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Mother accused of poisoning daughter, 4, with alleged chemotherapy drugs bought online

Mother accused of poisoning daughter, 4, with alleged chemotherapy drugs bought online (Courier Online)


Before reading this post, I didn’t even know you buy chemo drugs online. I thought that if you had cancer, you go to hospital and they give you chemo there. You certainly can’t get high from it and it’s not illegal to obtain. Unless you want to use it to harm someone.

A Gold Coast nutcase is being accused of poisoning her 4 year old daughter with chemo drugs that she bought online. The 22 year old nutcase allegedly gave her daughter the drugs over a 10 month period. The  crazy bitch scowled angrily at the public gallery and shook her head as she was led into the courtroom. Oh, why so mad, crazy bitch? Is it because you were caught poisoning your daughter? Oh, it’s not your fault that you wanted sympathy from other people, so you decided to poison your daughter…

The crazy bitch was charged with causing grievous bodily harm to her daughter between June 30, 2012 and April 2013. She has not applied for bail. The hearing lasted less than 2 minutes, with the magistrate ordering the crazy bitch to be remanded in custody for a further mention via prison video link on May 20.

The little girl is in hospital in a dangerous condition. More to come.

Chemotherapy has really horrible side effects, and what this crazy bitch did is a slap in the face to parents whose kids are in hospital with cancer and need chemo to fight the cancer. No one willingly would take chemo drugs because of the terrible collateral damage it causes. If you need chemo for cancer, it means you’re in dire straits. Wishing cancer on this bitch would be too good for her, we wouldn’t want to hail her as a hero if she survives.

Is it just me or does this case reek of Munchhausen by Proxy? You know, crazy bitch wants sympathy and wants to been seen as a martyr, so she gives her child chemo drugs to give her the signs of cancer treatment, and then she talks about how hard it is to have a kid with cancer. No wonder she was mad when she got to court, her little game had unravelled and no one felt sorry for her.

From the crazy bitch's FB page...which is all about her "sick" daughter!

From the crazy bitch’s FB page…which is all about her “sick” daughter!


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  1. i am thinking she was scamming people for donations for her cancer stricken child…

  2. Twisted sick bitch, depraved torture of a child – gad!

  3. WTF? How is it even legal to buy such dangerous chemicals without a prescription…no, not even that! How can this shit be bought by a non medical professional?

    My sister used to work in paediatric oncology as a nurse. She had to protect her bare skin from the drugs they gave to oncology patients. If it spilled on your skin it gave a nasty chemical burn. So people pump this shit into themselves to try to kill cancer…& it seems to work a lot, so that’s awesome, but to pump it into a child who doesn’t new it is beyond wrong!

    1. Chemo causes a lot of collateral damage to the body, it’s one of those things that makes you sicker to make you better. I wish doctors would look more into natural treatments for cancer (using the Bad Breeders as testing subjects) it’s really horrible stuff.

      1. “Use the bad breeders as test subjects”lol love this comment!

      2. Unfortunately, the doctors who do look into alternative treatments often turn out to not only not be doctors but also scammers preying on the desperation of very sick people to extort money out o them.

        If one of my kids was diagnosed with cancer I’m pretty sure I would be grabbing anything at all that might help. This woman is a total troll whore pig slag for not only hurting her child but also basically laughing at people with actually sick kids.

        1. A lot of Eastern medicines can help ease the symptoms, but if there was something out there that could help the body recognise damaged cells more quickly or destroy only the bad cells with minimal side effects.

  4. The crazy bitch had made a facebook page about her daughter’s “sickness” and was trying to get sympathy for something that she did to her girl! She wrote all sorts of drivel to make herself look like the caring mother that she was NOT!

  5. This, to me, would be a GLARING case of MbyP… I just don’t understand these women. For one thing, seeing a little one sick, exhausted, in pain, dejected (because it SUX to be that sick all of the time) and all around totally unhappy makes my heart hurt. I can’t imagine thinking “Hey, I know, I’ll give LittleBitty here some chemo drugs! Yup! That’s the way to go! That way I look like Awesome Mom and she supports my claim by being so ill! Why it’s perfect, simply PERFECT!” What a c***…

    1. I do have sympathy for Munchhousen (?) sufferers but not The Proxy freaks. Making yourself sick for attention is sad but making a helpless child sick is fucked.

      1. This crazy bitch was doing that too along with making her own child sick. She claimed to suffer from colon cancer, cluster headaches and anorexia. She had her own YouTube channel and made videos about her fictitious illnesses. All for a bit of attention. Pa. Thet. Ick.

        1. You see, if she had stopped there & not involved her child I would be really sympathetic. Anyone prepared to make themselves sick for attention has some issues. Making your child sick for attention still screams issues but you get no sympathy because you are a child abusing c***!

  6. My 9 year old son is in his 3rd year of chemotherapy treatment for leukaemia,….chemo is so toxic…even the nurses wear blue plastic gowns & gloves when administering some forms of the drugs.
    my son was so sick with the initial phase of treatment he was like a lifeless rag doll,..couldn’t even sit up on the toilet without my support.
    chemo kills good healthy cells & the bad cells,…so you can imagine what damage was happening in this little girls otherwise healthy body…the destruction of healthy vital cells.
    I feel sorry for the mother…she is ignorant in her very obvious mental sickness…but she just might lose her little girl.

    1. I hope your son pulls through. My partner’s parents lost his sister to a brain tumour when she was just a baby, and chemo tends to weaken the body so much that there’s just no fight left (especially in children). I wish there could be a less destructive way of killing cancerous cells. There were experiments done with alcohol where they shrunk blood vessels that nourished the tumour. One day the answer will come clear. Maybe doctors can use this bitch as a test subject for cancer treatments.

  7. This will make your blood boil, the crazy tw*t claimed she herself had all these diseases, made a Youtube channel about her “illnesses”, and generally tried to get attention from strangers. A slap in the face to all of those people who actually do suffer from anorexia, colon cancer and cluster headaches, On top of poisoning her own child to get sympathy. This crazy slampiece is sick, sick, sick!!

  8. A new facebook page has been set up for the little girl and she is receiving kind messages from all over the world. A relative says she faces a very long battle to overcome the damage that the drugs did to her body.

  9. Munchhausen’s by Proxy is one of the worst things out there, and there is absolutely no way to fix those people. They will never be anything but a danger to all children they come in contact with and they sneaky, conniving bitches, too. I saw one once that still had supervised visitation rights that was constantly trying to make her daughter sick again while the baby was in CPS custody, to prove it wasn’t her doing it. She actually managed to get something on the baby once that caused a rash by throwing the diaper bag in the face of the supervisor and darting into the car when the foster mother looked up at the commotion. A third person happened to be there and saw her touch the baby or she might have gotten away with it.

    In a lot of those cases there are doctors involved that need to be lined up and shot along with the mothers. That baby I was just talking about had no real medical issues once things had finally gotten sorted and doctors had placed a permanent feeding tube prior to the child being in custody! Another little boy had never had a documented seizure in his life, not even on 24 hour in hospital video taped EEGs, and a doctor had placed a Vagus Nerve Stimulator, something that is only approved for and up (this baby was barely 2) and only in cases of intractable seizures that are happening in the hundreds per day. The baby’s real diagnosis? I don’t remember the medical term, but in layman’s terms it meant, “Nearly dead from prescribed overdose” The worst part of it was that the stuff he was on required careful weaning. He was so overmedicated that he could drop dead at any second, and the new doc had to take him down so slowly, that he was still on an overdose for his weight for six months. It took 2 1/2 years to completely get him off the drugs that he had never needed in the first place! They took him to a hospital far away from the one that had placed the device to have it removed, and last I heard, he had been adopted by good parents.

    Anyway, I was so thinking of those babies when I looked at the picture of this little girl in what looked like a hospital bed with a nasal feeding tube. Was that a bed and tube at her mother’s house, or were there doctors complicit in the abuse of this little girl due to their inability to see past the mom’s lies to what was really going on with the child? These MBP moms are usually very charismatic and very, very knowledgeable. They know what key words docs are looking for, and they are always /looking/ like the most caring and involved parents, but I still can’t see a good responsible doctor falling for it so badly.

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