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Bad Brisbane breeder pimps out daughter

Brisbane woman pleads guilty to 20 offences including child trafficking and prostituting her own daughter

Thai girl, 11, encouraged to be prostitute

Thai mum jailed for prostituting daughter

Following the new laws for sex trafficking in Australia, you’d think that people wouldn’t try to do anything stupid. Like involve their children in prostitution.

A bad Brisbane egg donor has been charged with 20 offences, including child trafficking, prostituting her 11 year old daughter and maintaining a sexual relationship with a child (hopefully not her own daughter!!).  The egg donor, who herself is a prostitute, brought her daughter to Australia in 2004, and that’s when the abuse started, a Brisbane court heard. The prosecutor told the court that the daughter was moved to Brisbane permanently and her egg donor made her a partner of the massage/prostitution business at the tender age of 11, that the egg donor ran out of her Runcorn home. The egg donor advertised her daughter as the “new girl” and forced her to do in house and out call services. The daughter was encouraged by her egg donor to provide a range of sexual services to child molesters clients and she was threatened with violence if she refused. The prosecutor also told the court that the little girl was encouraged to exploit her abusers customers who paid her handsomely and brought her additional gifts. It’s called child grooming, sir. Giving a child presents for having sex is called child grooming.

The egg donor’s actions were discovered in 2011 when the daughter complained to a family friend, who then reported it to the police. Go family friend! You are truly a friend to the girl. The abuse had been going on for 7 years and the girl had finally managed to break free of her egg donor’s tyranny. Just in time, too. The egg donor had plans to sell her daughter’s virginity and then sell her off for marriage.

Here is a funny little exchange between the egg donor’s barrister Andrew Boe and Justice Boddice, the presiding judge:

Barrister: “This is not a cause were a child was used as a drawcard … to a prostitution business. Nor was it a case where a child had been stolen away from their family and sold into a life of servitude.”

Judge: “Mr Boe, don’t insult intelligence. The child was brought to Australia for that purpose (of sex worker). Twice…not just once.”

BURN!! Like how this bitch will burn in prison. She’s facing 25 years in the slammer, with a non-parole period of 4 years. Perhaps she’ll die from nasty AIDS before then. Or her hoo haa will rot off from chlamydia or gonorrhea and therefore she’ll have to close her “business” since she’ll have nothing to sell.

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  1. Ugh! Gross! I bet the men who paid for sexual favours (I’m assuming oral sex because she is still a virgin) from a child don’t even consider themselves child molesters or paedophiles…I hope the names of everyone who paid for this child is released to their families can see what a fucking prince they’re related to!

    1. They should definitely arrest every single john that’s come near the girl. The egg donor would have a ledger of “clients” (most businesses do) and I hope the police seized it and charged every single one of them with child molestation.

      1. Yep…as well as publishing their names so their family & friends can see just what sort of disgusting freaks they are!

  2. Bitch prostituted her own daughter! So much for loving and protecting her child. Poor girl. I hope she gets some excellent psychiatric care.

  3. WTF??? I wonder if this child was a result of her mother’s career choice, and therefore not something she gave even a tiny damn about?

    1. truthistruthistruth

      The prime bitch needs her uterus yanked out by a pair of rusty pliers and no anesthesia

      1. Can we nick a few of her other bits while we’re in there anyway? 😉

        1. I’m sure we can help ourselves to a few vital organs and give them to people who actually need them lol

  4. that bitch deserves a pink sock google it its brutal but any mum that would sell there baby to perverts deserves the worst possible thing in the world to happen to the multiple times daily period evel slagg

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