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Australian study launched into kids killed by bad boyfriends

Australian study into children more likely to die a violent death

And we’re back to the cricket. I apologise for my absence, work’s been crazy and some other issues have been in the way. Trench has sent me some new tips, so there’ll be a few posts up shortly.

An Australian study has been launched into children who are most likely to die a violent death at the hands of their mother’s latest fling. I don’t know what sort of recommendations the study can make, but it’s certainly a debatable point about why bad boyfriends often injure or kill offspring that don’t belong to them.

The study looks into two cases where the dick-of-the-week has killed a child. The first case is baby Jordan Anderson-Smith,

What a nasty looking fuck

What a nasty looking fuck

who was 7 months old when his birth vessel’s latest fling Christopher Hoerler beat him to death for crying. The dick and the birth vessel, Louise Anderson, were drinking and smoking pot at a house in Wagga Wagga, NSW on 25 February 2000. The invading dick, (whom the birth vessel had been seeing for a remarkable period of 2 months) beat baby Jordan, causing a lacerated liver, bruised pancreas, multiple broken ribs, and facial injuries. He had been punched so hard that his bottom teeth had cut through his lip and palate. Wow, Hoerler must’ve been such a tough “man” to uppercut a baby! Hoerler had also tortured the baby by crushing his toes with a metal clamp, which would have caused Jordan to scream in agony, disturbing Hoerler and prompting him to beat Jordan to death to make him be quiet. Hoerler pleaded guilty to manslaughter (because beating a baby to death is so accidental) and was originally sentenced to 11 years in prison. Then the court woke up to itself and sentenced him to 14 years.

Rest in Peace, baby Jordan Anderson-Smith

Rest in Peace, baby Jordan Anderson-Smith

The second case is a case that we here at BB are all too familiar with. The case of little Bailey Constable, who was beaten to death by a filthy junkie, Nathan Forrest, that his birth vessel was fucking. You can read more about Bailey Constable here.

Forensic psychologist Lillian de Bortoli, who is conducting the ground-breaking study, a number of risk factors contributed to the murders of Jordan, Bailey and countless other innocent children who have been killed or injured by bad boyfriends. The risk factors are:

  • Children living with a single mother – a risk of Mum taking up with a bad boyfriend.
  • Low household income – financial stress, non-working mum and boyfriend are around the kids all day, creating more opportunity for abuse.
  • Male children – little boys can be seen to be more loud and assertive than little girls. The bad boyfriend may see the little boy as “competition” for Mum’s attention.
  • Children under 4 years of age – they spend more time at home (more opportunity for abuse to occur), and this is the age where things such as teething, temper tantrums, toilet accidents etc. may frustrate the bad boyfriend and elicit violence.

Now this doesn’t mean that ALL children living with a single parent or with low income will be killed or exposed to violence. De Bortoli has found, that out of all of the cases of child deaths caused by abuse, that 41% were killed by the mother, 31% killed by the father, and 21% killed by a bad boyfriend. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that 4% of the number of family units in Australia are made up of a biological parent and a step parent, yet male partners are responsible for the death of one in five children.

Reasons given for the murder of children by parents and bad boyfriends can be split into 5 main reasons:

  • Altruistic – when the child is sick or in pain, and the parent/bad boyfriend wants to relieve the child’s suffering. 
  • Acute psychosis – where the parent/de facto is severely mentally ill and no other reason can be found for the child’s murder.
  • Spousal revenge – where one parent kills a child to get back at the other parent.
  • Abusive or accidental – where prolonged abuse eventually leads to the child’s death.
  • The most common one – the child is unwanted by the bad boyfriend because they aren’t his, or is seen as a hindrance to partying ways.

I think deep down, the bad boyfriends haven’t evolved much from chimpanzees and lions, who will kill another male’s offspring in order to eliminate competing DNA and to bring the female back into heat. It’s sad to say, that in the case of Soren Chilson, that it may have worked, since Soren’s egg donor decided to get engaged to the offending piece of shit instead of being repulsed by his very existence.

It’s certainly food for thought.


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  1. God, I hate people.

    Today was a bit of a rough day. My 17 month old is sick. His nose is running. And he pitches a fit when we try to wipe it. He cried at almost everything, and was quick to tantrum (unlike him)

    We gave him Tylenol and cuddled him and sang tidy biitsy spider 800 times and read his favourite books and tried to coax him to drink lots of fluids. Strangely, it never occurred to me to beat the life out of him. Amazing, no?

    I’m sorry, sweet baby Jordan. I’m sorry there are horrible people in the world and no one could protect you.

    1. Lynnetta JOHNSON

      I love your comment. I wrote something like this on the open thread earlier this week. Check it out if you can.

    2. Not sure what you’ve already tried but I’m loving FESS LITTLE NOSES for my babies when they’re snotty. It’s a bitch to administer but it’s quick & helps almost right away to clear the nose. Mine are both old enough for the nasal spray now but there’s one designed for younger bubs too. Might be worth a try if all else fails! Good luck & I hope bub feels better soon!

  2. Women do it too. Anybody who abuses a child is a piece of shit. It don’t matter if your the parent, step parent, grandmother, aunt, neighbor if you hurt a baby your an animal. There are sad stories out there I hear and as a nurse say could have prevented this? Have a talked to a few new moms about it being okay to put the baby down & walk away if they are stressed. Or give them resources when they need to call for help. Do I listen enough to the neighbor kids cries or pay attention or notice?? I started reading this blog second semester of nursing school & I was about 7 months pregnant with my now 2 year old, so close to three years. Shaniya Davis brought me her, I was so angry at her mother, that fucking bitch. I have two little girls and my body would have to be cold and stiff to abuse my girls & even then be ready to fuck with the zombie me because I will fight with my last for mine. Then I started ready this blog. I read and read & even went back and read ever single archive. I almost became obsessed, I had a need to mourn all these babies and I did, some more then other. I’m still waiting for justice for Shaniya <3.. The same & crazy thing is that nothing is new under them sun. The world is full of evil & weak mother fuckers, and babies are easy prey. Its esp. hurtful when these people that are preying are the ones supposed to protect. Sigh. I just wanted to say thank you to the writers for giving me the chance to remember & mourn these babies who deserved so much more.. I check the site everyday, almost. Never be sorry for having a life & falling behind on updating the site. Just thank you for being there for all of these children. The ones we lost may their energy find peace in the universe knowing we love them & remember. And to the ones that are still with us are able to heal & move past to a brighter future. Maybe they will google their names and see themselves here and feel the love and fight in the universe for their justice & voice. And all we can do is keep fighting for them.. Thanks guy. Sorry if that seemed like a rant :p

    1. I could have written this. You have stated exactly why I come here and how I feel about all these precious babies. Thank you for putting it into words.

  3. Lynnetta JOHNSON

    I know this happened in Aussie, but even here in the U.S. it seems that the years given to the guilty are way to light when it comes to babies and children. IMO, in cases involving taking the life of one that didn’t get to experience anything but pain and suffering the sentence should be harsher.

    1. It is awfully paltry. I sometimes wish Australia brought back the death penalty for rapists and murderers (regardless of whether they harmed an adult or a child) Fuck their “human rights”, they didn’t give a fuck about the rights of their victims.

      1. Lynnetta JOHNSON

        Though I’m not real big on the DP, being from Chicago. The most corrupt city ever, way too many people exonerated when there were obvious cover ups from the top down. I do believe that the sentences for violent criminals are ridiculous. There are some non-violent offenders (drug use not distribution) doing as much sometimes more time than people in for manslaughter or armed robbery.

  4. OK, so I am by NO MEANS siding with these killers, however, is anyone looking into the fact that we are hard wired to want to spawn as many babies as possible…it’s all about getting your genes into as many people as possible for ALL mammals (probably all organisms for that matter but I only have a background of studying mammals).

    Animals in the wild will routinely kill any young that are not their own. Humans have been conditioned over years of social evolution to cut that shit out & play nice but what if that “it’s not mine, kill it!” instinct is just so strong that it overwhelms the “make nice” instinct?

    I bring this up, not as an excuse but as a “what if” & if it is the case wouldn’t it be great if someone developed a test…something to prevent tragedy!

  5. i have met louise and was i=once friends with her after the murder of young jordan not for a second do i believe her when she says she heard and knows nothing of what he did to her baby when you listen to her and let her ramble she contradicts herself i believe she knows what happened if not all some of it

  6. …and people wonder why/how I went celibate and won’t re-enter the dating scene.

    will be pointing them to this article.

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