writing, as there was new stories almost everyday.
      This is the first time I’ve posted, err 2nd time, and it’s only because I was so put off by the redundancy. I understand they are terrible people, but geez you’re like beating a dead horse. It bugged me, and I said something.

  7. What you neglect to mention in this article is the mother has 2 more children who’d already been removed from her care due to her neglect and mistreatment, one of whom now suffers permanent blindness in one eye. To think that a mother with an abusive history towards her own children including the deceased got overlooked in the criminal investigation and people are to naive to see disgusts me. To make matters worse you wish death upon the man on trial. Shame shame shame. The objectiveness of the person who wrote this article is clearly compromised if they can’t see through the lies that have been told to protect the mother and her family

    1. Funny, that wasn’t even mentioned in the news. We can’t write stuff that isn’t in the article and that can’t be backed up with credible sources. That’s a sure-fire way to get sued. The tw*t tickler beat to death this small boy, and we wish him nothing but the worst. Are you an ex of the tw*t tickler? Can’t get over the fact that he moved on and then killed his new girlfriend’s offspring? Is that why you’re trying to tell us off for not saying something that we don’t even know is true?

      1. OMG he a brave man to beat up a 4yr to death…

    2. Um – mother disowned by her mother, her father and stepmother (who’s oldest is one of 3) is only ones supporting her – go figure.

  8. UPDATE: The tw*t tickler has been sentenced to a miniscule 6 years in prison. He won’t be eligible for parole until 2017 (at least). This is pitiful compared to what he could get. I have to write a whole new post about it, because this article has names and everything! Stay tuned!

    1. Oh believe me! this will be in the front runner here Local, and to the Family that actually care! Bailey’s grandmother and Grandad, adopted Grandparents, His Maternal Grandmother, and others – to apeal and make her pay too!

  9. find out the facts first

    you need to publish fact not facts and your assumtions.

    the mother was in a domestic violence relation ship with nathan and nathan and his family have control over her physically and mentally.

    she had been bashed, sexually assulted and mentally fucked by nathan and several family members. and it has only been told and known to her once it was mentioned in the court room that nathan had a record of drug abbuse and violence.

    the mother never wanted harm for her children. but no one was there to help her get out of the dv relationship.

    the police wouldnt even help her to after the death of her son bailey when the violence had reached an all time hi.

    but no you just think it is all about sex sex and more sex.

    well sorry to inform you the mother is physically scared and mentally scared for the rest of her life of her tradic loss of bailey.

    and if you also looked into it any furthure the biological father had nothing to do with bailey since he was 6 months old and didnt want anything to do with him.

    so please show some respect not just to this mother to 99% of the mothers and not put your own twist on it and asumtions. just put the facts out as that is all YOU ACTUALLY KNOW.

    the loss of BAILEY CONSTABLE is a sad one but try and mak his name live on by putting out there what is true and not bull shit


    1. Please refer to my reply on the other post RE: the useless c*** who let a junkie kill her child.

    2. UM her own father and stepmother pushed her out of home just before Christmas when Bailey was only a rew months old – I know that because it was my house I was leaving!
      I wasn’t due to leave as stil had house till Jan, but moved most out for jess. Funny how sme people who chucked her out Xmas now supportingz/

      1. and call me a horrible parent????

    3. And how could she know not drug using?Z One hit on my child OUTTA HERE!! And mentaly fucked? why not? a person that fucked 3 men in one night and had a child, broke up Jess’s parents, now wit her father – and kicking her out at Xmas! Fucked up?

  10. I have to say, as child of Physical,mental and sexuel abuse, I tried hard with my daughter. I was a rotton Mum, but she was never abused in any way, well fed etc, even Captian of her primary school. Jess’s Stepmother accussed me of the last person to comment as I was a Horrible Parent.
    Well, If I am a horrible parent protecting my daughter, now 18 and working, and a 7 yr son – protected from what I went through – If I am Horrible – what does that make Jess? My kids are alive and healthy…

    1. Stepmother of Jess no angel – has no idea of father her eldest re 3 blokes one night (she has the gall to call me a slut ) and destroyed Jess”s parents marriage! What chane did Jess have! – she didn’t pick GO TO MOTHER!

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