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Philly Breeder was just trying to knock dog off of bed

Samuel Cabrera (Angry looking little troll isn’t he?)

Father Accused of Beating 3-Month-Old Son to Death:

Earlier this month 3-month-old Samuel Cabrera Jr. of Philadelphia was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We’ll get to the who and why in a moment.

Samuel Jr. was rushed to the hospital for being unresponsive and doctor’s noticed he was covered in bruises. As is all too usual in these cases the Breeders gave conflicting stories. The egg layer stated that the bruises were from the baby’s father performing CPR. The sperm donor in question, 27-year-old Samuel Cabrera, allegedly told police that he was trying to knock the dog off of the bed. Cabrera the elder must have some massive leg strength then because reports say that Samuel Jr. had broken bones, a crushed liver, a crushed spleen and all of his abdominal organs had been crushed. That’s one hell of a nudge because it doesn’t sound anything like that he was beating the baby repeatedly in the abdomen.

Cabrera’s 15-month-old daughter is also said to have bruises and is now living with a relative. His squeeze’s kids have also been removed from the home however she has not been charged as of yet.

I lived in and around Philly most of my life. It’s kind of like a prison. Most everybody is up to some kind of no good (at least in the neighborhoods that I’m familiar with) yet when a child is harmed it can galvanize the city or a neighborhood. I don’t believe in vigilantism but if there was ever someone who was in desperate need of good old-fashioned Philly street justice it’s this scumbag. Maybe instead they should let the top MMA guys use him as a human sparring dummy. That way he could feel just a fraction of what he put his own defenseless flesh and blood through.

Thanks to Warrior Artemis for the tip.

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  1. Bubba’s gonna be pleased that they’ve installed a new trampoline in the jail. Introducing the twisted troll trampoline!

  2. Enough room for two brains in that noggin and the fucker doesn’t even have one.

  3. Given that weird yellow stripe on the ugly sack of shit’s face, i think he may have had a lobotomy in the past.

    1. Right? What the hell is that stripe about?

      1. I’m picturing the sweatiest, nastiest feed cap in the history of feed caps, that hasn’t been off his head since Reagan was elected. Which was probably the last time this guy took a bath.

        1. This retardiot wasn’t alive even when Reagan was elected the 2nd time – but I’D STILL venture that that was the last time he had a bath!

          1. LOL, Yeah, I went back and checked the age after I posted it. Wow, he is aging in dog years. So change Reagan to Bush and we’ll call it good. 🙂

          2. Oh I wasn’t trying to correct you so much as point out the EXTREME NASTY of just how long it appears it’s been since this guy met my two pals soap & water!

          3. It’s all good. My OCD was acting up, because as soon as I hit post, I said “Reagan?? WTF, self, not everyone is as old as you…” I should’ve just gone full Redneck with “in a coon’s age” or “since Hector was a pup” or some such nonsense.

          4. Ahhh, my nemesis OCD! I actually never exhibited signs of OCD until they put me on Adderall at the age of 29 for adult onset ADD! It can bring out latent OCD symptoms. Now even if I stop taking the Adderall, the OCD remains! So much FUN!

  4. scary bastard…poor little one..mommy sucks and needs charges

  5. Oh God…this may be one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. I’m a registered nurse who sees lots of ugly shit but this mutt’s face is wow ugly. Pillsbury dough boy is gonna get a lot of pokes in the pokey. Please die in pain you pos.

  6. Can I beat him to death?

    1. Can I help?

      1. me three?

  7. Who up for busting out the breaking wheel? (look up how this form of execution works. it is a perfect fit for this bastard)

  8. I hope Bubba and his pals have a FANTASTIC time crushing this fuckers internal organs the way he crushed his THREE month old’s… I’m torn between wanting to pummel him to death with a hammer and wanting to run and hurl… the incubator needs to charge too…

  9. I have actually accidentally knocke my child off the bed (she climbed in bed with me & I rolled over & pushed her out). Granted, she was 18 months at the time, not 3 months, but considering she didn’t even have a single bruise on her from the fall it makes this story seem pretty unrealistic!

    1. When I was young and dumber, I thought that my 3 month old little boy would be safe on the bed while I ran out to the kitchen to grab the wipes as he was asleep. Next thing I knew he was on the ground screaming, I learned then not to leave him unattended for any amount of time and considering to me the fall was pretty far I rushed him to the doctor to make sure there wasn’t damage I couldn’t see and was pretty much laughed out of the hospital because there was nothing wrong with him at all. Thus I call bullshit on this. Most of the excuses that these fucknuts give are bullshit because my kids have fallen off things, fallen down an entire flight of stairs and they have yet to suffer from 1 broken bone…however I don’t BEAT or squeeze my children while angry.

      1. Yep…I was the clumsiest kid & teen…I fell over, off, down & up things…I could trip over nothing at all. My knees bear the scars of a life time of falling…I plate hockey & did gymnastics (curiously, was pretty decent at both & my clumsiness didn’t interfere)…want to guess how many broken bones I have had? ONE…from an MVA as an adult!

        1. lol, my daughter is that way. I look at her legs and they are always scarred up because she is a walking calamity and she picks at her scabs no matter how many times I tell her not to or cover it with a bandaid. lol.

      2. This. Exact same thing happened to me. When my daughter was around 4 months old I turned my back while she was on the bed and PLOP! She fell off. I was horrified and called the doctor ASAP. They laughed at me and said she may have a bump but a fall of the bed won’t injure a baby. Babies are tough and made to withstand many bumps and bruises, what they can’t withstand is serious and intentionel abuse.

        1. I agree. The day my daughter fell down our stairs I was so freaked out and I was sure she had broken something, but nope, just a boo boo on her but from where she landed and she was fine. When I read the excuses these dumbasses give I am in shock because I’m like my kid has done that before and NEVER have they gotten seriously hurt. So I agree they cannot withstand an adult beating them.

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