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Couple accused of raping adopted children

Gay couple accused of raping adopted children

Gay Connecticut couple accused of raping adopted children will face trial

George Harasz (l.) and Douglas Wirth (r.), a married couple from Glastonbury, Conn., were arrested in November 2011 following allegations by two of their nine adopted children of sexual abuse.

George Harasz and Douglas Wirth

Before I start talking about these men, I want to make one thing absolutely clear: Being gay has nothing to do with paedophilia or child abuse. Gay men are attracted to other men. Paedophiles are attracted to children. The two have nothing whatsoever to do with each other. Anyone caught making hateful slurs or trying to link homosexuality with paedophilia or demons or any crap like that will incur my wrath and possibly be banned by Trench.

George Harasz (49) and Douglas Wirth (45), from Glastonbury Connecticut, have been accused of raping their adopted children and making them sleep in wardrobes. The couple have adopted 9 children since 2000 and ran a dog breeding business. Two of their children, a 5 year old and a 15 year old boys have accused their parents of raping them and making them sleep in the wardrobe. Some of their other children, including the accusers’ brothers, say that the allegations are untrue.

The couple were arrested in November 2011 following a police and state investigation of sexual abuse. The children were removed from their home. After the accusations from the boys, Harasz was initially facing charges of first-degree sexual assault, along with other charges and Wirth was facing a charge of third-degree sexual assault of the 15 year old boy. Prosecutors conceded that a lack of forensic evidence would make it difficult to prove their case so they offered a plea deal instead, and reduced the charges to one count each of risk of injury to a minor. The couple pleaded guilty to those charges in January 2012 and were due to be sentenced in Hartford Superior Court last Friday, facing suspended sentences and probation.

But suddenly, the couple withdrew their plea and requested a trial to clear their names completely! And at about the same time, more allegations of physical and sexual abuse came from three other children. One of the victims who spoke during the court hearing said that the abuse started when he was 6 years old.

“They took turns raping me over and over,” he said. “Anyone who would do this to a child is a sick, demented person”.

The couple’s supporters also spoke in court on Friday. One of the couple’s children, Carlos Harasz, said that the accusers were lying and that the abuse described occurred in a previous foster home. Carlos also said that the Dept of Children and Families “took the word of an angry, damaged, disturbed boy and destroyed a family”.

Prosecutors have agreed to go to trial. Judge Joan Alexander agreed that a trial would be “in the interest of justice” and that the “facts must be shown and must be shown publicly”.

So who did it? It’s really the kids’ words against the parents. Hopefully this can all be sorted out, and if the parents are innocent, the post ย will be pulled. If they are guilty, they deserve to be condemned, not only for doing disgusting and abhorrent things to their children, but also for damaging the image of the gay community and for providing fodder for those idiots that think that gay people are paedophiles. At a time when the US and Australia are trying to fix the law to allow gay people to marry, this isn’t needed.

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  1. i tend to believe now “4” children that have come forward …

  2. I am a fan of the site, but I have to wonder at the lack of profanity in this one? Do they get a break from the name calling just because they are gay? I guess innocent until proven guilty only applies to them? Or is it fear of backlash? Their grandmother could have written this! Very disappointed that badbreeders has gone PC…

    1. I’d say it’s more in response to the fact that their kids have conflicting stories… there is no clear cut path here, like there usually is in the cases that are posted here.

      1. That’s exactly right. There was a case a few years ago where a girl accused her father of raping and molesting her. He served 9 years in prison before it came out that she falsely accused him because she was mad at him. This case could very well be an angry little boy, mad at his parents for not buying him an iPad or something, so he makes up a story to get his parents in trouble. Or it could be true that they raped him. I don’t want to cast condemnations until the case is sorted out. Then and only then can we be as nasty as we like, if it turns out that they did indeed rape the kids.

    2. Contrast this to the post on the Hakken story to find your answer. Let’s see, Mr. and Mrs. Hakken had their biological children stolen after a marijuana-related CHARGE, so they reclaim their own their own children, and they’re referred to as “pathetic loser” “fuckwits.” (degreed, former military, independent business owning “pathetic loser” “fuckwits.”)

      These two fellas are accused by FIVE OUT OF NINE of their adopted children of REPEATED INSTANCES OF RAPE, and the post comes with disclaimers out the ying-yang and “Itโ€™s really the kidsโ€™ words against the parents. Hopefully this can all be sorted out.”


      1. I may agree a little here. Both stories lack obvious guilt. But its easier to condem the accused druggie than the gay guys. No one wants to believe a couple of gay guys are adopting kids just to rape them, like they’d give the practice a bad name. Hopefully they are all loving parents. I guess I also find it easier to believe a witch hunt against the gay guys than I do the state took their kids just because they smoked a little pot. Completely open to being wrong since I obviously wouldn’t know unless I knew them personally or if I had personal dealings with the state taking my kids, which I don’t. However, any one I know who has lost custody of their kids…. It was the right thing to happen. The pot smokers should have supported grandma and their babies and worked to fix the problem the legal way as the just like the gay guys are. Then they wouldn’t of winded up on this website.

        1. So are they “accused druggies” or folks that “smoked a little pot?” As I said, millions of responsible adults have smoked marijuana, and a fair number of them are responsible parents as well. And thousands upon thousands of irresponsible parents get drunker than skunks with little or no repercussion… but alcohol is legal, so they’re upstanding citizens, while these two get called “fuckwit” “druggies” for allegedly being caught with some pot.

          My wife and I are on file as a reference for a gay couple that are adopting. No one “wants” to believe that gay guys adopt kids to rape them. But is it not unjustifiably biased to say that no one “wants” to believe that gay adoptive parents would do this, thus implying that it’s more acceptable or believable if it were a straight couple? Sad fact of the matter is that there are severely fucked up people out there, both gay and straight. And with five of nine kids making accusations, vs a minor marijuana charge and a surplus of baseless speculation, these two certainly appear to be a shit-ton more guilty of wrong-doing than the Hakkens.

          1. So kidnapping isn’t wrong is it?

          2. My opinion is no one wants to bash the gay guys because its more likely they would be part of a “witch hunt” (for lack of better term) than a straight couple. And that while I may be naive I find it almost unbelievable that the only reason the children were taken was the pot I think there is more to it because as you say millions smoke pot but they don’t take all our kids away.

          3. Finally, a post I can respect, at least the last paragraph.

      2. How about that the charges were actually proven against the Hakkens, whereas in this case it’s only the kid’s words against the parents (oh and yeah other kids came forward and told police that the allegations were untrue). Having a uni degree and your own business doesn’t make you a “good” person, as shown by the Hakkens who stole children from their legal guardian and went on the run. You can find plenty of examples of people who had it all going for them, yet chose to abuse their children. First I thought you were defending the Hakkens because you were a friend of theirs. Now I see you’re just a boring troll with nothing better to do. Seriously, get a job. A hobby. Get laid. You have some sort of void that you need to fill, and you do it with trolling. We’ve seen it all before.

        1. Ahahaha… oh my…

          Get a job? Going on averages, there’s a fair chance I
          make more than you do. Get a hobby? Being informed is but one of many. Get
          laid? My wife took care of that this morning, thankyouverymuch.

          This is the best you’ve got? “Get a hobby?” Wow.

          “How about that the charges were actually proven against the Hakkens.”

          a damn liar. Period. You haven’t provided a shred of information that
          supports that claim, and I’ve provided specific reference that indicates
          otherwise. I guess it’s already been established that you’re too bereft
          of intelligence to know the difference between a charge and a
          conviction, so you might actually believe the unadulterated bullshit
          that’s dribbling from your fingers, but I’d advise you to step back and
          go pick up a sixth grade civics textbook before you make yourself look
          like more of an idiot.

          1. How strange that you have to keep justifying yourself. Did you not see the news reports? We know that they a) took children from their legal guardians b) wouldn’t give them back c) Cuba sent them back. d) They’re now in jail and the kids are safe with their grandparents. All of this from legit news sources. Doesn’t matter that they have uni degrees or were in the army or whatever. They did the wrong thing, put their kids’ lives in danger and are now in prison where they belong. Not much more can be said about it. You accuse me of lying, but I got all my info from the news. The media don’t lie (that’s called slander). You’re really boring, and now that you can’t get through to me, you’re resorting to childish name calling. You’d better not be this boring in real life, your wife might leave you for someone more interesting and less obsessed with the internet. Pray tell, what is she doing while you’re playing silly games on a blog?

          2. “You’re really boring, and now that you can’t get through to me, you’re resorting to childish name calling.”

            Ahahahahahaha…. sorry, I guess we can’t all take the high-road like *you* do, ya lying tw*t. Maybe you can make some more lame attempts at bringing up my wife, which is of course a much more upstanding tactic than “childish name calling.” And yes, saying that the marijuana charges were “proven” is a total lie that you pulled out of your own pathetic ass, and is not reflected in any news article.

            “The media don’t lie.” Ahahahahaha…. Jiminey christmas…. you ARE fuckin’ retarded.

          3. According to the Huffington Post, the parents were found in a motel room with weapons and drugs and were talking about taking a journey to Armageddon. I say good for the police, CPS, and Family Court for removing the children rather than leaving them in a dangerous situation as too often happens.

          4. The media prints articles on the good faith that they are true. Meaning that, they have credible resources to back their stories up. Malicious lies based on the whim of the editor would never be printed, unless the media outlet want to be sued for slander and libel. Your strange logic that an engineering degree disproves a drug charge/conviction wouldn’t mean that the newspaper has to print a retraction. And by the way, another reader (not a trolltard like yourself) has found an article saying that these freaks were found in a motel room with weapons, drugs and were rambling about a trip to Armageddon. Sounds like a perfectly safe environment for children to live in…NOT!!

          5. “The media prints articles on the good faith that they are true. Meaning that, they have credible resources to back their stories up. Malicious lies based on the whim of the editor would never be printed, unless the media outlet want to be sued for slander and libel.”

            Your understanding of the newsmedia is childish and naive. When a bunch of different news outlets have the same unquoted claim from an unnamed “official,” it’s obviously got nothing to do with the “whim of the editor.”

            ” Your strange logic that an engineering degree disproves a drug charge/conviction wouldn’t mean that the newspaper has to print a retraction.”

            Thank you for again illustrating the weak grasp you have on the concept of “logic,” both that proffered by others, and that which gurgles forth from the recesses of your sparsely populated skull.

            “And by the way, another reader (not a trolltard like yourself) has found an article saying that these freaks were found in a motel room with weapons, drugs and were rambling about a trip to Armageddon. Sounds like a perfectly safe environment for children to live in…NOT!!”

            I addressed that two DAYS ago, brainiac.

            Sorry if you’re incapable of keeping up.

          6. I admit I was in a foul/snarky mood yesterday and I baited this asshat mightily, it was entertaining for me, but probably wrong too… And I see that you stopped far more quickly than I did but if you go and read the Hakken story responses you’ll see that there is NO point in attempting to get this POS to see anything clearly. He has a teeny-tiny point that he’s dug in on and now he wants to taint all the other stories with his brand of bullshit…

          7. I know… just a teeny tiny point… like whether or not the state was actually justified in taking the kids in the first place.

            Minor detail.

          8. Go away – I wasn’t talking to you. I hope that is clear and concise enough for you. The Hakken case went through the court system. Since most judges deplore being reversed on appeal, it’s a pretty safe bet that they had enough, despite the obvious oversight in not including you in their decision, to do what they did. You lose – get over it! If I want to discuss anything else with you, I’ll let you know…

          9. No, you’re posting on the internet… you’re talking to the world.

            As has been established, you, along with the rest of the general public, know next to squat about the Hakken case, so stop acting like you do.

            “You lose – get over it!”

            I don’t lose, I’ve got my kids. It’s the Hakken family that loses.

          10. No – I was speaking to Aussie Sabbath – if it was intended for “the world” then I would have posted what I said up top, instead of as a reply to Aussie’s post. You’re so damn smart, you should have been able to figure this tough one out for yourself… you are so small minded it’s tragic. But instead you just have to be an annoying little pissant don’t you… OK, but you still look like an ass… Enjoy!

          11. I know, he’s so rude. He keeps interrupting the adults, screaming “look at me, look what I can do!” “Look at this guy’s engineering degree that disproves that he’s riding the crazy train!” He’s like an attention-seeking kid. Next thing you know, he’ll be sending dick pics, just for some shred of attention. Maybe his wife and kids have been ignoring him and that’s why he needs to come on here for some validation.

          12. Yes, look at me… look what I can do… it’s called critical thinking.

            Aside from the fact that rudeness almost seems to be one of the general underlying principles of this site, I’ll just once again point out the ridiculous, flaming hypocrisy inherent in complaining about someone’s “rudeness” while proceeding to attempt to insult them by commenting about their family.

            Bitch, my kids couldn’t ignore me if they tried. They fucking adore me. And the tasty dish that I lie down with every night is pretty fond of me, too.

          13. If some trolltard comes on here acting all smug, we become rude. We don’t take your shit lying down. Now go tend to your wife before she leaves you for her hot co worker.

          14. Bitch, you were outright rude from the jump. At least have the guts to own it and quit with the pathetically empty excuses.

          15. You know, I could go back and pull up your original comment. But unlike you, I’m moving on and have no need to revisit the past.

          16. Yeah, you could do that… and get shown up like BuffettEater did as being the initiator of vitriol. Can’t have that now, can we?

          17. Yeah – because I word I made up, and tossed out because your statement was so stupid, was so imapcting on you? Vitriolic was it? Wow! You’re sure sensitive NLOR, do you need your wubby now?

          18. I’d hardly call your nonsensical ramblings to @Buffettgirl:disqus being “shown up”. Just like how your wife can’t exactly call it “being fucked” when you tickle her with your tiny pecker.

          19. A dick joke? Your wit is obviously razor-sharp and without rival.

            Bitch, you’re a bunch of hot air. “Oh yeah… well… uh… I can pull up your post where you started it… but I won’t… because… uh… yeah… so there! Tiny pecker!”

            Pa. Thet. Ic. Bitch.

          20. Still repeating yourself, are you? Out of new material? You’re calling me a bitch like it’s meant to be some sort of insult. Plus you used that Pa. Thet. Ic schtick like it’s meant to make sense or something. Can’t you see that no one cares what you’re rambling on about?

          21. Fucker – If the man that supposedly loves me and my soul to the core EVER referred to me as disrespectfully as you just did about your alleged wife, he’d be wondering where the nearest ER was so he just MIGHT be able to get his dick reattatched… You are VILE. It’s no biggie to refer to a fuckbuddy, hired companion or maybe the skank you banged last night that way, guys with little dicks usually do, but to refer to your wife as “the tasty dish that I lie down with every night” is beyond foul. You are a pig! ANd your lame-assed reference to me as BuffettEater again shows just how ignorant and childish you are. Grow up, maybe your balls will finally drop when you do.

          22. I get the impression that you’ll never have to worry about anyone *ever* referring to you as a “tasty dish.”

          23. That’s hilarious. And answers any final I doubt I had about there being a small sliver of a chance you might be a decent person. I’m 5″ 3″, 116 lbs, I have long naturally curly dark auburn hair and whiskey colored eyes. My man is an Army Airborne Ranger, sniper and he taught weapons, land nav and hand to hand combat. He’s hot as hell on fire, especially in his leathers on his Harley (2009 Dyna Wide Glide) and he worships the ground I walk on. And actually, I’m done playing with you know because he just fired the bike up and we’re heading out to the Spring Opener for his MC… You’re so pathetic. I didn’t address your person, only the incredibly shitty way you referred to your wife, to the world as you say. It was tacky and rude. You didn’t have to respond by going after my person. Now you just look dumber than you did…

          24. You just love to prattle on and on about a bunch of irrelevant shit, don’t you? Tell me again about your 14 years of French, your Einsteinian IQ, your high school grammar tests, your boyfriend’s motorcycle, and that ONE “rally” that you went to twenty years ago.

            “I didn’t address your person …. ”

            Oh right, right… you’ve taken the high road the entire time. My mistake.

          25. Ha, that’s the pot calling the kettle black. You’ve been prattling on and on about irrelevant shit to anyone who you think cares.

          26. I know… just irrelevant shit like actual information on the family and their case. I guess if I talked about my awesome conversion van that would be more pertinent.

          27. It wasn’t relevant whether the children *should* have been taken away, all that matters is that they were and that the Hakkens kidnapped them from their legal guardians. Now that they’re being punished for their crimes (yes, kidnapping is a crime, whether you think it should be or not), the case is closed.

          28. He also said that women who choose not to have children and/or find a partner are bitter and worthless. Wonder what his wife might think of that little gem.

          29. Nope, I said that the two of you are bitter. Another reading comprehension fail on your part.

            It’s just pathetic the way the two of you just rip into anyone that disagrees with you with repetitive noise about “‘tards” (because that’s a real mature dig) and “fuckwits” and so forth, and then get your stank-ass panties in a bunch if someone calls you bitter.

            Too bad for you you’ll never enjoy the pure bliss that can only come from holding your child in your arms, or opening the door after work to have a two year old run up, wrap his arms around your legs, and say “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home! Come in, come in! I missed you so much! It’s so good to see you!” (yes, my two year old is that articulate), and instead get your pitiful sense of self worth from mocking the collapse of other peoples’ families.

          30. Too bad I won’t miss out on having free time, disposable income, having my home the way I want it, being able to do what I want when I want, not changing shitty nappies, not having to put up with screaming and whining and so much more. Being able to live my life the way I want it is the best. A woman can now choose whether she wants children or not and her choices either way are supported. It seems beyond your comprehension that women can now CHOOSE for themselves, whether you like it or not.

          31. Actually Asswipe – we’re just tearing into you. It’s not everyone. Just you. You’re such a special kind of fucked up that it’s all you…

            And I don’t know – I’ve had the pure joy of my seven year old niece scream at the top of her lungs in an overcrowded gymnasium “Auntie Rie is here! Auntie Rie is here!” and go tearing from the opposite corner of the gym, through the middle of the volleyball game in play, to where I was and fling herself so hard at me that Boyfriend had to put his hand at my back to brace me from falling over backwards. I guess that doesn’t suck too much now does it? I don’t have kids for a very specific medical reason. It’s called Juvenile Pernicious Anemia… look it up you arrogant prick. You think you know so goddamn much. You make assumptions based on your tepid knowledge of a situation or on some blog exchanges and you think you’re so fucking smart. At least I decided not to subject a child to the great chance that they would have some of the same troubles I’ve had, your poor kids have to live with you. That should be considered serious child abuse!

          32. “we’re just tearing into you. It’s not everyone. Just you”

            I see. Just me. That must be why you told “Tammy,” the claimed aunt of deceased Kyhesha-Lee Joughin, that “Wes knows yous is an idiot,” and that she should “STFU already?”

            Just me. Right. *I’M* a “special kind of fucked up.” Gotcha.

          33. Ummm – Sir Slowness, Tammy didn’t mention that she was the Aunt until when??? TWO DAYS AGO – the comment I made was DAYS before that. And sorry, when folks make ‘tard defender comments with no background, well, they’re open fodder. Get over it. Do you think YOU have the power to change anything on here? You don’t, so if you don’t like the way it goes, GO AWAY AND PLAY WITH PEOPLE THAT MIGHT THINK YOU HAVE A POINT.

          34. Right… so it’s “just me…” and anyone else that you consider to be “fodder.” Gotcha.

          35. Slick – you’ve got NOTHING…

          36. Well hot DAMN! You finally got something! Whoo Hoo you!!!

            I notice that you always fail to mention your mistakes here… chickenshit… If you’d have had a leg to stand on, you’d have tried to insult a little harder than this. Your weakness is showing child. Better grab that wubby of yours…

          37. What mistakes? You claim them, but can’t seem to point to any.


          38. Why is that? Because you can’t get me to engage in your fucked up power play? Too bad for you! I don’t HAVE to find them for you. Its jolly good fun watching you get all knotted up over it instead. Prove me wrong if you think I’m such a liar.

          39. Meh, I just suspect you’re a liar. I already said it’s more than possible that I made a typo. But you’re the one that made the claim and can’t seem to back it up, so it’s pretty likely that you *are* a liar.

          40. Who cares if you want to put cover-up on it and call it an oopsie? You fucked up, you missed it, I caught it while you attempted to mock me. Get over it! You lose!

          41. Whatever you say, twinkle-tits, whatever you say. Let me know when you find that misused “there/their/they’re.”

          42. Not going to waste my time finding it, no matter how much you pathetically try to bait me. You find it. I don’t care to. Deal with it little baby-man.

          43. But you’ll “waste your time” making ten posts on the topic. What a dolt.

            And you’ll keep harping on a misused there/they’re/their, that I’ve already admitted is possible, as if it’s some kind of victory. What a maroon. Do you want to go 1-for-1 on typos and see who has the least? I wouldn’t recommend it.

          44. Not really doing anything more or less than you are now am I? Do you even read what you write and apply these thoughts to yourself? I don’t care what you woould or wouldn’t recommend. Do you think you are that important in my life? I’ve got more than you and your twaddle to deal with. All you are for me is filling time… time that I would be playing solitaire or backgammon with, so hey, it’s no skin off my nose to do this tit for tat shit. “What a dolt.” “What a maroon.” These your way of improving world peace?

          45. You know, men that talk about women the way you do usually don’t like women even if they have one. Narcissist.

          46. Miss, I’d ask that you take a look back at the derogatory comments that were directed at me simply for “defending” the Hakkens (and by “defending,” I mean pointing out that people are jumping to conclusions based on incredibly limited information). And these people made it quite evident right off the bat with their effusive repetition of “‘tard” that they were not interested in a civil conversation. Vitriol begets vitriol.

          47. Brilliant point!

          48. BTW, the irony of you claiming that I “make assumptions based on [a] tepid knowledge of a situation or on some blog exchanges,” is staggering, but I don’t expect you to comprehend that.

          49. You know irony about as well as Alanis Morissette…

          50. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! You rip into people who disagree with you, but that’s okay. I’m starting to think you are a narcissistic sociopath with an inflated sense of entitlement. Whatever.

          51. No, I rip into people that rip into me, or are insultingly dismissive of opposing viewpoints. They take gloves off, I take gloves off. And it’s not just that they “disagree,” they’re unwilling to having any kind of rational discussion.

          52. I guess it couldn’t POSSIBLY be that we have our own minds could it? I decided not to have kids because I didn’t want to pass along a long standing familial disease (Juvenile Pernicious Anemia – kind of like being a Juvenile Diabetic but the problem is with B12 instead of insulin) because I live with it and it ain’t great. It’s not hideous, but it’s an insidious little annoyance that I’d rather not favor a kid with. Oh, how bitter I am! It’s wretchedI tell you! I get to play with my money, do what I want when I want with anyone I want… yah it sucks to be us! I mean this May when we go through the Redwoods in California, it’s going to suck to be on the bike instead of packed into a mini-van with a passel of whingey brats… I mean why would I want a chance to hop off the bike and go get a little wild in the wild when I could just resent my life/kids/husband instead while tooling around in my SUV/Crossover/Mini-van…

            What a tool! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          53. I’m sorry…. am I supposed to give a shit about your life story? You sure engage in a shit-ton of defensive self-justification for someone that’s not “bitter.”

            “a passel of whingey brats…”
            “I could just resent my life/kids/husband”

            Tell us again how much you care about kids, who by your description should apparently be considered the ultimate burden in life.

          54. Again – Jerk-off, this wasn’t addressed to you. So, NO, since it wasn’t intended for you, your care/concern are not required, expected nor WANTED!

            Hey – I can love the little shitmonkeys and not want to be tied to one for life can’t I? Jesus – you are monumentally pathetic. Your arguments get shot down, so you latch onto something else, running in circles, flapping your arms, steam pour out of your ears (which explains SO much! It’s just vapor in there!) thinking all the while how supremely intelligent you are. For a knuckle dragging Neanderthal you don’t do too badly, but I think it’s time you stop interrupting the adults and go back to your Pokemon cards, ‘K?

            PS: I was speaking from your alleged wife’s point of view if she procreated with you and is actually MARRIED to your lame ass… sad to be tied to YOU forever because THAT would be the ultimate burden in life…

          55. “Your arguments get shot down, so you latch onto something else.”

            Tell me again how much French you took.

          56. Considering how much you’ve attmepted to mock me for an aside that was iput n parenthesis, I’m not sure what your feeble little point is… nor do I care!

          57. “Your arguments get shot down, so you latch onto something else.”

            Tell me again about your boyfriend’s motorcycle.

          58. Jealous much? You’re so green I can see it from here! Poor pathetic little boy… OK – if you really want to know, it’s a black & chrome 2009 Dyna Wide Glide, with apes and a sword for the back of the bitch bar. It’s got almost 40,000 miles on it and it’s fun to fuck on it… need to know anything else?

          59. Tell me again about your defective genetics.

          60. Why? Jealous of that too?

          61. Not really, you just seem to enjoy babbling about things that are irrelevant to the topics at hand.

          62. I’ve grown tired of you. Dissenting opinion is one thing but you’re just a troll so…

          63. “Dissenting opinion is one thing….”

            …that no one on this blog likes to hear, or is even capable of considering?

            Duly noted.

          64. My site my rules so buh bye.

          65. Keep trying.

          66. Nope. Keep trying.

          67. I can do this all day.

          68. Nah, I wouldn’t want to keep you busy with this ALL day.

          69. “Banhammer” Pathetic.

          70. Oh – like, your “tasty dish” and your “awesome kids” and your fabulously paying job? Or the fact that your poor alleged wife had to suffer your attentions the other morning? That irrelevent shit? Keep ’em coming Dippy, keep e’m coming…

          71. Let’s see… someone tells me I need to get a job and get laid (because that’s such a clever and original dig, after all), and I say that I’ve got a job and a wife. You, on the other hand, like to write unsolicited essays about totally irrelevant bullshit. The attorney thing was maybe almost relevant (but not really, since “worked for attorneys” can mean lots of things), and the rally thing was maybe almost relevant (except that one random rally from 20 years ago is totally IRrelevant, as is whatever noise you were babbling about some “high school experiment”). You’re the one that brought French into the whole discussion, and the crap about your boyfriend’s bike (oh, I’m sorry… “alleged” boyfriend). Maybe next you can tell me what you had for breakfast yesterday, and don’t spare any details.

          72. Hey – Blindy, I’ve already stated that I went to 16 rallys, not just one, and that it was college, not high school, but keep moving forward with your false assumptions, it is after all what you do best. What I did in the legal realm is not your business, but I had access to information about people that you won’t ever have access to, even if you want to go and claim that you’ve had the highest military clearance or some such utter bullshit. The comment about the French was merely a response to you calling me an idiot (in whatever fashion you chose, I’m not quoting here) because it made ME laugh. See, this isn’t about you, it’s about me, making me laugh by getting YOU twisted up. It’s fun for me. The boyfriend stuff, you brought that on yourself saying that you have trouble believing I’ll ever have to worry about being called a tasty dish. Sorry if I was checking my emails while he was getting the bike ready for us to leave. The garage is under the study, where I was on the computer while responding to your drivel, I was politely letting you know that I was going to be gone for the day. Sorry if you can’t appreciate common courtesey.

          73. Wow… How did he insult his wife with that comment? He actually complimented her. I’m guessing you’re a bona fide lib…?

          74. Ummm – No. But keep thinking that if you want to. Simply put it was disrespectful. It was tacky. It was distasteful. She is supposed to be the woman he loves heart & soul. To be classified as a “tasty dish” instead of “my gorgeous wife” “my stunning partner” or something with a little decorum and civility isn’t complimentary. But I’m curious, why do you care if I don’t find “tasty dish ” complimentary in any way, shape or form? It’s a bit like “tart”, “hussy” or “floozy” and none of those descriptives are considered a compliment, so why would you consider “tasty dish” to be? It’s jargon from the same time period, with the same underlying meaning. It makes me wonder, would you consider “floozy” complimentary? Probably not right?

          75. Um, “tart,” “hussy,” and “floozy” all generally imply promiscuity.

            “Tasty dish” just means I want to eat her up! Num num num!

            Better go back to reading that dictionary.

          76. OK – idiot! Keep assuming that you know what you’re talking about. I wasn’t speaking of today’s vernacular, but from the era where that was a common discriptive. You’re such an ignorant troll you make me laugh out loud! Maybe you should pick a dictionary up and actually read it, instead of guessiing at what you put in print.

          77. Good for them. You are still…oh never mind.

          78. Isn’t it impressive how he can Google??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

          79. Considering that you don’t seem capable of the same, it certainly should be impressive.

          80. Sorry – I’m smarter than that, I don’t use Google, I don’t think it’s needed that they record and keep said record of my searches. But then again, you’re so smart, you probably knew that didn’t you? If you are naive enough to believe that they don’t, research a little rape case out of Bend Oregon where the defense was granted access to the victim’s Google searches… it’ll be clear after that.

          81. Good thing I use Startpage then, isn’t it? But “google” or “to google” has entered the parlance as a general phrase referring to web searching, so it’s usually easier to say “I googled it,” instead of “I Startpaged it.”

          82. You’re absolutely right, the Hakkens had no right to take the children.

          83. The state WAS justified!

          84. It’s just very strange that he’s stuck on this point and can’t get past it, when the Hakkens kidnapped their children and assaulted Granny. It seems he’s more in defence of drugs than he is of the children’s right to safety and stability. Now he’s posting his crazy drivel just anywhere in the hope that someone will actually give a shit.

          85. I know… being “stuck” on the tiny point of whether the kids should have been taken from there parents. There I go, getting hung up on minutiae.

            I guess if the Hakkens were gay and one of the kids accused them of rape, she’d be more sympathetic, and not so apt to jump to conclusions.

          86. Well, because (at least in his mind) he is RIGHT dammit… RIGHT I tell you, RIGHT! His insecurity is laughable. It’s like he thinks that because the drug case hasn’t been settled yet, that nothing that stemmed from it can proceed. Different court systems work on different schedules, custody came up first, so what? He wants it to be some sort of “fruit from the poisoned tree” situation but it’s so clearly not!

          87. I know, and then he’s all like “your stupid” and he makes stupid personal attacks and thinks he’s better than everyone. He’s so boring. He’s just like any other trolltard that comes on here looking for a good time. I swear they’re all the same people.

          88. Um, I believe it was your sad little compatriot that actually said “you’re STOOOOPID.” I’m just not up to crafting a clever rejoinder like that.

          89. Don’t bother trying to use any intellect with these two ignorant sheep. Since they don’t agree with you, they’ll keep throwing out insults instead of respecting your difference in opinion.

          90. Ignorant Sheep? Ppffftttt! That’s some funny shit right there – you two appear to be ‘tard defending the Hakkens yet WE’RE the ignorant ones? Sorry Sweetcheecks, my IQ is 167, it’s virtually impossible to be ignorant with an IQ that high, mainly because I can’t help but absorb everything I see, hear and read, and I read at 1596 words per minute with a 98% long term comprehension rate… Now that we have that cleared up, what’s your next bit of pablum in the offering? Oh – and I’m on medical marijuana, legally in my state. Don’t you think that if I believed for one second that this was the government attacking them on the pot issue that I WOULD be defending them?

          91. Let it go, Buffettgirl, Trench banned NOLR for being annoying and trollish. These trolltards have found someone else to annoy ๐Ÿ™‚

          92. I read something on the sidebar thingy that brought me back here yesterday and kind of forgot how long ago this all was… oops! ๐Ÿ˜‰

          93. That was less than intelligent of you… but about what anyone would expect of someone coming on here to defend a couple of baby-raping assholes though. Go you, whoever the fuck you are anonymous “Guest” … kindly piss off now thanks.

          94. You know this idiot was actually banned months ago…time to get with the program.
            And have some more c***-cakes.

          95. Still hungry, are you?
            Just reminding you what a c*** actually looks like.

          96. You sure are self righteous. Oy.

      3. Oh will you move on already. Gad. I haven’t read one post by you that says how you would protect a child, be an advocate against abuse, etc. Why don’t you take your anger and put it to good use fighting pedophiles or helping children.

        1. “How I would protect a child?” Can you explain to me how sitting around thinking of a hundred different ways to say “child abusers suck” on a blog is “protecting a child?”

          When saying that two children should be taken from their parents because of an unresolved marijuana charge, yet basically giving a “well, let’s wait and see” on the five-times-accused child rapists, is that “protecting a child?”

          And I hate to break it to you lady, but highlighting abuses and overzealousness on the part of the courts and CPS is in fact fighting pedophiles and helping children. Check my post on how kids in foster care are significantly more likely to be abused either by the foster “parent” or other children. Read “The Franklin Coverup” for just a taste of what can happen to some of these kids.

          1. I was an abused foster child so I know. My adopted mother was a pedophile. I chose to NOT be one and use my time and energy reporting them, monitoring them and blogging about them to educate parents and caregivers. I don’t do it for kudos I do it because I’ve lived it and if I can save one child, then I’ve found the good from a horrible situation. I really don’t want to talk to you anymore. Trench, I’ll be back someday. Later.

  3. Wow…confusing…I hope the truth comes out, whichever version that happens to be, so that all the kids involved can be given the care they need.

  4. Interesting how they only adopted boys.

  5. The SICK part is I had to google this to find the story.

  6. Kids do lie. i’m sorry but if other kids are saying it happened in a different home then we need to wait until the truth comes out. my brother did 2 years for false accusations. The day after he started his prison term the kids kept contacting me telling me they lied but when the police would go question them they denied it. but the truth did come out to the courts after

    1. Exactly right. I did discuss a case where a girl claimed her father raped her and he spent 9 years in prison before she recanted and said that she only claimed rape because she was mad at him. This could be a very similar case.

      1. How nice that you’re being so diplomatic about the accused quintuple-child-rape buddies. Too bad an accused pot smoker doesn’t get the same courtesy.

      2. Ooh you funny little troll! Did your mama leave you home alone again?

  7. pink sock

  8. i vet hthere are rapist and they victamized that lil boy specifically because it already happened to him and he could be made out to be a liar rapist peices of shit

  9. “Being gay has nothing to do with paedophilia or child abuse.” Yeah, sure, faggot. Way to toe the party line.

    Gays are absolutely the most monstrous and prolific sexual abusers of children. Homo-pedo rape is the only way that faggots can “reproduce”.

    1. Eat a dick, you hateful troll.
      PS: I’m cis-female and straight. How does it feel to be that hateful AND wrong on top of it?

      1. Fun fun. I guess it takes someone with an education to use the term cis female.
        I’m betting you’ve never been near a c*** other than your mother’s, since you continue to use the word “c***” as a pathetic attempt at an insult.
        Cunts are beautiful, just ask my man ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. Trolls get cranky when they’re hungry. So have some more c***-cakes. They’re on the house.
          (And it’s totally okay to love a she-male. But my Mr. Aussie is a cis-male. Oh, I know for a fact ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

          1. You’re proud of having a “look” that says you can kill people? You also enjoy talking about rape and female submission. Then you admit to walking in dog feces and vomit, which indicates you probably have a propensity for animal cruelty as well. That gives us enough of a psychological profile to assume that, if oyu aren’t just trying to troll, you are actually a psychopath, possibly with schizoid tendencies. Chances are, you have a legal history. If not, you have simply learned to play by the rules, though you have no way of understanding the reason for the rules. There is no medical treatment for your condition, nor can it be amended with therapy. Unfortunately for the people around you, you will go on living your destructive life, bringing good to no one and doing harm to many. TTFN.

          2. What the hell have I just stumbled across! Wow just wow.

          3. I think it’s some bored 12 year old with mummy issues. When does school go back in the US?

          4. He’s a rather untidy person to be living with dog shit and puke on his shoes.
            Maybe he’s a relation to one of the foul idiots that we’ve featured on this blog. The ones that can’t stay clean.
            No wonder he has so much hatred against women, they all say he’s a dirty maggot.

          5. Nah maggots get eaten by birds. Sorry.

          6. Aww our little troll is still hungry.
            (A direct death threat. Hmmm, I think we can track down your IP address and call the police for that. You’re dumber than I thought)

          7. You obviously can’t keep your house clean if you constantly tread in dog shit and puke. Clean your house up for a change, otherwise you’ll never get a woman.

          8. Real men don’t hit women. Ever. Only maggots hit women.

          9. Oh pu-leeze, like I’m supposed to be afraid of some silly little troll like yourself. Let me guess, you only get that look when you play Call of Duty instead of working?
            Anyway, our mod is on his way. Direct death threats and accusations of sexual abuse aren’t tolerated around here. Your IP address will be blocked from this site.
            So do your worst. Judging by the pathetic drivel you spout, it can only be just as annoying.

      2. Care for some c***-cakes, mr. troll?

      3. Care for some c***-cakes?

    2. I know lots of gay people and can assure you that few of them are attracted to children. There are far more hetero men who rape children (even of the same sex!) than gay men.

      1. It’s funny that he throws around the word “Faggot” but if someone referred to him and other black people as a “Nigger”, he’d be crying hate speech from here to next week.

        Come to think of it, what Cole has written constitutes as hate speech. Not a smart thing to write under his real name.

        1. Are you on crack?
          Next thing you know, you’ll be wanting to censor any word that ever hurt anyone. Interpol aren’t going to prosecute me for using a WORD.
          Get lost, retard. This story’s old and we’ve better things to do.
          PS: yes I do have a c***. I doubt you have ever seen one, judging by the way you pathetically fail at using that word as something hateful. Cunts are beautiful ๐Ÿ˜›

          1. Wow Aussie – you sure all kinds of a c*** today aren’t you? This double-devil badass thinks so at any rate. I’m thinking this is NLOR with another lame attempt at being right. Good luck with this one, I’m going to be a good girl and not jump in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

          2. Actually Cole referred to me as a “faggot” (i’m actually female and straight). Whereas I stated if anyone called him a nigger etc. he’d get all “waa it’s hate speech”. Luckily I’m not that uptight.
            Don’t worry, trolls aren’t supposed to be good at reading or comprehension. Once you master those, you’ll no longer be a troll. You’ll just be a bigot.

          3. Still hungry?
            Bigot is just half a level up from troll. Not as illiterate, but just as pathetic.
            Eat up.
            (BTW, shit doesn’t come from the c***. You need to brush up on your anatomy)

        2. Here, have some c***-cakes.

      2. Except… no. The majority of men who sexually abuse boys are still heterosexual, period. You do not need to be a homosexual to do homosexual things. Sexual orientation isn’t black and white like that.

        1. “you homos”? I’m straight, but that’s not really any of your concern.

          One homosexual encounter/relationship does not automatically cancel out years of heterosexual relationships and attraction, period. It’s absolutely stupid to say so. Even in the case of men who marry women but rape boys!

          Of course some men who rape boys turn out to be actually gay. This is not at all supported by the vast majority of gay people and it’s really ignorant and disgusting to assume that all pedophiles who abuse children of the same sex are gay, and that gay people are somehow more likely to sexually abuse children. This is very far from true.

    3. Are you serious? Most pedophiles identify as hetero, have wives, children etc. That’s not to say that pedophiles don’t come in all shapes, sizes, colors and sexual orientation. But to lump all gay men as monsters is so wrong on so many levels. Does every man who goes to prison gay? Cause we sure are obsessed with what “bubba” is going to do with the liked of these two.

  10. Look at this retarded @asmodeusbelial:disqus up-voting his own comments, to make it look like as if someone actually gave a shit about his illiterate trollings. So pathetic haha.

    1. Look who’s hungry. I may be halfway through a 2nd uni degree, but I’m quite smarter than you.
      So eat some more of these.

  11. Oh dear, little troll. You are quite fun to bat around and harass, but I fear the day our fearless moderator comes along and slams you with the ban hammer, just like your circle-jerk buddy No Left Or Right. That’ll put a stop to my fun for sure. The time may be nigh, since you are eating quite a lot of our c***-cakes for free.

  12. Woopsies, where did our little trolls comments go? Oh I know! I deleted them off of MY post! I forgot I could actually do that! Now play nice little troll, or you’ll have your comments deleted again ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Looks like our little troll comes from France! Just looked up his IP address and here he is: S.a.

    1. Wouldn’t be the first time I had to contact Interpol.

      1. He tell me he’s in Freiburg, Germany. Is there an American base there? If so, they’d be able to track that IP, since the servers belong to the US military. Go for it, Trench. We have several threats of rape, assault, and murder here. If he’s a service-member, and not the child of a service member, we might even be able to effect a dishonorable discharge.

        1. It is worth noting that Freiburg is very close to the French border.

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