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Man kept step-daughter as sex slave

Man used his step-daughter as sex slave

Ladies, a bad boyfriend is NOT going to improve if you marry him. A bad boyfriend will just turn into a bad-stepdad instead.

A Wollongong pervert has been sentenced to 15 years prison for the ritual sexual abuse of his wife’s teenage daughter. He will not be eligible for release until 2023. Go Wollongong!!

The court heard that the deviant freak subjected his step-daughter to horrific sexual abuse, beginning shortly after her 12th birthday. He forced her to perform degrading sexual acts on him and he raped her. The abuse was recorded on video no less that 21 times. He also took 120 photos of the teenage girl in sexual positions. The freak was so brazen, he first sexually assaulted her at his fucking workplace! Instead of reporting it, the workplace sacked him and sent him on his merry fucking way!! I hope the police throw the book at them too! The freak stayed unemployed until his arrest so that he could continue to sexually abuse the girl while her mum was at work.

Apart from the abuse of the girl, he also created demand for child porn by downloading more than 630 images and 84 videos of children being sexually abused. Some of those kids were no older than 3 years old.

The abuse lasted until the girl was 14. Police were notified after the girl had confided in a friend that she met on the internet. But her abuser’s capture didn’t happen before the most vile thing he did to her. The one thing that showed how much he had broken and destroyed her. The freak would leave a note titled “Obey” that had a list of sexual acts for her to choose from when he got home. If she did not choose, he would threaten her with more sexual abuse. The note would end with “You will have to choose, not me”. Where the fuck was he “coming home” from? He was unemployed for fuck’s sake! He was probably down at the pub bragging to the other drunken losers about how he got himself a “hot bit on the side”. Makes me fucking sick.

There was the usual sob story about how the freak had such a hard time growing up and was abused, but the judge didn’t find any evidence that would substantiate those claims.  He did note that the freak pretended to show remorse, but chucked him in the slammer where he belongs.

I don’t know if the jails in Sydney have ad/seg blocks. I know they put you in Silverwater at first, but then send you to other prisons, depending on how dangerous you are. (My cousin was sent to Oberon for violating his parole on a drink driving charge). I absolutely hate that they have ad/seg anywhere, I can’t imagine why the families of pedophiles and rapists would want that person to survive. They’re just getting what’s coming to them, so let nature take it’s course. 15 years is a long time, and Brucie will be waiting for our little freaky fucker. Brucie might just write his own “Obey” note for him…

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  1. Are you really that clueless? I live in Northern Illinois, and in this area (and ALL areas everywhere) this is extremely common. Have you never talked to anyone in chat rooms? Half this country is Redneck and most of them are fucking their GF’s daughter or even their own. The real question is : Why is everyone so naive about this???

    There is almost no enforcement of these laws inside homes, so when one gets caught, everyone acts shocked like this never happens. WOW

    1. 1.He was SEXUALLY ABUSING her. She did not consent, she was under-age. If you’re not appalled by this, then you are dead inside. Devoid of a soul.
      2. This happened in Australia. South coast of NSW. Not in Illinois, not even in the US. This is not normal for anywhere in the world.
      3. You’re the one who seems to be “naive” about sexual abuse.

      1. This fucking shitbag is probably an abuser themselves which is why it seems to be the norm for them. They are devoid of a soul and have two brains, one that is missing and one that is out looking for the other one to honestly believe that this shit is even remotely ok.

        In the US it is NOT ok to do this shit. These fucking assholes brainwash and scare the piss out of little girls into having sex with them. Not all rape is where they are being held down and shit some of it comes in the form of drugging these kids other times its while they have a gun pointed at their head. This fucking assmonkey here needs to be stoned like they did in the biblical days.

        1. Sorry that you had something similar happen to you. The flippant attitude people have about abuse is sickening. My best friend in middle school was being abused by her Autistic brother and everyone ignored it. I got yelled at by her siblings when I told the school nurse that Annie was vomiting blood and that I had seen her being punched by her mother for crying about her brother. She got out and was given a better life by living wit her aunt.

          1. My aunt stood by and watched this shit happen to me, many people did. Don’t be sorry because I am ever vigiliant about making sure this shit never happens around me or to my children. I wouldn’t wish the pain I felt those years on anyone. Assholes like the one that commented piss me off because THEY are part of the problem. It doesn’t directly affect them so they look the other way. It kills me that people turn their backs on innocents in the need of help and that they can live with themselves brushing it off as “a sign of the times”.

          2. Good for you. 🙂 Its pathetic people look the other way when others are in need.

    2. Are you fucking stoned? While I agree that it seems to be a common occurrence I know for a fact most of these girls are not consenting to it you piece of shit. I’ve been in this situation and I would have given ANYTHING for someone to do SOMETHING! FUCKING ANYTHING to get me out of this situation. If you have knowledge of this shit and you don’t report it you are just as bad as the fucking abuser. Girls this age do not know any better and are being brainwashed, its not that they are consenting to it. Motherfuck me I haven’t been this pissed off in a while. Fucking fucker.

    3. And now we know how they are getting away with it. If you have been told multiple times that this happens to people in the area, why did you not turn that evidence over to the police? And, as we can see in the article, this girl was helped by the police when someone reported it. And it was an online friend as well. So I don’t see why you are just sitting there doing nothing while girls get abused.

    4. WTF is WRONG with you??? Seriously??? You think this is normal, and happening in ALL areas everywhere? Extremely common? No – it isn’t any of those things! And what the HELL kind of chat rooms do you spend time in where people are admitting to constantly committing crimes of this nature and you do NOTHING about it? You must therefore think that this is OK. You are part of the problem you inbred fucking Neanderthal! “Half this country is Redneck and most of them are fucking their GF’s daughter or even their own.” You are a disgrace to this country if this is the type of thought process you believe to be “normal”. This isn’t “normal” even for the most remote, forgotten, unknown places in this country. I hope I never meet in person someone as demented and obscene as you are – I might just end up in prison over trying save the gene pool from useless fucks that think the way YOU do!

    5. We all rape kids round here ya know? Most are fucking their gfs daughter? Guess there is some kind of club you sick fuckers are part of.

    6. Unfortunately, I have to say that where I grew up, it was pretty common, too. Not to stereotype rednecks or anything.

  2. Ok, I seriously hope that the girl gets back at the work place that did nothing. I’ve been in a situation like this with my tw*twaffle incubator’s ex and I blamed everyone that knew about it. I hope this motherfucker gets a new girlfriend named Bubba that will make him OBEY while he gets analy raped with a piece of wood so that he gets splinters.

    1. My grandparents live in Wollongong, it wouldn’t take much to find out which place it was and to spread the word 😉

  3. Lynnetta JOHNSON

    I applaud the stranger that befriended this child in a chat room and had enough courage to speak up and also the good sense to believe her in the first place. I hope that she can get the support she needs. I hope she knows that where you came from does not have to dictate where you are going.

    I am a little puzzled though. She obviously suffured long term abuse and brain washing. Where was her mom?

    1. Her mum was working long shifts as a nurse at Wollongong hospital. She had to take on extra shifts because the loser shitbag got himself fired and refused to get another job (so that he could stay home and abuse the girl). But I agree, there’s no way the girl didn’t tell Mum what was going on…

      1. Lynnetta JOHNSON

        I’m just thinking that if she didn’t tell her, there were still signs. He was blatant with his abuse. I just hope the two of them can heal together. And I pray to God ( I know, I know 🙂 that her mom is vigilant in getting help for them both.

        1. He openly assaulted her at his workplace too. Instead of calling the police, the employer just sacked him and sent him on his merry way.

          1. Lynnetta JOHNSON

            That is sooo sick….whatthe #$@! is wrong with the human race! Animals take better care of their young. BTW….I read the comments of bptr. I am also from Northern Illinois and I’m not sure who that person is hanging around but that comment was offensive and wrong on so many levels.

          2. Damn, I wish I could like your comment twice. I’m sure the law has caught up with the pervert’s former employers, but I still wouldn’t want anyone to pay for their products/services. The place was in the south of the ‘Gong, so it could somewhere around Albion Park or as far as Dapto…

          3. Lynnetta JOHNSON

            In cases like these, it’s really not okay for people to keep their heads down and mind their own business. Cowards!!!!

          4. I think the employer just didn’t want to deal with it, so they just sacked him and washed his hands of him. There are some offences that employers must report to the police, like theft. Surely a sexual assault was not one of those offences? The way they acted was absolutely disgusting. I hope they’re no longer in business.

        2. Hey, I’m a Christian, and I pray all the time. I know it’s not a popular thing here on BB, but it is a vital part of changing our world.

          1. Lynnetta JOHNSON

            I know prayer changed things in my life. I know it’s not popular here, but no one has ever replied in a negative manner to me. I’ve only been on the forum 2 weeks, but they let me vent. I also think prayer and common sense go hand and hand.

          2. As long as I’m here prayer will be popular here.

          3. Lynnetta JOHNSON

            Glad to hear it! I really haven’t had any problems.

    2. Speaking from experience, from what I have seen and have experienced, the “mothers” in the situation do not believe the allegations. I actually handed my mother a tape with her husband telling me he was going to kill me if I told her, she actually told me after listening to it that I was a liar. These women do not want to believe and they take their c*cks side while the girl sits there and blames herself too afraid to reach out, feeling like a slave. It sucks, but it seems to be the MO these fucking tw*twaffles have.

      1. Lynnetta JOHNSON

        I’m really sorry that you had to go thru that. It took courage on your part to go and get evidence and reveal what was going on. We as people have to be advocates of the defenseless and the innocent. It amazes me that so many people chose to have kids, when they appear to have no maternal or paternal instinct. There are so many forms of birth control available and public assistance will pay for it (they do here in the us ) so I’m not sure what the issue is. Of couse I like to think I’m a rational person, so maybe that’s why I don’t understand.

        1. My mother didn’t want a kid she wanted a slave, a servant to work for her. Every time she had a boyfriend/husband they came first but I was her fall back when they left. Some people are fucked in the head to the point that they cannot be alone. My mother was ok when she was alone but she was still abusive.

          Most of these people that have kids have them for selfish ass reasons like thinking it will keep their man/woman around or something more sinister like what my mother planned for me. It sucks but some of the people on this very site act in the exact same manner which is why I frequently read and write for it, because I see the similarities and know I’m not alone.

      2. That’s ridiculous…I am so sorry your mother didn’t want to face reality 🙁

        1. Don’t be sorry, it ultimately became a learning experience…Basically I learned how NEVER to treat my children. While my story is pretty fucked up I am thankful I made it out of that house alive because there are kids in similar situations that don’t.

      3. My step-MUM used to treat me pretty crappy. No abuse but she would do things like tell me that I’m not her kid so she doesn’t have to love me & she would buy presents for her two children & wait until I was visiting to give it to them. Dad never said a word. I know it’s nothing compared to what some kids are put through but I can absolutely see that a bio parent would side with their c*ck or c*** of the month against their own child. I don’t understand it but I can see that it does.

  4. This is why it’s so important to really know the person you are going to marry. Some people are capable of anything.

    1. Or you let them know if they hurt your kid you are capable of murder…My husband wouldn’t touch my kids because I told him that he wouldn’t have to worry about the law the law would have to worry about finding his body…Lol, I’m pretty sure he believed me but he’s not the tw*twaffle my mother’s exs were.

  5. Love the pic 🙂

    1. Whenever I see the word obey that’s the first thing I think of.

  6. hat sonafabitch deserves a pink sock it makes my blood boil and me cry at the same time death for child predators i think that since somany kids are online now we ned to start a you can tell me ill believe you campaing kinda like the whole bully thing but just to let kid out there that are being hurt that someone will list o shit im crying i cant see the keyboard man i gotta watch some cat vids er something its soo sad

      1. pink sock ripping intestines out thru the ass hole aperantly it looks like a pink sock gross and verry painfull

  7. This is why, in spite of having the world’s best step-Dad, if something were to happen to my marriage I don’t think I could ever enter into a relationship until my girls are old enough to be able to gut, skin & dress out anyone who tried to hurt them.

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