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Catherine, Herbert Schaible’s Second Child Dies After Parents Use Prayer, No Medicine

Herbert And Catherine Schaible Lose 2nd Child After Choosing Prayer Instead Of Doctor




First of all, thanks to Lynnetta for sending in the tip. Trench forwarded it to me, knowing what I have to say about religious nutjobs.

First of all, meet Catherine Schaible (43) and Herbert Schaible (44) from sunny Philadelphia. They are fundamentalist Christians. Not a crime in itself. Everyone has the right to believe in what they want to believe. But when those beliefs cause pain and suffering to other people, they do not have the right to hide behind their beliefs or use them as an excuse.

You see, the Schaibles don’t believe in medicine. The church that they belong to believe in “faith healing”, which has no scientific basis nor does it actually work. When their 8-month old son Brandon stopped eating and was suffering from diarrhoea and breathing problems, they didn’t take him to a doctor. They didn’t even go to a chemist. They PRAYED for him. Unfortunately, the Schaibles’ inaction cost baby Brandon his life. Police say that when Brandon died, the Schaibles reported the death to a funeral home rather than calling 911. They knew it was wrong to not seek medical help for a sick child, so they skipped notifying the authorities and wanted to get baby Brandon into the ground as soon as possible. Cold, cold creeps.

What’s more, is that the Schaibles were on a 10 year probation (wtf?) for the death of their 2 year old son, Kent, who had died 4 years ago from bacterial pneumonia. Same thing, they prayed for him and didn’t bother to go see a doctor. Poor Kent’s symptoms included coughing, congestion, crankiness and a loss of appetite, but he slowly regained his appetite and was eating and drinking right up until he died. The couple pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter (what about neglect resulting in death?) and were sentenced to 10 years’ probation.

The conditions of their probation were that they had to visit the doctor regularly and seek medical help if their children got sick. Their defence attorney alleges that the Schaibles did get their children medical check-ups and that Brandon had seen a doctor when he was 10 days old, but she didn’t know if they’d been to the doctor’s since. She further added that it’s not known whether their religion had anything to do with Brandon’s death.

The Schaibles are part of the First Century Gospel Church in northeast PA and poisoned children’s minds with their stupid beliefs taught Sunday School. The church’s website has an online sermon called “Healing – from God or medicine?” which rants about the depravity of using doctors and pills and raves about how Jesus is the answer to all of life’s ailments. A fitting name, First Century. Because that’s where these belief systems belong!

No charges have been laid yet on the Schaibles yet, as they don’t know yet how baby Brandon died. An autopsy will be conducted soon, and the coroner will determine whether charges will be laid.

Now for my two bob: I am an atheist. I don’t believe in any gods. I believe in science and doing right by other people, and respecting living things. I also respect the right of people to believe what they like to believe. But once they cross that line where they use their beliefs to hurt other people, that’s when I lose respect for their beliefs. If someone uses their beliefs to victimise other people or to oppress other people, they deserve nothing but contempt. Governments who can’t keep religion out of politics also deserve derision. Luckily in Australia, we do have some sort of separation between religion and state. However, the day that they bring in Sharia law or ban abortion/contraception to suit the views of a minority will be the day they lose my vote.

Rest in peace little Brandon and Kent. Sorry that your breeders were backwards and stupid, and that their detachment from reality killed you.



Thanks again to Lynnetta for the tip

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  1. Okay so i am Christian, and some would call me a fundamentalist, but these people give us a very bad name, kinda like Westborough baptist church. One of Jesus’ chosen 12 was a physician and is responsible for two books in the New Testament. Take your kids to the doctor!

    1. Can’t like this comment enough.

  2. I too am a Christian, and I believe prayer DOES work. When one of my twins was 4 days old and less than 5 pounds, we were told he needed surgery to repair a defect in his intestines immediately or he would not survive. I had people across the country praying for that baby AND for the SURGEON. I believe it is a gift from God that we have doctors who can fix these kinds of problems and save our babies. Yes, prayer is good, but it isn’t a complete solution to all your problems. Please take your kids to the doctor when they are sick!

  3. I agree with all of you – these bozos give Christians a bad name all the way around. I don’t think you can even call them Fundamentalists. What they believe, if I understand it correctly, is just another form of Christian Scientist beliefs. I think Katie said it very well – we have doctors because God gives them the knowledge and the smarts to retain all of it in order to save lives. These people are part of a thankfully small population that probably shouldn’t even be allowed to have children given the danger they constantly put them in by refusing to immunize them and then get them decent medical care when sick. I hope the judge throws the book at them.

  4. Lynnetta JOHNSON

    I too am a Christian and IVF patient (2 strikes for me Aussie ; ). I believe that God also gave us common sense. Sense enough to know that with pray comes work. If I pray every day for a new job, but never fill out an application……No Job For Me!! Kids can’t heal themselves and infections don’t clear up on their own. 2 trusting children lost their lives because their parents are idiots.

  5. I believe that religion is nothing more than a form of brain washing invented by men to keep women under control. Having said that, if any adult wants to believe in a deity then whatever…go forth & do whatever it is you do because it isn’t hurting me at all, but if your religious beliefs DO cause harm to anyone else then I think you should absolutely be prevented from practicing your religion!

  6. I am a Christian and I pray ALOT! I was told and shown why I needed both of my hips replaced. The ball of my left hip looked flattened and the ball of my right hip looked honeycombed. I was absolutely terrified of the whole process so I began praying, and my whole church joined in. Approximately 6 months later I had them x-rayed again and they are perfect.
    Now please understand, I have great doctors whom I see for other things. I still pray a lot and I ask for healings, but my hips were the only ones I have seen myself. God gave us doctors and nurses to keep us healthy. They are a gift from Him.
    Those parents will be judged by God.

  7. I just sent in a tip on this one. They were, thankfully, charged with murder this time…

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