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Syracuse Breeder stabs 2-year-old son in the groin

Krystal Thomas

Woman arrested after stabbing her 2-year-old son, Syracuse police say:

Syracuse mother faces felony charges for allegedly stabbing 2-year-old in the groin:

If 23-year-old Krystal Thomas of Syracuse, New York looks like she’s about ready to cut a bitch that’s because she probably is.

Sometime last week she got into an argument with her baby daddy. (Is baby daddy suppose to be hyphenated or not?) The man in question left the home to let Thomas cool down, you know the sensible thing. When he returned police say that Thomas was brandishing a knife and acting strangely. She then allegedly got into a 1998 Buick Century (not a small car) and tried to run the man down. Luckily she missed but after hitting the porch and a parked car she took off.

The man ran into the home to find that Thomas allegedly stabbed her two-year-old son in the groin. No word if she hit organs or muscle, not like a groin stabbing isn’t traumatic either way especially for a two-year-old boy.

Thomas is currently in jail on $200K bond.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I was this boy’s age I was a mama’s boy. My dad was a loud and obnoxious drunk so it was an easy choice for me to make. Over the years I witnessed the total love and devotion my mother gave my brother and I when it came to protecting us. A mother is supposed to lover her children above all. My parents used to fight a lot and yes sometimes it even got violent but never once did my mother think to get at my dad by harming one of us.

Krystal Thomas is an ant-mother. She has none of the qualifications or characteristics that any rational person would consider to be a mother.

Thanks to Rose for the tip.

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  1. Baby Daddy is all one word-Babydaddy.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up…I was curious after reading the question!

  2. Another source I read reported that she did it because she wanted to stop him (the baby) from breeding. She apparently did not want the babydaddy’s genetic material spread any further. While I appreciate the sentiment (I am a huge fan of birth control) I’m thinking she went after the wrong genetic line. She should have had her tubes tied immediately to prevent her crazy from being passed on and causing any more damage than it already has. I haven’t caught an update on the poor baby, so I don’t know if she was successful. Hopefully her aim was as bad as her parenting. And hopefully the little man got mostly Daddy’s genes.

    1. The_Shadow_Knows

      If she really wants to clean the gene pool, she should just stick her own head in a blast furnace.

  3. Ok, it’s obvious that these parents and most people in the Southern retard areas of the U.S. are complete backwards inbred dumbfucks.

    What few people seem to acknowledge is the Marketing dickwads who ruin this country with their lies and scams and no ethics. The idiotic public in this country thinks that is is perfectly acceptable for corporations to care about profits only – even when people die from their venal policies. SCAMMING and LYING (Marketing people are nothing more than professional liars) is NOT Capitalism.

    1. ….And this has no relevance to anything (maybe the idiots who market Crickett rifles? I don’t know, you’ve lost me)

    2. You must be a troll, every post I run across that you have commented on you are spewing bullshit everywhere. Way to be an antagonist douchebag.

  4. Someone needs to sue the shit out of this company who makes and markets GUNS AS TOYS FOR KIDS!!!

    1. This belongs on the post about the little boy who shot his baby sister because his hick breeders left a gun out.

  5. Great – another psycho Mommy mutilating their child… I hope she never sees this baby boy again, and that the “welcome” she receives in prison is compensatory to what she did to her baby!

  6. Just love that defiant look on her face, even in court. Lock this bitch up and throw away the key, please!

  7. Yep. That’s about right for Syracuse…

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