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A Grimms Brothers fairytale comes to life…

Stepmother and father ‘locked children in cellar’

French brothers locked in cellar for three years


Seine-Saint-Paris, a town north-east of Paris

Zut Alors! Here we have the makings of a Grimms fairy tale. We have an evil step breeder, a complacent father and two ugly stepbrothers who are given preferential treatment. But instead of one Cinderella, we have two Cinderellos.

Two garcons (10 and 12) spent 3 years locked up in the cellar of a detached house in Seine-Saint-Denis, while their evil stepbreeder (44), complacent sperm donor (39) and two ugly stepbrothers (7 and 17) lived upstairs in relative luxury. The boys were forced to sleep on two little mattresses with no covers on a cold concrete floor, in the cellar where there was no electricity, water or windows. The boy said that they were allowed out during the day to attend school but once they came back home, they were not allowed to live or eat with the rest of the family. Instead, their sperm donor beat them with a belt in the filthy room, and sometimes they weren’t given any food. Ohh les pauvres!

Court documents say that the boys’ maltreatment began when the  biological mother, who was a drug addict, walked out, and the sperm donor moved in with the evil stepmonster. One of the ugly stepbrothers danced for the Paris Opera, which now pays for his upkeep and education, because the sperm donor and evil stepmonster have been arrested.

Yes, as we all know how most fairy tales go, one of the boys escaped and told the police about their living conditions. When the police showed up, they saw the squalor the boys were forced to endure. They charged the evil stepmonster and the sperm donor with abuse of a minor, deprivation of food and neglect. When questioned about the treatment of his sons, the poo-poo pere said that the boys were uncontrollable and that they would break everything. Uh-huh. Both of them were uncontrollable? And the younger ugly stepbrother wasn’t uncontrollable and didn’t “need” to be put in the cellar? A likely story.

The boys are now in foster care, while police chase up why social workers didn’t follow up the signs of abuse, after the school had made multiple reports, and why neighbours didn’t notice the state of the boys. A police source says that all they can say is that social services was a little lax in following up reports of child abuse.

Bring back La Guillotine for the evil stepmonster, and her complacent bed mate who allowed the putain to abuse his kids. As for the older ugly stepbrother who witnessed the abuse and did rien about it, since he likes to dance, make him “dance” on a BBQ plate. He knew full well what was going on and failed to blow the whistle or knock some sense into his bio-bitch breeder.

Like most fairy tales, we have a happy ending. And the two boys (plus their little step brother) lived happily ever after.

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  1. Dégoûtant! Quel est le problème avec ces hommes faibles et les femmes abusives? Le beau-fils âgé devraient avoir lieu à des accusations criminelles aussi bien! Ces pauvres garçons, ça me brise le cœur! (Disgusting! What is wrong with these weak men and abusive women? The older step-son should be held on criminal charges as well! Those poor boys, it breaks my heart!)

  2. Something about the way the 7 year old was lumped in with the adults as an abuser made me feel icky.

    1. It’s probably more that he was described as an “ugly stepbrother”, like his bro. I presume he was put in foster care along with his step sibs though.

      1. Honestly, I think the 17-year-old is innocent, too. There’s only so much a minor can do about abuse, and it’s entirely possible that he too was afraid of being locked up as well or thrown out. Abuse sucks just as much for the kids who aren’t being abused, and 17-year-olds are kids too.

        1. This is a a bit of a grey area but 17 year olds do know right from wrong. He did have the financial resources to leave, and he knew full well it was wrong and he could have called the police, or told someone about it and get them to call the police. He did absolutely nothing about it.

          1. Did he really have the financial resources? I mean, he’s 17 years old. Not a lot of 17 year olds have the money to leave home and support themselves. I don’t know much about France, but it’s entirely possible that the money was totally out of his hands until he was 18. And even if he had the financial resources, he may very well have been so terrified of his parents to say anything for fear that they’d start abusing him too, or that nobody would believe him and assume he had beef with his mère’s dildo. I’ve known victims of child abuse, and even the siblings who were the ‘favorites’ were terrified to do anything. Even after they were all 18 and had been working for a while they were scared to leave or report anything. that’s what abuse does to people, and its effects can last long into adulthood, never mind the age of 17.

          2. He was dancing for the Paris Opera – a rather prestigious gig. As someone who was nearing the age of adulthood, I think he should have reported it, even if he told someone in his dance troupe or a teacher or something. He was their older stepbrother and should have been looking out for them because they were now his brothers. Many readers on here have been abused and have siblings that they looked out for. They didn’t throw their own siblings to the wolves.

    2. That is to say, I didn’t mean to make the 7 year old sound like one of the abusers. If he spoke out, he probably would have been locked in the cellar too 🙁

    3. I feel the same way.

  3. Kimberly Williams

    Wow, why was the 7 year old described as an “ugly stepbrother”?. . .That’s pretty disgusting, I mean the whole story is disgusting, but shame on the author for picking on the young child that probably has a group of his own problems, I mean with parents like that how could you not?

    1. It was just sort of grouping them together, you know like in Cinderella, the two ugly stepsisters, one is less “evil” than the other. It was more like a comparative than saying that the 7 year old was involved in the abuse.

  4. i agree that child never did any thing it is no more his fault that he was not abused as its the sibling fault that they were

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