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Emergency Ask BB: Upcoming visitation hearing

You know the drill. We’re not lawyers, take advice at own risk etc.

This is from one of our regulars, not saying who but please read and advise. Names have been changed to protect identities.

Hi, I am curious as to the groups thoughts on the following situation. We go to court in two days. The most I am willing to accept is supervised visitation.

Mr. Smith and I started dating in March of 2010. The relationship moved rather quickly and Mr. Smith was spending most of his time at my residence. The first sign that I had that something was not quite right was when I offered Mr. Smith a drawer in my bedroom and he took it as an invitation to move in. I was a little concerned about that but none of my roommates seemed to mind so I decided to go with it. Shortly after moving in, Mr. Smith was laid off from his employer and two out of my four roommates moved out.

The second sign that something was not right with Mr. Smith involved our landlords cat GiGi. GiGi was left in the house for my roommates and me to care for. GiGi had several health problems and was not a friendly cat. Mr. Smith decided that the best thing to do would be to take the cat out to his grandfather’s farm and shoot her. He did just that after catching her in some kind of animal cage. He told our landlord he had her euthanized at the veterinarian’s office.

Throughout the next year, Mr. Smith became a bully in our home. No matter what anyone else did, it was never good enough. He had not been able to hold a job and was unwilling to do even the smallest amount of housework. Another roommate moved out.

In February of 2011, I found out I was pregnant. The already tense relationships in our home become even worse. Mr. Smith became even more difficult to live with. In the first few months of my pregnancy, I asked Mr. Smith to sleep in another room under the guise of being uncomfortable. Mr. Smith made several statements during my pregnancy that left me frightened. He stated on multiple occasions that if we ever broke up he would fight me for full custody of our child because he had “a bigger support system than I did.” He threatened to just take off with the child if tried to keep our child away from him; he also threatened to kill the child for the same reason. He also stated that he would kill our child if it was born with Down syndrome or any other serious “defect.” I was miserable in the relationship and afraid to ask him to leave.

By the end of my pregnancy, Mr. Smith and I fought all the time and our last roommate moved out without an explanation. Our daughter was born on October 11, 2011 and it did not take long to figure out that this relationship could no longer last. However, Mr. Smith had gotten a job and I had just had a baby so I stayed despite my better judgment.

Five weeks later, Mr. Smith lost the new job and things became even worse. I could no longer financially support the household and Mr. Smith’s physical and mental health had declined. He mostly stayed in the house, without showering for days. I returned to work in the beginning of January. Mr. Smith stayed at home with the baby for around a month. In that time, I had walked in on him screaming at the baby to “Stop Fucking Crying.” He refused to clean her diaper area properly or give her a bath. On January 13, 2012, Mr. Smith called me at work irate that the baby was trying to put her hand and her pacifier in her mouth at the same time. I immediately contacted the director of the Early Childhood Care Center to see if they had an opening for Patience. I was told they would have a spot for her the 2nd week of February. I couldn’t wait that long so after a little more talking to people, I was able to get her in on January 31, 2012. I was so relieved to have her somewhere that I did not have to worry about her while working.

Mr. Smith was still not working and his health was continuing to decline. I had started making plans to leave. On March 4, 2012 Mr. Smith’s health had gotten too bad. Mr. Smith would not listen to me, so I called his father. I told his father that he needed to come take Mr. Smith to the hospital or take him home with him. I couldn’t take it anymore. During his stay in the hospital, Mr. Smith got mad at me for sharing his condition with his sister and told me I was a traitor for making him go the hospital. He was preliminarily diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. During our arguments while he was in the hospital I told Mr. Smith that I would deal with either his physical condition or his attitude. I would not deal with both. He promised to try to improve. He did not and things continued to get worse. It was during this time that Mr. Smith told me he did not love our daughter. I told him that he would never tell her that and that he would pretend to love her because of what having a father like him would do to her.

Mr. Smith and I broke up on May 2, 2012 after yet another argument in which he told me he would fight me for full custody of our daughter. The night of our breakup Mr. Smith begin to tell me that he was not sure if he wanted to be in our daughter’s life anymore. This was a threat that I heard many times over the next month while we made other living arrangements. On May 9, 2012 Mr. Smith sent me and his sister (whom he had broken ties with in April) an invitation to a cell phone app that tracks your location using your phone’s GPS.

On Monday May 14, 2012 Mr. Smith, his father and I went to see an MS specialist regarding his condition and received bad news regarding how far his condition had progressed. Prior to this appointment he had a Psychologist appointment, in which he claimed to be perfectly fine mentally. I however was concerned because he had once told me that he would kill himself if he ever had a debilitating disease. As soon as we got home that day, I hid his guns until I could make arrangements to get them out of the house.

On May 19, 2012, Mr. Smith had taking his sleeping medication (Ambien). We were talking about his medical condition and our daughter. He broke down in tears for the first time ever. He then threatened to leave the house and just go. He mentioned committing a crime so that he would have a place to stay, food, and medical attention. I told him that he if he left this house, I would call 911 immediately. I made him get back into bed and then hid all of the vehicle keys in the house.

Mr. Smith’s sister Ann asked if she could keep Patience while I was moving out of the house. I told her I would have to ask Mr. Smith because it was his last night in the house with his child and he might want to keep that time. When I asked Mr. Smith he said he did not care. Ann picked the baby up on Friday May 25, 2012 around 5:30 p.m. When they left, Mr. Smith told Patience, “See ya kid, call me when you’re 35.”

On Saturday May 26, 2012, I was moving out of the house, at the request of my brother; Mr. Smith was not to be there while we were moving. Mr. Smith got up and asked about his guns, I had never gotten them out of the house. I asked Mr. Smith what he wanted with the guns and he said, “I’ll take them to my grandfather’s today.”

After, I moved everything of mine and Patience out of the house, I stopped by to grab a load of laundry that I had in the dryer. Mr. Smith was sitting in a chair looking miserable. I asked him what was wrong and he said he just didn’t feel good. He had me feel his throat, one of his lymph nodes were swollen. I told him to go to the community clinic. He said no, I will be okay. He also informed me that he got a ticket for not having a seatbelt on when he left Wendy’s. He told the officer that his condition has made it difficult to manipulate the seat belt.” The officer asked why he was still driving, he said because no one has told me I couldn’t. He also told me that he had not taken the guns to his grandfather’s. I left the house and on my way to daycare to pick up Patience, I called his father to tell him that Mr. Smith was sick and had his guns. I never got in touch with him, we played phone tag.

On Sunday May 27, Mr. Smith posted on his Facebook that he was on his way to the community clinic. They gave him some antibiotics and sent him on his way. I called later that evening to check on him, we had a short conversation and he never asked about Patience. Mr. Smiths’s grandmother called me to find out what was going on in the family and she and I talked for quite a bit about his mental health, physical health and his in ability to take care of our child. I then spoke to his grandfather about the guns and he was going to try to get in touch with Mr. Smith about the guns.

Patience and I moved into my mothers. Mr. Smith moved in with his mother and her boyfriend. This was a tumultuous living arrangement and did not last long. The relationships between the three of them were all to tense to live together. On June 10, 2012, there was a huge argument at that house and Mr. Smith came to visit us at my mother’s house. This was the first time we had seen each other since moving and we had rarely spoken. The visit consisted of him telling my mother and me all about how horrible his living situation was. He then informed me that he no longer wanted Patience around his mother. I consented to his wishes. During this visit, Mr. Smith did notice a miraculous thing about our daughter. She wasn’t crying while not being held. In just the short time we had been gone her behavior had changed drastically.

Mr. Smith moved into a shelter for the homeless who had substance abuse or mental health issues. He was unsure if he was going to be able to stay there because he did not fall into those categories but he had nowhere else to go. Patience and I visited Mr. Smith on father’s day at the shelter. The visit lasted about two hours. There was nowhere private for us to go and nowhere for Patience to play. Patience was sick with a virus for several days after that visit.

I confronted Mr. Smith with my fear that the center was not a safe place for our daughter to visit. He told me that my concern stemmed from experience I had when I was under four and visiting my own father at a hospital.

On June 28, 2012 Mr. Smith sent me a message on Facebook that said, “Goodnight beautiful.” I replied that he could no longer say those kinds of things to me. This led to a phone call in which I asked Mr. Smith to remove me from being his power of attorney and anything else that did not involve our daughter. Mr. Smith accused me of wanting him to be just a check to our daughter and the discussion quickly went downhill. This conversation ended so badly that I decided my feelings would interfere with any time Mr. Smith spent with our daughter. I asked Mr. Smith’s close friend, Paula, to supervise the visits until we could get to a better place.

Mr. Smith next saw Patience on July 14, 2012. This visit was supervised by Paula at the center. It was supposed to last three hours but only lasted an hour and a half. Mr. Smith brought Patience out to my car and said that she was getting fussy and it “was time for her to go.”

On July 24, 2012, Mr. Smith asked to see Patience again. I told him that I would like to discuss some things with him first and we made arrangements to meet on the evening of July 26, 2012. Instead Mr. Smith showed up at my place of work and asked if we could talk while there. I took my lunch break and we went to the vending area at the college that has tables. I had wanted to talk about the problems with Patience visiting the shelter, my concerns about him all together and what his plans were for the future. The conversation ended up being an argument. Mr. Smith threatened to try to have me arrested for kidnapping even though we both know that I had every right to take our child. When Mr. Smith said that, all I could think about was that if he were successful in that threat: what would he do with our child? I told Mr. Smith that if he wanted to see Patience, he would need to get a court order.

Ever since that day, I have constantly worried about the safety of Patience. I do not leave her with anyone, including my mother because I worry that Mr. Smith will try to take her. I have nightmares about him killing us. I truly fear for our daughter’s safety. Mr. Smith is not able to provide for our daughter if she were in his care. He has no home for her. I have concerns regarding his physical ability to take care of her. I know that he is not mentally able to care for a toddler. Mr. Smith is a threat to Patience’s physical and emotional well-being.

Any advice for the e-mails writer to help protect her and her child?

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  1. If he is not mentally stable and has no job or a place to live i really dont think a judge would give this man any kind of custody of a child…i think i would die if someone took my babies. I pretty much live for them.

    1. He’s not asking for custody just unsupervised visitation.

      1. If he’s made direct threats against her – like you said, he did say he’d kill her if he couldn’t get custody – then I really don’t think that’s a good idea to let him see her unsupervised. Maybe it’s just been all the stories on here where non-custodial parents have threatened to harm or kill the kids, and then followed through with the threats, but it really doesn’t sound like a good idea when he’s been saying that sort of thing.

  2. One thing I would do, is document every threat he makes. Another thing only discuss your daughter with him. Never, ever talk to him about anything personal regarding yourself. I think everything will turn out ok. Good luck.

  3. And those guns are still in the wind? I would be documenting EVERYTHING! Back date to the best of your recollection. Get advice from a doctor about his physical limitations – will his MS prevent him from changing a nappy or feeding her on his own?

  4. The first thing that should be done is you need to file for sole
    legal and physical custody of the child, if that hasn’t already
    happened. Then, legally, he cannot take her without legal implications.

    If you have any record of his mental issues, that is enough to request supervised visitation. Also if he has any violent convictions on his record. Be honest with the judge and state your concerns. My ex and his family had threatened to take my son on several occasions. I went back to family court and had the visitation modified. My son was no longer allowed around the family members who threatened to take him (listed by name) and the visits had to be supervised because of the threats. I don’t think any judge in the land would allow Mr. Smith to have unsupervised access to Patience after hearing everything you said.

    Just some personal advice – In reading your story I see that you are a loving, caring person. BUT you allow people to manipulate you because you want to help them. I’m sorry, but in this case you HAVE to be selfish and think ONLY of you and your daughter. Consider what is best for you and her and NOT Mr. Smith and his family. I understand that you’re very compassionate but if you keep considering his feelings, it’s only going to get worse. Time and time again he has abused your
    kindness and you can’t let it happen again.

    1. I do. I realize all that you said about me. Good insight. I started therapy as soon as I left him. To figure out why I got into this mess and how to stop it from ever happening again.

      1. Ok here’s one good way to decide what to do,this guys own mother kicked him out!! That’s a dead give away that this guy is an asshole sick or not!

      2. You’re doing great so far! keep on truckin’

  5. Get an attorney ASAP. Go to a domestic violence center and they will help you. The missing guns, the threats, the history of violence.,? Get a restraining order, document everything, and if you must allow him to see your child then request SUPERVISED visits only!

    Thi guy has no business being around a child. What about the day the child cries and won’t stop when he wants? This is a tragedy waiting to happen. Get help ASAP!,

  6. Document everything, from day one of the relationship. Also, get everyone who has witnessed anything to document what they saw. Be especially clear about his threats to the child, and that he is a gun owner. Get a good lawyer with experience in custody matters with an unstable parent. Save any online communication. If you live in a state where this is legal, record all future conversations, both phone and face. Do it secretly (like I said, if it’s legal. Check.) and you might get some great ammo for court.

  7. I have done everything you all said here. I’m just so worried that the judge will be sympathetic to him. I already have sole custody. The hearing on Monday is just supervised or unsupervised visits. He has said he will do supervised visits but only if I pay for half of it. I told him no. I already pay for everything for our daughter.

  8. I want to shake you and ask you why you stayed with an abusive man for so long, after stating in your letter that you were afraid of him, but this is my reaction to my own past abusive relationship (it only took once). I’m surprised that people around you, who love you, did not intervene and help you get into counseling, and to safety, long before it came to this. These same people can stand up with you to testify to your truth. His job, work and mental history will speak for themselves. And for God’s sake, learn from this!

  9. I wish you luck with this. Heres my two cents.

    1. Get legal and physical custody of the child through the courts. Guns, threats, mental issues and a chronic disease is not good combo. Make sure to spell out everything from support to visitation in DETAIL. As for supervised visitations payment, he needs to pay for it himself if hes not giving you any child support. That will mean he needs to get his act together including getting disability going and a place to live and getting physical and psychological help for his illness. If he can’t pay too bad.

    2. Don’t forget about yourself. I read in the comments that youre getting therapy GREAT! Don’t forget there are support groups out there for you where you can share your experiences and learn from others.

    3. Remember you have the right to live without abuse either by yourself or in a relationship. I personally warn any prospective boyfriends that the first time they hit me in anger will be the last thing they do on God’s green earth. Add touching your kid to that. You are woman, don’t forget to roar!!:)

    1. If I could rate this up multiple times, I would do it by eleventy million.

  10. Why have you left it so long to sort? Any person who threatens death on an unborn child, their child has serious issues, why bring a child into that situation? Stop thinking of your feelings for him, think of the long term affects on your daughter. Everyone has posted some great options for you, its up to you to protect your daughter no matter what.

  11. It took me so long to leave because I was afraid of what he would do when I did. It’s really hard for me to not want to help people to the determent of myself. As soon as left him, I started therapy so that I could figure out why I ended up in an abusive relationship and to make sure it never happens again. I will do everything I can to protect my daughter. I do have a lawyer. He hasn’t been left alone with her since January of 2012. He has seen her 6 times since May of 2012. All supervised mostly by me. I stopped that. I already have sole custody so that is not an issue. He filed for visitation in August. He wants unsupervised and I said hell no.
    I’m just afraid that the judge will give it to him.

  12. First off, I would move as far away from this guy as physically possible and leave no forwarding address. Second, get a restraining order against him. Third, no contact with him whatsoever unless someone else is there to witness it. That includes phone conversations. Document EVERYTHING!! Fourth, if you have any witnesses to his behavior, have it all documented and notarized as evidence. And lastly, stay away from this idiot. Stop having conversations with him. If he’s stupid enough to go out do something illegal just to get 3 hots and a cot, or decides to kill himself—-oh freaking well. No loss.

  13. Honestly who cares what he does????? He wished death on his own. You have brought a child into this mess now its time to be strong……this whole site is full of weak pussy parents or care givers, don’t let your daughter be a victim. If he can’t even be bothered to deal with his only serious medical issues he isn’t going to fight in court. Spineless idiot sounds like a bully and they always fall first.

  14. Okay, I’ll forgo all of the things I want to say as a woman and human being and just state that legally, if the two weren’t married at the time of birth, and he didn’t sign an affidavit of parentage, he has NO rights to this child, at all. Unless, of course, a court has already intervened.

    I take back what I said about not saying anything else. This writer has NO COMMON SENSE AT ALL. This man should never gotten her pregnant, with the bullshit he did in the first place. I place the ongoing concern squarely on her shoulders, as it’s obvious to all of us, what an unstable loser he was/is. Get that child as FAR away from him as possible!!!!

    1. I’ve been that woman in the past (no common sense) but fortunately, that is something that can be remedied with time, education, support, and experience. Looks like the author is starting to take the right path, and grousing about the preceding oopsies, at this point, in which she realizes her folly, is just pissing in the wind.

      and yes, you are absolutely right about the parentage/rights/marriage dynamic. Interestingly enough, if you live in the US, even if a man doesn’t establish parentage as far as rights and custody and placement goes, he can still be held responsible for child support.

      I left my abusive ex while still pregnant. I spoke to a case worker about everything, and opted not to even list him on the birth certificate, but the state is still trying to extradite child support from him (albeit unsuccessfully so far). He has no established rights with the child, she will never see his dysfunction if I can help it.

      Now, like the OP’s baby daddy, my ex is worthless in the work and responsibility department. I am expecting to get absolutely nothing monetarily from him, ever. I never banked on it to begin with. Why bother? Well, since the service is currently provided to me free of charge (service being establishment of CS), I’m taking it because somewhere down the road, the looming specter of unpaid child support=garnishment, liens, JAILTIME can be a bargaining chip in keeping your child safe.

      Abusive man-children will do anything to avoid parenting and fiscal responsibility. They are (in general) totally willing to sign over all rights and so forth–in writing, granted by a judge–in exchange for forfeiting CS responsibility.

  15. I have been in your EXACT situation… my son is now about to turn seven years old and his biological dad has not had contact since he was born. Protect yourself… File for sole legal custody, when he fails to participate because he can’t be notified by mail (you said he was homeless…) you will be granted by default. Collect any and all physical evidence that you have of threats made by him (texts, letters, emails, notorized written eye witness testimony, voicemails… anything) and use it to file an Order of Protection for yourself and your child based on his previous threats and current mental instability. Then, hold your chin up high, breathe in really deeply, hug your daughter close and tight, and vow to yourself to never let him make you feel afraid or threatened again. You are courageous enough to reach out for advice, so I know you have it within you to dig deep and be courageous enough to stand tall and be your own soldier and your baby’s too. Good luck… your daughter is blessed to have a strong mother.

  16. why would you have a child with a man with so many problems.

    1. I ask myself that everyday, and then I look at my little girl. She’s amazing.

      1. I know what you mean. My Little came out looking almost exactly like her father–fortunately she “cuted up” and feminized quickly–and I think to myself, “I’ve got the best part of him.” Can’t wholly 1000% regret everything because it culminated in the existence of this amazing little angel, and a world without her has evacuated any thought or dream or possibility for me.

        she =/= her father

    2. Everyone makes mistakes, which does not exclude the realm of human relationships. Abusers also excel at presenting a convincing “Prince Charming” facade and cementing the relationship ASAP in some way; cohabitation, marriage, child, dependence, what-have-you.

      Even the most intelligent people wind up hood-winked by manipulators; in fact, the natural aversion to cognitive dissonance often accompanies the perceived dependence to keep the abused in the relationship.

      From the looks of it, Danielle was able to discern whats-what a lot faster than most; and has managed damage control quickly and gracefully… she removed the bad element before the baby’s most formative years were over. Most likely, the selfish Mr.Smith will vanish from anything resembling responsibility and personal accountability–i.e. the child–and Patience will have no memory of his dysfunction.

  17. Well I won, he got supervised visits. So, I hope that he’ll loose interest and go away. Thanks everyone.

  18. Get a really good thorough lawyer to get this handled immediately period – there is no other answer. I went through 12 years of absolute hell and if I had just gotten a lawyer and just handled everything up front it would have saved me thousands of dollars and peace of mind I will never get back….. Good Luck!

  19. I know I’m late, but I was just browsing though the stories on this site and read this. It touched me because I went down a similar road with my son’s father.

    Here is just a little from my LONG story. He begged me to go back to work when our son was 2 months old, and when I did, he watched our son. He was only 4 months old when I went back. I chose to only work Saturdays and Sundays. One time on my way home from work, I called to see if he needed me to stop and get anything while I was out. I could hear the baby fussing close by, as if the loser was holding him, so I asked how he was doing and the loser shouts out “THIS LITTLE FUCKER HAS BEEN LIKE THIS ALL DAY!” I had to pull over while driving because my eyes instantly welled up with tears and the lump in my throat nearly made me feel like I was choking, I screamed back at him to NEVER call my son such a name. How dare him? This is a FOUR MONTH OLD teething infant for crying out loud, his child! Another scene I witnessed was him loading a dropper full of baby tylenol and shooting the ENTIRE dropper full into my son’s mouth when he was only 4 months old. I knew how much my son was supposed to get and it definitely wasn’t that much. I immediately questioned why he gave him that much and he stated “well if you give him anything less than that, it doesn’t do anything!” WHAT? You never give an infant the same does you would give a 2 year old! I began hiding all bottles of tylenol and mylicon after that incident. He called the baby a sissy for crying and would tell him to stop being a sissy. He would also make “joking” comments about how he was going to teach our son to hate his [loser’s] mother, his [loser’s] step-mother, my mother, and my sister. Who jokes about stuff like that? The final straw was when he admitted to me that he left our son screaming in the crib and on the living room floor “for an hour or two” while he played his xbox and actually bragged about how his headphones blocked all the noise of him screaming. He claimed that he had tried everything to get him to stop crying, but nothing worked so he thought maybe he was just tired and had to cry it out. For two hours though? That is outrageous. His own father and step-mother, and a set of his grandparents, lived down the street from us, within a 2 minute walking distance, along with his other set of grandparents and an aunt that lived another 10 minute walking distance away and he couldn’t ask them for any assistance? It was a beautiful 70 degree day in May so why couldn’t he put the baby in the stroller and take him for a walk? Needless to say, I packed my things and left within a week of him telling me that. Along with how he treated our son and me suspecting him of using drugs, I didn’t want him to be around me or the baby. My son was 6 months old. Before I filed papers, he would constantly remind me that if I ever did take him to court, things would “get nasty” because he would fight me for joint custody. I got a good lawyer and filed for custody and support. I told my lawyer that if the loser wanted unsupervised visitations, I would only be comfortable with it if he submitted to a drug test by hair follicle and got suitable housing (he was living with a registered sex offender at the time.) Our day came in court and he admitted to his lawyer and the judge that he had a drug problem and was okay with supervised visitations until he went to rehab. He never even filed for visitation, the judge had to force him to go downstairs to the clerk’s office and he used his grandfather’s credit card to cover the filing fee. Less than 2 weeks later, he comes over on Halloween and we take our son trick-or-treating and he tells me that he isn’t using drugs and only admitted to it in court to do me a favor and let me have what I wanted, in hopes that I would return the favor and allow him to have him at his dad’s house unsupervised. Yeah right! I told him no way. Since November 2010, he hasn’t seen our son and has only asked to see him twice. In September 2011, he moved over 600 miles away to another state with a girl he met here less than a year before. He now has a baby with her. I feel so sorry for that poor child. Hopefully some guardian angel stays by his side for as long as that loser is in his life.

    I read your comment that said he was only awarded supervised visitations. That is the best news. Hopefully this will make him stay away. I know the stigma that comes with a parent keeping another parent away, for good reasons or not. I have seen a few moms posted on single parent forums about how they’re glad their child’s parent isn’t involved in their child’s life and I can’t count the number of people that chastised these women for not allowing the father’s access even though they are abusive and/or mentally or physically unstable. Comparing them to their situation saying “Even though I can’t stand my ex and don’t even want to see his face, I would NEVER keep him from being in my child’s life because I feel as though my child deserves a father in their life.” Then they go as far as saying “Your child is probably going to hate you when they grow up and find out that you kept their father away.” These are the people that don’t understand because, luckily for them, they aren’t co-parenting with a total loser that is abusive and/or mentally/physically unstable. Do what you have to do to keep that man away from your daughter. I wish you two the best in the future.

  20. Well, every time I think we are done with this we’re not. We go back to court on Wed. He still hasn’t been allowed to see her.

    1. Thank you again Danielle

  21. So, we go to court again today. I get so mad at this situation and at myself. I’m spending money on lawyers that would otherwise be going to my daughter while trying to protect her from a man who doesn’t have any feelings for her. I’ve been a bad breeders fan for years, long before I had my daughter. I read the stories now to remind myself of why I’m fighting so hard. I wont let me daughter end up on this page.

  22. So starting this Saturday, He gets 4 hour supervised visitations and then we go back in 60 days for review. This is never going to end is it?

  23. Nope! Can you move to another country? That might help. I am still surprised you reproduced with this filth.

  24. Every time I drop her off at her 4 hours visits I cry. I’m a nervous wreck until I pick her back up. My therapist says I have PTSD because of the relationship. I’m so glad I got my daughter out of there before it could be her with PTSD or worse.

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