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Takota Hasty got his angel wings

Bubba's gonna love them ears!

Bubba’s gonna love them ears!

Mom, boyfriend charged in Takota Hasty’s death

Baby dies after accusations of abuse

Father remembers son’s ‘bright smile’

Father warned officials of abuse

Thankyou to Shadyhellyeah for the tip-off on this one. It’s so sad, yet it’s the same old pattern. Egg donor puts her sex toy above the needs of her child, sex toy seriously injures/kills child. Egg donor does sweet F-A about it.

This sad tale comes to us from Dayton, OH. Little Takota Hasty (19 months) was taken to Dayton Children’s Medical Centre with bruising on Sunday morning. He has since gained his angel wings on Monday afternoon :'( The hospital contacted detectives who were with the violent crimes unit, after they discovered that the little boy’s injuries were NOT accidental. According to his Dad, Takota had bruises on his face and back, and cigarette burns all over him, like someone had used him as an ashtray.

Guess who was behind the little boy’s death? His egg donor’s sex toy! The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Dustin Rybak and Crystal (Meth) Laurel, both 25, were taken into custody at the Montgomery County Jail. They have been charged with involuntary manslaughter, child endangering and tampering with evidence. An extra charge of allowing child abuse has been tacked on for Crystal. No conviction has been recorded as of yet, but the fact that they were charged with tampering with evidence (i.e. cleaning up bloodstains, hiding bloody clothes, hiding weapons) just screams that they’re guilty. I mean, if your child has just been rushed to hospital, you wouldn’t bother cleaning up for the police now would you?

The violent sex toy and the permissive egg donor are still in jail, on a million dollars’ bond each. Go Ohio! Good luck to any enablers trying to afford that much to get them out! They are scheduled to go to court Wednesday morning. This wasn’t their first run in with the law. The egg donor was convicted of theft in 2008 and the sex toy was convicted of domestic violence in 2009 and heroin possession a little less than a year ago. Wow, just goes to show that criminals attract other criminals. Drugs and domestic violence? What a winning combination!

Dad Justin Hasty had warned officials time and time again that the sex toy was abusing Takota and his 4 year old brother Trayton. A spokesperson says that they did get a referral from Dad a week before the little boy went to hospital, but they couldn’t find the egg donor. Just another lame excuse as to why they didn’t do their job. Dad lamented that he should have done more to get Takota out of there, but he couldn’t have done more – apart from taking Takota. But then he’d be up on kidnapping charges and would never see him again. 

A candlelit vigil was held on Monday night outside the Medical Centre. Balloons were released into the sky. Dad’s last words to his son were that he’ll be seeing him someday. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been to take your child off life support, knowing that they won’t survive without it. It’s just so terrible and sad. And all because the bitch who birthed him put her sex toy above his safety and wellbeing.

RIP little Takota. You'll see your Daddy again one day. Fly with the balloons!

RIP little Takota. You’ll see your Daddy again one day. Fly with the balloons!

Justin Hasty has set up a Memorial Fund in memory of little Takota. Be warned. There are graphic photos of Takota’s beaten and bruised little body. It’s very sad to look at, but if you can, dig deep.

Thanks again to Shadyhellyeah for the tip!

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  1. Thing is, the father had the little boy the Friday before Easter…egg donor took the police while the father had the older son at the E.R., getting him checked for the injuries he had, and the police allowed the mother to have Takota. The father had left Takota with his paternal grandmother. There have been comments as to witnessing abuse on Easter while the egg donor and the baby beater were visiting a relative of the baby beater’s…apparently Takota was locked in a bathroom while his egg donor was outside having a cigarette. When one of the other guests asked the baby beater to get the child out of the bathroom so they could use it, he responded by grabbing the child by his neck and rubbing his face along the wall in the hallway. Also, the egg donor and her vagina stuffer kept going to the bathroom, another guest had to make a plate of food for Takota and seat him with the other children because his egg donor was too preoccupied with her child abusing fuckstick to even care if the child ate or not. There is a page in Takota’s memory on facebook, and from what I read, the egg donor and the baby beater are both being charged with involuntary manslaughter. Makes me want to go to jail in Ohio…

    1. That’s just awful. Takota was supposed to be looking forward to Easter, looking for easter eggs and visit from the Easter Bunny. Not being dragged around by his egg donor’s c*** plugger and being locked in a toilet while egg donor was too busy getting her c*** stuffed. At least one of the guests fed him…it’s just so sad. They probably hit him when he cried from being hungry or interrupted their foul fuckfest.

      1. When I read the story…I cried…I cried hard. I can’t believe that any woman would allow some asshole to touch their baby like that…Takota wasn’t even two yet…and his precious little face reminded me of my youngest, who is 7 months…just breaks your heart…

        1. He had such a vibrant look about him. Look at him, he was so excited to see whatever he was looking at. I think that photo was taken with his Daddy. Egg donor probably has not one single picture of him.

          1. probably not…I wouldn’t even give her the dignity of calling her mother either…egg donor suits her.

    2. i read also that for the week between Easter and when they finally took him to the hospital the police said they couldn’t find the egg donor…i’m sure they had the baby beaters name and since he was on probation why couldn’t they find his address???? the Easter Party was supposedly at his house…also all these guests at that party where someone was even dressed as a rabbit…not a single one of them came forward or called for sad that adults looked on and did his little wee face was dragged on the wall by a grown dirtbag

      1. All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing. I can’t believe someone would just stand there and watch that shitstain drag a kid (who wasn’t even his!) along a wall. Every single adult that was there who saw it and didn’t do a thing to stop him should be shot dead.

        1. i couldn’t agree more

  2. I’m sorry, this really hits home with me…my ex and I went through a nasty custody battle…he took off with our children and I got to see them only four times in a fifteen month period. I was threatened with jail time for harassment because I called every day in vain, and I drove to see my children when I wasn’t working (I was an on call otr driver at the time)…so I know what this father was going through…all the pleas for the police to help were unheard…there were a couple of times where I was able to prove negligence but Iowa law states that if there is no custody established in the courts, the parent in possession of the child/ren has a choice whether or not to relinquish the children to the other parent. Fortunately for me, I didn’t suffer the loss of a child, but I feel so horrible for this father, knowing what he went through…RIP TAKOTA…poor baby…

    1. oh and I took the bastard to court once I had the money for a lawyer and won SOLE CUSTODY of the kids…Iowa doesn’t play games when it comes to children.

      1. Good on you! The unfortunate thing is that the courts would’ve been against Dad anyway. They always award in favour of Mum unless she has serious issues. But the court would have been able to see that the egg donor and her pet penis were hurting the kids. But we’ll never know now 🙁

        1. I am under the impression that the father is going to try to have egg donor’s rights terminated…

          1. That’s good. At least he can save Trayton. I guess it’s some consolation.

  3. I kept reading the sex toy’s name as Lybak – as in “lie back”. He’s going to be doing a hell of a lot of “lying back” in prison.

  4. I live in dayton and this has completely made me sick this egg donor is supposely on suicide watch and dickface is in protective custody …and to only give involuntary manslaughter pisses me off the only one involuntary was Takota . Dickfaces babymama yea dickface has 3 kids himself and sister even tried to stick up for him to I hope they get whats coming to them also.

  5. What a beautiful little boy. I lived in Dayton many years ago…this so sad. All I can hope for is that lousy pos that had him succeeds in her suicide attempt and that cowardly dick that hurt him suffers- a lot, and for a very long time. Sickening.

  6. What has to be wrong with a woman who will hook up with a man who has already been convicted on domestic abuse charges? Add to that the fact that there are defenceless children involved & it just makes me wonder of these women should just have the kids taken away until they either come to their senses & leaves douchebag or he kills her.

    1. And if she didn’t want to take care of him, why not just let dad have him?

      1. I think it’s a case of “I don’t want him, but no one else can have him”. And that the boys are meal tickets for her.

        1. Yeah, I was about to say that I reckon she gets money for having the kids & it’s the money she won’t give up, not the kids!

  7. That is enough!!! These mother fuckers need to receive special treatment…and by that I mean nothing less then the rath of pure evil. You touch a child in an abusive way…that’s it, you lose your arms…that is what I consider justice. how many fuckers would think twice before abusing a little child!?!?!
    As for Takota, I am so sorry you were dealt this hand buddy. I wish to God that I could have helped you in your time of need. You will always be with me in my thoughts and prayers.

    This story is exactly what I prayed would not happen as Easter approached. I prayed to God to protect our little children, especially on this special day and realistically everyday. I thought of all the little children excited to look for Easter eggs, friends, family and good times and that no child would be harmed. I was wrong. I am so sorry Takota. I wish I could have been their to take care of you and put a smile on your face and to make such a difference in your life that you would still be here with us today.

  8. I live in Dayton as well and this saddens me. poor lil baby boy. I hope they rot in Hell!

  9. How many times is this gonna keep happening? We went from Samantha.Ritchie to Kyle Klein to Julianna Berry to Cadence Gardner to Reagan Merriweather to Addison Arnold to Mikah McClain to Tyynan Nicholson to Malisa DeLeSancha to Levi Barrett to Caleb Durig to Takota Hasty. And this is just in the Dayton Ohio area alone that I’m aware of. I know why these women will not give up their children for adoption or to an orphanage. The children are a welfare check to these bitches. These women can also get their rent free. I know that for a damn fact & I can prove it . These women don’t care about these children. The children are just money to them.

  10. RIP Poor Little Man…

  11. The tampering with evidence charge was because they put makeup on the poor baby to try and cover his bruises. I live in the Dayton area and this, unfortunately, happens much to often, everywhere. I haven’t been able to get him or his brother off of my mind ever since. Rest In Peace with Jesus little Takota.

  12. Covering up his bruises with makeup? I have such a heavy heart for this little guy. How can his mother be so heartless?? How!?!? May these two receive no mercy, may they be given nothing less then what they deserve.
    To the mother; shame on you. My wish for you is that you will never, ever enjoy life ever again. Because that’s what you deserve. And for the “boyfriend” you heartless mother fucker…you will be on the receiving end of all bad things….for a very long time, enjoy!!
    Just what type of person takes pleasure in abusing and killing the innocent and defenseless??

  13. Babies don’t get much cuter than that.

    I hope my tax dollars are ensuring that those murderers get much worse treatment than Takota got in his tiny little life. RIP precious boy. I wish I could have taken you to the zoo one day and got you an icecream.

    1. He was a little sweetie, that dickweed had no right to be in his life whatsoever. I hope Bubba tears his ears off (and that’s just the start of the unspeakable horror he’ll face in prison)

  14. Oh my, the picture of what they did to their little boy made me cry. Why? When I see a child I want to talk to them, teach them things, read to them, not freaking hurt them! These breeder’s generation causes me serious concern for the welfare of this country. RIP baby boy. I’m so sorry. My heart is broken.

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