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Deaf Parents Kill Baby for Crying. Wait, what?

***Special thanks to Warrior Artemis for the write up***

Zuniga and Quinones

Zuniga and Quinones

Deaf Texas Parents Allegedly Kill Crying Baby:

Richardson police say 5-month-old girl was beaten to death as deaf parents tried to get her to stop crying:

Drunken Deaf Texas Couple Beat Infant to Death for Crying:

This story leaves me seriously without words. Usually, here at BB, we hear an awful lot of stories where a bad breeder kills their kid over crying because they became frustrated. I will say, with my kids, when my son had colic I found myself crying with him because I couldn’t stop his crying due to discomfort and it was at times overwhelming, but when I got to the point where I couldn’t handle it I put him in his crib and walked away so I could take a “breather”. I can admit babies’ cries can be very nerve-wracking, however I have always thought it was the dumbest effing thing a child could lose their life over. What kills me about this story is the simple fact that these parents were deaf and they could not hear the sound coming from their baby but it did not stop them from murdering their 5 month old baby girl.

According to reports the gruesome twosome featured in this story, which we will call fucktard 1 (35-year-old Hector Rene Cupich-Quinones) and fucktard 2 (37 year-old Maria Guadalupe Zuniga) for the duration, found their 5 month old girl struggling to breathe on Sunday, April 28th 2013 at 5:30 AM. They called the authorities where an officer performed CPR on the baby noticing suspicious bruises all over the infant’s body; the baby girl was then transferred to Medical City Dallas Hospital. Hospital staff confirmed the responding officer’s suspicion of child abuse stating that “she had bruises on her chest, back and both arms, also noting she had massive trauma to the back of the head” which lead to fucktard 1 and fucktard 2 being brought in for questioning.

During questioning fucktard 1 admitted to shaking the child during an argument with fucktard 2 because wait for it, the baby was crying, what…the…fuck. Fucktard 1 said that he and the missus were imbibing in alcohol and they began fighting because the baby was crying and neither moron wanted to try to console the baby so fucktard shook her to stop the crying then slammed her head on the counter 3 or more times, also admitting to punching her in the face permanently silencing her then leaving her in the care of fucktard 2 who put her to bed around 1:00 AM. Around 3:30 AM fucktard 1 found the baby unresponsive and picked another fight with fucktard 2 about who cause the injuries…Fucking seriously? Finally they called the police and the baby girl was pronounced dead about 10:00 PM.

Both fucktards are being held at the Dallas County jail. Fucktard 1 is being held on a $1 million bond and fucktard 2 is being held on a $750,000 bond. Thankfully this happened in Texas and I hope they throw the book at these fucking assholes.

R.I.P Baby Girl

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  1. Coming from a family with a deaf mother, I have to say that a deaf person doesn’t necessarily have to hear to become frustrated with a newborn. Facial expressions/body language for deaf people are somewhat equivalent to hearing. That doesn’t in any way condone what these monsters did to their baby. I highly doubt that what they did even has anything to do with the baby crying. They were pissed at each other and decided to take it out on a defenseless baby.

    1. When I wrote this I should have included that while they cannot hear the baby they can feel the vibrations from the baby crying. Still, what they did to a defenseless 5 month old is bullshit and I agree I think that they were pissed and drunk and took it out on the only person who couldn’t fight back.

  2. Fucking hell. Why breed if you clearly don’t want a baby? Why not get an implant or even a tubal ligation to prevent pregnancy in the first place?

  3. Just like most abuser couples you see on BB, these pair look like brother and sister.

    A few years ago, one of my uni friends studied AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language). One afternoon, during a lecture, there was a thunderstorm. The lecturer, who was deaf, couldn’t hear the thunder, but could feel the vibrations through the desk. I would think that being deaf would help you not be frustrated by a baby’s crying or a dog barking, but apparently they can feel the vibrations of any noise that is high or low frequency.

    A few blokes who I work with (plus my own grandfather), have hearing aids (one has a cochlear implant). Apparently my voice is at the right frequency and volume that they can hear me without me repeating myself LOL.

  4. It is for people like this that we have the death penalty. If they get anything less, I will be livid in ways I can’t even imagine right now.

    Regardless, it’s glaringly obvious to me that we need to extend the Baby Moses Law to at least one year of age. This child was just as defenseless as a [approximate, law dictates 60 days old and under] 2 month old.

    State services offer free birth control through various organizations, but to the people most likely to harm a child–the irresponsible, the sick, the crazy, the sadistic, the negligent–the maturity and forethought required to take medication in the way it is effective… is absent. Tubal ligations and vasectomies are too expensive for the unfit. I think the state, in the long run, would save a lot more money ensuring those procedures are an option for everyone….

    …and should be mandatory for anyone convicted of a crime against children. Yes, yes, I know… there’s all that fuss about ownership of one’s body and infringing on personal rights, but;
    1.) we are NOT free to do whatever we want with our bodies in the first place–example: drugs, alcohol beyond a certain limit in public/on the roads, mandatory vaccines to go to work or school, etc.
    2.) criminals, by their criminal act, forfeit their civil rights. They can no longer walk about openly, (prison, house arrest, etc.), own firearms, live wherever they want (sex offenders cannot live with a certain distance of a school or such), etc. etc..

    /end soapy rant

  5. They look like brother and sister. Right?

  6. Jessie,
    you are absolutely right, the first thing I reacted to was that these two parents looks like siblings. I had to double check that they actually were a couple.

    …..but who knows. ….

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