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Face tattooed Breeder indicted for beating infant blind

Joseph Rucker McFall

Cobb man accused of beating infant:

Father indicted in beating of 8-week-old son:

We here at BB have no problem with people who have tattoos. I have one myself although in retrospect I wish I never got it but that’s neither here nor there. However we do have a problem with certain tattoos. Those would be the face and neck tattoos. While some tattoo and body modification enthusiasts wish that tattoos like these would be considered socially acceptable they are not. Unless you’re in a band or you’re Mike Tyson it gives off an aura of being unemployable and/or a criminal.

Case in point, our subject of today’s post, one 30-year-old Joseph Rucker McFall of Cobb County, Georgia. McFail was recently indicted for beating his then 8-week old son so violently that the boy now has permanent brain damage and is blind.

While the boy’s mother was in the hospital with pneumonia the baby was being taken care of by her mother. The grandmother left the baby in the room with tattooed loser briefly before he went running out of the house. When the grandmother returned the baby was not breathing. The boy was not expected to survive.In addition to the brain damage and blindness the baby was also said to have fractures of the ribs and arms. McFail has been in jail since October which was the time of his arrest. Thankfully the boy’s mother wants nothing to do with McFail.

If you’re wondering what the tattoo in Hebrew means supposedly it says “God has his eye on you.” Apparently McFail couldn’t heed his tattoo’s advice.

You know I just noticed that I kept writing his last name as McFail. I don’t know why that keeps happening.

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  1. Ironic, perhaps, but people like this loser should be shot at birth.

  2. As soon as I saw what the story was about I read his name as Joseph Fucker McFail.

  3. Not really sure if there is a connection between having tattoos on the face and beating a baby blind. Sounds like a bit of a stereotype to me, not unlike the stereotype that all low income families are victims of domestic abuse. While his facial tattoos are distasteful in my opinion, I think we should try to avoid stereotyping.
    -Tattooed mom who loves her baby

    1. You’e worried about stereotyping when an innocent 8 WEEK old baby was beaten to a pulp? Really? Unbelievable.

    2. It’s pretty hard to argue against stereotyping people with facial tattoos while commenting on an article which pretty much exactly demonstrates the stereotype.

    3. An unspeakable act was committed by a monster. On a completely separate note, the author included the unrelated and unnecessary comment that individuals with neck tattoos are unemployable criminals. If this guy were tattoo-free, would it make him a more socially acceptable baby batterer? While tattoos are generally not socially appealing, I’d like to see hard evidence that tattooed people are more likely to smack their kids around. This is the first time I’ve disagreed with the author of this site.

      1. How about that 99% of the face tattoos that I’ve seen are on mugshots? The other 1% are usually on some form of entertainer or artist.

        1. How is this relevant to my point?

          1. Would he be a more acceptable baby beater? No of course not. However face tattoos should be a warning sign to the people around someone with one that they have a history of making unwise life choices which can include criminal activity. Not to mention the fact that most face tattoos look like they were done in prison to begin with.

          2. oh, and I have a neck tattoo. I’m an ER nurse.. currently employed. Hopefully people don’t think I’m less competent than my peers because of my body art, and I sure as shit hope I’m not instantly placed in the same category as tough guy up there who beats on a helpless infant – much less his own child!

          3. Unfortunately, many people who see your neck tattoo at work probably DO think you’re less competent than your peers & hope that they get a different nurse. I’m
            Not saying its fair, I’m just saying it’s true. I have tattoos (no neck or face tatts) & I know that people have definitely judged me before knowing me based solely on the fact that I have tattoos.

            If you choose to get inked you have to understand that this is the way it is & take the judgements.

          4. Does your hospital have a policy about visible tattoos? Every hospital or medical facility I’ve worked for had one in place.

          5. Most places do. I work in hospitality and we’re not allowed to have visible tattoos. I appreciate beautiful ink (not prison jobs or anything hateful or crass) but it’s not really the best look when you want to be seen as professional.

          6. I live in LA where tattoos seem to be more socially acceptable. While I’m not sure about my exact hospital policy, I’ve seen some employees asked to cover certain visible tattoos deemed to be offensive or tasteless. These are usually the people who give tattoos a bad name. Nonetheless a couple MDs that work on my shift are totally sleeved up and I’ve never heard of any problems with it.

          7. I would instantly be concerned if I were your patient. Just being honest here…

          8. That’s truly sad. I hope that you meet a tattooed person who can change your mind.

          9. Me too. I’m a girl so I’m allowed to change it whenever I want.

    4. In most contexts a facial tattoo is like a blinking neon sign saying UNEMPLOYABLE. That’s not a value judgment, just a statement of fact. The value judgment would be that someone who doesn’t care if they can ever hold a job is probably not the best babysitter. Sadly this is often true also.

      I’m glad your neck tattoo hasn’t prevented you from working, but please do realize that you’ve probably limited your employment options somewhat. It may not be fair in a perfect world, but that’s the way things are. Good luck.

  4. First of all- this asshat needs an attitude adjustment, and I’m quite certain Bubba and his pals will be more than happy to accomodate that once he gets to prison. Second of all – Fuck him for giving Cobb County a bad name. I don’t live there anymore, but I did, and I really love that place!

  5. I hope this ass dies a miserable death

  6. No one in my office has face or neck tattoos. I agree it doesn’t mean you’d beat up a little one but it sure does scream you’re stupid enough to.

  7. If you choose to have your face tattooed, you’d better be self employed. Because no one else will hire you. Clearly Fucker McFail had a label on him saying “do not touch”, yet someone chose to have a baby with him. Funny how the Hebrew says “God had his eye on you”, yet he still chose to abuse a baby. I’m sure if there is a god, that they wouldn’t take kindly to that sort of mistreatment.

  8. What an ugly pathetic loser! I read about a chronic kidnapper who had 2 neck tattoos today. The poor child in this story will never know what could have been in his life if only his no good sperm donor would just have controlled himself. I mean, it’s not like he was even left alone to care for the child and got stressed out. The grandmother was right there for goodness sake.

  9. “I never want him around my son again.” Well if he gets the eighty years, he won’t be around ANY kids again. Let’s hope so.

  10. Good for the baby’s mother for not sticking up for him!

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